Drivers/Hardware :: Keyboard Not Working Properly After Installing?

Jul 30, 2015

After having installed windows 10 on my Asus laptop. Some of the keys are not working.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Keyboard Input Not Working Properly

Nov 6, 2015

ve just recently started having problems with keyboard input lag. Meaning, I will type and it will not register until a full second after I hit the key. I have re-installed java multiple times. Scanned my computer for harmfull virises, programs. Ive switched keyboards, and the problem still occurs.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Touchpad Not Working Properly

Mar 5, 2016

OK so now if my touchpad is switched on the mouse cursor sometimes makes continuous erratic movements around the screen. Turning it off solves this problem. Is this a sign it's wearing out,

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Drivers/Hardware :: Safely Remove Icon Not Working Properly

Nov 15, 2015

I just upgraded to Windows 10 1511 (November Update), and saw the new (modernized) Safely Remove icon in the system tray - and the problem, it's not working properly.(I know, it's a Windows 7 Screenshot, I found it online, it's just for reference).As we can see from the comparison, mine only shows the second row, that being the device description (Name and drive letter), and no longer shows "Eject Storage Device".

So the safely remove icon in the system tray is now practically useless. I search over, and found no one with the same issue, nor did I find any direct fix. I shutdown and reboot a couple of times, tried different USB devices and ports, I also did try a couple of related tweaks, like changing the removal policy, and scan for hardware changes, etc - but still, no luck.Though note, the eject function is still available through file explorer:

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Drivers/Hardware :: Elevated Device Manager Is Working Properly Or Not

Dec 11, 2015

Some time ago, at [URL] , I learned to launch an elevated Device Manager by using Cortana to search for "devmgmt.msc," then right-clicking the search result and selecting "Run as administrator," then look for yellow flags next to drivers which need updating. I've done that several times, including earlier today, and I've never seen any yellow flags, but today I installed Windows Update MiniTool and I discovered that there were 6 drivers which needed updating. Anyway, whenever I launch an elevated Device Manager, I never see anything to indicate that it's elevated, and there's never a UAC dialog like there is whenever I run anything else as an administrator.

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Drivers :: CD Burner Is Not Working After Installing?

Aug 7, 2015

My cd burner is not working after installing windows 10 

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Drivers/Hardware :: Keyboard Not Working?

Jan 1, 2016

I have a Anitech P201RU keyboard and when I boot my PC the keyboard works fine until the login screen. I have tried turning on legacy in bios and turning it off and tried uninstalling the drivers. What I noticed is that when I go into device manager it shows a exclamation mark next to the usb composite device.

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HP Laptop Not Shutting Down Properly After Installing?

Sep 14, 2015

My HP notebook was working perfectly with windows 8.1. After upgrading to windows 10 it is not shutting down properly. Power and wireless buttons are still glowing and battery is also consuming. I need to press the power button at least for 4 seconds in order to shutdown completely .

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Drivers/Hardware :: Mouse And Keyboard Not Working

Jul 30, 2015

After I installed Windows 10 from windows 7 I couldn't use my mouse and keyboard it works when I boot up BIOS Utility but when im on windows 10 it does not work. I tried switching usb ports and that didn't work either.

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Realtek Audio Driver Not Installing Properly

Jul 31, 2015

I have an Asus Maximus VI Hero and am trying to download drivers after my clean install of Windows 10. I downloaded the file for my boards audio driver from the asus website but when I ran it the program kept saying it needed to uninstall the previous driver before installing the new one and then restart. It kept restarting and doing that over and over again never actually installing the new driver.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Keyboard Stops Working If Sign Out

Aug 8, 2015

Every time I sign out keyboard stops working for no reason, I have to restart in order to make it work.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Keyboard Suddenly Stopped Working Even In BIOS

Oct 14, 2015

Today my keyboard stopped working, there was a usb error message pop up but i didn't realise what it was about, then then my k70 corsair keyboard stopped working, i tried restarting and doing an sfc scan but nothing changed, then i started looking into device manager but all the drivers were up to date so i tried reinstalling the HID keyboard driver but nothing changed, i then looked into the event viewer and found the issue (attached screenshot)

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Drivers/Hardware :: USB Keyboard Stops Working At Login Screen

Oct 21, 2015

Description: My USB keyboard stops working at the login screen. None of the keys are responsive. The onscreen keyboard works fine.

This happens on wakeup after a remote desktop session and after scheduled updates during the night. In both cases this happens after wakeup, which makes this tedious to reproduce.

The keyboard starts working after unplugging the usb and plugging back or after restarting. I have this same issue on my work PC (HP, win 10) which makes me believe that this is a windows 10 issue. I have tested with three different USB keyboards.

Troubleshooting so far: Energy settings for USB checked (USB selective suspend setting set to disabled)...

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Drivers/Hardware :: Keyboard / Touchpad Stop Working Randomly?

Jan 12, 2016

This has happened a lot since my upgrade to Windows 10, and it's really starting to get on my nerves. Seemingly randomly, my keyboard will stop responding to what I type, and my touchpad completely stops as well (no, I did not accidentally click to disable it). These problems will never resolve themselves on their own, but as soon as I reset the computer everything works again - to me, that sounded like a driver crash, but nope! I checked the driver menu and it told me everything was running just fine. What's even more strange is that I have the backlight keyboard enabled so that when I type, it lights up. And strangely, the keys still light up when I press them, so I know it's registering my typing SOME how.

You would also think that this would be a software problem since it fixes immediately upon reset, but I've noticed that this issue seems to crop up a lot right after I have moved my computer..

In order to possibly do testing on what is causing this (I've tried everything I can think of) I am purposely not resetting my computer (this is a touch screen, but this on-screen keyboard typing is obnoxious). Currently, both keyboard and touchpad don't work, but a usb mouse I use does (the computer is also set so that using the usb mouse does not disable the touchpad).

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Computer Won't Boot Properly And Not Allow To Use Connected Keyboard

Aug 18, 2015

I was browsing the internet, my computer suddenly began to freeze up and run extremely slow. After roughly 5 minutes of that, I was met with a black screen and really no other choice than to hold down the power button and force a shut down on the computer. Upon the computer booting back up, I see a Windows 10 logo and a small circular loading graphic that's spinning as if its loading. This happens for a few minutes until an error message appears "Unmountable_Boot_volume" and the PC automatically restarts itself.

On the second reboot, I see the same Windows 10 logo but instead of a loading bar, its just text indicating the computer will now try to automatically repair itself. This is when the computer takes me to the "Choose your keyboard layout" screen on what I assume to be the repair interface. The problem is that my keyboard/mouse are not recognized or working at this stage, so I'm unable to select an option and progress. I've read that there are some possibilities at a fix or way to get the keyboard to function through the use of the BIOS menu, however any attempts to press "Esc" on my keyboard or any of the other functions such as "F10" for a boot menu results in an instant freeze of my PC.

I'm running Windows 10 on an HP Pavilion P6000 series. I've already done my own research as to what could be causing this and have tried a few things such as manually resetting the CMOS, reseating pieces of hardware, only plugging in essential cords (Keyboard, Monitor, and Power cable). and disconnecting the power to the Motherboard and reconnecting it.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Specific Keyboard Keys Stopped Working After Installation

Aug 25, 2015

After installing windows 10 on my HP laptop PC, some keyboard keys have stopped working. The keys that don't work are: { 'escape' 'g' 'h' 'backspace' }. I am sure it is not a hardware problem because on occasion, all the keys that previously did not work, start working again. In fact, as I am typing this thread, my keys are working correctly. When they stop working, I try to uninstall or update the driver in device manager but that does not work. Keep in mind this started happening after installing Windows 10. I have not had this problem in Windows 8.1.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Mouse And Keyboard Stop Working After Long Period Of PC Being Shutdown

Jan 19, 2016

I just recently updated. I then created a boot disk and performed a clean install. I use a Razor Black Widow Ultimate keyboard and a Logitech G9x laser mouse. I can reboot, I can shut down and restart and everything seems to work fine. But, after leaving the pc off all night and start in the morning I have no mouse or keyboard. This has happened Saturday morning, Sunday morning and yet again today. Fortunately, I have Acronis backup of my install, so when this happens I just re-image the hard drive and start searching for solutions again.

I have the latest Logitech mouse drivers and running Razor Synapse for keyboard software.

The latest thing I have done is disable fast boot but have not had it shut down long enough to see if it fixes the issue.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Replaced Wired Keyboard With Bluetooth Keyboard - PC No Longer Sleeps?

Nov 21, 2015

I recently got rid of a cabled keyboard in favor of a smaller bluetooth keyboard (MS Mobile 6000). Everything is great except that now, I have a hard time putting my PC to sleep. In fact, it tends to wake up after 30 seconds or so. I'm pretty sure this is due to the BT keyboard.

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Speakers Not Working Properly

Oct 27, 2015

So I have a problem on my laptop that only some programs can use sound, such as, I'm playing a video on YouTube and on volume mixer it shows Google Chrome in my applications and it shows sound is coming from Google Chrome, but if I open a vlc video on the laptop, I can't hear anything from that and it doesn't show on my laptop. Yesterday I was playing a game, then I got a notification, then my sound stopped working. 
 Speakers 1.png   8.56KB.0 downloads All my applications that had sound was on this page, then next to Speakers/... there was an arrow pointing down, so I clicked on it and then I saw
 Speakers 2.png   17.03KB
  0 downloads and then all of the sounds that work was on this page.
All of my drivers are up to date and I didn't have any headphones plugged in when I took those screen shots and when I tried testing out the sounds. 

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Start Button Not Working Properly

Dec 14, 2015

All of a sudden my start button will not respond to the left click. Right click works normally. This seems to be the only problem in the task bar. Is there a win 10 repair disk available? I have just discovered that there are no restore points! What to do?

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Notification Icons Not Working Properly

Jan 21, 2016

When the popup notifications in Windows 10 show up, such as the auto-play ones when you put in a disk or a USB drive, they don't display the relevant icon, just the colored background box (see pic below). The autoplay itself is fully functional and works fine, it's just the icons. I'm not sure if the problem affects all apps or program that show icons on their notifications, but I'm assuming it does since, the app icons at the bottom of the "Settings -> System -> Notifications and Actions" screen were displayed the same way. I reset windows, and this seemed to fix the icons in that settings screen, but not the notification pop-up icons. In the case of autoplay notifications, it is not dependent on the disk, as it does the same for any disk or drive inserted or mounted.

Some of the things I've tried:

Restarting (obviously)

Creating new user (problem persisted)

Resetting the PC (deleted all files, without cleaning the drive. problem persisted)

I believe the support guy tried doing something with the registry, and he also tried updating my GPU drivers (which were already up to date)

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Why Isn't Windows Spotlight Working Properly

Nov 13, 2015

I have some problems with Windows Spotlight feature. Everytime I select this as my lock screen, it seems loading, but ends showing the Windows 10 default lock screen picture. I tried to restart, update, did a clean installation of this Windows build, but nothing solves it.

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Graphics Card Not Working Properly

Oct 23, 2015

I have an nvidia 860m graphics card (Lenovo Y50 Laptop with an i5 processor) and I cannot launch any games with it. I've uninstalled and re downloaded everything from the drivers to the games. My final conclusion is that something is wrong when my computer tries to use my graphics card, but I don't know how to fix it.

For when I launch Witcher 2, it says "Direct3D 9 device initialization error".For when I launch The Legend of Korra (game) it says "Error : Graphic::Startup() FAILED. No Graphic Memory".I looked at other threads, but I don't know how to reset a graphic card's BIOS.

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Browser/Email :: Browsers Not Working Properly

Oct 30, 2015

I upgraded a month or so ago and all was fine but the last few weeks most web sites fail. I know my network is ok as other computers are ok and from the problem host oing and ssh work just fine (ip address and hostname). Google seems to work ok, most of the time, but most sites from google time out. The same if I type the site in by hand. I have tried Chrome and Edge, I was unable to download firefox, the web site timed out. I have AVG antivirus suite installed, I have tried to disable all its componets to no avail.

I have a local web server XAMP running and I cannot reach it locally, but from another host on my net it works ok.

I am using WiFi, but so are all my hosts.

I tried wireshark but it was inconclusive, I never did see any traffic. Coming or going, but I know coming works as the server was working, so I must have been on wrong interface (I had clicked on wifi). Netstat was also inconclusive, I could see the connection to google and the web server but not the timed out connections. I'm at a loss as to what to try next?

I tried connecting with netcat but it timed out just like the browsers.

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Antivirus :: Couldn't Get EMET Working Properly

Mar 5, 2016

This is my second attempt at using Windows 10. I couldn't get EMET working properly on the first try, but I decided to give it a final shot before going back to Arch Linux.

So, my main problem: I can't enable DEP system-wide. EMET says that the BitLocker service must be suspended, I click "OK", then it just says "Error". Here's images that show the problem: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

I installed Avira Free with the intention to use it as my main scanner (HIPS, Sandbox, and Firewall will be handled by COMODO). However, it disabled Windows Defender and it complained to me. Could there be any problems about it? Microsoft says that they'll turn on WD if it's off for a while, so will Avira just keep it disabled? I tried opening EMET_Conf.exe with the option "--system --force dep=ApplicationOptOut", but it just doesn't respond, it does nothing.I also edited the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftEMETEnableUnsafeSettings registry KEY, with no avail.

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Performance :: System Restore Not Working Properly

Jan 5, 2016

Is it just me, or is System Restore in Win10 wonky? I have it turned on for both my C and D partitions. The other day I needed to go back to a restore point from 3 days before. The operation completed without issue, but then I found I wasn't able to reverse it.

In Win7 before restoring it would automatically create an "unrestore" point so the user would be able to undo the restore operation if they needed to. This isn't happening in Win10. Nor does the system automatically create a restore point before installing or uninstalling a program like Win7 did.

The "Restore Previous Versions" feature is also affected. When I right-click a file and choose "Restore previous versions", the Properties tab comes up instead of the Previous Versions tab. Clicking on the tab it always says there are no previous versions available, even though there should be since there are several restore points. The other day an important file got corrupted and I thought I could restore an earlier version like I always could under Win7 but the tab was empty.

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