Performance :: Constant Flashing Loading Icon (blue Circle) Next To Mouse?

Aug 1, 2015

I have this constant loading going on somewhere in my computer. it interferes with my games or if I put anything to full screen it automatically pulls it out of full screen and minimizes it. It also interferes with my typing. If I'm trying to type in an address to go to a website the flashing loading will make it so I have to keep clicking in the address bar to finish typing out the address. auto saved usernames are also an issue. where I'll type the first three letters of my username. It will pull up then immediately disappear. I have to be really fast to click it or result to the constant clicking of the username bar to put my username in.

Also an issue with right clicking anything. the right click "open, delete, new folder, etc" will come up and before I can move to click what I want it disappears. I restarted my computer and it went away once. I thought the issue was resolved and paid no attention to it. I then turned my computer off and back on after a virus scan and the problem persists again. I tried turning the computer off and on again but again the problem continues. how I can find whats constantly loading/causing the flashing loading icon next to my mouse?

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Mouse Constantly Flashing With Little Blue Circle

Aug 6, 2015

So I just recently updated to Windows 10 on Sunday and now the little blue busy circle is constantly flashing. I have already tried restarting, checked for updates on drivers and nothing is working .

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Flashing Blue Circle Next To Mouse Pointer On Screen

Jan 13, 2016

I know there is others who have this issue of the flashing blue working circle next to the mouse pointer on the screen. I have read through he forums and tried what I could find but so far no luck getting rid of it.

I upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 - on my Asus sonicmaster laptop and now the flashing blue circle constantly shows up in and on and off state. Like it is trying to load or check something. How to get rid of this?

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Get Rid Of A Flashing Blue Circle?

Oct 24, 2015

after installing windows 10, a blue circle next to the arrow cursor continues to flash after logging in. the keyboard seems to be affected because sometimes a key has to be struck several times for the computer to recognize it.

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Screen Keeps On Flashing And Blue Circle Keeps On Going

Aug 1, 2015

I put window 10 on my dell XPS-420 I sign in it goes to my home page and the screen keep on flashing i can not do anything the arrow that the mouse move there's a blue circle that keeps on going and when it stop the screen stop flashing too it last 10sec then it start to flashing again with the blue circle keep turning like it up date something well it 2 days and the same thing the pc on for 2 days too ...

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Loading Symbol On Mouse Pointer Flashing?

Aug 23, 2015

The loading symbol keeps flashing which is effecting what I can do on my computer. For example on Microsoft edge I will be typing and then it will suddenly select the text, so when I do my next letter it deletes everything I have done. It also effects things like drop down menu's or when I left click by going of it so I don't have time to select the option I want.

This does not seem to happen all the time but it currently is and has been since I turned my pc on.

It has only happened since I have downloaded windows 10. I do not have windows 8.1 on my computer as I deleted it so I cant really go back to download it again.

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Performance :: Blinking Loading Circle And Touchpad Not Scrolling Properly

Jan 23, 2016

I recently upgraded my computer from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and have noticed some issues:

Whenever I stop moving the mouse, the little blue loading circle keeps blinking. Now I don't exactly if it's causing any problems but I'm sure it wasn't doing that before I upgraded and I think it may be related to this second issue:

My touchpad no longer scrolls with two fingers. Now it only scrolls via touching the right side of the pad and dragging my finger up or down. No two finger gestures work anymore.

There seems to be a new driver called Elantech and I've found a settings menu for it but the gesture controls say they're turned on even though they don't work.

I have an MSI GT 60
i7 Windows 10

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Mouse Keeps Showing Busy Loading Icon

Jul 31, 2015

The mouse keeps showing busy, loading blue circle symbol when windows is not really busy. I mean i didn't doing anything but this sysmbol keep coming.

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Stuck At White Circle For Loading Screen

Nov 5, 2015

I installed Windows 10 on my HP 15044NR laptop (2013) model that came originally with Windows 8.1. I get the image at the bottom of the screen whenever it has to be restarted. I have a 32 bit PC. I can only use it if I reinstall Windows 10.

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Installation :: Factory Reset - Circle Loading But Percentage Is Stuck At 61

Jul 31, 2015

I upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7 and then I realized that all my files stayed which I didn't want all my files so I did a factory reset on my windows 10 upgraded PC and it has been stuck at 61% for about 8-9 hours. The circle loading is still moving but the percentage is stuck at 61. I am worried to turn off my PC in case of it being ruined.

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Screen Flashes Once And Slow Loading Circle Of Dots When Boot Up

Nov 15, 2015

Yesterday, after getting infected with malware, I decided to freshly reinstall windows 10 on my computer. However, after reinstalling it, I noticed that my bootup was very slow. During the windows logo part of the bootup, the screen flashes once, and the loading circle of dots becomes slow and low quality. Afterwards, the screen turns black for ~40 seconds, and then I get to the login screen.. And sometimes, I get that issue after logging in.

What didn't load in my bootlog:
BOOTLOG_LOADED SystemRootSystem32driversdxgkrnl.sys
BOOTLOG_NOT_LOADED SystemRootSystem32driversdxgkrnl.sys
BOOTLOG_NOT_LOADED SystemRootSystem32driversdxgkrnl.sys
BOOTLOG_NOT_LOADED SystemRootSystem32driversdxgkrnl.sys
BOOTLOG_NOT_LOADED SystemRootSystem32driversdxgkrnl.sys
BOOTLOG_LOADED SystemRootsystem32driversWdFilter.sys
BOOTLOG_NOT_LOADED SystemRootsystem32driversWdFilter.sys

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Installation :: Setup Freeze / Hangs At Logo - Loading Circle Not Appearing

Sep 19, 2015

I just want to create my own Win10 here, but when I setup the VMs, and running it, It wasn't go well, It froze!

I have tried add the size to 21GB, using UEFI, and deleting the EFI folder, but still not working

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Constant Blue Screens

Oct 23, 2015

I'm experiencing constant blue screens on my new windows 10 pc.

The error says "KERNEL_AUTO_BOOST_LOCK_ACQUISITION_WITH_IRQL" and it keeps crashing every time i try to switch on.

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Browser/Email :: Google Chrome - Get Blank Page With Spinning Circle That Says Loading

Aug 2, 2015

Downloaded and installed 10 successfully, but when I try to open Chrome, I get a blank page with the spinning circle that says "loading". Tried to contact Microsoft customer support and was on hold for more than an hour.

The only reason I am able to post here is that I un-installed it and I'm back to Windows 7.

I primarily use the computer for internet access, word processing and e-mail.

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Blue Circle By Pointer All The Time - X64 In Oracle VM

Jul 21, 2015

This just started yesterday. Did not have it previously. Now when I boot the blue circle is always by the mouse pointer. Nothing I do gets rid of it.

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Installation :: Screen Frozen With Blue Animated Circle After Log In

Aug 1, 2015

Installed win10 and after an hour (?), restarted and got the log on screen. After logging in, windows did some customization and displayed the screen similar to win7 After log on. The screen is frozen, with a blue animated circle (similar to hour glass function), but doing nothing. Logged off using ctrl+alt+del, logged in, same result. Restarted, same result. What do I have to do to make it work or just go back to win7 

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Revolving Blue Circle Interferes When Typing Emails?

Sep 26, 2015

This revolving blue circle interferes with typing an email......MOST annoying. No wonder Windows 10 is a bummer.

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PC Won't Shut Down - Just Hangs At Blue Shutting Down Screen And Circle Keeps On Spinning

Feb 23, 2016

I have a freshly upgraded laptop (8.1 > 10) which worked fine until now. When I try to shut down the PC, it just hangs at the blue shutting down screen and the circle keeps on spinning.

I have to hard power off the laptop by holding down the off button, but that isn't going to do the laptop any good.

What can I do to fix this? Is there anywhere that will tell me what happens when shutting down? 

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Blue Spinning Circle Next To Arrow Pointer - Temporarily Freeze

Dec 5, 2015

Have desktop HP Pavilion P 6000 4GB DDR3 1 Terabyte memory. Had no problem with Win 7, but frequently get the blue spinning circle next to my pointer. Some times it continues to surf other times it give a temp freeze. Checked CPU percentage not high but disk will jump to 100 on startup. The computer light and sound is chomping away when I am just reading the news. Ads in the middle of the page on both sides of any game I play along four or five TV commercials during a 15 minute online Hearts. Reset to factory settings. Hardware problem or Win 10 too busy data mining. I google an issue and 10 minutes later check my email getting solicitations on the same issue.?? Edge was very fast when first downloaded. Oh yes download speed is 35 but runs closer to 40.

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Page Hang Up - Blue Spinning Circle Next To Arrow Pointer

Dec 6, 2015

Have a Pavalion P6000 series $GB DDR3 ram and a Terabyte hard drive. Page hang up. Check and all drivers indicate updated and the ram is running about 49% with Edge browser open. Using Webroot Security Suite I did an Analyze function and got bac k "Active process has a possible memory leak (Edge.exe)" When I googled this it was a problem asked several times when people changed from Win7 to 8.1.

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Clean Install Stuck At Blue Logo - No Spinning Circle

Jul 31, 2015

I currently have Win10 32bit. I made a bootable USB and DVD to upgrade to the 64bit version, both yield the same results. Each time I try to perform a clean install, it just hangs at the blue windows logo, no spinning circle just the logo. I let it sit for about 4 hours and nothing changes. I've tried many methods but none seem to work.

Core2Duo 3ghz
4069 RAM 560ti video card
1 terabyte HD.
Intel P35 BIOS for P35-DS4 F12
I also have my hard drives partitioned
Legacy mode BIOS

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BSOD :: Constant Blue Screen Error And Restarting Loop

Feb 10, 2016

I recently purchased an intel NUC6i5SYH kit PC and fitted it with the following RAM and HDD.

Samsung 500GB 850 EVO M.2 SSD: Computers Accessories

HyperX Impact 16 GB 2133 MHz DDR4 SODIMM Memory Kit (2 x 8 GB): Computers Accessories

I installed a copy of windows 8 that I owned and then upgraded it to windows 10. It was working fine for a couple of weeks, and suddenly it had and error and is stuck rebooting itself with a blue screen error.

The error appears to be different every time but the ones I have seen repeated are "WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR" and "MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION".

I can get into the BIOS and that's about it. I can't find a way to boot into safe mode and when I try and install a fresh copy of windows 10 via USB created from microsoft i still get a blue screen error after a couple of seconds.

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Mouse Pointer Working Circle Keeps Blinking

Aug 15, 2015

Since loading windows 10 then mouse pointer working circle blinks with the can light blinks. Everything seems to work fine it just really bugs me. I went to setting and mouse then to pointer and it it set on the pointer only or top/first on list. this is a 1 month old Asus X550Z that came loaded with 8.1 

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Constant Beeping And Loss Of Mouse Control

Aug 17, 2015

Since I upgraded from 8.1 --> 10, I've occasionally been having an issue where my my PC constantly beeps (through the normal speakers) and I lose control over the mouse. URL....Beeping sound is playing through normal speakers, not from inside the tower. I have limited movement of the cursor, but unable to click on ANYTHING.I've been trying to narrow down potential causes, by disconnecting various input devices. One thing to note is that this sometimes occurs WHEN an input device is disconnected or reconnected. These devices include:

-Logitech G502 mouse
-Corsair K70 Keyboard
-Logitech M310 wireless mouse (sometimes used for control of Netflix from my couch)
-Saitek X-52 Pro Hotas (with programming software)
-CH Products Flight Pedals
-Xbox 360 controller
-and another thing-

a program called "SVmapper," which enables the use of the eight otherwise useless buttons on the base of the X-52 Pro's throttle. Normally, those buttons are used to start and stop a small timer built into the throttle, change modes, and generally very useless crap. SVmapper intercepts those button presses and instead outputs a keyboard command to the video game in use. (For example: the x-52 doesn't have enough buttons for me to map essential controls AND landing gear control to the hotas. When I use SVmapper, it gives me 8 extra usable buttons!) [URL] ....

I'm suspecting SVmapper, but I have yet to prove or disprove anything yet. According to my searches, I've heard of a (somewhat) similar problem in Windows 8 related to StickyKeys, FilterKeys, or some other UselessKeys option. I've tried disabling all those, to no avail.For reference, here is my current build: URL...

Only way I can regain control of my PC is by holding the front power button on my tower. I've tried Task Manger to stop processes (doesn't work) and rebooting with ctrl+alt+del (also inoperative). I'm trying to at least make this PC last until I can get a Skylake CPU (+motherboard +appropriate RAM).

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Blue Wheel Flashing By Cursor

Sep 9, 2015

I have a constant flashing blue wheel by m cursor. It wont allow me to use drop down boxes, skips letters while typing etc.

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Flashing Blue Screen On Start Up?

Feb 6, 2016

My computer has always been fine, until one day i was getting pop ups and redirected randomly, i notice a strange file called "techsmart computer" and was trying to delete it but couldn't so i wanted to go into safe mode and forcibly remove it, i open the start up menu simply check safe mode only and restarted, ever since all i see is the black screen with it loading with nothing else no repair, error message just it loading then it goes to the login screen the blue one and for some strange reason it is flickering as it its turning on/off and its a never ending load! if i press the power button its shutting down and it stops flickering, i searched online for solutions and nothing relevant and of the possible solutions i cant do because i can never get into the login screen, this is not a instillation issue or driver or graphics card, etc... started ever since i checked the safe mode, i want to mention i'm writing this using a different computer, also don't know if its a 32 or 64 bit.

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