Resetting Windows To Factory Specs Affect Multiple Drives?

Jan 3, 2016

My Windows' acting up, tried every trick in the book to fix it and no dice, so I'm taking the easy yet bothersome route of reinstalling everything. Again.

But Windows 10 has a "Reset this PC" option under Settings > Update & Security > Recovery (screen cap for clarity) which in practical effects, it's what I need, but faster and less bothersome.

Problem is, I have more than one (physical) hard drive on my system, and I don't know if Windows will restrain itself to formatting the system drive or if it'll format all drives present.

And I'd rather ask a relatively dumb question than risk losing all my backed up data XP.

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Performance :: How To Set Factory Resetting PC

Nov 28, 2015

Alright so i've had this laptop for a few years and have had adjustments to it. I bought it windows 8 and have constantly been updating it - to 8.1 and 10. I feel like I need to just reset it to factory settings. I am wondering if it would reset to windows 10 or back to 8. If it goes back to 8 is it possible for me to get the free upgrade again.

Secondly - Is there a way to partition my harddrive so that i can keep some important files on it that i need to transfer after the factory reset without anything on the partition being cleared.

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Mouse Lag And Stutter After Factory Resetting

Aug 14, 2015

After I did a factory reset of my Windows 10. I noticed that my mouse sometimes lags and stutters. Also when i play a first person shooter then when the lag occurs then I see my mouse pointer in the middle and its really annoying. I tried to get latest NVidia drivers but still no change. When I was in Windows 8.1 then everything was fine.

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Installation :: Factory Resetting Laptop After Installing

Jun 28, 2015

My Samsung Activ9 came with windows 8 preinstalled, to upgrade it to 8.1 I had to manually install every windows update by hand and some had to be installed before the others, so hundreds of individual updates had to be done which took me all day.

I upgraded to windows 8.1 eventually and thought 'excellent, no more manually installing updates as recovering my system would mean starting with a fresh copy of windows 8.1 right? Nope, i few months ago I had need to recover my notebook to factory defaults and when it was finished it booted into.. yep, windows 8, so again I had to do the individual update thingy.

Will this upgrade to windows 10 mean that should the worst happen and I need to factory reset again, that windows 10 will be the default OS?

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Will Upgrading CPU Affect Free Windows Upgrade

Sep 2, 2015

I have an AMD FX-8300, I found a FX-4350 (4.2gh  ) I just want to get it to speed up a bit.

Now before all the AMD haters come running!! I'm going to switch to intel in the future, I'm just waiting for more 6th get stuff to come out and just saving money and so I just want some extra performance for the time. (plus its cheap)

Would I need to buy an actual copy of windows 10 or will my free upgrade still be on my pc?

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Factory Reset Spawns Multiple Administrator Accounts

Dec 15, 2015

Since I refreshed (factory restored) my win10 home laptop, it wants to creates admin accounts all by itself.

This happens every 2 or 3 reboots, and the admin accounts appear at the logon screen.

Before the refresh it booted to my log on. Now it boots to a list of accounts. First the inbuilt admin account appeared, which I tried to get rid of by the tutorial (net user administrator /active:no in elevated cmd).

Sure enough after a couple of reboots it was back again. I tried leaving it and after a couple of bootups, another admin account appeared, this time with a user name and password (the inbuilt admin account didn't have a username, just password).

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Installation :: How To Install On Multiple Hard Drives

May 12, 2015

I am wondering what the best way is to install windows 10 on multiple harddrives, so that the OS is my SSD, the programs are on a HDD, and the user files are on another HDD. Any way to do this and it has worked successfully could you say that the windows 7 method works.

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Add Multiple Target Drives To File History

Mar 7, 2016

I'm using File History to backup my files to a external drive. This works fine. However, I would like to save a backup copy of my data on 2 different drives. I can't seem to be able to find a way to add more than 1 target backup drive in the settings.Is it at all possible to add multiple target drives to File History?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Multiple Hard Drives Not Auto Detected?

Dec 5, 2015

I have multiple hard drives on my machine with a power switch between the PSU and drive itself. None of these drives are boot drives except the drive that holds the OS. Yet, W10 will not see any of these drives just by turning on the power switch. I have to switch on the HDD, and then go through the whole startup process to get W10 to see it. External USB drives are seen straight away. I don't understand why this is as I can see no difference between this system, and switching on external eSATA drives on my old W7 machine which always worked OK ?

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How To Find Out System Specs

Dec 5, 2015

I'd like to know how to find out my system specs so I can have them to put in the 'My System Specs' menu

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How / Where To Verify System Specs

Aug 1, 2015

I am going to update an older PC but I'm getting windows error saying the video card is not compatible (ie. Nvidia has not updated the GS 7 series drivers for Win 10)

I have searched both Asus (motherboard) and Nvidia web sites for some kind of compatibility chart or listing but can find nothing ?

When I buy a new card and/or do I know if it's going to be comparable with 10. Sites like Egghead Software have no info whatever on Win 10 compatibility of offered video cards/MB's compatible with Win 10...etc ??

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What Kind Of Hardware Upgrade Will Affect Activation

Aug 3, 2015

I want to upgrade ram and gpu of my pc.

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Installation :: Can Factory Reset To Windows 7 After Upgrading

Oct 20, 2015

Question on behalf of a friend, he has a Fujitsu AH530 which had Windows 7 OEM installed and he upgraded to Windows 10 Insider Preview and then to Windows 10 from Microsoft Standalone Package, but he now wants to go back to Windows 7, he has used Windows 10 for longer than 30 days so he cannot reset it back from within Windows 10. Can he recover to factory settings using the Recovery Partition or will he need to purchase Recovery Disk from Fujitsu?

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Cannot Boot Windows After Interrupted Factory Reset

Mar 2, 2016

So yesterday I tried to factory reset my MSI gt70 dominator. After it got stuck at 2% and left it overnight to come back the day after to see it was still stuck at 2%, I decided to manually turn off the computer. Now I don't seem to be able to do anything exept go in UEFI. From there it seems I could try to reset again but it doesn't work, saying "unable to reset your pc. A required drive partition is missing".My laptop came with 8.1 already installed, so I don't have any windows cd.

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Windows Doesn't Load - Computer Keeps Resetting

Dec 4, 2015

I've been running Windows 10 since it was released and nothing really has come up as a problem until last night, I was playing a game on the pc and I got some red dots everywhere, I figured nvidia crashed and thought nothing of it until my entire pc reset now I see a series of white dots on bios loadup and windows loads and just before it gets to the login, my computer resets. When it tries to get into repair mode I don't have any keyboard or mouse input, this is a build I made so I don't have any fancy oem recovery options ( and I was too dumb to make a backup disk).

My build has an nvidia gtx590 , and phenom II black edition, Asus mobo. I haven't d.l or installed any new hardware or software recently.

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Installation :: Windows Keeps Resetting After Disabled Prefetch

Aug 13, 2015

I disabled prefetch on my pc because it was giving me 100%disk whenever i did anything.....but when i went to reset the pc(the instructions told me to) the pc began to do a disk scan and repair when it was didnt do anything so i trid to do a reset/system restore cant do either of them ahd now the system is on a reboot buying a new hard drive anr a new copy of windows fix this issue?

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Windows Won't Boot Up - Factory Reset Came Up With File Missing

Oct 18, 2015

I have a 3 month old toshiba laptop it crashed last night and now won't boot up a factory reset has taken 7 hrs and came up with file missing il attach pic now it just stuck on toshiba screen spinning no I won't upload says pic is too big

System32/msasn1.dll was supposedly missing at 92% during factory reset 

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Windows Factory Setting Failed - Computer At 2% Turned Off

Sep 7, 2015

I had a lot of files so I decided to reset to factory settings. Computer at 2% turned off, so I tryed to turn it on again,but windows refused to start, it turned off after the manufacturer's logo showed, so I decided to download windows 10 installer [URL] ..... and put it into my USB. I tryed to reinstall windows through usb port, but it needs to turn on the windows that can not be launched (possibly due to incomplete reset to factory settings that might have deleted important windows files). How can I re-install windows 10 without needing to access windows? 

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Possible To Factory Reset A Computer And Have It Reinstall Windows Onto A Different Hard Drive?

Feb 20, 2016

So i have 2 hard drives, one new and one beginning to die on me. I have windows on the dying hard drive, and do not have the original disks or product key. I tried using DriveImage XML to copy everything onto the new drive, but for some reason when it boots it says "Hard disk failure" when i have the just the new hard drive in there (i am 100% sure it is plugged in properly). I really dont have the money to buy a new windows disk, and so i was wondering if it would work if i were to factory reset my computer and have windows 10 reinstall on my new hard drive, or is there an easier way?

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Windows Media Creation Tool As Factory Reset With / Without Drivers?

Dec 25, 2015

I have Windows 10 and I want to factory reset (delete all my files too, FRESH install of windows).

I have a custom build computer, so I do not have a traditional factory reset button in my settings.

I don't have a backup, I forgot to make one however I will make one later!

Specs : [URL]

If I use the Media Creation Tool to do a factory reset (delete all my files), I will get Windows 10 again as a fresh copy, right?

If so does it copy all the drivers or do I have to download and install them again? Or does it do all the work for me and install the latest drivers by itself?

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Installation :: Operating System Wasn't Found After Resetting Windows Failed

Aug 17, 2015

I have recently upgrade to Win 10 from windows 7 and it was running fine until it started booting with the analyzing and repairing windows screen. I had tried to get out of it by windows repair and by system restore but there were no points to restore too. I ended up trying the windows reset which failed when I selected to leave my files so then I tried the reset including removing my files. It failed part way through saying it could not complete the action and now when I boot up every time I get "An operating system wasn't found" etc. I do not have a windows CD or know my windows registration number.

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Installation :: Windows Boot And Windows On Different Drives

Feb 10, 2016

Before installing Windows 10 I clean reinstalled my Windows 7 onto a new SSD but inadvertently left my BIOS boot drive as my old HDD. Now I find that I have my windows 10 boot files in the HDD and the rest of the OS on the SSD, so I am still dependant on that old HDD. It's quite old, and I tried to swap it out to a new HDD but found this issue.

I've tried BootRec /RebuildBcd, BootRec /FixMbr and BootRec /FixBoot, rebooting the PC between each, but without success. I want to make the SSD bootable, what have I missed?

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How To Open Multiple Windows

Aug 24, 2015

Sometimes I like to have two web pages open at the same time. With windows 8 all I had to do was right click on the IE icon and the option to open another window was there, but that option isn't there in Windows 10.

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Can Use OEM Copy Of Windows 8.1 Multiple Times On Same PC?

Aug 22, 2015

Long story short, my hard drive is fried and I have to purchase a new hard drive. I understand that the OEM version is locked to one PC, but would I be able to use it on the same PC with a new hard drive?

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Can Use The Same Flashdrive And Install Windows On Multiple PCs

Sep 10, 2015

I bought windows 10. I was wondering if i can install that windows on multiple PCs? I know this was probably answered but i couldnt find it.

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Hard Drives Missing In Windows

Oct 4, 2015

I recently have noticed that windows 7 and I just upgraded to windows 10 via the free upgrade, will not show all my hard drives ? On start up they show for a few seconds then go away. Both are WD. One is 500 gb, and the other is a new 1TB. I am not sure when this started but noticed it just recently when I tried to access my pictures on the 500gb drive. I have tried just about everything here with no luck. The 500gb drive does have a windows vista OS on it but the 1 TB is just for back ups etc. All was fine some time ago but now, all I see is my SSD with my OS and an external drive. Also the Hard Drives do show up in Bios. I might have found a reason this happens. Most likely on a windows and / or driver update. On my system the drivers for these missing Hard Drives you can see them in device manager by selecting view / show hidden devices.

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