Unable To Open MSDB Under Integration Services

Jan 21, 2008

When I open integration services on my SQL server, I can expand the File System folder fine, but when I try to expand the MSDB folder under stored package, I'm getting the following error: My SQL Server is setup to allow remote connections. What else could be causing this error on the server?

TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
Failed to retrieve data for this request. (Microsoft.SqlServer.SmoEnum)
For help, click: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink?ProdName=Microsoft+SQL+Server&LinkId=20476
Login timeout expired
An error has occurred while establishing a connection to the server. When connecting to SQL Server 2005, this failure may be caused by the fact that under the default settings SQL Server does not allow remote connections.
Named Pipes Provider: Could not open a connection to SQL Server [2]. (Microsoft SQL Native Client)

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Unable To Access MSDB On Integration Services

Mar 23, 2006

Hi all

I have a little problem with my IS Server.
I am using Windows Server 2003 64bit and IS 9.0.1399.
I have two named instances for databases.

I am able to connect to Intergration Services just with the
Servername (no Instance Name) and I see the folders in there.
When I try to open the MSDB Folder (under "Stored Packages") I
get the following exeption:
"Failed to retrieve data for this request ...."
and Additional informations: "Login timeout expired ....."

I am of corse administrator, so permission will be ok ...

Any ideas?? Thanks for any comment!!

Best regards
Frank Uray

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Integration Services :: SSIS 2005 - Unable To Access MSDB

Apr 22, 2015

I have a little problem with my IS Server.I am using IS 9.0.1399 (SSIS 2005).I have one instance for databases.I am able to connect to Integration Services just with the Servername (no Instance Name) and I see the folders in there.When I try to open the MSDB Folder (under "Stored Packages") I get the following exeption:

"Login timeout expired/An error has occurred while establishing a connection to the server. When connecting to SQL Server 2005, this failure may be caused by the fact that under the default settings SQL Server does not allow remote connections.SQL Network Interfaces: Connection string is not valid [87]."

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Unable To Open MSDB Node

Dec 20, 2005

I'm sure there is a simple answer to this but it eludes me at the moment.

IÄôm using the Developer Edition of SQL Server 2005.

The MSDB node under Integration Services->Stored Packages refuses to open.

It always fails with a login timeout message and that the connection was

actively refused.

IÄôve run the SQL Server Surface Area Configuration tool and allowed remote

and local access, even though itÄôs all installed on the local machine. This

didnÄôt help.

The next thing I did was to turn off all my firewalls and internet access

control software and itÄôs still not working.

IÄôm using integrated authentication and the user is part of the

administrators group,

any ideas how I can try and rectify this?



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Integration Services :: Package Failed To Run From SSISDB But It Ran Okay From MSDB

Oct 5, 2015

We are upgrading from SQL 2008 R2 to 2014. I have a 2008 SSIS package converted in VS 2013 and deployed to MSDB as package deployment model. It ran ok from an agent job. However, after I converted the same package into project deployment model, converted the connection manager to project model, deployed the project (with the package) to SSISDB and applied environment variable for its configuration, the agent job failed for not able to acquire connection to what used to be the connection manager. 

Both agent jobs run understand the same account on the server. The account has access to the databases that are connected in the packages. The job/packages has been running ok on 2008 R2 accessing the same db for years. 

The environment variable for the connection string is defined as "Data Source=ServerABC;Initial Catalog=DB123;Provider=SQLNCLI11;Impersonation Level=Impersonate;"

Why can't the job connect to the database when it runs a package from SSISDB?

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Integration Services :: SSIS Msdb Database Rolls Are Not There

Jul 10, 2015

I've just imported some SSIS packages onto my instance but my users aren't able to run the jobs for these packages (if thats the write terminology) it keeps failing with this error: Non-SysAdmins have been denied permission to run DTS Execution job steps without a proxy account. The step failed.

I've been looking around and I've been told I can assign the logins to the database roles in msdb but when I look for the roles in msdb they don't exist. SSIS is definitely installed on the server. How do I go about getting these added?

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Integration Services :: How To Change SSIS Packages Deployed To MSDB - Image Data Type

Jun 22, 2014

Is there a way to change an image data type? I want to make a change to some deployed SQL 2008 SSIS deployed packages. I have a TSQL SELECT that searches the packages for a string. But I would like to be able to change a string. I have googled it but cannot find anything.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS Reports - Unable To Open In PDF

May 15, 2015

I have deployed SSRS reports to the Report Server, but am not able to open them in PDF. 

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Integration Services :: How To Open Password Protected DTS Package

Jun 16, 2015

We are migrating the SQL Server database from 2000 to 2012 and part of this exercise we are migrating the DTS Package to SSIS Package. we were unable to convert the password protected DTS Package to SSIS Package.  The DTS Package created in early 2000 and we don't have a password for the DTS Package. 

Is there a way to remove the password or read the content of the DTS Package?

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Integration Services :: How To Open MAR File Extension In SSIS

Nov 30, 2015

I have a source file as filename.mar it is microsoft access report. When I am loading into my database the file name was something like filename.nov (its current month).

When I ran the package its shows error system cannot find the file filename.nov.

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Integration Services :: XML Code Is Coming When Open Dtsx Package?

May 13, 2015

When I double click on dtsx package , i am getting XML code. I am unable to get the Graphical View. Recently I have installed Visual 2013.

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Integration Services :: Cannot Open Database SSISDB Request By Login

Aug 1, 2015

have a ASP.NET app that access the DBs in a SQL 2012 server. I added code to access the SSISDB but it returns an error " cannot open database SSISDB request by login"doing some basic troubleshooting:

-When login to SSM (2012-R2) with windows/sa credentials I can access SSISDB and its tables with no problem
-but when I try to access SSISDB via T-SQL as follows:
osql -Usa -Ppasswrod
>sp_helpdb...(this lists all the DBs including the SSISDB)
>select * form TableName

This script returns an error stating that SSIDB does not exist

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Integration Services :: Error To Open Script Task Editor

Jun 12, 2015

I am using SSIS 2008 tool for developing ETL package. I get below error whenever I click on script task editor.Cannot show Visual Studio 2008 Tools for Applications editor. (Microsoft Visual Studio).

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Integration Services :: Failed To Open A Fast Load Rowset

Aug 28, 2015

i got a error [OLE DB Destination [16]] Error: Failed to open a fastload rowset for "[dbo].[tempMaster]". Check that the object exists in the database.

i am creating and doping this table in beginning after insert/update i will drop this table but this is error.i am using sql server 2008R2

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Integration Services :: Unable To Connect To OLEDB

Sep 29, 2015

I'm using SQL Srv '12. Have ADW'12 and ADWDW'12 DBs installed.I created a new SSIS project. Two project level OLEDB con mngers (One for each OLEDB DB).Dragged and dropped a new DFT.Inside the DFT, I'm using Source Assistant to connect to the ADW'12 OLEDB source.

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Unable To Create Integration Services Project

Nov 7, 2006


I've installed with success Visual Studio 2005 team edition for software developers and SQL SQL Server standard edition, but when I've created a new IS project and click on "No Data flow tasks have beed added to this package. click here to add a new DataFlow task"

I receive the following message :

Registration information about the Data Flow task could not be retrieved.
Confirm that this task is installed properly on the computer.

Could not enumerate the registered tasks. (Microsoft.DataTransformationServices.Design)

Does someone experience this before ? is there any work around ?

Thank you for your help

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Integration Services :: Unable To Cast Object

Aug 21, 2015

Trying to move data in Sybase IQ from one database (prod) to qa for a table. Using ADO.NET connection and just one Data Flow task , source , destination. Using Sybase IQ driver.

Error:[ADO NET Destination [2]] Error: An exception has occurred during data insertion, the message returned from the provider is: Unable to cast object of type 'System.Decimal' to type 'System.Char[]'.

Nether source or target table have column with data type Decimal or Char. All types I have in table are numeric (54,15) , bigint, varchar, date.  

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Unable To Open Windows Service Identity Panel In Reporting Services Configuration Manager

Jul 4, 2007


I've a slight problem with configuring my Report Server. I have set up everything apart from the initialisation and and the Windows Service Identity, however when I select the panel for the latter I am presented with a message box displaying the following:

" Reporting Services Configuration Manager:

There was an error while switching panels. The most likely cause is an error retreiving WMI properties. The exception details are:

InvalidArgument=Value of '1' is not valid for 'SelectedIndex'.

Parameter name: SelectedIndex "

I have tried re-installing the entire SQL server setup and this made no difference, I followed this by removing then reinstalling just the Report Service. Still nothing.

Any ideas as to what it is doing and how I should go about fixing it?


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Integration Services :: Excel File Open At SSIS Script Task

Oct 7, 2012

I want to open a excel file in script task and assigned the wraptext to one of the column. In the below code the final variable gives the path of the excel file. But i got the error at excel.workbook.open.

Error: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x800A03EC): Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A03EC
at Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Workbooks.Open(String Filename, Object UpdateLinks, Object ReadOnly, Object Format, Object Password, Object WriteResPassword, Object IgnoreReadOnlyRecommended, Object Origin, Object Delimiter, Object Editable, Object Notify, Object Converter, Object AddToMru, Object Local,


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Integration Services :: Script Transformation Editor Won't Open In Data Tools - BI

Aug 17, 2015

From SQL Server 2014, using SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio - BI, I'm trying to edit a Script Component within an SSIS Data Flow Task. The 'Edit Script...' button is enabled and turns a nice shade of blue when moused over, but a click has no effect. Perhaps I'm missing a component of VSTA? Everything else seems to work correctly. What might I be missing?

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Integration Services :: SSIS Cannot Open Datafile When Executed From Remote Host

Aug 19, 2015

I have seen several problems posted where an SSIS package writes a file successfully when executed manually, but fails when executed via SQL Agent job..I have the opposite problem. I'll try to lay it out succinctly: SSIS writes to a file on a shared folder, specified as HostAShare, for example. I created the share and gave full control to Everyone (out of frustration).I'm working from HostA via RDP, connected to the DB on DBHost via SSMS.If I kick off a SQL Agent job that executes the package, it works fine. (SQL job is running under SQL Server Agent Service Account).If I execute the job interactively (logged in to SSMS with Windows Auth), it fails with "Error: Cannot open the datafile "HostASharefilename.ext""We did find that if I RDP directly to the DBHost, I am able to execute manually.Also, if I try executing an xp_command shell command to write a file to the share, it works. (When RDP's into HostA with an SSMS connection to DBHost under my windows domain auth, as above.)The problem is the same when I RDP to any remote host.

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Integration Services :: Open Excel File In Bad Format And Resave To New Sheet

Aug 17, 2015

I have a foreach loop that is processing all .xls files then moving them to a processed directory.Problem is that when I try to open the original file which is in .xls 97-2003 format, it's giving me a file error that SSIS could not read.  Found out the problem was called Extension Hardening.  I fixed it in the registry according to a website I found and I thought about writing a Batch file or Script to handle it, however SSIS still can't read unless I open and "save-as" to another format.  It even works if I still save it in 97-2003 format just has to be a different file.How can I open and resave the files (all excel files in directory through a loop) and rename them the same?

For example:
Original file named "ABCDEFG_08_15_2015.xls"

Can I loop through all files in the directory and name each one differently say "REVISED_ABCDEFG_08_15_2015.xls" so I can read them through SSIS?I think I need a @filename variable or something for that..

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Integration Services :: Could Not Open Global Shared Memory To Communicate With Performance DLL

Nov 17, 2009

I am getting the following warning for my SSIS08 package: Could not open global shared memory to communicate with performance DLL; data flow performance counters are not available.  To resolve, run this package as an administrator, or on the system's console. I did check Warning in SSIS 2008 , but didn't find any solution. The package processes data and executes fine , but why do I see this warning? When I run this package on my machine, I see no such warning, it's only when I deploy it to our DEV SSIS server, I get this warning.

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Integration Services :: Unable To Connect To A Webpage From SSIS

Nov 3, 2015

I am trying to connect to a Web page from SSIS and I've tried both http connection manager and a Script Task but none of them seems to be working.

I get the following errors:

Through Script Component: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

Through http connection manager: The remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable.

Here is one of the VB code I've tried:

Public Sub Main()
Dim MyWebClient As New System.Net.WebClient()
Dim proxyObject As New System.Net.WebProxy("BANANA:8080", True)
MyWebClient.Proxy = proxyObject

[Code] ....

And, here is one of the C# codes I've tried:

public void Main()
Variables varCollection = null;
Dts.VariableDispenser.GetVariables(ref varCollection);

[Code] ...

I could open the same web page mentioned in the code manually in all my browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome).

I am using SQL Server 2014.

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Integration Services :: Unable To Add Reference In BIDS 2008

Dec 8, 2008

I am trying to build packages Programmatically, added a Script Task and tried to add some references from DLLs. I got an error message showing that there is no template found, and from the event viewer of windows which tells me to run 'VSTA.exe /installvstemplates'  or 'devenv.exe  /installvstemplates'. I have run these two command and reinstalled the SQL server 2008, but still unable to add any references to the project.
The error msg:
---------------------------Integration Services Script Task---------------------------No template information found. 

See the application log in Event Viewer for more details.

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Integration Services :: Can't Preview Data In Excel Source Editor Unless Sheet Is Open?

Nov 10, 2010

I have a package which has an Excel source with the 'Data access mode' set to SQL command and then a sql select statement.  When I try and hit the 'Preview...' button below the 'SQL command text' window I get the following error:

 "Error at Standard Data Flow Tasks [source tasks name]: No column information was returned by the SQL command"
Ordinarily this would be down to the fact that my SQL is shocking, I hit the 'Preview...' button whilst the workbook the source is pointing at was open and it works fine??
I can't figure this out, but needless to say the package errors with a NEEDSNEWMETADATA when I try and run it.

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Integration Services :: Unable To Remove View From Maintenance Plan

Sep 9, 2015

We have a maintenance plan in place for updating the statistics on daily basis. Now, i would like to remove the view from maintenance plan. How can i remove that from Update statistics task?

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Integration Services :: Unable To Run DTSX Package Locally When There Is A Sort Task

Apr 21, 2015

I have created a very simple package. It has a OLE DB Source, a Sort and a OLE DB Destination.

When I run it in the Integration Designer in Visual Studio, it works fine.

But when I like to execute the package in another C# Project, I get this error:

"To run a SSIS package outside of SQL Server Data Tools you must install Sort of Integration Services or higher."

When I remove the Sort Task, it works.

Here is my C# code:

MyEventListener eventListener = new MyEventListener();
Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.Package _Package;
Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.Application _Application;
Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.DTSExecResult _DTSExecResult;
_Application = new Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.Application();
_Package = _Application.LoadPackage(@"...Package.dtsx", eventListener, true);
_DTSExecResult = _Package.Execute(null, null, eventListener, null, null);

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Integration Services :: Unable To Update Packet Size Parameter In Connection Manager

May 22, 2015

I have an expression based project connection manager in an existing package and updating Packet Size parameter.

After update and clicking on OK, Packet Size value reverts back to 0 (which is old value). This connection manager is used by lot of Dataflow tasks in my package and recreating the connection manager and updating the reference is not a viable option.

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Integration Services :: Unable To Retrieve Column Information From Flat File Connection Manager

Jul 15, 2015

I've developed a package that is working well at development machine from VS 2013 for a sample flat file.¬†Also, over development machine, I've deployed it to SSISDB catalogue and even from there also it is running well for the same file.When the same package is deployed to production server's SSISDB catalogue database, it throws following error while processing the same sample flat file,¬†‚ÄúUnable to retrieve column information from the flat file connection manager‚ÄĚ

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Integration Services :: Unable To Get Return Code Executing SSIS Package From Stored Procedure?

Jun 11, 2015

We are executing a SSIS package using a xp_cmdshell command in a SP as shown below. This package does consumes time to execute almost 90 minutes and does get executed successfully too. But the strange thing is we don't get the result in @result variable just because somehow the next sql statement after the below highlighted statement doesn't get executed at all.  After checking execution stats for the SP using the query attached below we observed that somehow the SP vanishes out of the execution stats for the server.

 SELECT @cmd = 'dtexec /FILE "D:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server100DTSPackages.....PopulateReport.dtsx"'          
  SELECT @cmd = @cmd + ' /Decrypt T@!0er '          
  SELECT @cmd = @cmd + ' /set package.variables[vAppID].Value;' + CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),@appId)          
  SELECT @cmd = @cmd + ' /set package.variables[vDBName].Value;' + '"' + @db + '"'          
  SELECT @cmd = @cmd + ' /set package.variables[vBuildMFF].Value;' + CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),@BuildMFF)          

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Unable To Open New Query Window Or Open Any Table

Nov 3, 2014

Post installation of SQL Server 2014 Express edition, I am able to connect to the Database Instance.

But while opening a new query window in SSMS or opening a table getting the error:

Package 'RadLangSvc.Package, RadLangSvc, Version, Culture=Neutral, Public Token=89845dcd8080cc91' failed to load

Object reference not set to an instance of an object. (mscorlib)..Have already tried installing the componentsDACProjectSystemSetup_enu.msi, TSql LanguageService_enu.msi, DACFramework_enu.msi from path VS 2010 WCU DAC.

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Integration Services :: Network Path For Flat File Destination - Cannot Open Data File

Apr 6, 2015

I am running my package in sql server 2012, in which i am giving network path for flat file destination. And its working fine. But if i give m local path, its giving me  error " cannot open data file" ...

Nothing is wrong with package.

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