Disable Auto Logout Every Time It Times Out?

Jan 18, 2016

Is there a way to disable the auto logout every time it times out?

Can I disable timeout so it wan't log out? It is annoying to have to log in so often.

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Auto Update Stalled 3 Times At 91% - Task Bar Mail Icon Not Showing

Nov 21, 2015

I have just updated Windows 10 to Version 1501. I had to install Windows 10 from the Microsoft Update site, as the auto Update stalled 3 times at 91% .

Since then, when I open Mail from the Start Screen, although it opens OK , and there is a white horizontal line on the task bar, the Mail Icon is not there.

If I hold the cursor over the area where the icon should be, the small display comes up and I can click and open it from there OK, just the icon is missing.

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Screen Times Out - Have To Log On Every Time

Jan 5, 2016

Now that the new upgrades have been installed, I have to log on every time my screen times out. Before the upgrades, if I walked away and came back, moving the mouse or touching a key would bring back the desktop. How can I get back to that status? (By the way, the automatic upgrade hiccuped at 75% and locked the computer so it couldn't be turned on without holding the power key down for over 5 seconds--very inconvenient as I had to go to Geek Squad to get it back since I didn't think of that).

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Pc Shutting Down / Turning Off Time Became Around 5 Times Longer

Oct 2, 2015

A month ago i installed a ssd in my pc as a boot drive. So i had an hdd and ssd. Everything was fine untill i needed to reinstall windows again. After the reinstall my pc turning off time became around 5 times longer. The windows shuts down fast ( in 4 seconds or so) but the actual pc stays on for another half a minute ( fans spunning, lights working, power button lit). When i restart windows it works fine (windows turns off, than it starts to boot up again emidietly). I tried updating ssd firmware and i checked if the ssd is in AHCI. Nothing worked. Whats wrong with my pc?

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Disable Auto Rotate For Photos

Aug 14, 2015

Windows 10 auto rotates photos - now when I drag and drop photos to word 10, which way they will rotate - all portrait become landscape = as I use many tens of photos per report this is really annoying.

With win 7, I could just drag and drop straight into a word table portrait remained portrait, landscape remained landscape. Can I disable auto rotate? is there another work around as I like win 10

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Possible To Disable Auto Reboots For Updates?

Aug 21, 2015

Wondering if this is possible on Windows 10, Not delay, to DISABLE AUTO reboots when a user is logged in ?

When I am done doing someone on my PC, I just kind of walk away, it goes to sleep, the monitor shuts off after about 25 min, so I just hit the space bar and I am back to where I was. This is always how I have used my computers at home and I need to continue to this way. I DONT want to hear, SAFE YOU FILES, CLOSE your Programs, etc, That is how YOU USE YOU computer, not mine.

So after installing Windows 10, it just takes it on it's own, no setting I have found to disable it, I am ok, with Windows yelling at me "reboot me !!!" ever few hours but, taking it on it's own to reboot over night is a problem.

2 times now I have lost something that was open, One was a game I had minimized that I forgot about before I went to bed and lost my progress.

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How To Disable Auto Login Last Active User

Feb 19, 2016

My system upgrade to windows 10 from 7. But my system encounter a auto login last active user problem.

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Customization :: Disable Auto Arrange In Windows Explorer

Nov 29, 2015

I have disliked this "feature" since windows 7 and I see they still have not restored the ability to manually sort without having to give every file a "tag". Note: I do not want to use windows live essentials as I hate photo gallery, so this is not an option. I used to be able to arrange my photos by dragging and dropping them next to another similar photo and it would snap to grid where I dropped it. This eliminate duplicate pictures. I found this ink for windows 7:

Windows Explorer Auto Arrange - Disable. However it says very clearly at the beginning not to use it for any other OS versions. Does this works for windows 10 as well or if there is a way to do it in windows 10? I would prefer a 3rd party program as oppose to editing my registry if it can work (all the things that need "fixing" for customization in windows 10 seem to always suggest a reg fix, but I am afraid to edit my registry too much).

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Auto Time Update - When Login In The Morning

Dec 16, 2015

How can I update my time automatically each morning before the stock market opens. My PC loses a couple minutes a day and I need to be synced with the market. I see it updates weekly, but by Tues I'm out of step.

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Accounts :: How To Disable Auto Login Last User / Black Screen At Boot

Dec 24, 2015

Alright so for some reason ever since I've "upgraded" to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 I've been having numerous issues with my computer taking a very long time to boot and I've noticed it is logging me in sometimes without asking me for my password at boot. I really want to stop the black screens as waiting 5-10 minutes every time I turn my computer on is annoying. Also I don't see why it would log me in without prompting for my password as why else would I have a logon password?

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Antivirus :: Changing Time When Windows Defender Auto Scans PC

Jan 23, 2016

How can you change the time when Widows Defender auto scans your PC? When I had 8.1 it ran about 2AM. That was OK. Now in 10 it runs about 4 or 5PM. That is when I use my PC most. I looked in Task Scheduler, but I can't find it.

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Disable Windows Login Screen Every Time Reboot?

Jul 29, 2015

How Do I Disable The Windows Login Screen Every Time We Reboot?

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How To Disable Internet Access Completely For Set Amount Of Time

Sep 28, 2015

I am coming to realize that I have a serious problem spending too much time surfing the web. I wake up in the morning, get on the internet, and instead of spending thirty minutes on my computer, I end up wasting three hours.

There are plug-ins available for browsers, but they're easily disabled when I just don't feel like "being good." I know there are parental control programs, but I believe they are accessible by the administrator by just entering in a password or some such.

I know there are router settings that turn off internet during certain times of the day (e.g., 12a-5a daily), but I am looking for software or a router program that can just turn off all access to the internet for a certain span of time (e.g., thirty minutes), and that can't be disabled. After that set period of time, the web would again be accessible.

Are there any solutions: software, Windows settings, router settings, plugins, scripts (I'm not an advanced PC expert, but I can do basics like modifying the registry)?

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Antivirus :: Disable The Real-time Protection Of Windows Defender

Dec 9, 2015

In Windows 10 v1511, I noticed that if I disable the real-time protection of Windows Defender, when I reboot the system, this protection comes back on automatically.

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How To Logout Of OneDrive App (Synced Folder)

Nov 25, 2015

So I made the stupid mistake of logging in to OneDrive on the office computer (I'm a freelancer/independent contractor, so I don't always come here) and now I can't logout?

I've only synced the one folder related to the project I'm working on this office. Would it work if I signed in on my own laptop, would that make the login session on the office computer expire? What if some other employee needs to login on this computer?

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Customization :: Change Size Of Text Causes Logout

Oct 13, 2015

Under Display settings and Customize Your Display, there is an option called "Change the size of text, apps and other"
When I change this, it wants me to logout.

I generally want to change the size of text to get a better view/perspective on the app that I'm running. But, this thing always forces me to exit all my apps -- very inconvenient!

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Orientation Resets To Portrait On Logout Or Reboot

Jul 3, 2015

I have my tablet set to portrait orientation, but if I log out or reboot it reverts to portrait, even if rotation lock is on. I assume this is because it's an 8" tablet which MS decided are meant to be used in portrait but surely if rotation lock is on then it should respect that setting?

Toshiba Encore 8 on build 10162

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How To Logout Or Change Account On Windows Store

Dec 25, 2015

I was using my wrong account on the windows 10 store and I want to change it to another account but there is no 'Log Out' button.

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Can't Disable Ctrl Alt Disable On Login Screen

Sep 28, 2015

I activated the ctrl alt disable login screen for Windows 10 by using this registry key from this forum.(Lock Screen - Enable or Disable in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums).

I downloaded and installed the key to disable only to find it didn't work so I tried to manually do it by changing the number from 0 to 1 only to find its already at 1.
I also tried going the user passwords2 to find the box to disable ctrl alt disable login is already ticked, but is greyed out meaning I can't untick the box.

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Giving Wrong Time But Set To Correct Time Zone?

Nov 13, 2015

Yesterday I installed Windows 10 Professional on my Acer Aspire V5-573G laptop. I installed the English (US) version even though I live in the Netherlands. When I corrected the time I have set it to the correct timezone (see screenshot) but it has the wrong time connected to it. As seen on the screenshot the time displayed is 21:49 even though when I took it, it was actually 13:49. Off course I could manually change the time, but I was wondering if maybe this is part of some bigger problem and if there is a better way to fix it.

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Freezes Or Reboots Every Time Login For First Time

Aug 6, 2015

Just downloaded windows 10 and it freezes or reboots every time I try and login in for the first time, if u click on anything else on this screen like this isn't me it freezes as well, any work around this to maybe login or revert back to windows 7 without being able to log on?

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Internet Turns Off From Time To Time

Aug 3, 2015

This has never happened to me before upgrading to windows 10. 2-3 times a day my internet connection simply turns off for no reason. If I unplug the ethernet cable and plug it back again it works fine like normal again. This seems pretty weird and I don't know why is it happening.

PS: I have a laptop and my internet actually works fine on my brother's windows 7 laptop even when it turns off for me, so it's windows 10 problem.

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Screen Times Out Even When Set To Never

Jul 30, 2015

I just installed the official release of Windows 10 on five PCs.

On two of the five PCs, even though I have both the Screen Saver and Screen Timeout set to "Never", Windows 10 blanks the monitor after 1 minute of inactivity.

I've checked every setting I can think of and even the Nvidia Control Panel, but nothing seems to prevent the timeout event.

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30 Second App Load Times

Nov 22, 2015

Just this morning, many of my apps are taking exactly 30 seconds to load. They sit at their splash screens for 30 seconds, and then load and play fine. No updates on the store, and nothing from Windows Update. Running S3 on TH2 build of W10.

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PC Wakes Up At Different Times

Aug 12, 2015

I ran pc last wake and it said this

Wake History Count - 1
Wake History [0]
Wake Source Count - 1
Wake Source [0]
Type: Wake Timer
Owner: [SERVICE] DeviceHarddiskVolume2WindowsSystem32svchost.exe (SystemEventsBroker)
Owner Supplied Reason: Windows will execute 'NT TASKMicrosoftWindowsUpdateOrchestratorReboot' scheduled task that requested waking the computer.

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Display - Pixelated At Times

Sep 6, 2015

Having weird display issues on my Laptop running Windows 10 - Pictures and videos look a bit pixelated at times.

All drivers updated and windows updates have been installed.

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