Screen Flashes Once And Slow Loading Circle Of Dots When Boot Up

Nov 15, 2015

Yesterday, after getting infected with malware, I decided to freshly reinstall windows 10 on my computer. However, after reinstalling it, I noticed that my bootup was very slow. During the windows logo part of the bootup, the screen flashes once, and the loading circle of dots becomes slow and low quality. Afterwards, the screen turns black for ~40 seconds, and then I get to the login screen.. And sometimes, I get that issue after logging in.

What didn't load in my bootlog:
BOOTLOG_LOADED SystemRootSystem32driversdxgkrnl.sys
BOOTLOG_NOT_LOADED SystemRootSystem32driversdxgkrnl.sys
BOOTLOG_NOT_LOADED SystemRootSystem32driversdxgkrnl.sys
BOOTLOG_NOT_LOADED SystemRootSystem32driversdxgkrnl.sys
BOOTLOG_NOT_LOADED SystemRootSystem32driversdxgkrnl.sys
BOOTLOG_LOADED SystemRootsystem32driversWdFilter.sys
BOOTLOG_NOT_LOADED SystemRootsystem32driversWdFilter.sys

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Performance :: Slow Boot Time On SSD And Slow Desktop Icons Loading

Aug 6, 2015

I'm using an Intel SSD 240GB 520 series. Always loading very fast, i.e., about 8 seconds from cold boot.

Since windows 10 is installed, boot time is about 20 seconds and desktop icons take some time to refresh and load their images.

Regarding the boot time: I've narrowed it down the an unexplained read/write access on my external HDD eSATA which is used for backups, though currently all backup process are stopped.

When I remove / turn off my external HDD, boot time is about 8 seconds. I can't figure out why all of a sudden it required this access to this HDD.

As for the slow icon refresh.. how to fix this.

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Stuck At White Circle For Loading Screen

Nov 5, 2015

I installed Windows 10 on my HP 15044NR laptop (2013) model that came originally with Windows 8.1. I get the image at the bottom of the screen whenever it has to be restarted. I have a 32 bit PC. I can only use it if I reinstall Windows 10.

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Press Start Button Get Acer Logo Screen And The Loading Dots Move

Jan 21, 2016

Whenever I press the start button I get the Acer logo screen and the loading dots move without a problem.Then I get a black screen for a couple of seconds and then the Acer logo screen again, but this time the loading dots won't move, as if something went wrong, it stays that way (frozen) for a while, after that the windows loading screen appears (nothing written just those moving loading dots) and I finally get the windows lock screen.  I don't think this should be happening, it happens both when the fast startup is enabled or disabled. 

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Loading Screen Before Login Is Too Slow

Aug 10, 2015

I upgraded from Win 8.1 to Win 10 on my desktop computer. When I restart windows the boot went well, after that, a blue loading screen with a loading circle in the middle take too much time to load. It takes around 5-7 minutes before the Login appears (the login where you enter your password).
Is there a way to fix it and to make it faster? 5-7 minutes is too long. (I already have Fast Boot checked)
Build is 10240 ...

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Unable To Boot - Stuck On Blue Screen With Spinning Dots

Feb 23, 2016

I returned home from work today to find that my computer won't boot. Great, it's going to one of those weeks... After the bios screen and the windows 10 logo, the computer hangs on the following screen, blue background with the spinning white dots. It looks like it's trying to log in, but it gets stuck. The dots never freeze, or at least not in the hour or two I've left it- it just keeps spinning and trying to log in. Before I go further, I'll give you some specs:

Homebuilt Windows 10 desktop, up to date (upgraded from 7 months ago)
Gigabyte z87x ud3h mobo
Haswell i5-4670k
Nvidia 780ti
8gb ram

Ok, where was I. The strange part about this is that everything was working fine yesterday, and I didn't really do anything since then. I upgraded from W 7 to 10 months ago and it's been working fine. There were no windows updates yesterday (Feb 22nd), and I didn't install any other driver or system updates. In fact the only things I did install were the Steam VR test and a game on steam. Nothing else was changed since the last time it booted properly.

Now, onto what I've tried. I'm at a bit of an impasse here because I can't really get the computer to do anything. Booting into bios works, but that's about it. I can't get into safe mode (W10, F8 doesn't work, can't restart into it from desktop, or from login screen).. I've messed around with cables inside the tower, plugged and unplugged hard drives. In the course of restarting many times, I got a "bios corrupt" error, after which it started recovering into the secondary bios (losing all my OC settings and other bios settings). But the problem persisted.

I then tried updating my bios, but I keep getting "invalid file" messages when I try to update from bios/Qflash. Finally, I didn't have a W10 recovery drive, but I downloaded one from Microsoft. Startup repair says it cannot find any issues, and attempting a system restore gives me the error "you must specify which windows installation to restore. Restart, select OS, then select system restore." that doesn't seem useful. Ok, on to command prompt. Trying to enter safe mode from here gives me a "boot config data could not be opened. System device not found."

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BSOD :: Freeze At Spinning Dots (Loading)

Oct 6, 2015

My issue is pretty straight forward: last night I left my computer powered on, and when I woke up, I had a Windows update screen stuck at 100%.

The mouse didn't work, everything was frozen.

I restarted my PC and it froze at the spinning dots loading screen. Before that, I had a screen saying "preparing your desktop", or something like that.

I already had this problem, and solved it by leaving my computer powered on the whole night

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Performance :: Blinking Loading Circle And Touchpad Not Scrolling Properly

Jan 23, 2016

I recently upgraded my computer from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and have noticed some issues:

Whenever I stop moving the mouse, the little blue loading circle keeps blinking. Now I don't exactly if it's causing any problems but I'm sure it wasn't doing that before I upgraded and I think it may be related to this second issue:

My touchpad no longer scrolls with two fingers. Now it only scrolls via touching the right side of the pad and dragging my finger up or down. No two finger gestures work anymore.

There seems to be a new driver called Elantech and I've found a settings menu for it but the gesture controls say they're turned on even though they don't work.

I have an MSI GT 60
i7 Windows 10

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Installation :: Factory Reset - Circle Loading But Percentage Is Stuck At 61

Jul 31, 2015

I upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7 and then I realized that all my files stayed which I didn't want all my files so I did a factory reset on my windows 10 upgraded PC and it has been stuck at 61% for about 8-9 hours. The circle loading is still moving but the percentage is stuck at 61. I am worried to turn off my PC in case of it being ruined.

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Installation :: Setup Freeze / Hangs At Logo - Loading Circle Not Appearing

Sep 19, 2015

I just want to create my own Win10 here, but when I setup the VMs, and running it, It wasn't go well, It froze!

I have tried add the size to 21GB, using UEFI, and deleting the EFI folder, but still not working

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Performance :: Constant Flashing Loading Icon (blue Circle) Next To Mouse?

Aug 1, 2015

I have this constant loading going on somewhere in my computer. it interferes with my games or if I put anything to full screen it automatically pulls it out of full screen and minimizes it. It also interferes with my typing. If I'm trying to type in an address to go to a website the flashing loading will make it so I have to keep clicking in the address bar to finish typing out the address. auto saved usernames are also an issue. where I'll type the first three letters of my username. It will pull up then immediately disappear. I have to be really fast to click it or result to the constant clicking of the username bar to put my username in.

Also an issue with right clicking anything. the right click "open, delete, new folder, etc" will come up and before I can move to click what I want it disappears. I restarted my computer and it went away once. I thought the issue was resolved and paid no attention to it. I then turned my computer off and back on after a virus scan and the problem persists again. I tried turning the computer off and on again but again the problem continues. how I can find whats constantly loading/causing the flashing loading icon next to my mouse?

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Browser/Email :: Google Chrome - Get Blank Page With Spinning Circle That Says Loading

Aug 2, 2015

Downloaded and installed 10 successfully, but when I try to open Chrome, I get a blank page with the spinning circle that says "loading". Tried to contact Microsoft customer support and was on hold for more than an hour.

The only reason I am able to post here is that I un-installed it and I'm back to Windows 7.

I primarily use the computer for internet access, word processing and e-mail.

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Getting Windows Boot Menu Screen Every Time System Is Loading

Oct 20, 2015

Recently I've installed Windows 10 on a Dell Inspiron 17. It had had a preinstalled Ubuntu. When installing Windows, I deleted the Ubuntu partition, leaving only the one for system recovery and the one called DIAGS, I think.

Now everytime the system is loading, for a split second I get the Windows Boot Menu screen that's cut from the top. See : [URL] ....

After that, the system loads just fine. What is it and how do I get rid of it?

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Slow Boot / Black Screen Long Log In

Nov 26, 2015

After upgrading to W10, I've had nothing but issues since day one. Restarting is always a pain because after booting past the Windows 10 logo, I end up with a black screen for about 1-2 minutes, followed by the login prompt. After which, I'm istting at another black screen and then the desktop, very slowly, loads in. It'll show the taskbar, then the few icons, then the Windows theme plays.It just seems way to slow for this to be normal. I've tried everything I can think of up front.

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Spinning Dots At Boot Up

Sep 22, 2015

I have win 10 x64 on a Dell XPS 8700. It had Win 8.1. Been on Win 10 since release. Today my son went to reboot the computer and at boot, just got spinning dots. He turned it off, same thing. Got to a diagnostic and it said it could not repair. So I decided to use Acronis 2016 to restore the weekly image from Sunday. Acronis said restore was successful, but same thing, Just spinning dots under the dell logo.

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Spinning Dots At Boot Up

Sep 23, 2015

I have win 10 x64 on a Dell XPS 8700. It had Win 8.1. Been on Win 10 since release. Today my son went to reboot the computer and at boot, just got spinning dots. He turned it off, same thing. Got to a diagnostic and it said it could not repair. So I decided to use Acronis 2016 to restore the weekly image from Sunday. Acronis said restore was successful, but same thing, Just spinning dots under the dell logo.

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Screen Flashes After Startup

Jan 15, 2016

I'm having a weird issue since i installed windows 10, After installing, drivers, apps, etc., suddenly after using the PC for a few days, after startup apps finish loading and everything, when i try to open any application (browser, explorer, something with uac prompt, anything..) The screen flashes and turns off for a second and then everything come back to normal, This is my 2nd fresh installation for windows 10, I thought there could be something wrong with the drivers, i double checked them, I even replaced all of the apps that i used to have! , spent lots of time to look for alternatives (Avira instead of Kaspersky, 7zip instead of WinRAR, etc.),

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Screen Flashes Every 30 Seconds

Aug 4, 2015

Windows 10 installed beautifully and seems to run fast on my Toshiba laptop but the screen flashes every 30 seconds. When it flashes it looks like a small window opens and closes immediately. Any dialogue box open is reset, and there is disk activity. 2 tasks pop up to the top of the list in Task Manager: dwm.exe and explorer.exe. It happens all the time, whether there are any applications open or not.

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Performance :: Slow Web Page Loading

Feb 23, 2016

Normally when i use the net all is fine. Noticed today when i run a video convertor programme in the background the loading of web pages is extremely slow. Stop Freemake video convertor and page loading is normal speed. I assumed it was memory, did memtest and no errors found. CPU monitor sits on 100%. Had similar problem with Villisoft last week. Time for a new CPU methinks but having said that would 100% cpu usage slow down webpage loading to that degree.

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Slow Loading Desktop And Freezing

Oct 1, 2015

So for the past month I been having issues with logging in my computer. It would load my desktop slowly or freeze if I leave it the I see the mouse with the loading icon and it will load for an hour. I try restarting multi times. I also went into safe mode and it loads fine I disabled all my auto start up programs and tried logging in normally and still takes the same amount of time. This hasn't happened since a month or two ago.. I also tried turning off the fast boot thing.Also I want to try reinstalling windows ten how can I go about doing so if I don't own the disc becasue the upgrade offer. I can only use my pc in safe mode as its not starting up correctly.

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Slow Or Not Loading At All Webpages On Speedy PC?

Feb 18, 2016

Have 6 month old pc that runs very quick with ssd and win10 , a week ago started to get slow loading webpages and some not at all.
Have used defender which did find something on my wifes user and cleaned it and then nothing after or on  MWB . PC is generally running as fast as ever and fibre is coming in at 40/20mb .

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Machine Automatically Upgraded And Hangs On Boot With Spinning Dots

Mar 19, 2016

I've got a Windows 10 machine that was automatically upgraded from Windows 8.1. It was working fine for a few months. Suddenly it just hangs on boot. It gets to the blue screen with the spinning white dots. Pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del brings me to the login screen but with only a restart and shutdown option. I can boot into safe mode, but I don't know what to do there.

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Screen Flashes At Start Up Menu

Jul 31, 2015

After installing Windows 10 my laptop screen is flashing during thw start up menu. Some of the icons are loaded, others are not. The screen flashes constantly. I have not attempted to go into safe mode yet. My laptop met all the requirements for an upgrage so I am frustrated todaay with this.

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Performance :: File Explorer Slow / Never Loading

Aug 12, 2015

Ok so since upgrading from 7 to 10 file explorer has been a absolute nightmare! Everything was either incredibly slow, didn't happen or only partially load. After enduring this to this day I have decided enough is enough and started diagnosing by limiting the startup services using MSconfig.

After going through enabling startup services groups at the time and restarting the computer everytime! Eventually I found the service that was causing the problems with file explorer. The service is called Windows search and once disabled it restored functionality to file explorer. The search function in file explorer works but the search in the taskbar doesn't.

Step by step guide:
1. Hold Win+r to open run
2. Type msconfig and hit ok or enter
3. Click Services
4. Navigate to Windows search (you can sort the list in descending alphabetical order)
5. Uncheck tickbox
6. Click apply then ok
7. Select to restart now

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Screen Background Flashes When Performing Functions

Dec 7, 2015

Why my monitor screen background flashes when performing functions in Windows 10? 

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File Explorer Slow With Loading Thumbnails And Files

Aug 3, 2015

I installed Windows 10 last week as an upgrade from Windows 7, and the internet part is working good. But something with the file explorer didn't work. The Document, Pictures, Music, and Video files are still there, but the thumbnails load slowly, or not at all. If it means anything, there's a green bar that slowly moves across the top of the screen.

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