SQL 2000 And 2005 Report Services Incomplete Export To Excel Because Of Page Break

Apr 4, 2007

I have a Sales report with 3 lists each being nested inside of the other and they also each contain a Matrix. Top list is for Region, followed by District and then State. I have page breaks setup so that each region appears on it's own page, followed by each District summary appearing at the top of the page with a breakdown on that page for that Districts states. In total the report exported to PDF or printed runs around 19 pages. This report when exported to PDF or printed works fine.

When I export it to excel I get a full document map on the first worksheet. I then get 10 worksheets of information breaking off the last 9. The document map links reflect the absence of this data by not actually being links from that point on. If I remove page breaks so that the number of pages created are less than 10 excel worksheets the export works fine and my document map links are created.

So does the export to Excel have a limitation on the number of Worksheets that can be created? In my case it appears to happen at 10 each time. Oh and by the way I've attempted this in VS.2003 and 2005 and SQL Reporting Services 2000 and 2005 for the same reports.

Thanks for your assistance.

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SQL 2000 Report Services Incomplete Export To Excel

Dec 10, 2005

I have a report that I am trying to export to excel.  The export seems to work but the data in the spread sheet is incomplete.  The document map is completely exported but the work sheets are not.  The links in the document map stop being links after the first occurrence of the lowest level detail.   All the data is visible in Report services and all the data exports to PDF.   There are 5 levels and 124 pages in the report in the report.   I have other reports on the same server that are larger (7 levels and 512 pages) and they work just fine.  They export to excel with no problem.   Any ideas or input would be very appreciated.   Ayla

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Reporting Services 2000 And Excel - No Page Break

Mar 26, 2008

Hi -- I have a different problem than most people with a Reporting Services 2000 report rendering to Excel 2003.

My report has 5 different subreports. I want them to appear in Excel as 5 separate tabs. When rendered through the browser (using Report Manager), the page breaks are correct -- there are 5 pages.

When exported to Excel, the first report is on a separate tab, and the other 4 are jammed together on one tab.

Each report consists of between 1 and 4 tables. The last table on each report has the "page break after this table" checked.

The same report deployed to SSRS 2005 page breaks the way I expect in Excel. In SSRS 2000, it doesn't.

Any ideas? Report/body page widths/heights?


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Reporting Services :: Page Break In Middle Of Two Page Report

Nov 11, 2015

How do I add a hard page break in the middle of a two page report? I use Microsoft reports for windows.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS Page Break Is Not Working In PDF Export?

Aug 10, 2015

I have designed a report in which there are 6-7 charts. I want to print each chart in a new page. For this I have inserted page break after each chart. After this the report is populating fine but when I am exporting the report in pdf the page break are not working.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS Report Page Break Out

Jul 9, 2015

I have a Report In that report I need to break out company code and export this report on excel and each company code shown its own tab in excel .I just add image about report details.I tried this issue but i cant get the exact names on excel sheet.

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Reporting Services :: RDLC Report Page Break

Sep 26, 2012

i have used rdlc report. how can i set the page break in report

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Report Export To Excel - Report Header Is Not Appearing In Each Page Of Excel.

Feb 28, 2007

I've built a fairly straight forward report in RS that looks normal in preview mode and in PDF format with out any issues.But when I export it to Excel report header is not appearing in each page.Any ideas as to why this is occurring?thanks in advance,Ramesh KS

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Reporting Services :: Remove Page Break In Main Report?

Oct 16, 2015

I created a subreport1 with tablix.I created second subreport2 that has a tablix and one column chart and both are placed in a rectangle. No page break is applied to this rectangle. When I run the sub report, both tablix and Column chart are displayed on one page .

I created a main report and added Subreport 1 and Subreport 2 in 2 different rectangles. I set page break property of Rectangle(Subreport1) to End and no page break is applied to Rectangle of Subreport2. 

When I run the main report, subreport1 is displayed in one page, subreport2 is displayed in 2 different pages.

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SSRS 2005: Report Header Does Not Export To Excel As Page Header

Mar 13, 2008

I need some help. I am writing a report in SSRS 2005 that I then need to export to Excel. When I put a report header I would expect the header to not display in the Excel spreadsheet until the Print Preview or the Print. The report footer works just fine I put some text in the footer, and it shows up in the footer. The header though, shows up as a row in the Excel spreadsheet that then causes columns to merge. How do I get the report header to act like a page header?

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Report Manager Home Page Is Incomplete

May 11, 2007

First off, forgive the ignorance that I'm sure to display in this post. I'm a total newbie with SRSS and have been using it to follow along with the tutorials offered via the SQL Express website. I'm using it strictly for learning on my local machine for the time being.

All had been working well with Reporting Services until I upgraded Vista Ultimate 64-bit (which was running in free 30-day trial unactivated Evaluation mode) sideways to Vista Ultimate Upgrade Edition 64-bit Edition. (Sounds confusing, I know.) I also subsequently installed a SQL Server 2k5 critical update which was recommended by Windows Update.

Now when I attempt to access Report Manager via localhost the "Home page" is incomplete, showing only the SSRS "Home" page header. There are no properites, data sources, config options, etc. outside of links for "Home|Help". I am running IE as an Admin and all the Reporting Services Configuration settings are green.

Also, when I attempt to deploy from VS 2005 I now receive the error: "Permissions granted to user 'NT AuthorityNetwork Service' are insufficient ..."

Some of the settings inside the Report Sever Config are as follows:

Windows Service Identity:

Service Acct: NT AuthorityNetwork Service; Built-in Account: Network Service

Web Service Identity:

Asp.net Service Account; NT AuthorityNetwork Service; Report Server and Manager are both using Classic.Net AppPool

I've attempted for hours to weed through Google and this forum but have repeatedly wound up back where I started and more confused than when I started. I would deeply appreciate any help in resolving this matter.

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How To Export Space Report To Web Page Or Excel From T-SQL Script

Jan 4, 2007

I have the t-sql script that generates database report of space used for 200 databases on MS SQL Server 2000. How can I dump the contents of this report to an Excel spreadsheet and/or a Web page html file?

-- Space Usage report for MS SQL Server 2000 databases
EXEC sp_msforeachdb @command1="use [?] exec sp_spaceused"



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Excel Report Export Causes Excel 2000 To Crash On Print

Dec 5, 2007

When I open the spreadsheet in Excel 2000, it works fine. When I try to print, it crashes Excel. In testing, I narrowed it down to the Header/Footer, because it also crashes when I go to Page Setup and click on the header/footer tab.

However, I can print the same spreasheet from Excel 2007.

Am I just dealing with a "you need to upgrade all your clients" situation, or is there a known issue with certian formatting that is passed out with reports that is not supported by older versions of Excel?

I am using Reporting Services 2005 SP2 to serve up the report that is exported to Excel.

Any assistance is appreciated.

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Reporting Services :: Tables Are Showing Up In Same Page When There Is No Data Even After Giving Page Break Option

May 7, 2015

I have a report with multiple tables. I need to show each tables in different pages. When there is no data for tables/tables , it is coming with the next table which has data. I have given "Add a page break after" option in the tablix but still the tables are coming together when no data available. How can I show it in different page?

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Reporting Services :: SSRS Report Export In Excel To 2 Pages Where Have 2 Tables In Report

Sep 21, 2015

I have a ssrs report having 2 tables in with 4 columns in each. When I go to export option in preview I can see all data coming in one excel sheet, But I am trying to get 2 tables in 2 different pages in Excel when I export.First page of excel comes with first table data with 4 columns and second page of excel comes with second table data with 4 columns .

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Matrix Page Break, Extra Space Displayed Before Page Break

Dec 6, 2007

I have a report with several matrix objects. The data contained in each matrix is simple. One matrix has one column of labels and a column of data. The other has 3 columns of data. Both matrix's only show about 25 rows of data. A variable amount of data is displayed above the matrix's so that sometime the render across a page boundary. Whenever this happens the matrix doesn't render rows down to the bottom of the page. A considerable amount of empty space is left on the page, the completed matrix is displayed on the next page. I'm wondering how to get the matrix to render in this empty space.

This problem only occurs when I view the report on screen, in the Visual Studio "Preview" window, or from the Report Server web site. Tiff, pdf and printed output doesn't contain the extra space.

I've tried adding my matrix to a List and a Rectangle to see of this would fix the problem but it didn't help.

I've check the dimensions and margins or the page and I don't think I have any sizing problems, everything should fit on the page.


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Reporting Services :: SSRS Report Export With Excel

May 27, 2015

I am exporting the ssrs report with Execl sheet but iam getting this error in excel sheet"The number in this cell is formatted as text or preceded by an apostrophe ".

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Reporting Services :: SSRS Export Drill Down Report To Excel?

Nov 19, 2015

I am having difficulty in exporting a report to Excel that has drill-down grouping created in SSRS 2008 R2. I can export with the report expanded or with just the summary and both look fine, but when it gets to Excel it looses the toggle ability which I need for it to retain.

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Reporting Services :: Data Shrinks When SSRS Report Export To Excel

Jul 15, 2015

I have a SSRS 2012 report which have few columns with long text. They appear good when viewed in browser. However, when I export it to excel data is shrinking. How can I avoid the data shrinking in excel. 

Attached the screenshots for reference.

SSRS View:

Export to Excel(Where data is shrinking):

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Reporting Services :: SSRS Report Export With Excel - Textboxes Merged

Jul 2, 2015

I have a report in that report having some Text boxes and below tables.But the problem is when i export the report into excel textboxes are merged, not getting properly.

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Reporting Services :: Create Report From SSRS And Then Export It In Excel For User?

Nov 4, 2015

I need to create an report from SSRS and then exported it in excel for the user. It has dynamic header/footer and dynamic excel sheet name. The developer told that it is not possible to have both the things dynamic.

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Fit An Intere Table In Same Page Without Page Breaks Excel Export In A Single Sheet.

Feb 14, 2008

Fit an intere table in same page without page break for save the excel export.

My table has a Group for order my dates.

I need to have the intere table in the same page, i don't care about blank space at the end of the page.

I can't use the page break beacuse i need an excel export in a unique sheet..
I have tested.. every page break..you'll have a different sheet in your excel export

I need something like this

page 1


page 2


but an unique sheet in the excel export

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Page Break In Report Display

Apr 21, 2008

Hi all
Is there any way to display 5 records per page,when i display report in reporting services.
Pls Help me

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Page Break After Sub Report - Not By Design

Jan 19, 2007


I have a report for a Quote print that has 1 table with 1 group in it by Quote #. The detail level is showing the line items on the quote and a second detail line for a sub report to show any notes. If the quote has 1 line on it, I am always getting a page break after the sub report even if it doesn't display anything.

The report shows the following:

Note each of these will contain a rectangle that the text boxes are displayed in unless it is a sub-report then no rectange.

Group header 1 - Address information
Group header 1 - contains a sub report for some notes
Group header 1 - Opening paragraph
Group header 1 - Blank line
Group header 1 - contains the line headings
Detail - contains the line details
Detail - contains the sub report for line notes
Detail - blank line for spacing
Group footer 1 - hidden based on expression
Group footer 1 - hidden based on expression ** One of these 2 lines will print based on the expression
Group footer 1 - sub report for more notes
Group footer 1 - Closing paragraph
Group footer 1 - Signature area
Group footer 1 - sub report for last page of terms / scope notes. NOTE: This sub report also contains a table and the table has a page break before so that I can get these on another page.

So, after # 8 above there is a page break. The remaining footers before # 14 easily fit on the rest of the page. The group 1 also has a page break at the end so it breaks between quotes. I have tried to insert a page break on the rectangle for # 13 and remove the page break on the sub report in # 14 but although everything fits it doesn't page break before the sub report.

It looks like it always page breaks after the last page in the sub report.

Any ideas on how to get around this?

Thanks in advance,


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Export SSRS 2005 Report To Excel

Jan 15, 2007


I have created a report in SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services. After I export it to Excel format, if I try to print it (Hardcopy), my Excel crashes. It shows an error and shut down. I'm using Excel 2000. It even shows me same error when I click on "Print Preview", in Excel.

Everytime I try to print the excel worksheet, a window pops up with the heading "Visual Studio Just-in-Time Debugger". The error is: "An unhandled win32 exception occurred in EXCEL.EXE [3460]".

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Reporting Services :: Show Complete Data In Report And Export Into Different Sheets To Excel

Aug 12, 2015

I want to show complete data in SSRS report and while exporting to Excel i want it to be exported into different sheets according to the category.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS 2012 Report Colors Do Not Export To Excel Correctly

Jul 21, 2015

I am facing some issue in rendering my SSRS report(2012 version) to excel sheet with color codes. i am using conditional formatting to display the colors. So what is happening is ,take the below expression as an example, for the id  = 0, we are not getting white back ground, we are getting some other colors. But the same thing is working fine in SSRS 2008R2. 

= 0, "WHITE","BLUE")

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Reporting Services :: How To Export 2 Datasets To 2 Excel Sheets In Single Report SSRS

Jun 21, 2015

I have two different dataset in one Report, Each Dataset result is binded to a different Table component.

When I export as Excel ,I am getting all this in One Excel sheet.

I need this in separate excel, as dataset1 in excel1 and dataset2 in excel2.

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Reporting Services :: How To Do Page Break

Apr 20, 2015

I want to page break after after 6 grno  recored.I used ceiling(rowNumber(Nothing/6))  but it worked differ(this fun used on top most group )below I attached screeshot. I need to page break after 6 grno record but above syntax measure 6 datafiled row and then page break.how I can page break after 6 grno record

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Two Column Report Page Break Issue

Jan 30, 2006

Hey folks,

I have a 2 column report that is not page breaking the way I would like. The report has a list that is grouped by a "Type" field. The header includes this type, though I had to use an aggregate of the report field like:

=Max(ReportItems!PlanType.value) & " Contacts"

I want a brand new page when the type changes, but since RS treats columns like pages, if my type ends in the first column, the new type begins in the second column. Is there any way to force it to leave that column blank and start a brand new page?

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Reporting Services 2005 - Export To Excel

Oct 26, 2007


i have a report (RDL) which gives output of around 100000 rows. i am using reporting service's web service from an aspx page to render this report to excel. this is giving error as excel sheet can accomodate only 65000 rows. how can i add second excel sheet and tranfer the remaining rows into that sheet. i need this desperately.


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Reporting Services :: SSRS 2012 Matrix Report Colors Do Not Export To Excel Correctly

Feb 12, 2013

We mark cells in  a report using color names like red, pink, and transparent in the fill expression. In the browser it works correctly. When exported to Excel the colors go to the wrong cells. This worked correctly in SSRS 2008. 

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Page Break Issue With SQL SP2 Reporting Services

May 17, 2007

I have an existing report that has a table that contains two groups. The 1st group has the option to "page break at start". The 2nd group isn't set to page break. The report works correctly if the 2nd group's data fits on to a single page per data group. However, if the 2nd group's data for one of the iterations crosses page boundaries, it causes issues with the beginning of the report. The report breaks the 1st groups rows into separate pages, and combines the previous row with the next row on the next page, until the 2nd group is encountered, and then another page break.

Example (Assuming 3 rows in the 1st group)

1st group - 1st Row

<page break>

1st group - 1st Row

1st group - 2nd Row

<page break>

1st group - 1st Row

1st group - 2nd Row

1st group - 3rd Row

<page break>

1st group - 1st Row

1st group - 2nd Row

1st group - 3rd Row

2nd group - 1st row

<page break>

1st group - 1st Row

1st group - 2nd Row

1st group - 3rd Row

2nd group all remaining rows now appear.

This report works fine on SQL 2000 SP2, and SQL 2005 SP1. In my test environment, I was able to verify that the report worked on the previous SSRS versions, and then broke immediately following the installation of SQL 2005 SP2. I have tried many things from changing the paging, grouping, table structure, and starting from scratch. Maybe I have missed something. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I would appreciate the help.

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