SQL 2012 :: Agent Job History Shows Step Still Running But Shows Start And End Times?

Jul 1, 2015

I have a SQL Agent job that runs at 4:15 in the morning. The job has 5 steps, each step only runs if the preceding step succeeds. The second step, which calls an SSIS package that does the main processing, appears to finish as it goes on to the next step; however, when looking in 'View History' there are 2 entries for this step - the first one shows it as still running (Circled Green Arrow) but with a start and end time. The second entry says the job succeeded.

I have been seeing conflicts, such as deadlocks, with later jobs. I suspect this job is causing the conflicts - maybe the package is still running in the background instead of having actually completed?

what conditions a job step my be showing in the job history as both running AND completed successfully?

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Scheduled Package Failed But Still Shows As Running Job

Jul 6, 2006

i had scheduled to run a package it failed but a part of the package still shows up on the integration system running packages. i tried to stop it or delete it nothing works. when i try toi run the package even in visual studio that part of the package fails.

how do i remove the running package???



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SQL 2012 :: Integer Column Shows 5.00000000000000000 As Value

Sep 4, 2015


Treats the column as if it were formatted decimal !!

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SQL 2012 :: View Server Agent Job History ONLY

Jul 6, 2015

I want to give developers access to view SQL Job history, but not let them inhert permission to create local jobs like they get with the fixed server roles.

how can this be achieved? Or can it only be achieved by giving them access to the tables in msdb and querying them?

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Slide Shows

Jul 19, 2004

I wanted to store images in SQL server and using vb.net I wanted to get the dataset from database display the show on web pages with movenext and move forward. Can someone help me how to do this show.

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Log Space Shows 0.0 Always...

Dec 8, 1998


I have a typical problem in SQL Server 6.5.

We installed a database on Dell6100. Created a database of 300 MB device and 200 Mb of Log device.

After doing Data insertion and deletion operation on the database. It gave sys log full error.

When i check the Device size and Log size availabe both were showing 0.00 MB. But the actual data inserted was less than 2 MB. Then i did a Dump transaction with Truncate_Only and with No_Log also but the output is same.

Then i Ran the DBCC SQLPERF(LOGSPACE)...the output is

Database Name Log Size (MB) Log Space Used (%) Status
DB1 200.0 100.0 8

Which means 100 % of Log space is used.

This result is same after restart of the SQl Server.

Can any body help me regarding this

__Vijay VM

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SQL 2012 :: SSIS Package From File System Run As Agent From Job Step On Secondary Node

Sep 23, 2014

I have created a Test SSIS Package within BIDS (VS 2K8, v 9.0.30729.4462 QFE; .NET v 3.5 SP1) that connects to our Test Listener.

There is only 1 Connection Manager Object, and OLE DB Provider for SQL Server.

The ConnectionString lists: Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Integrated Security=SSPI

The Test Connection within BIDS works.

The Package Control Flow has just 1 Object, and Execute SQL Task that performs an Exec on an SP that contains only a Select (Read).

The Package runs within BIDS.

I've placed this Package within a Job on the Primary Node. Ive run the job successfully using 32 bit runtime on and off. The location of the file on the server happens to be on a share that resides on what is currently the Secondary Node.

When I try to run the exact copy of this Job on the Secondary Node (Which has been Set up for Read All Connections; Yes), I get an error, regardless of the 32 bit runtime opiton. At this point, the location of the file is on the Secondary Node.

The Error is: "Login failed for user 'OurDomainAgent_Account'".

The Agent is a member of NT ServiceSQLServerAgent on both instances, and that account is a member of SysAdmin. Adding the Agent account as well, and giving that account SysAdmin, makes no difference either.

Why can't I get this to work?

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ADP Don't Shows Table From MSDE

Sep 27, 2005


I created one blank ADP to connect default tempdb database on MSDE on server ASHFAQUEPC (name of my msde server). Tested the connection was successful.

I created a table called Testtable from command prompt (MSSQL/Binn) in default tempdb of MSDE using following lines:

…Binn>osql/U sa mypassword

1> use tempdb
1> go
1> Create table Testtable (Cnum integer NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, City Varchar(15))
1> go

Table Created successfully then I added 2-3 records using following lines;

1> INSERT INTO testable (cnum, city)
1> values (1, ‘abc’)
1> go

1 Record affected and I did same to add 2-3 more records. Then I used following lines to see all the records I entered.

1> select * from testable
1> go

And a list of records displayed at command prompt. After exit from command prompt I found a ‘Testtable’ appeared in the above ADP.

But next day when I opened my pc and opened ADP, I did not found the Testtable even though I re-connected to tempdb on MSDE from File menu. I reached then to command prompt to see whether the table itself is existing. Strange it was not there.

Can somebody tell me how can I get connected to testable automatically when I open my ADP? Where might have gone wrong? Do I need to create table again and input records?
I want to make sure before I do anything with my real dbs.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

With kind regards,
Ashfaque :confused:

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List That Shows Which System SPs Are Most Used?

Feb 2, 2013

I had 3 questions regarding system SPs in SQLServer2008:

1. Does "stored procedures are documented in SQL Server Books Online" in System Stored Procedures (Transact-SQL) have a special meaning or it means that these system SPs have documentation while the others don't?

2. Why the system SPs listed in MSDN are less than the actual ones in SQLServer2008?

3. Is there a list that shows which system SPs are most used?

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Why My Records That Shows In Views

Apr 10, 2008

If iConn.State = ConnectionState.Open Then iConn.Close()
Dim rsBills As New Data.DataSet
rsBills = New DataSet
Dim daBills As New SqlDataAdapter
daBills = New SqlDataAdapter
Dim cmBills As New SqlCommand
cmBills = iConn.CreateCommand
cmBills.CommandText = "Select OR_no, Billing_mo From dbo.vwBilling Where Month(dbo.vwBilling.Billing_mo)= " & Month(Me.dtto.Value) & " And Year(dbo.vwBilling.Billing_mo) = " & Year(Me.dtto.Value) & " ORDER BY OR_no "

daBills.SelectCommand = cmBills
daBills.Fill(rsBills, "Bills")
Me.DataGridView1.DataSource = Nothing
Me.DataGridView1.DataSource = rsBills.Tables("Bills")

that is my code when this procedure called it shows the real data or records that inserted but when i run my view in server explorer the records that inserted is missing

here is my code in views

SELECT OR_no, Billing_mo, Account_no, Name, Address, Cno, Pres_read, Mprev_read, Sub_read, Pres2, Prev2, SRead2, Mtr_cons, Amount, NPC, Dmem,
Cmem, Tot_bill, D_Pmnt, Class, Newbill, Prd_fr, Prd_to, Type_Pmnt, Type_Date, Type_Docs, wtax
FROM dbo.Billing

same in my base table it seems that no records was inserted when i show the result table, hope you can help me snSQL

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Toggle Shows [+] Even Though Value Is Expanded

Aug 19, 2005

RS + SP2

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Apr 17, 2007

I am not so familiar with SQL Server 2005, but the problem is that when i created a vies and try to save it, instead of the name starting with the dbo. prefix, its starting with my username.

And i just found out that this is not happening only in the view its happening where ever i created an object and try to save it.

How can i change this from my username to make it display dbo. instead.

I think this is why i'm getting permission error when i try to use DTS package.

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Help, How To Get The First Tab Name That Shows In Excel Xls File?

Aug 3, 2007

I have the following code in Script task. However, tablesInFile.Rows is sorted by name in ASCII order. Anyway to get the "natural" order of Excel workbook? Or just the first tab?
connectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _
"Data Source=" & excelFileName & _
";Extended Properties=Excel 8.0"
excelConnection = New OleDbConnection(connectionString)
'tablesInFile = excelConnection.GetSchema("Tables")
tablesInFile = excelConnection.GetOleDbSchemaTable(OleDbSchemaGuid.Tables, New Object() {Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, "TABLE_NAME"}) ' .GetSchema("Tables")
tableCount = tablesInFile.Rows.Count
For Each tableInFile In tablesInFile.Rows

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SQLDatasource Only Shows Views In Wizard

Sep 19, 2007

hello all... I have a sql2005express database that I am trying to use a sqldatasource control on. I drop the control on to the page and click the configure data source link. I choose a db connection that I have setup previously. on the next step where you are supposed to select the table or view you want to use I only see views, no tables.
I can use the SQL statement option to get data from the table. and I can drag the table from the database explorer window onto the design surface, which will create all of the sql statements (select, insert,update,delete)
 I am using a specific userid to access data but I do not really have any special permissions setup
any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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Email Never Sent Only Shows Mail Queued

Jul 22, 2015

This is my syntax which looks valid to me, but the message will never send, need to get the message to send? (@recipients & @from_address are junk here, but valid email addresses in my procedure)

exec msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail
@profile_name = 'DatabaseMail',
@recipients = 'loggedinuser@domain.com',
@body_format = 'HTML',
@from_address = 'SQLEmailAccount@domain.com',
@body = 'Test 12345',
@subject = 'Test Email From SQL Server';

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ASP Only Shows Fields Which Contain Numeric Data

Jan 4, 2004


I'm using an SQL server database to run a website with ASP.

A new page I'm making will only display the contents on fields containing numeric data and it won't display text.

Other pages work fine. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening - I've never seen in before.



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Login Name Shows Up As Blank For Certain Sessions

Aug 29, 2011

When I probe sys.dm_exec_sessions (joining with other DMVs to get active-session info) I get the login_name column to be blank for a certain session.

Yet, for the same spid, the Login shows up properly (not blank) when I execute "sp_who2 active".

It also shows up properly in sys.sysprocesses.

What could be the reason for the faulty output of sys.dm_exec_sessions ?

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Report Shows Empty Page

Oct 10, 2007

The last page of the report has a table or rectangle (tried both) which is supposed to be invisible based on a parameter. However, the page still shows up with only the header! Apparently the report knows that the next element (table or rectangle) has to be on a new page, and only too late figures out that the element is invisible.

Anybody else encountered this, or has a solution?

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@@Version Still Shows Service Pack 1

Jun 6, 2007

We just installed the service pack 2 to our server, so I did a select @@version but it's still say Service Pack 1, even though the version number is now 3054. Is that a bug in the service pack?


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Graph Shows Crowded And Looks Messy

Mar 17, 2007


I am showing graph in my report as Column Chart .When my graph have more values it shows all values as crowded and look messy.

Is there is any way to restrict values on X axis up to limited number.

so that graph will be seen clearly.



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Print Layout Shows Up Black

May 12, 2008

I can view my reports fine when I go to the preview window, however, when I choose the option to see the 'Print Layout', everything comes up black. The only thing I can see iss my header image.

Does anyone know what could be causing this?


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Drillthrough Shows Other Data Than SQL Server

Oct 25, 2007


I'm working with the SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition. When i created a mining structure for association rules and go into the rule by drillthrough there's something i don't understand.

In the SQL Server the data set is:

47 463 200

And drillthrough shows me:

47 476 227

Why is the result of drillthrough another than in the table of the SQL Server???

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Database Shows In Read Only Mode ?

Apr 7, 2007

Database shows in read only mode when I did try to restore my database.But How to can I convert it to online mode?

pls help

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Grouping For A Table - Only One Row Shows Up For Each Page

Feb 27, 2008

This is so simple, but I can't get it to work. I created a grouping on the name field so that all entries for a particular person are on their own page. I break out perfectly so each one is a page for where I should get rows for that one person I only get one. On no page do I see more than one row. The data is not being summarized so that does not explain it.
Why would I lose data row? Thanks!

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Select Command Lost Thus Gridview Shows Nothing

Nov 17, 2006

Hi there,I am not sure how many of you have experienced this problem before but here is how to replicate it: Add a GridView, SqlDataSource and Button to a new projectSet the DataSourceID to the SqlDataSource objectSet AllowPaging to True on the GridViewWithin the Button1_Click sub, change the SqlDataSource.SelectCommand to a new Query e.g SELECT * FROM table WHERE ID > 1Run the project Click on another page, i.e. "3" on the GridView SqlDataSource.SelectCommand is now blank(!), thus Gridview displays nothing. Has anyone else found a solution to this annoying issue?  Any help is appreciated.Regards    

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Table Owner Name Shows Blank!! URGENT!!

Oct 17, 2001

I have a table which has a blank as owner name when I see on Enterprise manager. Sp_changeobjectowner is not working on this to change the owner name to dbo.I am still able to create another table with same name under dbo.But I want to get rid of the table which has no ownername. When i run the drop table command it doesn't drop that!!It says invalid object!!Any help!!

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TEMPDB Shows Excessive Size After A Backup.

Apr 18, 2000

I have got SQLv6.5 SP5a with SMS1.2 SP4 on seperate Alpha boxes. I have automated the backups so they are scheduled for after hours. SMS gets backed up first and TEMPDB shortly afterwards. However, since a back log in SMS MIFS has happened, the TEMPDB backup displays of 100,000pages backed up. When you back it up on its own, it only shows 170+ pages.

The SMS DB is 600MB in size, the Log is 210MB, Open objects is 5000, and TEMPDB is set 210MB on its own device.

Any ideas

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Sp_spaceused Shows Negative Unallocated Space

Mar 1, 2005

Hi All,

When i run sp_spaceused on one of my database, PROD, it gives the following output

database_name: PROD
database_size: 4268.00 MB
unallocated space: -789.82 MB

reserved: 4654920 KB
data: 2929008 KB
index_size: 327272 KB
unused: 1398640 KB

Why is that the unallocated space is negative ?

On the drive where the datafiles resides there is enough free space . Also, the datafile and transaction are set to auto grow with unlimited file growth

FYI - the OS is Windows 2000 and the DB is SQL Server 2000 with SP3

Appreciate your time and help on this.

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Create A Table That Shows Month / Day And Year?

Jan 30, 2015

How could I create a table that shows the month, each day in that month and the year and give me the option to set a start date & and end date? This is sql server 2005. I have used this before, but it doesn't allow me to see the days in the month. Essentially I want my output to be

Day Month Year
01-01-2012 January 2012
01-02-2015 January 2015
03-01-2015 March 2015
08-02-2020 August 2020


CREATE TABLE #yourTempTable([MonthName] VARCHAR(9), [Year] INT);
INSERT INTO #yourTempTable
FROM #yourTempTable;

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Create Temporary Column That Shows Results

Dec 10, 2007

*Groan* Sorry. One more.

ERD above is what my database looks like (ignore it's in Access, database is in SQL 2005)

I have this code:

SELECT orderID, orderAmount = SUM(customerID)/customerID FROM orders
-- When Sum of the customer ID (and then) divided by the customer ID > 1
HAVING orderAmount > 1

which doesn't work because I never did find out how you make a column in the results to output your maths in.
orderAmount doesn't exist as a column in the database, but for this query it should show only those customers who have ordered more than once with the company.

Thanks again for any replies.

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Making A View That Shows The Results Of Several Different Queries.

Dec 21, 2005

Hello,I am trying to create a view that shows the followingField1: Sum of Amounts from Table AField2: Count of Amounts from Table AField3: Sum of of Amounts from Table BField4: Count of Amounts from Table B......Field3: Sum of of Amounts from Table HField4: Count of Amounts from Table H......Things are a bit more complex but this is the gist.I am using SQL 2000.I know how to do this pretty easily using a stored procedure. But howcan I do it in a view? A SQL server won't meet my needs in thissituation.I tried OpenQuery ('myserver', 'exec myprocedure') but get the messagethat my server is not configured for data access. I tried the systemstored procedure to set data access to true but nothing seemed tohappen.I also tried Select * from (Select Statement1, select statement2)but got syntax error at the comma between statement1 and statement2.Trying to use select Statement1 as ABC to does not seem to work either.Is there a way to do what I want without making 15 views and then afinal view that shows them all together? I know I could probably dosomething by creating a ton of functions, but it really seems thisshould not be that hard...I am definitely open to any easy suggestions!Thanks,Ryan

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SS2000 Shows Password In Icon Tooltip

Jan 15, 2007

My co-worker, no idiot, says that the tooltip in the system tray forthe SS2000 icon usually shows the computer and server, but once in awhile shows the password (two slashes and the password).Is this a known bug of some sort? It really shouldn't be showing hispassword. It's likely the developer edition, but still, that isn'tgood.

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Blank Report Shows Up For Null Parameters.

Oct 29, 2007

I have created a report with a stored proc which takes a parameter whose default value is null. Now when I run my stored proc in Enterprise Manager without any params I get 4 rows otherwise with proper parameter I get 2 rows.

Now I set the params value to allow for Null and blank values. When I run the report if I provide parameter value it works fine but if i try to run it without any param it shows an empty report while the stored proc running without params shows 4 rows.

I have earlier sucessfully created reports where stored procs had 4 params out of which 3 where defaulted to null. And so I set the allow nulls, Allow Blanks values to be true for those params in Rep services. So when I selected value for 1st param and ran the report I got the desired report. But this time I have only one param which can be null. But its not working.

Thanks in advance.

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