No 16 Bit Color Depth Options?

Jul 30, 2015

I've got an older PC & laptop that were running windows 7 at 16 bit color depth. Windows 10 only offers 32 bit color depth, all 16 bit options have been removed. This has slowed the older PC's down considerably.

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None Of The Sign In Screen Options - Power Options Are Enabled

Oct 23, 2015

Have been running Windows 10 on a Packard Bell laptop since August and suddenly the login screen password box is disabled on start up. None of the sign in screen options (power options, language, etc.) are enabled. I can't get to any safe mode boot options either so at the moment I'm stuck.

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How To Change Color

Dec 10, 2015

How to change this black color ? 

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Can Add Color To Screen

Aug 22, 2015

In win 7 I was able to customize every screen with my choice of color.  Can I do this in win 10?  I don't like reading off a white screen.

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Change Taskbar Color?

Aug 15, 2015

How do I change task bar color .. no it's all black ..

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Customization :: Color Of Fonts

Dec 7, 2015

I do not like the blue fonts . I have tried many on line sites . I have been thru the computer and can not find any way to change the color .

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Installation :: Changes In Color And Text

Oct 4, 2015

I just discovered that I, or the computer - just changed colors in my windows 10 setup..In File Explorer - Navigation Pan - view - options, I see black background with colored text.Also, in File Explorer the text is red in the Navigation Pan. Where this color change came from. I certainly don't want this. How can I get plain black print on a white background in File Explorer, .. 

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Title Bar Color Change?

Sep 17, 2015

I go to Color and Appearances dialogue box to change the color and nothing happens. Why? Is there a way to change the color? I am used to a blue title bar and the white is kind of irritating to look at..

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How To Change The Menu Bar Color

Aug 10, 2015

I have chosen a theme. I wish that theme to be represented in command bar ,menu bar area.

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Customization :: Can't Change Task Bar Color

Aug 7, 2015

There's no way, i can't change the taskbar color.No matter if i go to Settings - Colors and change the options, it keeps showing me a white ugly taskbar. i've found in my w10 installation.

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Customization :: Can Change Color Of Tiles

Feb 10, 2016

is it possible to change the color transparent of tiles windows 10 by one personalized Windows style 8.1 I leave a catch edited by Paint

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Customization :: How To Add Color To Active Window

Aug 7, 2015

Just got Win 10 and if I have many windows open there is no distinction between which are active and which aren't. Before the active window would have a colored toolbar at the top while the inactive windows would be colorless or white. I've went into settings, personalization and color...turned the first one off and the other two on then selected yellow but still the active windows aren't getting the yellow across the top to show they are active.

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Customization :: How To Change Font Color

Jul 31, 2015

As it says, when using the aerolite theme for colored titlebars, it uses black colored fonts which are hard to read, my question is, how can I change these font colors? and also why the hell isin't this an option in the base windows 10 customization section?!?

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Customization :: Accent Color Keeps Changing By Itself

Dec 3, 2015

I am experiencing a very strange issue with my color, ever since the November update it keeps changing on its own. It happens after every reboot, and after about 24 hours of being on, the color changes to this ugly pumpkin orange. At first I thought they just changed it when you installed the update, but it keeps changing back. I've tried setting the color manually, or having it pick one from my background, but the orange keeps coming back.

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How To Adjust Toolbar Background Color

Aug 10, 2015

How can I set the background color of my tool bar. I don't like the black one.

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Customization :: Refuses Accent Color?

Oct 31, 2015

So the standard color for Windows 10 is grey. I tried changing through settings to blue. However Windows 10 is being really stubborn. It changes to blue, then when I click on the start button it changes back to grey, back and forth. But it gets better. The start button tiles change everytime I click the start button. From blue back to grey, back to blue etc. I tried using ClassicShell to change it. Succesfullyish. I got it blue, but the start menu still changes blue and grey the whole time. Also on my second monitor both the start menu as well as the taskbar change colors back and forth.

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Installation :: How To Add Color To The Window Borders

Aug 6, 2015

Under Windows 10 I don't know how to add colors to the window borders of applications open, as that makes them easier to spot when I work with several at the same time. Now the frames are all white or grey.

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Screen Color Features Missing

Oct 11, 2015

I upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10 on my Toshiba Laptop (Satellite C55t Series - Touchscreen) and had to revert to former as I did not like the windows screen. The Title Bar, Toolbar and others did not have the usual color features.In other words, From Title Bar to Taskbar were all white/gray (or whatever it is). Having been so used to the features of Window 98 to Windows 8, I found it uncomfortable to use it.

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Color Calibration Resets Upon Shutdown

Dec 3, 2015

I want to keep my custom color calibration because the default is too dark and too red on my screen, but each time I turn off or restart my pc, it resets to default. I've gone on many google quests to figure it out, I even went to Geek Squad. So far, the only thing that "fixes" my problem is re-calibrating each time I start the laptop, which is very frustrating, and it isn't a real fix.

I found something, after going to:
Settings>Display>Advanced Display Settings>Display Adapter Settings>Color Management>Advanced

There is a checkbox which is greyed out, so I cannot uncheck it, which says "Use Windows Display Calibration" which I would like to uncheck and see if that fixes my problem. But, I can't uncheck it because it is greyed out.

Here is a picture:

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Customization :: Theme Color Not Changing?

Jan 10, 2016

I am unable to change the theme color from an icky blue. I can change the desktop, I can enable and disable the color on the Start, taskbar, etc., I can make them transparent. I cannot change the color. If I attempt to click a different accent color, nothing happens. No color change on the preview. No color change anywhere. Just icky blue.

I've made sure that the Theme service is running and I've tried installing themes online. Nothing I'm doing is getting this color to change and it's really buggin' me out.

It could have to do with this being an Origin laptop. It was originally Windows 8 when I got it wherein, as an Origin PC, it had a default-installed Origin theme where the accent colors were red and black. I was able to change the desktop background while it was in '8, but I was unable to ever change the accent from red.

Now that I have Windows 10, I am not using the Origin-installed theme and my accent is not locked in red but is instead locked in blue..

I've not yet attempted a hard refresh of Windows 10, especially seeing as the refresh USB will simply install Win8 again with the Origin-brand-lock, so upgrading to '10 would only be extra time and stress for an issue that is going to happen in '8 and be brought forward again.

Is there a way to force the color scheme to change?

I am running Windows 10 Home on an Origin PC. 16GB RAM; CPU i7 @ 2.8Ghz; I am indeed the administrator.

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Customization :: Taskbar Font Color

Sep 12, 2015

I have a black taskbar with dark gray basically can't see anything at all... not real familiar with changing settings, how do I change this?

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Customization :: Toolbar Color Change

Mar 12, 2016

My toolbar color has changed to a sick shade of pink color. What changed it or how it came about. Can this color be customized/changed back to the default? 

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How To Set Explorer Scheme And Desktop Color

Dec 30, 2015

How to set explorer(etc.) scheme and desktop color ?

In win7, I have a one color desktop AND a scheme .

In win10, if I select a color for my desktop and then pick a color scheme, my colored desktop changes to a scheme.

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Possible To Change Title Bar Color To White?

Sep 13, 2015

Is it not possible with Windows10 Build 1024 to change the title bar color, I've been dealing with a white title bar since Windows10 release; or has this not been resolved yet ?

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Recovery Options Gone

Dec 25, 2015

What I'm expecting:

What I get:

I just discover that my recovery options have disappeared, leaving me with the only option to Turn Off my PC instead of the usual "Reset your PC or see advanced options". I enclove two snapshots: One with the expected screen, the other one with the actual screen I got each time I invoque the Windows 10 recovery.

I have no clue whatsoever about how to fix that. My recovery partition is present as well as the EFI partition. Except for this problem my PC is working fine.

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Get Rid Of Some Of Right Click New Options?

Sep 20, 2015

When I click on my desktop and right click, I get a few options under the title "New" indicated by the red arrow below. How do I get rid of some of those?

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