Networking :: Homegroup - Accessing Shares Asks For Credentials?

Jan 26, 2016

Several PCs in my store.. some running W7 starter, some W10 Home pro.

A few days ago suddenly I could no longer access a folder on another W10 computer, where we tend to store a lot of important documents. The computer where the other folder is, runs also W10.

Shares are usually done vie HomeGroup - share with home group users.Other computers on the network have no problem accessing it. Furthermore, I can access it from another local account on my computer, but not from my main account (which is a MS account)..It asks for credentials, although I am a homegroup user.. nevertheless I enter the other computer's only username and password (admin ones) and it still does not let me in. Try my own MS user and pass - also "wrong".

Tried leaving and joining the Homegroup.

Tried restarting network related services and setting them on Automatic.

Tried homegroup troubleshooter - says probable problem is with network, so should run Network troubleshooter.

I do so and it shows error:This network troubleshooter shows error: resource (peer to peer grouping) is online, but not responding to connection attempts.

Following the latter and some google searches, I tried adding DisabledComponents" DWORD with "0"value in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetservicesTCPIP6Parameters
But still NO-GO.

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Networking :: Accessing Administrative Shares

Feb 10, 2016

I have a networked Windows 10 Pro computer A with built-in 'Administrator' account disabled. However, it has a "normal" administrator account named 'Admin'.

I would like to access administrative share 'AC$' from another computer B in the network. Windows asks me for access credentials. I enter 'Admin' and the corresponding password. This results in "access denied" error.

Hence the question: What's preventing the access?

My guesses are

1. (Unlikely: ) Administrative shares are accessible to the built-in 'Administrator' only.
2. (More likely: ) Administrative shares are accessible to a designated set of users and there's a way to control it. My homemade 'Admin' is not on the list.
3. (Most likely: ) Network access to administrative shares is completely disabled by default in Windows 10, but can be enabled somehow.

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Networking :: Shares No Longer Visible Can't See Other Shares

Feb 23, 2016

I just switched to a new router (from DLink DIR-655 to TP-Link Archer C7) and now my Windows 10 Pro cannot see network shares nor can others on the network see its shares. Prior to the router switch, it could see shares and others could see the shares it exposed.

The Win10Pro can see the internet. I can still ping other computers and they can ping the Win10Pro, just no Windows sharing. All computers are in the same Workgroup. I am not using a Homegroup; computer connections are made with user accounts.

The Windows 10 Pro is connected via wire. When I made the switch, I remember that Win10 came up and told me it had a new network and prompted whether to allow network discovery - to which I said yes. I thought that odd at the time since changing the router didn't change the NIC connection from the Win10 -- but whatever. However, it did change the IP address on the Win10Pro from what it was. But I've since rebooted all computers (thinking that might cause them to refresh) but no improvement.

Advanced Sharing Settings are set as:

Private: Network Discover = ON, File and Printer Sharing = ONAll Networks: Password Protected Sharing = ON, Public Folder Sharing = ON

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Networking :: PC Asks For Password On Home Network

Mar 5, 2016

My wife doesn't use a password to log on to her Windows 10 PC. Her user name is her email address when the "Enter Network Credentials" window pops up when access is attempted from other computers. Her email password does not work here. We don't know what password it might be expecting. We've run NETPLWIZ on her machine and cleared the "users must enter a user name and password" box. This has no effect.

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Networking :: Samba Shares Don't Show Up

Nov 22, 2015

I was running Windows 7 on my laptop. I have a file server running Linux and Samba. When I open the Network icon in Windows 7, I see my server there and I can open it and access the associated folder shares.I upgraded to Windows 10. Now if I double click the network icon, I don't see any machines except my local client laptop. However, if I enter the UNC path to my samba server (myserver) into the path bar of Windows Explorer, I can access the server. If I want to add a network printer to my laptop that is shared by the server, it won't find the server in the search list. However, I can enter the literal UNC path to the printer and add it. So it has something to do with nmb I think? Not sure.

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Networking :: Can't Access The Default Shares

Aug 6, 2015

I have two Windows 10 PCs on the same home network and I can't access the default shares on either one of them, I keep getting 'Access denied'.

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Networking :: Can't Write To Unix CIF Shares

Jan 4, 2016

I have a Freenas Server (based on FreeBSD Unix) connected to my network. I can't get it to show up in file explorer untill I type "//" (it's IP address). When I try to drag a file to the window CIF shares (Permissions in Unix are Allow Guest Access and Recursively set sane default windows permissions on share) I get the error "You Need Permission to Perform this Action". Both of these features worked on Win 7 Pro before I did an upgrade to Win 10 Pro. I also did a fresh install of Win 10 Pro and it made no difference so I restored a Macrium image of the Win10 Pro Upgrade.

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Networking :: Can't Browse Network Shares

Nov 17, 2015

After 1511 update this morning and changing nothing else, I can no longer access computername..

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Networking :: Cannot See Computers On Network Shares

Feb 10, 2016

I have 3 computers on the network. All have shared folders . My problem is as follows.

Lets call the computers c2, c3, c4. I am using network shares

When on computer c4 , computers c2 and c3 are not listed at all under network. Sometimes I do see c3 listed but cannot access it.

In computers c2 and c3 , all computers are listed and I can view all the shared folders in c2 , c3 including those on C4.

I cant understand why c4 have such problems viewing other computers on the network. I have rebooted router ( E4200) and computers but still have same problem .

All shared folders are properly shared. and no passwords are required for networks in adv sharing .

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Networking :: SMB To Shares On USB Storage Does Not Work

Nov 29, 2015

I have several usb-connected drives and several SATA drives on a Win7Pro-64 system just upgraded to Win10. The only account on the machine is a local administrator account. On each drive I have a shared folder.

Where before I could connect via SMB/Samba from non-Windows networked devices using the local account credentials, I can now only access the shares on SATA drives. Any share on a USB drive is inaccessible to, say, ES File Explorer or Astro on a Android Tablet (although the share name can be read).

I can still access all shares from another Windows 10 machine. All devices have the proper Workgroup.

Clearly there is some SMB policy change in Windows 10. I've seen one fix for network drives but it doesn't seem to apply here (and also doesn;t work). Also not working is anonymous login to shares with with Everyone access, which also used to work.

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Networking :: Unable To Map Network Shares?

Nov 15, 2015

I've got 2 Western Digital Network drives hard wired on my network, a My Book World and an EX2.

Since upgrading to Windows 10 I've had intermittent problems viewing and setting network drives. I've read a lot of other posts and tried a number of things suggested without success.

The WD Discovery tool finds the Network drives, but the box to map network drive is greyed out. I can access the desktop control panel from my browser. If I try to add a network location the drives are not listed. If I try to add the drive letter WDMYCLOUDEX2Public the network path is not found?

I have another Windows 10 computer on the network which can access the drives without issue - so it must be a setting on my PC. Tried disabling my Kaspersky security - still not being seen? I suspect that this has been as a result of a windows upgrade?

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Networking :: Cannot Access Windows Network Shares

Jan 25, 2016

Three machines:

Surface Pro 4 - fully updated
Surface Pro 3 - Windows 10, fully updated
Lenovo X220T - Windows 8.1 Fully updated

All three machines can see all available network devices, including each other.All three machines can successfully access and interact with third party network devices. In this case, it is a NAS and a network printer.The windows 8.1 machine can access each of the other windows 10 machinesNeither Windows 10 machines can access any other windows share on the network.

This gets me error 80070035 with diagnostics telling me nothing

All three machines are on a Homegroup and while each can see, no one can access anything

Trouble shooting tried:

Double checked all sharing settings on all three computers. They are identical.Double checked workgroupsTried it via IP addressesReset winsock on all machinesFlushed DNS on all machinesReset the routerUninstalled and reinstalled Windows sharing and about 3 other network protocols and servicesEnabled NetBiosran this: sc.exe config lanmanworkstation depend= bowser/mrxsmb10/nsi sc.exe config mrxsmb20 start= disabledMessing around with all sorts of netsh commands clearing and flushing all sorts of other things

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Networking :: Failure Accessing NAS Drive

Jan 17, 2016

I wasn't really sure what section to put this in since it could be security and/or network. The problem is I can see my NAS in file explorer and I can ping it fine and I can even access it via FTP but if I try to access it I get the following dialog box.

I did a little bit of searching but nothing worked and reverted my changes. This is a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro 64bit. The NAS is about 10 years old, it's nothing fancy and uses a Samba architecture.

Bottom line it'd be sweet if I could access this directly through windows instead of FTPing a file.

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Networking :: Workgroup Shares Windows ID Versus Local Accounts

Nov 10, 2015

I have so far avoided using Windows ID login (except on a sacrificial VM I use for Windows Insider(*)) as I can no longer access the SMB shares that I have set up.

Is there any way for the two to co-exist? I can't get my head round using SMB shares and NTFS permissions with Windows Live ID - is it possible in any way at all, or have MS (as usual) given us a "new spiffy improved thing" which is actually none of the above?

Why can't I use a local login AND have have access to the Insider programme?

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Networking :: Can't Get Homegroup Password

Jan 3, 2016

I had to do a complete reinstall of Windows 10. However, the new install still recognizes the old homegroup and I didn't write down the password. Now I can't change the password. When I open up the homegroup window, I can join, change sharing settings, but I can't change the password. I have administrator rights for the pc.

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Networking :: Cannot Connect Onto Homegroup

Jan 2, 2016

I have set up a Homegroup on two laptops which use Windows 10 and both connect to the Homegroup. However, neither will display any computers on the Homegroup.I have tried all sorts of things but all I seem to get from the Homegroup trouble shooter is that there are network problems. I have tried changing the advanced sharing options on both laptops to:

1. Turn on network discovery and ticking automatic setup ....
2. Turn on file and printer sharing
3. Allow windows to manage ....

Then clicking save changes.When I go back into the screen the radio button that I selected for turn on network discovery has been deselected and the turn off button selected. Nothing seems to make any difference!

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Networking :: Getting Homegroup To Work?

Feb 10, 2016

My desktop has a MS account and my portable is a local account. I have set my desktop with a Homegroup PW and have chosen what I would like to share with my portable (following the forum's instructional video). However, I do not know how to proceed from here in order to get the two computers to communicate. Do I have to go to my portable and enter the PW, and if so, how is this done? If not, what do I have to do? Also, I would imagine that once things are set up right, in order to communicate, both computers would have to be on?

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Networking :: Can't Create Homegroup

Dec 13, 2015

I have recently had to refresh two laptops both running Windows 10. Two different errors both resultimg from updates ( BSOD !) Got them both working again but now they can 'see' each other ! Both say 'Create Homegroup' but when I try both have the same 'Windows can not create a Homegroup on this computer'. Both say there is no homegroup!. I've tried refreshing my laptop for a secong time but still no luck.

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Networking :: PC Shows Twice In Homegroup?

Jul 30, 2015

I just rejoined my dad's homegroup, but my computer appears twice... one with my MS account profile picture and name and one without either... but they both show the same folders, etc.

Is it possible that the homegroup is picking up the local account I had prior to logging in with my MS account?

Now my MS account one vanished and now it's just "Chris."

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Networking :: Create A Homegroup

Aug 16, 2015

I upgraded (free) two computers to Win10 primarily so I could view the hard drives from either computer. When one was Win7 and the other was win8.1 I tried to set up a homegroup for different operating systems with no luck.

When I go to Control Panel/Homegroup (win10) there is no option to create a homegroup. The only options are: Change advanced share settings... ; Start the HomeGroup troubleshooter; and Join now.

None of these leads to creating a HomeGroup. How to create a HomeGroup?

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Networking :: Cannot Leave Or Create Homegroup

Oct 21, 2015

I've tried every "fix" I've come across and I cannot get my homegroup back up.

Is there a way to use the command line to leave the homegroup? This has been difficult since I upgraded my PCs to Win10. Using flash drives to share files is getting old.

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Networking :: How To Share A Library Without Homegroup

Oct 2, 2015

Finally found a use for a library. Can create it locally, but there's no share context. Can not use homegroup. Is shared/public library even possible?

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Networking :: Can't Log Into Homegroup On Any Of Computers Since Last Update

Nov 20, 2015

suddenly none of my computers can log onto my homegroup. They all say one is available, but when I put password in it just keeps running as if it is looking but can't proceed. I am not able to change homegroup either.

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Networking :: Computer Is Unable To Set Up A Homegroup

Nov 13, 2015

I recently upgraded windows 8.1 with Bing, which had a homegroup, to windows 10. After the upgrade I was unable to set up a homegroup. Message, "this computer is unable to set up a homegroup"...

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Networking :: How To Delete Old Windows 7 Homegroup

Jan 22, 2016

I had a Homegroup defined on Windows 7 Professional before upgrading to Windows 10 Professional. The annoying thing is right now I don't have an option to create a new homegroup, I only have an option to join the homegroup that was created on this same machine in Windows 7. The problem is I don't know the password and I'm not giving the option of changing the password or removing the Homegroup.

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Networking :: Homegroup Stopped Working - PC Offline

Oct 2, 2015

I'm not sure if it's related to the last update or not, but suddenly my homegroup started saying my other PC was offline. So I went and left it and recreated it, and sometimes it'll connect for maybe 5 minutes then disappear again. Also, it's saying almost everytime I try to join that Windows No Longer Detects a Homegroup on this network. Very strange since it's showing it. I can get to the other computer via the Network icon so it's not a disaster, but this is a frustrating issue.

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