How To Put A File In Root Directory Of USB Jump Drive

Nov 13, 2015

I have 2013 ford escape with Ford Touch when Ford sends me an update the car wants it in the root directory. I'm running widows 10...

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File Explorer Jump List (on Taskbar)?

Jul 29, 2015

Jump List pinned shortcuts working fine on Notepad, Excel & Word, but pinned jump list shortcuts for File Explorer do not work. I click on them and nothing happens. I've tried removing them and re-pinning, but the only shortcut that works is the file explorer one. Is this a known bug or just on my Windows 10 install?

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Jump List Items Not Opening In File Explorer

Aug 12, 2015

Where you open your jump list in File Explorer and then click on something like your Videos or Downloads Folder to have the jump list close like normal, but then nothing open? I also noticed that when I right click on the start button, I can't get any of the options on the menu to launch either.

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Apps :: Unable To Copy File From Excel Jump List

Aug 11, 2015

With Win7 I used to be able to copy a recent or pinned file from any MS Office jump list by right clicking and selecting Copy from the context menu.

For Win 10 the menu is still there but when you r/c the file it doesn't appear to be in focus and consequently nothing is saved to the clipboard.This is certainly the case for Excel and Word , I expect it's the same for all Office apps.Can't find anything applicable in the usual places?

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Window Old Directory In C Drive

Oct 24, 2015

After upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 using the free upgrade program from MS, the old windows 7 installation has been moved a folder call Windows.old. I am not sure if this is for reverting back to Windows 7 in case Windows 10 installation fails or for some other reason.

However, this is folder is hogging a very large disk space ( around 36 GB) on my C: drive. Is there anyway we can remove this without affecting the current Windows 10 installation? Or it needs to be there to refer to some old data?

Note: After upgrade my Windows 10 installation was not very stable, hence I have done a clean installation of Windows 10 on my system.

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Customization :: Change Order Of Items In File Explorer Jump List

Feb 11, 2016

In versions prior to 10 one could drag and drop items in jump list. In Windows 10 it's different (but certainly not better. Why do they mess with this stuff????)

In Windows 10, if you open File Explorer, you can drag and drop the pinned folders under the Quick Access header on the left. When you right click File Explorer icon pinned to taskbar, the items will be in the same order as established in the Quick Access heading in File Explorer. 

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Accounts :: File Directory Location Where PIN Is Saved?

Dec 12, 2015

I just finished setting up my wife's new laptop and then totally spaced the PIN that I used to setup her laptop. She is running Windows 10 Home edition. I am still logged on so I have access to Windows but I can't use the PIN reset function and I didn't get a chance to setup her Microsoft Account info, so I can't use that feature either.

I am looking for a file directory location where the PIN is saved. It has to be saved in an XML file or something like that.

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The File Or Directory Is Corrupted And Unreadable - Seagate Backup

Aug 15, 2015

I just moved from 64 bit Windows 7 to 10 so I backed everything on my 4TB Seagate Backup Plus external drive. I also have Carbonite so all is not lost if it comes to that. I made a base Image using Macrium Reflect that I still would like to get back though.

Anyway the drive was working fine until I remotely (from my chair downstairs) was doing things on my PC. I occasionally take over my computer remotely if I'm watching tv and remember I need to do something. So I was in the process of moving files from the Backup Plus to Windows 10 that's when the drive locked up. I went upstairs and got on my computer and found out Windows 10 was now not recognizing the Backup Plus. Rebooting didn't work so I shut the drive off overnight and plugged it back in today but now get "The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable".

Disk Management shows ok and I ran Seagate's SeaTools for Windows in "Short Drive Self Test" mode and it also shows 'Pass".

I tried Recuva and a scan showed a lot of files but I'm not exactly sure how to use this... I set option to scan for undeleted files. I then made a folder on my C drive desktop to dump everything but then it says "These file names are too long to be recovered to the selected destination (634). Do you want to change the destination folder." Anyway so where is it wanting me to put everything?

What are the steps (and software) I should be doing to (1) recover my files and (2) what I need to do to use the Backup Plus drive again.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Corrupted Directory On External USB Drive?

Nov 17, 2015

I noticed I have a corrupted directory on my external drive and whenever I use FreeFileSync to backup my data, it flags it:

How to delete this unwanted directory? Every time I try to delete it, I get this:

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Installation :: User Information Location - Move Entire Directory From C To D Drive

Jan 6, 2016

Is it possible to move the entire "Users" directory from C drive to D drive and have it be recognized without doing anything special?

I do a system image of my C drive regularly but my D drive is continuously backed up to a local NAS and I would like my user information backed up the same way.

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Customization :: Explorer Pane Shows Desktop As Root / Instead Of This PC

Jan 26, 2016

all I have is 'desktop'. Everything else is under that. But all the pics I've seen of windows 10 show 'this PC' as the top level link. I would much prefer that. "desktop' ends up being twice in the tree, and removable media twice as well. Well, actually desktop is right inside my user folder too!

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Files With Curly Brackets In Windows Root Folder

Dec 29, 2015

I have about 100 files that start with the { character and end with the } character. Inside these two characters are a series of numbers and letters. The file sizes vary from 2-3K. Some of the earliest files are from 2012 and were from prior Windows operating systems.

This is typical of the file name.


I would like to delete these files to clean up my root folder. Why these files were created? Can they safety be deleted?

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Root Certificate Browser Error (started To Appear Randomly)

Dec 17, 2015

I'm having a bit of trouble with my Lenovo x220 laptop.

At first I had installed the RTM 10240 version and then updated it to Build 10586. Once I updated I noticed the computer started to behave erratic random freezes at boot up, forcing me to hold the power key down to turn off and reset, would do this a couple of times until it would boot.

Finally I couldn't figure out the problem so on DEC 9, I said "f-it" and formatted the machine with clean build of 10586 using the Microsoft official tool and media creation. Everything seemed to be working fine, drivers and files downloaded and installed automatically. Installed all my programs and customized it the way I like it. Everything seemed to be running fine, last time I used the machine was DEC 13th.

No new programs or software has been installed since that time. At the time I last used it I was just surfing the web and using firefox, and watching youtube. No games, no installs, no new programs, nothing. I double checked program manager, and last time any programs were installed was on DEC 9, but like I said it was working fine since. Today when I booted, Windows installed updates and now on every reset I am getting this particular error on boot,

An attempt to add the root certificate to all known browsers on your computer failed.

I did already run an /sfc scannow as admin command prompt and everything came back A-OK ....

This is the 2nd time W10 has gone flaky on me on this machine. I'm trying to give this OS a "chance" and work my way through it, but common this is the 2nd error already since using W10 on this laptop that it's going screwy. I am keeping all programs to a minimum on here in case I have any compatibility issues.

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Can't Save To C Root - Required Privilege Is Not Held By Client

Aug 9, 2015

Get error message when I try to save a document or picture on c: 'A required privilege is not held by client.' Is there a way to fix this?

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Customization :: How To Adjust Jump Lists

Jul 23, 2015

How to adjust jump lists in Win10 enterprise? In Win8.1 task bar property page would allow me to change the jump list length, but it is missing in Win10 enterprise.

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Taskbar Program Jump List Disappears

Dec 3, 2015

I'm running the latest version of Windows 10 Pro and I have somewhat of a quirky problem. My taskbar is at the bottom

of the screen but I have it expanded to 2 rows, e.g. twice as "thick" vertically as the default. When I right-click on any pinned icons on the bottom row and move the mouse up vertically to access the jump list of that particular program, the jump list

disappears. It seems to be a focus problem of sorts as if I resize the taskbar back to the default, the issue doesn't happen.

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Increase Number Of Items In Jump Lists

Jul 8, 2015

Any way to increase the amount of items can be stuffed into a taskbar jumplist. My reason is, I've used the jumplist feature in Windows 7 for Steam to give quicker access to some of the options you can only access by right-clicking the tray icon (i.e., set friends status to online/away/offline, open settings, server browser, screenshots, etc.) using these settings:

In Windows 7 all of these options were displayed in the jump list with the last launched game at the top, in Windows 8/8.1 it seemed that they lowered the number of jumplist items by 1, as I no longer had the most recent game at the top, in Windows 10 Tech Preview, it was the same as Windows 8 until a recent build which redecorated all of the jumplists.

Now I'm left with these options:

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Customization :: Possible To Create Custom Taskbar Jump Lists?

Jul 26, 2015

My taskbar is filling up pretty quickly and I wanted to know if there is a way (if possible without 3rd party apps) to create custom jump lists for the taskbar in the latest version of Windows 10. Here's a crude Paint job of what I had in mind....

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Duplicated Icons In Taskbar - Broken Jump Lists

Aug 6, 2015

I've been recently having a problem with duplicated items in taskbar and broken Jump Lists. I'm now using Windows 10 but this problem occurred in Windows 8.1 too but then it somehow fixed itself. Some programs that I pin to taskbar have a tendency to duplicate themselves when clicked on. For now, I've noticed this behaviour only in Skype and Spotify but it's still very annoying since duplicate icons take valuable taskbar space and even more - make Jump Lists of those programs broken, meaning that you can still see tasks program developers provided but after you click them nothing happens.

I've tried loads of times pinning, repinning, deleting whole User Pinned folder from %appdata%/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Quick Launch, clearing Jump List folders manually and automatically with Command Prompt commands as suggested here with no luck. The only thing I did achieve was when I pinned Skype to taskbar in my other user account, then copied the newly created shortcut from Use Pinned folder to my User Pinned folder - this made Skype Jump Lists working but duplicate icon in taskbar remained.

I've recently found a tutorial which may force taskbar to use only one icon per app but I can't check this right now as 7+ Taskbar Tweaker isn't yet officially available for Windows 10 users.

I don't know if this is related but I can't pin any Control Panel item to Quick Access whilst I can pin folders. Interesting side of this is that pinned Control Panel items appear in File Explorer's Jump List but after clicked I get a message that item is unavailable and that it might have been moved, renamed or removed.

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Jump Lists Do Not Show On Taskbar But Do On Start Button

Aug 2, 2015

I want jump lists on both taskbar and Start button, they are only showing on Start button. I have checked the registry key that controls this attribute and the value is "1" so both should show. The "Show recently opened items... " switch in Settings is set to ON. Something is supressing the jump lists on my Taskbar icons. I do get live thumbnails on the icons but that is all. Right clicking does nothing.

Windows 10 Pro is an upgrade install and did not clean install afterwards. In my opinion not needed. I have run SFC /scannow and got a clean report.

CORRECTION: The Start button is showing the context menu on right click, not the jump list, unless that IS the jump list.

Is the registry key value 1 to show the jump lists?

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Recently Opened Items Not Appearing In Jump Lists

Feb 10, 2016

The recently-opened items are not appearing in start menu jump lists despite the correct setting (see sceenshot).

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Apps :: Jump Lists Not Working For Word Or Excel 2016

Feb 23, 2016

So jump lists via my taskbar and windows 10, I'm not having much joy. I've just got a new desktop (Jan 2016) with windows 10 pre-loaded and I installed office 2010 - jump lists didn't work - so I thought I'll uninstall and install office 2016 64bit - jump lists still don't work....

But they work for IE and notepad and file explorer but not for firefox or photoshop elements. I've tried deleting the files from:


And rebooting but to no avail. I really need jump lists working for Excel & Word.

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Apps :: Recent Folders In Explorer Jump List Are Not Updating

Aug 9, 2015

I am using Win 10 x64 Pro, clean installation.

1. Recent folders in explorer jump list are not updating. They seem to be random folders from my second HDD and clicking on them says the folder has been moved (which is not true) and it offers to delete the shortcut. Deleting also does nothing, item still remains. Disabling recent folder in settings > personalization > start also has no effect

2. If I tick 'show recently used files in quick access' in folder options it also has no effect. When I open folder options after this it is unticked again.

3. I can't pin anything to quick access, I get 'parameter is incorrect' error.

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Surface 3 - Store Downloads Really Slow / Sporadically Jump To 60k Or So For A Few Seconds

Sep 17, 2015

I can't tell if it is my Surface 3 but the store seems to be running really slow for me. Store downloads are sitting idle and will sporadically jump to 60k or so for a few seconds.

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E The Directory Name Is Invalid

Sep 6, 2015

I am running Windows 10. I had a USB stick in the computer. After an update-restart, I ejected the USB drive, and now my computer is slow after idling and there was a nagging message that asserts itself. First it was something about what do you want me with removable drive E.

I finally clicked on that message, now i get the message "E: the directory name is invalid" Now that pops up before I do any clicking on anything.

I'm not sure if I inadvertantly indexed the E drive, or if its just that the E drive must be there.

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File Explorer Shows Usb Drive Twice

Oct 7, 2015

i have an annoying problem. when i plug a usb drive, the file explorer shows the same drive with the same drive letter twice. it's no big deal but annoying like i said..

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