Cannot Save Screensaver Configuration On Booting

Aug 8, 2015

I have upgraded from Win8.1... It seems all is workin +10, but just a few days ago I see this thing. I set the screensaver to 10 minutes delay, I choosse the 3D animation and bingo . nice like in y old Win 8.1. The problem is simple. When I shutoff my pc and start again the screensaver settings change again to 1 minute( default) and no 3D sacreensavere any more !! I must set again to X minutes, select the animation , apply and save and this over and over . Never problems before with my Win 8.1. I use the same hardware and apps. Everything is the same on my PC than before.

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Installation :: Dual Booting Set Up In System Configuration

Nov 5, 2015

Just getting to grips with W10 and noticed that dual booting can be set up in System Configuration-boot. This was the case in XP, I think or was a previous version. Bit late now as I have easybcd on W7 drive. Before you ask I have never had a successful install where W10 finds W7 and displays that fancy box on start up.

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Apps :: Save / Save As / Open Dialog Crashing?

May 16, 2015

I tried to do a search but it didn't come up with much. where the Save/SaveAs/Open dialogs don't open and instead the app crashes? I've seen it in Notepad, Paint and Word. If I kill all explorer.exe processes, and then launch for example Notepad from Task Manager, the issue goes away, but as soon as I reboot, it returns.

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Apps :: Save Word Document Using Save As?

Feb 10, 2016

I'm running Office 2003 in Windows 10 (upgraded from Windows 7) with no visible issues.

Except that when I want to save a Word document using "Save As" it prompts me for all sorts of unsuitable locations...My Music, My Pictures, My Videos, and some random programs which somehow landed up in the "Documents" folder. None of the shortcuts I'd like to see there (and which are in the folder, because I put them there!) show up. What to do?

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Customization :: Screensaver Does Not Come On

Aug 8, 2015

For whatever reason the screensaver doesn't come on, what might cause this?

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Customization :: No Screensaver After Update

Aug 1, 2015

I updated from Windows 7 to 10 last night and now I cannot get my Screensaver to work or get my screen to turn off in the power settings. Something must be causing the screen to stay awake.

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Customization :: Screensaver Not Working?

Aug 6, 2015

my screensaver is currently not working in windows 10 and since its not working it wont let the display turn off or go into sleep mode. When I was using windows 7 the screensaver would work fine and ever since i upgraded it it will not work now.

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Customization :: How To Get Screensaver To Go On Second Monitor

Oct 2, 2015

As the title says, I'm unsure as to how to get my 2nd monitor to replicate my main computers screen saver. Whenever my screen saver is on it only displays on the main computer while the 2nd monitor is black. I have it on extend displays, in case that's a question.

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Can't Get Screensaver To Come On Or Screen To Turn Off

Aug 31, 2015

Any fix to get the screensaver to work or the very least to get the screen to turn off. I have the screen saver set to 4 minutes of inactivity and The screen to turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

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Cannot Get Past Screensaver On Boot

Dec 23, 2015

I get to the screen saver and the mouse and keyboard don't work so no way to get to enter pin screen this happened after multiple installs from win 7 ultimate (originally on my machine) to me purchasing pro version clean install. it works for between 5 and 10 boots then bang I am running a dell quad 4 2.7 MHz machine with 8 mb ram have loaded win 10 5 times and on different drives no difference just when I think problem is solved BANG it bites me in the butt again have a Microsoft wireless mouse and keyboard and did download the latest win 10 drivers.?is my machine to fast and the screen saver screen is loading before the drivers?

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Customization :: Screensaver Not Working After Update

Dec 14, 2015

I updated today from Windows 7 to 10, and everything seems to be working great except for a screensaver I purchased a few years ago. I know it's a relatively minor problem, but it worked fine on 7.

The screensaver worked by taking a screenshot when initialized, and displayed various effects over that image.

Now when I attempt to run the screensaver I get the following error:

I'm not running any other programs whatsoever, so I wonder if a core Windows process is now interfering with this?

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Photo Gallery Screensaver Not Working

Aug 6, 2015

As the title says it all, ever since the upgrade, the current screensaver called the Photo Gallery stopped working, all my other screen savers work.

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Customization :: Folder With Pictures Can't Be Used As Screensaver

Oct 26, 2015

I'll try to use a folder with pictures as screensaver - which I had in WINXP and WIN7. But I receive a message, that the folder can't be used because it's not in the right place. Where should I store this folder to work as screensaver in WIN10?

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Customization :: Screensaver - Any Way To Add Music To Slideshow

Nov 5, 2015

I use my own photos as my screensaver but my question is : is there a way to add music to the slideshow?

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Screensaver Doesn't Work With Pictures

Dec 6, 2015

I know some people have had issues with the screensaver not working. In my case all the screensavers work, except the one I want -pictures. I have always used pictures as a screensaver with other windows os with no problem.

What happens is I can see the pictures scrolling in the mini monitor it shows you, but when I hit preview or when it goes into action, the screen goes black. I have tried using different folders in different drives and using different pictures, but still nothing but black.

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Customization :: Screensaver Setting Will Not Stay

Aug 2, 2015

When I set the screen saver to what I want, it works just fine as long as I leave the computer running. However, if I shut down the computer and bring it back at some later time, the screen saver will not work.

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All Screens Are Small When Returning From Screensaver

Sep 25, 2015

I use a 32" LED TV as a monitor. I have for the last 4 years happily through Windows 7 and 8.1.

Since moving over to Windows 10 if I walk away from my desktop for an extended period my screen is switched off as I expect but, when i jiggle my mouse the screen wakes up okay but ALL my screens have been resized much smaller.

This effects Firefox (full screen), Skype and even my 4 screens on my Arduino microprocessor IDE.

I have my display setting to "turn off after 30 minutes" and "sleep" never. Strangely it has to be much longer than that for the effect to happen. If I go away for, say, 50 minutes. Come back, jiggle the mouse - everything comes back okay. But if I go away for 90 minutes or more, for instance, all the screens are semi minimised when I jiggle mouse and the monitor (TV) wakes up.

Very annoying to have to resize all my screens every time. I have checked all my settings (they are unchanged for years) and it never happened before I updated to W10.  

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Customization :: Screensaver Goes Black While Running?

Aug 31, 2015

Each time my screensaver plays my photos, it runs for awhile then the screen goes black. How do I keep the photos and screensaver going?

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Screensaver Does Not Work With Dual Monitors

Jan 22, 2016

I've read pretty much all of the solutions offered up the the screensaver issues in Windows 10 [and the variety of issues indicates Microsoft has some work to do], but none of them seem to work for me.

I don't care about saving my monitor, or watching pretty pictures, or saving power. I need the screensaver for security reasons to lock the screen after an unattended time period. Apparently nobody else uses this feature, or if they do they haven't posted the problem on the web, or I simply haven't found it.

1. This is a clean install of Windows 10 Home. The dual monitors were installed AFTER the initial install, and the screensaver worked fine with that configuration. I'm now using an Nvidia Quadro NVS 295 graphics card with two identical Dell monitors. The latest driver is installed (dated Oct 2015).
2. I have no HID devices other than a wireless mouse and keyboard. I have tried a different mouse and keyboard to no effect. I have tried disabling the HID devices one by one to no avail.
3. If I disconnect one monitor at the computer, the screensaver still doesn't come on.
4. I have the screensaver set to "Blank", and the preview function works perfectly well, blanking both monitors.

No further way to try, other than buying a new graphics card and seeing if that solves the problem. The fact that the preview function works dissuades me from thinking the problem lies with the card. 

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After Upgrade No Screensaver Or Sleep Mode

Aug 4, 2015

I upgraded from 7 to 10. The upgrade was smooth and I didn't see any issues immediately. But, after setting the power and screen saver settings, the monitor never went into standby and screen savers won't start. I did not try hibernation because I never used it before. I discovered that didn't work either. So, I regressed back to 7 and everything works as before. So, as a test, I installed a spare HDD and did a clean install from USB. Same issues as the upgrade. Maybe I'm nit-picky, but I want the monitor to go to power saver after 5 minutes.

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Screensaver Won't Activate - Display Won't Shut Off

Aug 1, 2015

I just upgraded to Windows 10 from Win 7, and am having the following problem:

After sitting idle for several hours, the screensaver never activates and the display doesn't go into power save mode. I've tried numerous settings to resolve it, but with no luck so far. Currently the settings I'm using are the same as they were in Windows 7, where everything functioned correctly. These settings are:

Power options: High performance (modified)
HDD set not to turn off
USB selective suspend disabled
PCI Express link state power management disabled
Minimum CPU state 100%

Screensaver to activate after 15 minutes
Display to shut off after 30 minutes

These may not be the optimal settings, but they worked in Windows 7, and even using more restrictive power settings hasn't resolved the issue since the upgrade.

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Screensaver Delay Time Resets To 1 On Boot

Sep 9, 2015

After converting from Windows 7 to 10 the screensaver delay time resets to 1 every time I boot the system. This prevents the screensaver from activating. I set the time and press apply and then works all day until I sign off at night and re-boot (power up) in the morning. I did not have this problem with Windows 7.

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How To Disable Sign In Screen When It Goes On Screensaver / Timeout

Jul 29, 2015

Have Link to disable login for startup. But now I can't find it. I figured out how to disable startup but now I need to disable the sign in screen when you timeout.

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Antivirus :: Auto Lock After 2 Minutes Without Screensaver?

Nov 15, 2015

Before I installed 10586, I had my computer auto lock Windows 10 10240 after a couple minutes without having the screensaver turn on, so it went to my custom lock screen wallpaper. I can't figure out how to make it happen again in Windows 10586. And also when I close the laptop lid, I want it to Lock when plugged in. No go to sleep or log off. Just lock.

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No Screensaver Or Sleep Mode On Dual Monitors

Aug 13, 2015

I have upgraded my pc to Windows 10 an ran all update drivers. But my dual monitors well not go into sleep mode or screensaver. I have a AMD A10-7850k with a ASUS A88x Pro mobo. tried restarting an no luck.

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Customization :: Set Screensaver Bubbles To Draw Over Current Background?

Oct 7, 2015

Can you set the screen saver bubbles to draw over current background?, now when it comes on it has a solid background color?If you preview it shows over current background which is a picture.

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