Shutdown Slow - Screen And Keyboard Turn Off Normally

Aug 9, 2015

Just upgraded (via Windows Update) from Win 7 Pro to Windows 10.Upgrade generally went smoothly, but....My PC now shuts down very slowly and oddly. The screen and keyboard turn off normally, in a few seconds, but the system box (fans, etc.) remain on for about 2-3 minutes longer. What the system is doing while this is going on!

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Drivers/Hardware :: Keyboard Control To Turn Screen Back On After Timeout?

Nov 27, 2015

Tuning an HP All-In-One pc with wired keyboard. In Power Settings I can't see any choice of a key to resurrect the display after a timeout. I'd like to set it to spacebar. Or maybe Enter. What the default key should be?

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Mouse And Keyboard Will Turn On For About 20 Seconds Then Turn Off

Nov 27, 2015

I am having problems with me Mouse and key board, on boot up they will turn on for about 20 seconds then turn off. Then a error comes up,inaccessible_ boot_drive. But if I restart my pc the mouse and keyboard will do the same thing but instead of the error I get, choose keyboard layout, and a list of options but I cant choose them because the mouse isn't working. This all started happening after I upgraded my power supple but I when I put my old power supple in I had the same problem. I have windows 10and I have tried using different keyboards and different usb ports.

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Can't Turn Off Except For A Hard Shutdown

Sep 7, 2015

I've installed Windows 10 just fine, with the latest Nvidia Win 10 driver, however when I reboot my system nothing works, not the start menu, not the apps, they do nothing, can't shut down except for a hard shutdown, after the hard shutdown the start menu and apps work fine until the next shutdown,

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Slow Start And Shutdown

Dec 4, 2015

W7 used to be fairly slow to start, about 2 minutes, but it shut down pretty quickly. Since "upgrading " to W10 my PC takes about 3 minutes to boot and even longer to shut down. Unless I can leave it, I usually just switch it off after about 30 seconds.

In other forums I have heard reports of boot times ranging from super fast (15-30 seconds) to funereal (5 - 10 minutes and then some). How to speed this up?

I was thinking that a clean re-install would be the best solution, but since this was the free upgrade, I don't have a copy to re-install. Maybe do a clean re-install of W7 and let MS upgrade it again (maybe!) 

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Slow Startup And Shutdown

Aug 20, 2015

I thought W7 was slow to boot, about 2 and a half minutes, but W10 is even longer, over 3 minutes.

W7 shut down fairly quickly, but W10 is taking as long, if not longer, than it does to start up.

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How To Turn Off Power Of USBs After PC Shutdown

Oct 5, 2015

few days ago I installed Windows 10 pro from Windows 7 ultimate. Since installation of Windows 10 my keyboard and mouse remain powered after shut down PC(lights on). I have never had this issue before on W7.

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Slow Boot And Shutdown Time

Jul 30, 2015

10 doesn't seem to be booting very nicely. What I mean is that it seems to be having a difficult time initilizing my SSD, so upon boot I get a blank black screen for anywhere from 60-180 seconds, where the primary drive activity LED is inactive, before it actually boots. This could be problematic, because I need it to both boot and shut down very quickly since I use my laptop for class; no sleep mode, either, because my system is old and batteries no longer work with my mobo.

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Dell 15-3521 Laptop Automatically Turn On Whenever Shutdown

Jul 31, 2015

I have Dell 15-3521 and it was working perfectly with no issues like this, now as the new update of Windows 10 is automatically installed, now after upgrading to Windows 10 whenever i shutdown my laptop it automatically turns itself ON. It is happening after upgrading to Windows 10. Whenever i shut it down it turn it self on after some time. Their is no task in Task Management which could turn it ON.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Mouse And Keyboard Stop Working After Long Period Of PC Being Shutdown

Jan 19, 2016

I just recently updated. I then created a boot disk and performed a clean install. I use a Razor Black Widow Ultimate keyboard and a Logitech G9x laser mouse. I can reboot, I can shut down and restart and everything seems to work fine. But, after leaving the pc off all night and start in the morning I have no mouse or keyboard. This has happened Saturday morning, Sunday morning and yet again today. Fortunately, I have Acronis backup of my install, so when this happens I just re-image the hard drive and start searching for solutions again.

I have the latest Logitech mouse drivers and running Razor Synapse for keyboard software.

The latest thing I have done is disable fast boot but have not had it shut down long enough to see if it fixes the issue.

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Keyboard Input Very Slow Must Hold Key Down For One Second Or Press Repeatedly

Mar 18, 2016

I have a new problem, and it is with keyboard input. I have to type very slowly to get my keystrokes to actually get entered. I need to hold down each key for at least one full second or press the key several times to type each keystroke. This occurs on all four keyboards I tried including a wireless Logitech that I'm using to type this. PC is Dell 560, OS Windows 10 Home. The PC is practically useless like this.

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Keyboard Slow To Respond - Keys Have To Be Pressed Very Slowly To Work

Aug 7, 2015

I have installed windows 10 from windows 7 and now I have problems with my laptop keyboard, it affects all keys. The keys have to be pressed very slowly to work. I rebooted yesterday and it was ok for a while then the problem returned. It has taken me 6 minutes to type this in. 

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Performance :: Keyboard Repeat Rate Becomes (Slow) Every Time Computer Starts

Dec 6, 2015

I'm facing a very weird problem with Windows 10 on my new laptop. Every time I boot up or even wake from hibernate, my keyboard repeat rate gets reset to the slowest setting. I notice this only when I start using word or email.

The weirder thing is, in the keyboard settings window the setting would always be shown as "Fast", but actually it would be slow. To make it fast, I have to drag it to slow and then to fast again.

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Networking :: Lose WiFi Connection After Screen Re-enable / After Timed Screen Shutdown

Jan 31, 2016

I have an Insignia 8" tablet that I use to listen to an internet radio station. WiFi connection to my 2Wire 3801HGV router. I have it powered by the AC charger. I have the display to turn off after 5 minutes, never to go into sleep mode when powered by AC. After the 5 minutes the display is turned off, the music continues as expected and will continue for hours. But if I try to do anything I loose my WiFi.Right after the screen is shut off I can enable it again with a stroke. Then the music stops. I no longer have internet access.

Network settings says I still am connected but somewhere the connection is broken. I disconnect from my router and then try to reconnect and it will not. I get, Checking Network Requirements, Can't connect to this Network. The only way I have been able to get connected is to do a restart. I have not found any settings that have been useful. All it should be doing is shutting off the screen. Not go into any other sleep or power down state.

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No Screen Shutdown When USB Hub Is Plugged In

Oct 1, 2015

I set my screen to turn off after ten minutes but it doesn't shut off. Today I read somewhere that it could be because I have a USB hub plugged in. Sure enough I unplugged the Hub and my screen shuts down as I have set it up to do. I need what is plugged into my hub and it is a real hassle to reboot my machine when I plug the Hub back in. I have also noticed one more thing and that is that programs that run in the back ground for instance Seti @ Home slows way down since the screen stays on.

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Random Shutdown At Loading Screen

Jul 31, 2015

Since I updated to windows 10 from windows 7 I have been getting a weird shutdown that happens at the windows 10 loading screen. My computer will just shut off from there. But if I try again a second time it loads without issue and I am able to do intensive tasks. It also does not happen when i restart the computer only after shutting down. My temperatures on my gpu, cpu and gpu are normal. What could be causing this. Never had these issues with windows 7.

Things I tried
-updating windows 10
-update my bios to the latest version
-checked for viruses

p9x79 pro
8gb of ram
gtx 770 4gb
i7 3820
Corsair HX850 PSU

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No Shutdown Option From Within Lock Screen?

Sep 12, 2015

For some reason I have not got the shutdown options within the Lock Screen. They are only in the login but I want to have them in the Lock Screen as I may find myself unable to access login screen sometime in the future. I would like to have that functionality.

I have confirmed the option in my Security Policies is set to disabled but I'm guessing this is not the correct setting. I know it's possible but cannot find the option at the moment. I'm guessing it is most likely in the registry somewhere but have not checked there as yet.

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Performance :: OS Hang At Shutdown Screen?

Jan 11, 2016

What would cause a windows 10 OS to hang at the Shutdown screen? It just keeps spinning. My on off button won't shut the PC off. This just happened last night. I first did the Start Menut>Power>Shutdown. It took me to the Blue shutdown page and just hung there. It did not completely shut down. I tried the on/off button. That didn't work so I had to shut off the power strip to shut it off.

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Shutdown Screen No Longer Displays

Nov 5, 2015

After doing a repair via SFC /scannow I noticed that the shutdown screen no longer displays during shutdown. The Shutting down splash screen displays, then the monitor goes dark. The screen that shows the processes that are hanging with the option to force shutdown no longer displays.

Is there a registry or other setting that will fix this?

I also made some registry changes (after the above) suggested by a magazine but they don't seem to be working. For example, to enable jump lists in the start menu, it said to add a DWORD called EnableXamlJumpView with a value of 1. I did this but no Jump lists. 

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Customization :: Change Colour Of Shutdown / Log-off Screen?

Nov 23, 2015

I know how to change the colour of the log on screen but not the log off screen

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Customization :: Change Colour Of Log Off / Shutdown / Restarting Screen?

Sep 8, 2015

As the title says, i want the log off screen colour to be different to my accent colour.

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BSOD :: Black Screen Requiring Hard Shutdown

Jan 1, 2016

My pc is still running when it somehow crashes my monitor switches off to a black screen showing no signal pc requires hard shut down to turn off sometimes even flipping switch on power supply for it to shut down. I have a verifier file to this post but im unsure if it shows the issue as the problem is not showing up as an event. the problem seems to be at random instead of being provoked I restored back to a windows update for 12/25/15 instead of before verifier to see if problem persists after a critical update was installed.

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How To Turn Off PIN Screen

Sep 12, 2015

How can I remove the login screen? Is there a workaround or do I need to sign off completely from MS account? It would be perfect if I could somehow just remove it from startup. Ill explain you what I mean, when I turn on the PC I want it to boot up without me entering a PIN otherwise the programs on background wont start. But when the PC is already running and I am away from it I would prefer if the PIN function is working. But if its not possible I want it to disable completely.

My PC is set to turn on by itself at 9:00 AM so some important programs can boot up while I am not at home but they wont cause there's noone to enter the PIN right?

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Can't Get Screensaver To Come On Or Screen To Turn Off

Aug 31, 2015

Any fix to get the screensaver to work or the very least to get the screen to turn off. I have the screen saver set to 4 minutes of inactivity and The screen to turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

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Can't Turn On PC After Screen Turned Off

Nov 30, 2015

I have a PC with the following configuration:

Intel Core I5-4460 Haswell 3.2GHz
HyperX Fury Blu 1x8GB DDR3 1866MHz CL10 1.5V
Kingston SSDNow V300 240GB + SAMSUNG Spinpoint F1 HD753LJ 750GB
SeaSonic S12II Bronze 620W
Cooler Master Haf 912 Compact

I always used to set the turn off display after 2 or 3 minutes, everything was working fine with my old PC but after the new PC whenever the screen is turned off i can't turn it on again buy using the mouse or keyboard.

This problem was while using windows 8.1 and after installing windows 10 pro the problem is still there.

Tried turn off hibernate solution but with no luck.

Connection with monitor is throw HDMI cable with the internal Intel 4600 VGA Card

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Performance :: Sleep Mode / Black Screen - Computer Keeps Running - Force Shutdown

Sep 26, 2015

My laptop, running Windows Ten from a clean install, has issues with the sleep function. About once a day, when I either put the computer to sleep or when it does it on its own, the screen will go black but the computer will not stop running. All the lights are on, the fan and disks keep running. Nothing works to turn the screen back on and my only option becomes to force a shut down.

I've tried tweaking all the power options in various ways, I've tried disabling/enabling hibernation/fast start and I've searched for an answer but I do not have one.

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