How To Open Multiple Windows

Aug 24, 2015

Sometimes I like to have two web pages open at the same time. With windows 8 all I had to do was right click on the IE icon and the option to open another window was there, but that option isn't there in Windows 10.

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Customization :: Change Spacing For Stacking Multiple Folders / Windows That Are Open

Jan 6, 2016

I recently upgraded my win 8.1 pro to win 10 and I have an annoyance.

When I have many (read about 15) Firefox windows (NOT TABS) open they stack vertically (from taskbar). Like this picture is showing (only shows 3 of the windows.):

What I'm trying to do here is remove or lower the spacing between each window. To make the list tighter.

I've found the same true for multiple open folders/drives (explorer windows). It's how things are sorted when they can no longer be thumbnails.

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Multiple Selection -> Open With?

Nov 26, 2015

Let's say I want to multiple files at once with a specific app. I selected multiple files, and then right click. Where is the open with option? How can I fix this?

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Browser/Email :: How To Open Multiple Website

Sep 3, 2015

The Microsoft Edage has changed Internet Explorer to open multiple website. I am unable to right click the Edge to open another website but keep the current one. Can you tell how to open the multiple website in the Microsoft Edge?

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How To Open Multiple Excel Spreadsheets On Screen

Oct 4, 2015

I've just switched from Microsoft operating system (OS) 7 to the free OS10 upgrade on one of my computers, and a right click on the Excel icon does not open more than one of the files listed with the option "New.". All I want to do is to open multiple new files and then assign specific files for each of the new open spreadsheets on the screen ones that have no content. I typically have 10 or 20-files on the screen that I'm working with. I've done this for years using OS7. I also have another computer with OS8, and it's not a problem.

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Edge - How To Open Favorite Links In Multiple Tabs

Jul 31, 2015

In Google Chrome, I can right-click a favourites folder and open all links in separate tabs. Can't find a feature like this in Edge - am I missing it? or just not there yet?

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Apps :: How To Open Multiple Images In Same Instance Of Photo Viewer

Oct 7, 2015

In the previous versions of Windows it was possible to select multiple pictures in a folder and when I hit enter, it opened a single instance of Photo Viewer. Then I could go left or right and it only showed me the pictures I selected. In Windows 10 however, selecting multiple pictures and hitting enter opens up multiple instances of Photo Viewer.

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Can Use OEM Copy Of Windows 8.1 Multiple Times On Same PC?

Aug 22, 2015

Long story short, my hard drive is fried and I have to purchase a new hard drive. I understand that the OEM version is locked to one PC, but would I be able to use it on the same PC with a new hard drive?

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Can Use The Same Flashdrive And Install Windows On Multiple PCs

Sep 10, 2015

I bought windows 10. I was wondering if i can install that windows on multiple PCs? I know this was probably answered but i couldnt find it.

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Multiple User Login Screen Like Windows 7

Jul 26, 2015

I need that option back of Windows 7, where you would be offered with multiple user login screen. I am up for pretty long, so might not be making myself clear, so explaining more. I have two accounts (offline accounts), A and B, and when I turn on or Restart my desktop I want both the user account login option on the login screen, NOT the stupid way it does now, by straightly logging into the last accessed account.

I would like to do it without installing any additional software, if possible.

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Send To Multiple Recipients In Windows Mail

Oct 23, 2015

Is this possible? I believe it was in Windows 8. Does not seem to be in 10. Is there an add on app to do it?

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Windows Install Corrupts Multiple Times?

Jan 13, 2016

I have an SSD for boot and League of Legends(OCZ VERTEX 4) and an 2TB HDD that I store everything else on. I have had Windows 10 since the officla release and have had zero issues, then one day I had a memory leak with some program so I figured that a quick reset sould fix the issue (full reinstall). After the reinstall it did not update correctly and corrupted the files essentially forcing a complete wipe, which means I had to reinstall my old Windows 8.1 install and then redownload Windows 10 again, which I did. The computer would work for 24 hours then some error would occur, I have seen every error from updates breaking to the boot files corrupting over the past 2 weeks.

I have wiped/fresh installed on the drive at least 10 times in the past 2 weeks. This past week I was able to get a Windows 7 disk to install and update without a hitch and it worked up until tonight when it failed just like my Windows 10 installs. My question here is, is it my SSD that is failing (it is 2 years old) or is it my motherboard/SATA ports failing? I have tried multiple different ports but it does not make a difference. I would like some opinions before i drop a buncho money on a new SSD if that is the issue. I have never had so many Windows failures before.

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Networking :: How To Block Multiple EXE Files Windows Firewall

Mar 5, 2016

I want to block a certain application from any access to the internet, either inbound or outbound, so it will never attempt to upgrade. I went in the Advanced Settings in Windows Firewall but I can only block one-by-one the executable files (EXE) and this application has at least 30. Is there any way to block all EXE files in a specific folder at once?

I want to block all executables from accessing or receiving data from the internet, which is a totally different thing.

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Sometime Cursor Arbitrarily Goes To START Button And Opens Multiple Windows

Aug 3, 2015

I installed W10 over Win7 Ultimate a few days ago. There are many 'quirks', most just take getting familiar with the new OS, one though, is more than just a 'quirk', and is just getting out of hand.

Whether using an offline app or online website, the cursor arbitrarily goes to the START button and opens that annoying multi-window. It happens at random, sometimes I can actually stay where I am for a full five minutes before the cursor takes off again. Similarly, while browsing, it will open a window (usually an ad of some sort or a site selling something), without prompting. I am sure this has something to do with 'FREE' W10, but surely there is a setting to disable this annoying quirk. This cursor thing has to be fixed soon as it will be a deal-breaker with W10.

Also, on some websites, I cannot write text into forms, or on some forums the same (not this one, fortunately) I have to open Notepad, write my text and copy and paste it into where it needs to go. Tried browser cache clearing, to no avail.

One last item, the task bar is not accessible when a browser is open. This occurs with Chrome (default) Edge and MSIE. I have to minimize the browser to access the task bar.

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Resetting Windows To Factory Specs Affect Multiple Drives?

Jan 3, 2016

My Windows' acting up, tried every trick in the book to fix it and no dice, so I'm taking the easy yet bothersome route of reinstalling everything. Again.

But Windows 10 has a "Reset this PC" option under Settings > Update & Security > Recovery (screen cap for clarity) which in practical effects, it's what I need, but faster and less bothersome.

Problem is, I have more than one (physical) hard drive on my system, and I don't know if Windows will restrain itself to formatting the system drive or if it'll format all drives present.

And I'd rather ask a relatively dumb question than risk losing all my backed up data XP.

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Major Computer Malfunction / Multiple Errors / Constant Windows Freezing

Feb 9, 2016

I recently built a computer about two weeks ago. Everything had been great up until today. These are the following error messages that occur about 10 seconds after seeing the windows 10 desktop and all the way until the starting of windows.

Bad pool caller
Bad pool header
System service header
Dpc watchdog violation
Kmode exception... (I couldn't get the rest)

I have about 10 seconds of desktop before a error message or a freeze. I've tried safe mode and it locks up, ive tried trying to repair windows from the boot disk and it loads forever or locks up. Maybe the two week old hardrive has failed?

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Updates :: Windows Update Multiple Install Errors / Failure (error 0x80070643)

Sep 6, 2015

I have upgraded to windows 10 for a few weeks now and over the last couple of days it has stopped installing any windows updates, the error code that pops up is (error 0x80070643)

It's also stopping me from installing some other programs but not all.

I have tried restarting the computer, Nothing I've tried restarting wuauserv service, Nothing I've tried the troubleshooter for windows update, it says problems were found and they were fixed. I have also cleared the cache for update downloads from the following folder: C:WindowsSoftwareDistributionDownload

In the Windows update page it seems to take forever to install the updates and then throws out the following:

There were problems installing some updates, but we'll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information:

Security Update for Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 4.0 (KB2993928) - Error 0x80070643
Security Update for Microsoft Silverlight (KB3080333) - Error 0x80070643
Security Update for SQL Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 2 (KB3045313) - Error 0x80070643
Update for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime (KB3001652) - Error 0x80070643

Note: this is after clearing the cache in the above folder location.

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Windows Menus Don't Open

Aug 1, 2015

Not sure where to post this, but none of the menu options open. The New Notification panel on the bottom right hand side doesn't open, and neither does the start menu in the bottom left hand side.

I am on an acer aspire laptop, and the brightness setting doesn't adjust anymore either.

I'm playing with the other icons in the bottom left hand corner, and none of them open up or do anything. Wireless icon, sound icon, one drive icon, or the notification icon. Searching the web and windows/Cortana does not do anything either. It doesn't even allow me to type anything.

I have tried restarting (which had to be done through the windows key + x shortcut) and shutting down/waiting/starting up again and neither have worked.

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Empty Open Windows On Start Up

Dec 28, 2015

Whenever I login to my Lenovo laptop (which goes straight to desktop) I always have 5 open windows - this can be seen by alt-tab'ing.

Two of these (spotify and skype) are clickable, the other three are not named and do not have an icon or thumbnail that you can click on. The only option is to get rid of these 3 windows (by clicking the big X at the top right hand side of each window). If you choose not to close them, they will remain there whenever you switch (alt tab) between windows.

-How can I find out what these windows are?
-How can I ensure that they are no longer they when I reboot by machine?

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How To Open Fullscreen Windows By Default

Dec 18, 2015

When I open the window or application, it often starts in small windows.

Is there any option in Wndows 10 to make system remember that I prefer fullscreen windows from the start?

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Apps :: Windows Store Won't Open

Sep 11, 2015

I cant seem to get my Windows store to open. My install is about a day old, and was a clean install. When I click the store icon I get a brief view of it loading and then it disappears.

I've tried going to my app data and deleting the windows store files.

I've gone into command prompt and tried resetting the store and it doesn't work.

Tried WSReset.exe and the store pop up and disappear again.

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Some Windows Open And Are Too Small To Read?

Sep 28, 2015

I have a new Dell Inspiron 15 series 7000 which can with Windows 10. I am still learning my way around 10 and I'm no computer wiz. Some windows which open are very tiny. I am not referring to the size of the icons and text as it appears in some windows. Most windows are fine but a few are hardly legible. This is not browser specific, as one of the places I encounter it is when I do a Remote Desktop Connection. I have tried changing all of the display settings I can find but these adjust things across the board and once I get the small stuff large enough to see, much of what I do becomes way too large to fit on the monitor and is a real pain.

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Solitaire And Windows Store Will Not Open

Jan 2, 2016

After the last major update to windows 10, Microsoft solitaire collection and windows 10 store will not open. When I click on either one I get a flash screen and then it disappears (both).

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How To Downgrade To Windows 7 If Can't Open Settings

Sep 9, 2015

I upgraded to Windows 10 earlier this week and I've had nothing but problems with it, namely that all of the new apps (Mail, Calendar, Microsoft Edge, etc) and a few of my 3rd party programs (namely iTunes) won't open. When I click on them from the taskbar, the Start menu, or Cortana, either nothing at all happens or I get a box that says "Explorer.exe: Element not found" or "RuntimeBroker.exe: Element not found."

After a long time on the phone with Microsoft support, we realized that my computer (Lenovo Ideapad Y580) wasn't yet compatible with Windows 10 because Lenovo hadn't developed the drivers for it yet. They said I should revert to Windows 7 until they create them. Here's the problem though: One of the apps that won't open for me is Settings, which means I can't get to the Recovery page to downgrade back to Windows 7.

Is there some way to downgrade without using Settings? 

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Force To Remember Where To Open Windows?

Dec 12, 2015

I upgraded to Win 10 few weeks ago and I have a small issue with it.I can't make Win 10 open windows where i want them to open.

Previously with Win 7 I had the Explorer open on the right side of the screen, taking about half of the screen. My browser would open on the left side taking up the rest of the screen. It was very easy to set up. I just resized it to what I wanted, placed it where I wanted and closed it down. After reopening it would open in the same place, same size.

I tried the same with Win 10 and it doesn't work... Every time I reboot and open my browser and Explorer I have to readjust them. I know that's a very minor thing, but it bothers me every time I turn my PC on. how I can force Win 10 to remember where to open windows?

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How To Get Windows Live Mail To Open

Mar 20, 2016

Just yesterday, my WLM decided NOT to open. Don't know what happened, but super annoying.

I upgraded to Windows 10 about 6 months ago, and it was working fine. I'm using a PC that is about 7 years old, but kept clean and updated regularly.

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