Random Shutdown At Loading Screen

Jul 31, 2015

Since I updated to windows 10 from windows 7 I have been getting a weird shutdown that happens at the windows 10 loading screen. My computer will just shut off from there. But if I try again a second time it loads without issue and I am able to do intensive tasks. It also does not happen when i restart the computer only after shutting down. My temperatures on my gpu, cpu and gpu are normal. What could be causing this. Never had these issues with windows 7.

Things I tried
-updating windows 10
-update my bios to the latest version
-checked for viruses

p9x79 pro
8gb of ram
gtx 770 4gb
i7 3820
Corsair HX850 PSU

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Random Shutdown / Restart

Sep 8, 2015

Okay so I've upgraded and use windows 10 for about 2 weeks now. All is fine until I've experienced this random shutdown where the computer turns off completely in a splitsecond then reboots itself.No BSODs, no warnings at all. Recently, it's been shutting itself down and reboots itself but won't even make it to the login screen before it shuts itself down again and this will continue in a loop. I had to turn off the plug and turn it back on. It will prompt a system restore which the computer will work fine for a while after the system restore. I assume this problem is because of windows 10 because I have not experienced this problem when I was using windows 8.1.

My Specs:

Intel Core i5-4590 3.3Ghz
Kingston HyperX 8GB 2x
ZOTAC Geforece GTX970
Samsung 840EVO SSD 256GB (Boot drive)
WD Caviar Blue 1TB

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BSOD :: Random Shutdown / Restart (No Warning)

Aug 15, 2015

Here's some background; for the first few days Windows 10 was fine, no problems what so ever but then it I was just listening to music browsing the web, no games or any cpu/ram intensive stuff running and all of a sudden my music stops and then I get taken straight to my bios screen as my PC just restarts out of nowhere. As it is starting up however it shows the black screen with the Windows logo in the middle and the loading circles spinning round, then it shows a black screen and I hear the sound of Windows starting up, wait a few seconds and it says "Configuring updates" or "Configuring Windows" (can't quite remember) Anyway, as it comes back on it I get a little notification saying Windows updates were installed. Then 5 or so mintues later it does it again. Either it's coincidence or it has something to do with it but for a few hours when I was playing GTA V nothing happened for the rest of that time of my PC being loaded.

Again, I was watching an MP4 (I use VLC Player if that has anything to do with it) and it blue screens out of nowhere (I can't remember the exact reason but I've uploaded the crash dumps here [URL] .... ) dunno if the blue screen has anything to do with the random crashing

TL;DR: Windows 10 keeps randomly turning itself off without warning, sometimes going straight to the bios screen and loading back up sometimes just completely off and requires me to turn it back on.

Long crash dumps link: [URL] .....

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Random Shutdown / Sometimes Reboots - No BSOD Or Memory Dump Files

Oct 13, 2015

I have been fighting with my computer for about four weeks now, and I am not getting anywhere. In a nutshell, my computer started to randomly shut down and seldom reboot. There are no specific patterns I notice, except that when I try to find out what's going on the random reboots/shut downs happen more frequently (3-5 time per hour). When I just use the computer, it lasts longer without any issues. I may get between 1-4 hours. No BSOD and no error.

Now when the computer shuts down, it is a hard shut down. It is as if I turned off the power button from the PSU itself and turned it back because when I turn the computer back on, it turns on briefly and shuts down again, turns on again, beeps the all things okay beep, and boots to window. It is worth noting that this behavior started happening without adding any new hardware, software, or driver.

Here's what I have done so far to try to ameliorate/diagnose the issue.

1) I reset the PC - Here's my post on that issue if you want to take a look.
2) I did a clean install - (truly clean install).
3) I boot into the Bios, and it stills reboot/shut down (this causes me to suspect a hardware issue, but what?).
4) I open the case and ensure that everything is properly seated on the MOBO.
5) I cleaned out the PC of dust
6) My temperatures are normal, no overheating going on.
7) I ran ad-ware/spyware check - nothing has been found.
8) I ran a virus check (yes, with windows defender) - nothing came up. I don't think it's a virus since the problem continues even after a clean install.
9) It's not a lack of power issue. My PSU is 1000W and I am not using that much power.
10) I did a stress test for over an hour, and everything was normal (this causes me to doubt it is a hardware problem).
11) I am sure I have done more than the before mentioned steps, but I can't remember them all.

At this point, I suspect my issue might be hardware related; however, I really do not know what this could be, and I do not want to start buying new hardwares (i.e. PSU) without knowing what the issue really is, particularly when it endured a stress test without any issues. I thought of applying a thermal paste/grease on the CPU, but since I am not overheating I don't think that's necessary. So, I am at a lost on what my next steps should be. I am not savvy enough on reading memory dumps files... my computer is not generating any of those files anyway. But I know I can force my computer to generate them.

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Stuck In Loop Flashing Between Lock Screen And Gray Loading Screen

Aug 24, 2015

I upgraded to Win 10 on Friday, and since, despite several resetting PC attempts, Win 10 will not load to the login screen. Instead, it is stuck on a loop flashing between the lock screen and a gray loading screen quickly back to the lock screen -- instead of loading to the login screen. This only happens when I attempt to restart or update my PC. If I go to the lock screen because I locked my PC or it fell asleep, I can unlock it. I have also attempted to reset my PC to the previous build, to no avail. I have no restore points.

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Networking :: Lose WiFi Connection After Screen Re-enable / After Timed Screen Shutdown

Jan 31, 2016

I have an Insignia 8" tablet that I use to listen to an internet radio station. WiFi connection to my 2Wire 3801HGV router. I have it powered by the AC charger. I have the display to turn off after 5 minutes, never to go into sleep mode when powered by AC. After the 5 minutes the display is turned off, the music continues as expected and will continue for hours. But if I try to do anything I loose my WiFi.Right after the screen is shut off I can enable it again with a stroke. Then the music stops. I no longer have internet access.

Network settings says I still am connected but somewhere the connection is broken. I disconnect from my router and then try to reconnect and it will not. I get, Checking Network Requirements, Can't connect to this Network. The only way I have been able to get connected is to do a restart. I have not found any settings that have been useful. All it should be doing is shutting off the screen. Not go into any other sleep or power down state.

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Infinite Loading Screen

Aug 3, 2015

When I boot up windows 10 it goes into a loading screen with a purple (my accent color) background and loads forever. This was completely random after a normal restart, it had worked fine up till now.

I made a windows 10 installation disk to acess repair options. Tried every single option on it with no luck (including scf scan, dskchk, and other CMD prompts) every one gives some sort of error or reason for not working, what can I do? I can get the specific error messages for a few methods if needed but it's very time consuming as my usb stick keeps giving an error after a few reboots of messing with command prompts, and I have to redownload windows 10 let it verify and copy over to the drive which is an hour long process.

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PC Stuck On Loading Screen

Aug 12, 2015

I was resetting(wiping all my personal files) my windows 10 pc last night and it was stuck on 2% so i left it over night and in the morning it was the same so i decided to turn it off and on and when I turned it on it gave me the option to run windows 10 so i clicked it and my pc started turning on and then the starting screen comes up saying Lenovo and it just stays like that.

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Loading Screen Appears Twice?

Mar 8, 2016

When I restart my PC and get to the Windows loading screen (the one with circle that is spinning) after few seconds a black screens appeares for a moment and after that once again I see the spinning circle (loading screen). But this time the circle is lagging. After that I see wait a moment text and aftert that a I normally get to the Windows but it just simply takes a while. This happened to me out of nowhere (it used to boot normally until yesterday). I reinstalled OS and I have got still the same problem. I chcecked my HDD with HDD regenerator and it showed no bad sectors or delays.

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PC Stuck At Loading Screen

Aug 12, 2015

I was resetting(wiping all my personal files) my windows 10 pc last night and it was stuck on 2% so i left it over night and in the morning it was the same so i decided to turn it off and on and when i turned it on it gave me the option to run windows 10 so i clicked it and my pc started turning on and then the starting screen comes up saying Lenovo and it just stays like that.

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PC Get To Loading Windows Screen And Then Reboots

Dec 6, 2015

Every time I switch on my PC I get to the loading Windows screen and then my PC reboots, it only does this once and on second boot it boots into Windows fine, even tried a fresh install on Windows and it's still the same, can't see anything in the event log only this.

The last shutdown's success status was false. The last boot's success status was false. All drives are up to date, PC running fine with no issues apart from the above, I don't use sleep or hibernate and power to the PC is switched off from the mains.

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Loading Screen Before Login Is Too Slow

Aug 10, 2015

I upgraded from Win 8.1 to Win 10 on my desktop computer. When I restart windows the boot went well, after that, a blue loading screen with a loading circle in the middle take too much time to load. It takes around 5-7 minutes before the Login appears (the login where you enter your password).
Is there a way to fix it and to make it faster? 5-7 minutes is too long. (I already have Fast Boot checked)
Build is 10240 ...

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Loading Screen / Go Black Then Reboots

Oct 23, 2015

So a few days ago I installed Windows Vista after Windows 7 wouldn't work and I couldn't figure out how to fix it. Vista worked fine, but after a day I somehow managed to shut off the pc while it was updating. I thought it wouldn't be that bad, but it was. When I booted Vista, it would show the normal loading screen and after that the screen would go black for 1 minute. Then the pc reboots itself.

I thought I could fix this by putting Windows 10 on a cd and installing it, but it didn't. At first I got an error from my monitor saying that Windows' resolution was too high for my monitor (my monitor's max is 1024x1080) so I went into safe mode and changed it.

I thought it would finally work, but again it didn't. It showed the same error from Vista; normal Windows 10 loading screen, goes black, reboots.

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BIOS Not Showing Up On Initial Loading Screen

Sep 2, 2015

When I first started windows (windows XP) i always entered the BIOS through the use of the f keys at what i call the "initial boot menu" as i got older i jumped with the changes with windows and now i am at windows 10 after making the jump from 8.1 .

However I noticed my option on the "initial start up menu" to load up BIOS instead of my OS is no longer present and i must always go through the windows system to access it. while this is not always a problem , it is now that i am required as a college student to use multiple OS , i must now use a dual boot system, which is severely impractical with what seems to be the newest versions of windows forcing me to go through their system to access the BIOS menu.

Is there something wrong here software wise in the windows 10 operating system that i dont know ? or is this a common thing for more modern versions of the OS?

I have tried troubleshooting in a few ways with no results in bringing back my option to Boot the BIOS but this is what i have tried so far

Turned off "fast startup "
reset the BIOS/CMOS by "setting to defaults in the BIOS menu"....

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Installation :: Stuck On Loading Windows Screen

Jun 28, 2015

I tried to upgrade my Windows 7 laptop to Windows 10 but after it restarted, it got stuck on the loading screen.

Windows 10 (x86 build 10130)

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Endless Loading Screen Preventing Login

Mar 10, 2016

Both of the last two cumulative updates have resulted in the endless loading circles with the solid color background, right before the login textbox. Before I was restoring to before the update to fix the problem. I also used the show/hide update tool to prevent the update from installing again. But yesterday's cumulative update has the same problem. Any way to fix it without reinstalling windows? If I wait 8 hours or so, I can usually log in, though the screen locking after 15 minutes has the same issue.

I can remote desktop in from an android tablet.I can press ctrl alt del and restart from the endless loading screen.I have tried the dism and sfc commands, neither of which worked.I have also tried turning off fast boot and disabling my video cards. 

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Stuck At White Circle For Loading Screen

Nov 5, 2015

I installed Windows 10 on my HP 15044NR laptop (2013) model that came originally with Windows 8.1. I get the image at the bottom of the screen whenever it has to be restarted. I have a 32 bit PC. I can only use it if I reinstall Windows 10.

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Stuck At Loading Screen After Clean Install

Dec 15, 2015

it was time to format and clean install Windows 10 on my PC.

After I deleted my SSD in partition manager (in the windows 10 installation process) and create all new partition for my new install, I installed my windows 10 x64 Home edition and when everything is installed and computer automaticly restarts it won't go further than loading screen... I was waiting for 20+ minutes and nothing (i have good enought pc that I should not wait that much..)

I tried 2-3 clean installes after that and nothing changed (process of installation is normal but when it comes to loading screen after automatic restart - it s(t)ucks..)

When I try to make automatic repair or something like that it says somethink like this partition is locked and it can be done ..

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After Initial Dell Loading Screen Computer Restarts

Nov 8, 2015

After upgrading to windows 10, I was able to use it. But, when I tried turning my computer back on the next day, it would restart after the Dell loading screen would go away. It will go through this reboot cycle and never end. Ive tried pulling up the advanced boot options but it never works. The only things I can boot up are the regular boot options and the start up options. When going into the boot options I ran the scan that you can do (I forgot what it was called) and it said that everything was fine, that there were no problems. Im unsure as to why this problem started, or, how to fix it.

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No Screen Shutdown When USB Hub Is Plugged In

Oct 1, 2015

I set my screen to turn off after ten minutes but it doesn't shut off. Today I read somewhere that it could be because I have a USB hub plugged in. Sure enough I unplugged the Hub and my screen shuts down as I have set it up to do. I need what is plugged into my hub and it is a real hassle to reboot my machine when I plug the Hub back in. I have also noticed one more thing and that is that programs that run in the back ground for instance Seti @ Home slows way down since the screen stays on.

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Store Doesn't Open - Blue Screen Comes Up Meaning It Is Loading

Aug 2, 2015

My windows 10 store doesn't open. When I click it, the blue screen comes up meaning its loading but it closes while loading. I had restarted my laptop and it continues to happen. 

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Computer Turns On Show Loading Screen For About 5 Seconds And Then Goes Blank

Aug 2, 2015

So I upgraded to Windows 10 and I was using it and shut down my computer. Now my computer turns on but won't load anything. It shows the windows loading screen for about 5 seconds and then goes blank and sits that way till I turn it off and restart.

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Unable To Get Past Loading Screen - How To Get Into Safe Mode Without Restart

Oct 16, 2015

I installed Windows 10 on a MS Vista OS, Viao laptop about a month ago. Everything has been fine. I've been learning how to use Windows 10, and have been more or less happy with it.

On October 16, 1015, I booted the laptop just like I do every morning around 8:30 am. I got past the loading screen, got the Loading screen photo image, and then the login screen. I logged in, and got an alert that Windows 10 updates were available. Since I had 30 some minutes before I needed to actually USE the machine I told it to update. I clicked the update button, and Windows 10 partially logged me out to do the update. When windows restarted, I got past the loading screen, and got to the Login screen.

But after putting in my Windows credentials, I got a blue screen with a white circle progress indicator, and it sat like that for about 20 minutes.

I restarted by pressing the power button, but am now unable to even to the loading screen. As soon as I hear the "booting windows" sound, the blue screen with the white circle progress indicator comes up. I've tried this about 5 times, letting it sit for about 30 minutes each time.

I am trying to find a way to get into safe mode without the use of the "restart" function, but either that data doesn't exist or I am not using the correct search terms to find it.

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Getting Windows Boot Menu Screen Every Time System Is Loading

Oct 20, 2015

Recently I've installed Windows 10 on a Dell Inspiron 17. It had had a preinstalled Ubuntu. When installing Windows, I deleted the Ubuntu partition, leaving only the one for system recovery and the one called DIAGS, I think.

Now everytime the system is loading, for a split second I get the Windows Boot Menu screen that's cut from the top. See : [URL] ....

After that, the system loads just fine. What is it and how do I get rid of it?

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Screen Flashes Once And Slow Loading Circle Of Dots When Boot Up

Nov 15, 2015

Yesterday, after getting infected with malware, I decided to freshly reinstall windows 10 on my computer. However, after reinstalling it, I noticed that my bootup was very slow. During the windows logo part of the bootup, the screen flashes once, and the loading circle of dots becomes slow and low quality. Afterwards, the screen turns black for ~40 seconds, and then I get to the login screen.. And sometimes, I get that issue after logging in.

What didn't load in my bootlog:
BOOTLOG_LOADED SystemRootSystem32driversdxgkrnl.sys
BOOTLOG_NOT_LOADED SystemRootSystem32driversdxgkrnl.sys
BOOTLOG_NOT_LOADED SystemRootSystem32driversdxgkrnl.sys
BOOTLOG_NOT_LOADED SystemRootSystem32driversdxgkrnl.sys
BOOTLOG_NOT_LOADED SystemRootSystem32driversdxgkrnl.sys
BOOTLOG_LOADED SystemRootsystem32driversWdFilter.sys
BOOTLOG_NOT_LOADED SystemRootsystem32driversWdFilter.sys

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No Shutdown Option From Within Lock Screen?

Sep 12, 2015

For some reason I have not got the shutdown options within the Lock Screen. They are only in the login but I want to have them in the Lock Screen as I may find myself unable to access login screen sometime in the future. I would like to have that functionality.

I have confirmed the option in my Security Policies is set to disabled but I'm guessing this is not the correct setting. I know it's possible but cannot find the option at the moment. I'm guessing it is most likely in the registry somewhere but have not checked there as yet.

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