Integration Services :: Error To Open Script Task Editor

Jun 12, 2015

I am using SSIS 2008 tool for developing ETL package. I get below error whenever I click on script task editor.Cannot show Visual Studio 2008 Tools for Applications editor. (Microsoft Visual Studio).

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Integration Services :: Script Transformation Editor Won't Open In Data Tools - BI

Aug 17, 2015

From SQL Server 2014, using SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio - BI, I'm trying to edit a Script Component within an SSIS Data Flow Task. The 'Edit Script...' button is enabled and turns a nice shade of blue when moused over, but a click has no effect. Perhaps I'm missing a component of VSTA? Everything else seems to work correctly. What might I be missing?

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Integration Services :: Can't Preview Data In Excel Source Editor Unless Sheet Is Open?

Nov 10, 2010

I have a package which has an Excel source with the 'Data access mode' set to SQL command and then a sql select statement.  When I try and hit the 'Preview...' button below the 'SQL command text' window I get the following error:

 "Error at Standard Data Flow Tasks [source tasks name]: No column information was returned by the SQL command"
Ordinarily this would be down to the fact that my SQL is shocking, I hit the 'Preview...' button whilst the workbook the source is pointing at was open and it works fine??
I can't figure this out, but needless to say the package errors with a NEEDSNEWMETADATA when I try and run it.

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Integration Services :: Illegal Characters In Command Line On Execute Process Task Editor

Aug 26, 2015

I'm trying to execute a simple VBS file from the Executable command line in the Execute Process Task Editor.

My line is this : cscript.exe "c:convertcsvssisXlsToCsv.vbs"

SSIS keeps saying there are illegal characters here.  I've Googled and looked about 20 articles and I can't resolve it.

I have a ForEach that loops through Excel files and changes them to CSV files using code i found. This script takes an original Excel file and transfers it to a new CSV file in a new directory.

So in DOS at the CMD line I would type : XlsTocsv.vbs originalfile.xls newfile.csv

I have the original file and new file in the Arguments line so I'm assuming that after the script executes it will look at the filepaths in the loop and loop through them so I want it do to this when it runs:

XlsTocsv.vbs [User::@ExcelFile] [User::@CSVFile]

I just can't get it to execute and I keep getting illegal characters.  

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Integration Services :: SSIS Script Task Component Not Opening Script Editor

Apr 30, 2015

I have VS 2013 installed in my machine with SQL server 2012 ,I have installed Microsoft data tools for VS 2013,In the integration service project  i used script component when i try to pen the script task its not opening VSTA projects ,its simple ideally without any action.I am facing this issue for past 2 months i tried fixing this problem but no use.

The script  task editor has "Access VSTA to write script using VS 2012".So i installed VSTA tools for 2012 and 2013 but no issue.

But the script component works for VS 2010.I have installed Microsoft Visual Studio tools for VS 2012,VS2012 AND VS 2013.

This issue is occurring for VS 2012 and VS 2013.

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Integration Services :: Excel File Open At SSIS Script Task

Oct 7, 2012

I want to open a excel file in script task and assigned the wraptext to one of the column. In the below code the final variable gives the path of the excel file. But i got the error at

Error: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x800A03EC): Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A03EC
at Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Workbooks.Open(String Filename, Object UpdateLinks, Object ReadOnly, Object Format, Object Password, Object WriteResPassword, Object IgnoreReadOnlyRecommended, Object Origin, Object Delimiter, Object Editable, Object Notify, Object Converter, Object AddToMru, Object Local,


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Web Services Task Editor: The Input Web Services Description Language (WSDL) File Is Not Valid

Mar 14, 2006

I am trying to prove I can use SSIS to connect to a web service. The WS I am trying to connect to was developed by a vendor and covered by a NDA, but I was able to reproduce the issue with a public WS.

Here are the steps to reproduce the issue:

In the Web Services Connection Manager, I entered in the URL window. I am able to successfully "test" the connection
I pasted the above link into IE and saved the resulting XML as a .wsdl file on my local machine. In the Web Services Task Editor, General Tab, I specify the path to the .wsdl file and click on "Download WSDL" button. No Issues
When I click on "Input" and select "MoneyCentralRemote" from the drop-down for Service, I receive an error message saying "This version of the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) is not supported"

So the questions are:

Did I perform the above steps correctly?
What WSDL versions are supported in SSIS?
How can I tell what WSDL version was used to create the .wsdl I am trying to access?
If the WSDL is an unsupported version, is there a work-around to fix the issue?

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Miscrosoft Integration Services Gives An Error Of Sript Task Failed

Feb 21, 2007

In our package we have a script task that renames the files in the server (Windows 2003) where the package is deployed.

When we execute the project from the development environment(IDE), then it works fine and doesn't give any error.

However, when we deploy the package after configuring the Configuration file properly, then it throws up a "Script Task Failed" error and the the package execution fails.

We checked all the variable values from the development environment in the current package. The child variables take the variable values from the parent package and the configuration file.

It works fine, which implies that there is no problem with the script (This same script was working perfectly earlier - We have made NO changes to the script task.)

Another issue is that we are not able to debug the script task even if we put breakpoints in the script. The control flow simply doesn't stop at the breakpoints.

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Integration Services :: Script Task File Check Error

Aug 7, 2015

In my SSIS Package I am using Script task to check whether file exists or not.

I am having 3 variable as below

User::V_Filepath >File path
User::V_GeographyLevelFileName >Filename
User::V_FileExistsFlg >Flag

Below is the code I am using for same

String filepath = Dts.Variables["User:V_Filepath"].Value.ToString() + Dts.Variables["User::V_GeographyLevelFileName"].Value.ToString();
if (
Dts.Variables["User::V_FileExistsFlg"].Value = 1;
Dts.TaskResult = (int)ScriptResults.Success;

But I am getting exception error.

Find the attached screenshot of error ....

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Integration Services :: OLE DB Source Editor Doesn't See Excel Named Ranges

Sep 8, 2009

I have a Connection manager to an Excel workbook. I've set it up as Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0  Excel 8.0;HDR=NoWhen I create the DataFlow OLE DB source, the Name of Table or View dropdown shows only 3 items:

Resources$   Resources$_  and Volumes$_

My workbook has 2 tabs (Resources and Volumes; Volumes is hidden), two named ranges of the same name (Resources and Volumes)  and a bunch of other named ranges.

Why does the drop down only show these three things, and only the first one (the first tab Resources$) actually works.

The other two give a nasty message (0xC02020E8 Microsoft.SqlServer.DTSPipelineWrap)

Why can't I see my named ranges?New user to 2005

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Integration Services :: Send Email When Execute Task Stops But Doesn't Error?

Oct 13, 2015

I'm trying to put together an SSIS package that will look in one directory for 2 distinctly named .csv files.  The files will then be loaded into 2 tables. 

The first task I execute is a SQL Task that checks to see if the tables I'm loading the data into are empty.  If the tables have data, the package stops executing.  If they are empty, the package continues to execute.

What is the best way to send an email out from SSIS if the package stops on the first step? 

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Error When Showing Editor For Database Backup Task

Oct 12, 2007


I drag the database Backup Task from the toolbox and double-click on it, it shows this error:

Cannot show the editor for this task.

Additional information

Method not found: 'Void Microsoft.SQLServer.Management.DatabaseMaintenance.TaskUIUtils..ctor()'.

What is the prob with this?


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Integration Services :: Stored Procedure In Execute Task Fails But Task Does Not Fail

Jul 1, 2015

I'm using SSIS in Visual Studio 2012. My Execute SQL Task calls a Stored Procedure where I have a TRY-CATCH. Last week there was a problem and the CATCH was executed and logged an error to my error table, but for some reason the Execute SQL Task didn't fail. Is there a setting to make the Execute SQL Task fail when an SP encounters a failure?

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SSIS (Integration Services) Transfer SQL Server Objects Task: This Task Can Not Participate In A Transaction

Feb 1, 2007

In short, does the Transfer SQL Server Objects Task? support distributed transactions?

In trying to use a Transfer SQL Server Objects Task? in a container using a transaction on the container. The task is set to support the transaction. It is setup to copy table data from several tables from a non-domain server (sql server 2000) to a domain-based server (sql server 2005). I get an error stating, This task can not participate in a transaction?.

I am wondering if it means exactly what it says this task in SSIS cant participate at all. Or does it mean that it wont in this scenario for some reason. I attempted a simple copy of data from mssql 2005 to mssql 2005 (same server) and the task still failed). MSDTC appears to be running properly on my machine and such (I can do a simple distributed transaction across linked server to the 2000 server in Query Analyzer (QA)). Also, MSDTC appears to be working on both servers with distributed transaction query tests in QA.

Heres the error info

SSIS package "Development BusinessContacts and Products Migration.dtsx" starting.
Information: 0x4001100A at Copy BusinessContacts Data: Starting distributed transaction for this container.
Error: 0xC002F319 at Copy BusinessContacts database table data 1, Transfer SQL Server Objects Task: This task can not participate in a transaction.
Task failed: Copy BusinessContacts database table data 1
Information: 0x4001100C at Copy BusinessContacts database table data 1: Aborting the current distributed transaction.
Information: 0x4001100C at Copy BusinessContacts Data: Aborting the current distributed transaction.
SSIS package "Development BusinessContacts and Products Migration.dtsx" finished: Failure.
The program '[4700] Development BusinessContacts and Products Migration.dtsx: DTS' has exited with code 0 (0x0).

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Unable To Open MSDB Under Integration Services

Jan 21, 2008

When I open integration services on my SQL server, I can expand the File System folder fine, but when I try to expand the MSDB folder under stored package, I'm getting the following error: My SQL Server is setup to allow remote connections. What else could be causing this error on the server?

TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
Failed to retrieve data for this request. (Microsoft.SqlServer.SmoEnum)
For help, click:
Login timeout expired
An error has occurred while establishing a connection to the server. When connecting to SQL Server 2005, this failure may be caused by the fact that under the default settings SQL Server does not allow remote connections.
Named Pipes Provider: Could not open a connection to SQL Server [2]. (Microsoft SQL Native Client)

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Integration Services :: Send Mail Task Error - Attempt Was Made To Access Socket In A Way Forbidden By Its Access Permissions

Aug 18, 2015

I have trying to execute the Sendmail task in my development envinorment i face this error..I have given the clear details error message below,Please have a look.

[Send Mail Task] Error: An error occurred with the following error message: "Failure sending mail.  System.Net.WebException: Unable to connect to the remote server  System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions ".Alternatively  i use the  SMTP connection to create the subscription as well,its working properly.

Here we are accessing SMTP connection manager as Virtually.Here in my client network we are using Macafee Anti virus ,We have excluded the Rsconfigration file in the excluded list.I dont know why this problem occures again using Sendmailtask in ssis?

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Integration Services :: How To Open Password Protected DTS Package

Jun 16, 2015

We are migrating the SQL Server database from 2000 to 2012 and part of this exercise we are migrating the DTS Package to SSIS Package. we were unable to convert the password protected DTS Package to SSIS Package.  The DTS Package created in early 2000 and we don't have a password for the DTS Package. 

Is there a way to remove the password or read the content of the DTS Package?

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Integration Services :: How To Open MAR File Extension In SSIS

Nov 30, 2015

I have a source file as filename.mar it is microsoft access report. When I am loading into my database the file name was something like filename.nov (its current month).

When I ran the package its shows error system cannot find the file filename.nov.

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Integration Services :: XML Code Is Coming When Open Dtsx Package?

May 13, 2015

When I double click on dtsx package , i am getting XML code. I am unable to get the Graphical View. Recently I have installed Visual 2013.

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Integration Services :: Cannot Open Database SSISDB Request By Login

Aug 1, 2015

have a ASP.NET app that access the DBs in a SQL 2012 server. I added code to access the SSISDB but it returns an error " cannot open database SSISDB request by login"doing some basic troubleshooting:

-When login to SSM (2012-R2) with windows/sa credentials I can access SSISDB and its tables with no problem
-but when I try to access SSISDB via T-SQL as follows:
osql -Usa -Ppasswrod
>sp_helpdb...(this lists all the DBs including the SSISDB)
>select * form TableName

This script returns an error stating that SSIDB does not exist

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Integration Services :: Failed To Open A Fast Load Rowset

Aug 28, 2015

i got a error [OLE DB Destination [16]] Error: Failed to open a fastload rowset for "[dbo].[tempMaster]". Check that the object exists in the database.

i am creating and doping this table in beginning after insert/update i will drop this table but this is error.i am using sql server 2008R2

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Integration Services :: SSIS Cannot Open Datafile When Executed From Remote Host

Aug 19, 2015

I have seen several problems posted where an SSIS package writes a file successfully when executed manually, but fails when executed via SQL Agent job..I have the opposite problem. I'll try to lay it out succinctly: SSIS writes to a file on a shared folder, specified as HostAShare, for example. I created the share and gave full control to Everyone (out of frustration).I'm working from HostA via RDP, connected to the DB on DBHost via SSMS.If I kick off a SQL Agent job that executes the package, it works fine. (SQL job is running under SQL Server Agent Service Account).If I execute the job interactively (logged in to SSMS with Windows Auth), it fails with "Error: Cannot open the datafile "HostASharefilename.ext""We did find that if I RDP directly to the DBHost, I am able to execute manually.Also, if I try executing an xp_command shell command to write a file to the share, it works. (When RDP's into HostA with an SSMS connection to DBHost under my windows domain auth, as above.)The problem is the same when I RDP to any remote host.

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Integration Services :: Open Excel File In Bad Format And Resave To New Sheet

Aug 17, 2015

I have a foreach loop that is processing all .xls files then moving them to a processed directory.Problem is that when I try to open the original file which is in .xls 97-2003 format, it's giving me a file error that SSIS could not read.  Found out the problem was called Extension Hardening.  I fixed it in the registry according to a website I found and I thought about writing a Batch file or Script to handle it, however SSIS still can't read unless I open and "save-as" to another format.  It even works if I still save it in 97-2003 format just has to be a different file.How can I open and resave the files (all excel files in directory through a loop) and rename them the same?

For example:
Original file named "ABCDEFG_08_15_2015.xls"

Can I loop through all files in the directory and name each one differently say "REVISED_ABCDEFG_08_15_2015.xls" so I can read them through SSIS?I think I need a @filename variable or something for that..

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Integration Services :: Could Not Open Global Shared Memory To Communicate With Performance DLL

Nov 17, 2009

I am getting the following warning for my SSIS08 package: Could not open global shared memory to communicate with performance DLL; data flow performance counters are not available.  To resolve, run this package as an administrator, or on the system's console. I did check Warning in SSIS 2008 , but didn't find any solution. The package processes data and executes fine , but why do I see this warning? When I run this package on my machine, I see no such warning, it's only when I deploy it to our DEV SSIS server, I get this warning.

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The Task Transfer SQL Server Objects Task Cannot Run On This Edition Of Integration Services. It Requires Higher Level Edition.

Jun 23, 2006

Error code: 0xc0012024

Using "Integration Services Project" template in Business Intelligence Studio. Using platforms Visual Studio 2005 along with SQL Server 2005.

Getting the error while trying to execute package after loading it programmaticaly.

I've just one task "Transfer SQL Server Objects Task" on my Integration Services package. But when I try to execute it from VS 2005 project programmaticaly, it gives the above mentioned error.

The commands I use:

Package pkg = new Package();

pkg = a.LoadPackage(@"C:Documents and SettingsabcMy DocumentsVisual Studio 2005ProjectslSSISSSISPackage.dtsx", null, true);

DTSExecResult dResult = pkg.Execute();

The the error comes like: error: 0xc0012024 The task Transfer SQL Server Objects Task cannot run on this edition of Integration Services. It requires higher level edition.

Please help me.

Thanks in advance,


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The Task Send Mail Task Cannot Run On This Edition Of Integration Services. It Requires A Higher Level Edition.

Aug 6, 2007

I have a developer here that created an SSIS package that contains a Send Mail Task. When this developer runs the package in the Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) the send mail task runs without issue. But when he tries to run it using command line and the DTEXEC program it errors out with the following error message:

Error: 2007-08-01 15:57:44.37

Code: 0xC0012024

Source: Send Mail Task

Description: The task "Send Mail Task" cannot run on this edition of Integration Services. It requires a higher level edition.

End Error

Warning: 2007-08-01 15:57:44.37

Code: 0x80019002

Source: ELMSFeed

Description: SSIS Warning Code DTS_W_MAXIMUMERRORCOUNTREACHED. The Execution method succeeded, but the number of errors raised (2) reached the maximum allowed (1); resulting in failure. This occurs when the number of errors reaches the number specified in MaximumErrorCount. Change the MaximumErrorCount or fix the errors.

End Warning

DTExec: The package execution returned DTSER_FAILURE (1).

Started: 3:57:24 PM

Finished: 3:57:44 PM

Elapsed: 19.922 seconds

Here are the details of his machine:
Visual Studio 2005 Version: 8.0.50727.762 (SP.050727-7600)

Under the Installed Products section it reads:
SQL Server Integration Services version: 9.00.3042.00

Once we promoted the package to a production server it runs fine. I can also run the same package from my machine without issue. So, I'm pretty sure that it's specific to his machine, but I have no idea where to start looking.

Any deas where this error comes from?

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Help Getting Error When Using Operation Rename A File In The File System Task Editor?

Aug 18, 2006

Does anyone know how to do this using variables?  Everytime I try it, I get the

Error: Failed to lock variable for read access with error 0xc00100001. 

 I also tried it writing a script and still the same error.  If I hard code the values into the variables it works fine but I will be running this everday so that it will pull in the current date along with the filename.  So the value of the variables will change everyday.  Here is my expression:

@[User::Variable] +(DT_WSTR,4) YEAR( GETDATE() )+"0"+(DT_WSTR,2) MONTH( GETDATE() ) + (DT_WSTR,2) DAY( GETDATE() )

The result:

C:Documents and SettingsmroushDesktopOSU20060818

the 20060818 part will change everyday ie.(tomorrow will be 20060819, next day 20060820 and so on.)


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Cannot Open Property Expression Editor

Feb 13, 2007


I want to change expression of a variable but dont see ellipses icon in expression. The variable property EvaluateAsExpression is assigned TRUE.

I have reinstalled SSIS...i am sure there was a icon to open Property Expression Editor for a variable...dont see it anymore.


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Using A Text Editor To Open A SQL Database

Oct 3, 2006

is there some way to access a corrupted database with a text editor so that I can copy over my text database to a new database file? I apparently have corrupted my file headers of both the online database and my backup copy.

Thanks in advance for your help

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How To Use Message Queue Task In Integration Services

Jan 17, 2007

How To Use Message Queue Task In Integration Services

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Integration Services :: Can't Debug Script Task

Jun 27, 2015

i set break point in Script Task, but the process didn't stop.

environment : SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio 2008

how to solve this issue ?

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FTP Task Log Details In SQL Server Integration Services

Sep 6, 2007


I has created a SSIS FTP Task Programatically for Receiving Files. I have written code for Transfering data from FTP to my local machine. it is working fine. i need to log the details of the file transferred like file name, file size it to database table.

can any one help me to solve this...... its very urgent please.....

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Integration Services :: Two Results From Single Task

Jul 22, 2015

I have a table with email addresses and CC_Flag.

Email     | CC_Flag
xxxx           0
yyyy           1
zzzz           1

Using Task SQL, I am trying to pass these email addresses to two separate variables - To_field, Cc_field on basis of the CC_Flag..Is it possible to fill two variables from a single SQl Task,.

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