Network Adapters Not Working On Surface Pro After Upgrading

Jul 29, 2015

I upgraded my Surface Pro to Windows 10 and after I did wifi stopped working. Went to Control Panel to check the adapters and none were listed. Checked device manager and saw that the Marvell adpater was working properly. So I tried a usb wifi adpater I have and had the same problem. Had to roll back to 8.1

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Drivers :: No Network Adapters Working

Aug 7, 2015

When I upgraded to Windows 10 I could not access the internet. I tried downloading and installing the latest drivers for my Killer e2205, but that didn't work. I've tried using spare USB WiFi adapters, but that didn't work. I even tried using a PCIe Ethernet adapter, but that didn't work. I've been without internet access on my main PC for 4 days now. How do I get my nic to work again? I've uploaded an album of my environment. I don't think I've had a problem that's seemed this unfixable before.

[URL] ...

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Can't Right-click On Network Adapters Nor Get Into Properties Since Latest Build

Jul 10, 2015

Ever since upgrading to the latest build, I have been unable to bridge/ unbridge my connection, nor get into Properties for any selected network adapters. What happens is if right-click on the adapter the task bar goes blank for a brief bit, refreshes, then the control panel/ network and sharing window closes.

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Internet Adapters Not Working After Update

Aug 19, 2015

Updated my computer from windows 7 a day ago to windows 10 and ever since I have not been able to get any internet. I have tried updating all of my drivers by using a USB stick but it made no difference and when I troubleshoot the problem it says "there might be a problem with the driver for the Ethernet adapter"

I had upgraded to Windows 10 before and had the same problem, but i downloaded the drivers for my motherboard and it fixed the problem, but later after that my windows didn't activate and windows support told me to take it back to Windows 7. I then had to uninstall my Ethernet drivers and reinstall the drivers and that fixed it but then I upgraded back to windows 10 and here ...

My specs :
- MSI Z97 GAMING 5 motherboard
- Intel i7 4550 possessor
- 16gb of ram
- Gigabyte GTX 970

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How To Revert Back To 8.1 After Upgrading Surface Pro

Dec 23, 2015

After upgrading my Surface Pro from W8.1 to W10, I have discovered the hard way that Windows 10, even in tablet mode, is not touch-centric. (I also think that the W10 UI is much more cluttered by comparison, but I realize that that is a matter of taste.)

How can I revert my Surface Pro from W10 back to W8.1?

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Windows Did Not Detect Any Networking Hardware After Upgrading Surface Pro

Jul 29, 2015

After upgrading my surface PRO to windows 10 today it doesn't seem to be able to connect to the network. Going in to setup a connection windows displays the error "windows did not detect any networking hardware". I enabled, disabled, re-enabled, and re-installed the network adapter but it didn't seem to work.

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Syncing Network Time - Surface Pro 3 Keeps Dropping 15 Minutes

Aug 4, 2015

My Surface Pro 3 keeps dropping 15 minutes and getting behind. So far I've caught it twice, and both times it was just about 15 minutes behind. I'm trying to find the settings to sync with an NIST time server, but can't seem to find it. Is it gone?

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Apps :: Start Menu And Taskbar Not Working - Surface Pro 4

Dec 25, 2015

I just got a Surface Pro 4. I was having no issues, until out of the blue, the taskbar and start menu on it stopped working, and now it's an empty, glitched taskbar

I tried to restart the explorer process (which made it worse), restart the machine several times, and nothing has worked.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Pinch And Zoom On Surface Pro 4 Not Working

Mar 5, 2016

our boss here has a Surface Pro 4 and mentioned his Pinch and Zoom on the touch screen isn't working any longer. He used to be able to open an Outlook message and he could pinch and zoom successfully using the touch screen. I know sometimes you actually do pinch and zoom on the touch pad. Is this even possible? The setting on the touch pad control panel is enabled and we are able to pinch and zoom on the pad but only in a browser, not within Outlook.

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Networking :: After 1511 Update On Surface Mouse Not Working In RDP Session

Nov 17, 2015

I have a Surface 3 Pro with 2 external monitors hooked up using StarTech USB VGA adapters. Since the update, my mouse does not show up on my remote Windows Server 2008 R2 VM's when the Remote Desktop window is on one of the external monitors (works on the Surface Screen). The cursor is there, just cannot see it.

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Live Tiles In Surface Pro 3 Not Working (Mail / Flipboard And Photos)?

Aug 2, 2015

MY LIVE TILES specifically the Mail, Flipboard and Photos app doesn't work. though Mail works from time to time

> YES the option of live tiles is ON
> YES they are updated in the store
> YES I opened them and used them
> YES I did a clean refresh/reformat after upgrading from 8.1 to 10

though my desktop and laptop works nicely

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Can't Write To Folders From Network After Upgrading

Sep 15, 2015

I upgraded a workstation to Win 10 Pro. The system, System X, has two admin users, A and B. A is logged on to System X. Volume C is shared from the root on System X, and all admins on the system have permissions to Share C with full control. B is logged on to another system, System Y (Win 8.1). B can access (read) almost all folders on System X from System Y, but cannot write to the folders as he did in the past. I included a screenshot of the sharing options, which are the same for all networks, though Network Discovery is off.

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Why Is Wireless Network Slowing Down After Upgrading

Nov 1, 2015

I have two 2008 Mac Pro computers running a bootcamp setup (OSX El Capitan/Windows) and have a 50 Mbps cable connection with Linksys WRT 1900AC wireless router. The wireless throughput on both machines worked flawlessly in Windows 7 but after upgrading both to Windows 10 the throughput dropped from 50 Mbps down to apprx 1.5 Mbps. Both computers use a Broadcom 5200 series 80211n chipset which are running the Microsoft signed version driver. The wired network runs at full speed, and in OSX both wired and wireless connections run at full speed. I've seen a number of others report the same issue, but have never seen a fix that seems to work. I've tried updating the driver through Windows but get a OS message stating that the best driver is already installed. At the moment I have Ethernet cables strung across the living room floor, and would like to get back to wireless.

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Wireless Adapters Freeze PC

Aug 10, 2015

I am having major issues with Windows 10 Pro and my wireless card in my desktop. I have an ASUS Maximus Impact VII with the mPCIe Combo IV WiFi card. I had to disable the card in the BIOS just to get Windows 10 installed. I re-enable the card and can boot into W10, it shows up in Device Manager and adapters (greyed). I can't enable it. Tried uninstalling and deleting drivers, then scan for new hardware. It kicks the card on and I get WiFi bars in the taskbar, but then immediately freezes Windows. This is coming from a clean install of 10, no VPN in 8.1 and I tried the reg delete command to make sure. I purchased a USB WiFi adapter to see if it would work. Same results. I decided I would install Windows 7 out of curiosity. SAME THING. It's strange, the WiFi works flawlessly in Windows 8.1, but not at all in 7 or 10. I have tried the 3 latest BIOS revisions for my motherboard, as well as the only available W10 driver for the adapter.

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Networking :: New Internet Adapters Appearing Randomly

Oct 18, 2015

Picture tells more than a thousand words:

Last time I checked there were only five of those extra adapters. I thought they were made by VirtualBox, but since then I haven't used VirtualBox and new adapters have still been appearing.

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Graphic Cards :: Code 43 With Display Adapters

Dec 9, 2015

I am having trouble with my two video cards

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 seriesAMD Radeon HD 6300M series

For one; the ATI Mobility card there are no drivers installed for this device. Ive been on the AMD website, where I downloaded an old legacy catalyst suite, built for windows vista/7. after that there are still no drivers installed for this card.

For the AMD Radeon; I'm getting a "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"

I'm starting to believe the problems for the 6300M card is coming from the 4200 card not having any drivers.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for the 6300 card, and can only get the code 43 to go away if I disable and then re-enable it through the Device Manager. After a restart though, the problem persists.

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External HDD Stop Working After Upgrading?

Dec 3, 2015

My external HDD stop working after upgrading to windows 10 pro? I have tied different USB ports but the problem persist. Strange thing the same HDD works perfectly on my laptop running on windows 7 pro..

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Drivers/Hardware :: Camera Not Working After Upgrading

Nov 10, 2015

The Camera worked fine on my tablet which was earlier on Windows 8.1. But, after updating to Windows 10 Home, it gives me an error - Make sure your camera is connected and not being used by another app. I tried the following :-

1. Updated the app.
2. Turned Windows Firewall off.
3. Tried disabling and enabling the Camera - OV2680.

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Networking :: After Upgrading PPPOE Connection Stops Internet From Working

Jan 11, 2016

I did my upgrade quite shortly ago.Basically before that upgrade I had 2 connections at the same time: Local Area Connection with Ethernet and my PPPOE connection as advised by my provider.I've been using my PPPOE connection for years to sidestep some connection issues especially with uPnP, but now my internet only works through Ethernet and when I also start in my dial-up section the PPPOE connection, Windows 10 reports the "no internet connection" problem.After using "Troubleshoot problems" it resets the required parts and reports solving "Gateway is not available" problem.

1)I've already tried to reinstall all network drivers by deleting them first with device manager and through netcfg d in command line.
2)I don't know if it works but my BitDefender reports new adapters upon starting PPPOE: Teredo Tunneling and 6to4
3)I already tried to set Local Area Connection to Home and my other connection to Public and also all other possible permutations of settings

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Two Finger Scrolling Gesture No Longer Working After Upgrading (Lenovo G50)?

Aug 15, 2015

Why isn't the two finger scrolling gesture no longer working after upgrading to Windows 10 (Lenovo G50)? No driver updates on Lenovo's website.

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Networking :: Network Discovery Not Working?

Feb 10, 2016

I am facing a problem that my PC running Windows 10 cant see other PC's/Devices on my network.

Idk. if it have something to do with i cant make/join a homegroup.

I was told to remove a file in "C:WindowsServiceProfilesLocalServiceAppDataRoamingPeerNetworking" but the file was not there.

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Networking :: Network Driver Stopped Working

Oct 5, 2015

i have a killer e2400 network adaptor over a wired connection on my msi motherboard. Unfortunately, out of the blue it has stopped working. I constantly get the error message "Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration." I have tried a number of things such as stopping and restarting the services in computer management. Nothing appears to work. I know my router works as I'm using it now on another computer.

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Networking :: Network Discovery Stopped Working

Aug 12, 2015

I know this problem has been discussed with many variants but not quite the same as I'm experiencing, so I'm starting a new thread.

I did a clean install of Windows 10 pro 64 bit, and everything was running perfectly, that is until two days ago when the computers on the network simply disappeared. I had done nothing with changes or new software or anything of that sort.

I checked network discovery and it was on, but the only computer showing was the home computer. I have tried turning discovery off then rebooting and then back on again and rebooting. In all cases the network drives are accessible. I have manually entered the computer name in the address bar of File Explorer eg "//COMPUTER2" and then I can go and enter the other computers manually. Everything will stay there until I close down File Explorer and then they disappear again only shown the home computer.

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Networking :: Home Network Discovery Not Working

Nov 16, 2015

I just installed (yesterday) the latest W10 update that installed Version 1511 (OS Build 10586.3) and my home network consisting of five W10 PC's has been "destroyed." I do not use Homegroup. Instead, I have always set up all the drives/folders as shared on all the computers. That worked just fine until now! For some reason only one of the PC's is detected by the other PC's on the network. However, all the drives that I had previously Mapped are OK. Is there some new magic setting that I have to change to get network discovery working again ...or... is MSFT forcing me to use Homegroup?

A little more information to add to my confusion. I was wrong above - two of the PC's are shown in the Network on all the PC's. One of the five PC's, which I use as a home server, runs 24-7. For some reason it has all the other PC's showing under Network and can access all the stuff on all the PC's!! I know it used to take Windows a few minutes to find all the PC's on the Network but... all the other PC's have been running for many hours and nothing changes.

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Network Drivers Not Working Along With Graphics Driver

Aug 2, 2015

I upgraded to Windows 10 on my gaming PC and suffered from network drivers not working along with my graphics driver. But now Windows 10 says it's not activated. "I had a legal version of Windows 7 on this computer and now Windows 10 isn't activated.

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Ethernet Not Working / Network Cable Unplugged

Oct 24, 2015

The other day I was connected to the internet via Ethernet cable I bought around 3 weeks ago and it was working well with no problems, but for the past two days when I plug in my ethernet cable, my laptop doesn't detect it and it says "Network cable unplugged".

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