Suddenly Encrypting Files?

Feb 23, 2016

Yesterday I spent some time consolidating files from three external hard drives down to two. Somewhere along the line Windows started prompting me to backup my encryption key. Why, since I didn't ask for any encryption. Bitlocker is off for all drives.

Then I performed a full backup of my D (data) drive using the "copy hard drive" function in Paragon Hard Disk Manager. And, as I have done before, I replaced my existing D drive with the backup.

I've used that software many times to make the backup and I've never specified encryption in the process. I don't even know if it's possible in Paragon. Yet, somehow, I have encrypted files on the (new) D drive, so every time I boot up I get a prompt to backup the key. I actually did the key backup once, figuring "what the heck," but the prompt still appears.

I ran cipher /u to see what might be encrypted and got a list of encrypted files on the (new) D drive, and Windows reports that every one of them "could not be decrypted." About half are PDFs in my Documents folder, and others are various file types in other folders.

Also, when I run a search in File Explorer on that drive, when the requested files come up they have blank icons, no folder path, and don't do anything when I double-click them.

What's going on here? The logical assumption would be that I encrypted some files, but I can't begin to imagine how, or why only some of the files on that drive are encrypted. I hope putting the first D drive back in the computer will take care of this in the short term, but that won't tell me how any files were encrypted. I don't want to encrypt any files right now, and I want this nonsense to stop.

EDIT: It seems that entire folders were encrypted. I tried decrypting a few of them, and the results are hit-or-miss. Some work, but others don't, and there's no explanation.

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Antivirus :: Can Shut Down PC While Bit Locker Is Encrypting

Jan 5, 2016

What would happen if my computer shuts down while BitLocker is encrypting my data partition drive? It takes ages!I am running Windows 10 Pro.

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Suddenly Can't Run Bat Files As Administrator

Sep 14, 2015

If I right click on a bat file, and Run as Administrator, all I get is a brief flash (perhaps a command window?). Just double clicking on it runs as expected (though not elevated, which is what I need). If I open an elevated command window and run the bat file within that window it works fine.

Tested with a simple bat file (echo "hello", pause). Same results.

WIn10 Home build 10240, administrator user account

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MOV Files Suddenly Stop Working

Sep 23, 2015

Up until a few days ago I was able to import .MOV files from my iPhone 5 to my Windows 10 computer and play them with the default 'Films & TV' app. For some reason my computer now hates this file type. It wont play any audio unless its through the slow Quicktime media player, even vlc doesn't work. Also I edit these video with Sony Vegas Pro 13 and now whenever I drag them onto the timeline the video corrupts and screen freezes!! 

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Suddenly Can't Open Any Folders

Oct 8, 2015

I can't open "This PC" or any other folder that is on my desktop. File Explorer won't function either. Whether I double-click, or do a right-click and choose "Run", all that happens is the little hourglass comes on for 1/10th of a second. If I do a right-click, choose properties, and click on "Open Target Location", my entire screen goes black for 2 seconds and then comes back with icons repopulating the window slowly. In fact, this is my second time composing this message, because my Edge Browser crashed the first time, because I did the "Open Target Location" during composition, just to make sure it wasn't a one time anomaly.

This inability started 2 days ago. Since then, I've tried:

1. The SFC ScanNow. Everything is Fine.
2. Running complete boot-time scans using Avast and Malwarebytes. No Viruses, Adware, etc..
3. System Restore. Surprisingly only one Restore Point was there, and it was only 10 hours old. Not back far enough.
4. Burned the latest Windows10 ISO to DVD and Reinstalled Windows...keeping all files/settings. Four hours invested in doing this last night... made no difference.

Still can't open any Folders or "This PC". All the other right-click functions work, except for "OPEN". All other aspects of this P.C. work great, just like they did before this one major problem suddenly appeared. This shouldn't be THAT big of a deal to fix. Never had problems even remotely like this in Windows 7 or even Vista. What should I do next?

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Performance :: Optimization Not Available Suddenly On SSD

Aug 12, 2015

I have a strange problem. Suddenly optimization is not available for my SSD partitions in the Win 10 defrag tool. Before you say defrag is not done on SSD let me say that I checked and the Win 10 tool auto detects its SSD and preforms TRIM commands instead of normal defrag if it's a SSD so it should be working better yet the screenshot shows it did run on 5.8.2015 .. then suddenly it become unavailable. I haven't changed anything let me say: Now I checked that TRIM is indeed enabled and should be working proven with the below screen:

I also ran the "WinSAT formal" command again and made sure "optimize service" is running in services.. I don't really know what this could be,.. the drive is a Samsung SSD 850 EVO on a normal PC, I have AHCI mode enabled in bios. Is this possibly a problem because I upgraded from 8.1 and didn't do a clean install? You think it would fix the problem if I clean installed? Is TRIM working or this optimization not available actually means it don't currently do TRIM?

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Picture Suddenly Freeze

Dec 7, 2015

My self-built PC experiences random freezes. It is an Athlon FX6300 + Asus M5A97 motherboard and a MSI Radeon 270 GPU. RAMs are Corsairs.

What i mean by freeze?If i am playing a game the picture suddenly freezes and i hear a continuous sound where the music or sound stopped. I got no BSOD and there are no strange sounds or alike. I never tried waiting longer then 1 minute to see if something happens. The numberlock is unresponsive as is mouse and keyboard. A reset restarts the PC without Issues.

I ran Memtest 86 for 26 hours and it turned out with 0 errors or warnings. I made a crystal disk scan of my harddrive and it says its "Good". I tried different RAM and the issues persist. I have no option to try different Motherboard or CPU.My PSU is a 650W Corsair.

I run a USB mouse and keyboard. Both plugged in from rear into the case. I checked out all connections and it seems fine. Reseated all power connections, tried different RAM slots.I ran a sfc / scannow and it turned out good.I ran the DM Log collector and have attached the generated file.I have a feeling that a fresh installation either doesnt fail or fails quite seldom. The PC crashes mostly while playing my favourite Game Farming simulator 2015, i tried running it with a system monitor up and there were no signs of overheating or similar.

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Cannot Start Program Suddenly

Sep 21, 2015

I just upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 two days ago. I installed Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 last night. Office seems working fine. However, this morning I cannot start any program, such as Adobe Reader and Google Chrome. No error message. I even cannot uninstall the chrome from Control Panel!

Nothing changed. Only one thing I notice is that Microsoft Visual C++ 2005, 2008, 2010 Redistributables have been added automatically.

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Suddenly Cannot Print From Mail App?

Dec 1, 2015

I was printing emails ok from the windows 10 mail app on Sunday but when I tried today, the print panel was different ( black and different layout, rather than normel screen) and emails would not print. On clicking print box there was no indication of anything happening and no message. I am able to print from documents on my pc and see the print panel I expect. If I go into, say gmail via the web I can print ok and again see the print panel I expect?

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Suddenly Requires A Password

Dec 4, 2015

Upgraded to Win10 from Win7 a month ago. All was good. Today when I rebooted, Win10 required a password and I've never used one. I had to sign on as a different user, but here all my programs, stuff are missing.

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PC Screen Suddenly Goes Black

Feb 16, 2016

Okay so I was just doin my regular thing on my new pc I got for my birthday and like, the screen suddenly goes black? Idk I can see the cursor still but it'll flicker white every few seconds...

Every few ten seconds a message'll come up saying stuff like "error code: (number) this program has not responded[...] terminate?" And I've clicked "okay" a few times but it hasn't done anything

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C Drive Memory Suddenly Got To 0

Nov 17, 2015

I had like 10-20GB free, then it went down to 0. I didnt install any software. For now, it's goin slowly up, first 100MG, now 400MB, but i dont like that..

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WiFi Suddenly Has Been Disabled

Sep 25, 2015

I upgraded my Win 7 Professional over 1 month ago to Win 10.

A few minor problems but suddenly yesterday the wifi went off and will not locate the router or turn back on in settings.

I have read that it is because of a conflict with VPN. I removed the VPN and reset Win 10 (losing several valuable programs in the process !!) and have also cleaned the registry but there has been no change !!!

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Mouse Is Disabled Suddenly

Aug 16, 2015

I resorted to try to reset my new Win 10 install. But, as soon as I select "Reset this PC" a screen shows up says: "Choose your Keyboard Layout" and the very first choice of course is "US", but my mouse is disabled suddenly and I try to navigate with the keyboard, which I've had some experience, but it seems all the keys are disabled also. So, I can't get past one of the very first screens to even reset Windows 10.

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Computer Suddenly Restart Without Warning?

Aug 7, 2015

Upgrade from win 8.1..The install was very smooth when I upgraded, i am having minimal problem with my pc. the only problem is that at the moment, random of times my pc will automatically reset with out warning, no BSOD, no errors. Here is how it will go,

Playing game
Sudden power off (sometimes up to x3)
Restart (sometimes up to x3)
then it will auto automatically boot to windows and ill have a full day before it does it again.

My PC specs are provided.....

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Apps :: Weather App Disappears Suddenly

Oct 20, 2015

I have recently upgraded from Windows 8.1 Pro to Windows 10 Pro and everything was fine then. But recently I am experiencing an issue which is Windows weather app dissapears/close suddenly when kept open for a few seconds.

I am showing a video regarding the issue .... [URL] ..

System Specs:
CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo
Motherboard - Gigabyte (G31M-ES2L)
RAM - 4 GB
Graphics Card - NVIDIA GTX 560 (2 GB)
OS - Windows 10 Pro (64 bit)

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Networking :: Internet Not Connecting Suddenly

Jan 27, 2016

I recently got this problem. I restored, restore said it didn't complete, but problem is solved. However I have been having repeated connection issues. Not sure if it could be a hard drive failure imminent problem, or due to the forced update/installs Win10 makes me do.

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Suddenly Have New Folder On Top Of The Context Menus

Aug 6, 2015

Here are some screenshots:

On desktop

On explorer

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Accounts :: Suddenly Have To Sign In Every Time

Dec 19, 2015

When I switched from 8.0/8.1, one of the things that thrilled me the about 10 was that I didn't have to sign back in every time the computer sent to sleep!

Now, after the last update, I have to do this again. What a major PITA! Is there any way to disable this? I have absolutely no reason to be worried about security in my own home.

(I also notice that I am now occasionally getting some strange screens upon starting up and before the sign-in screen. I have been ignoring them. The last one (and maybe the earlier ones, too) asked "Do you like what you are seeing?" What the heck are these

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Mouse Suddenly Stopped Working - How To Fix

Jul 11, 2015

I installed the Windows 10 beta from Window 7 a few days ago. I installed all the recent updates. Everything was working fine but then yesterday, I watched something on YouTube for about an hour and at that point the mouse became unresponsive. I've tried everything I can think of but nothing works. I've shut down, re-booted, gone into the bios but with no success. Windows 10 will open but the mouse remains unresponsive. I even plugged-in a brand new mouse but that hasn't worked at all.

I have another hard drive with Windows 8.1 from my other PC that has a defective motherboard and out of frustration, I installed the drive from that PC on this one. It works but sometimes I have to re-boot my PC a few times on start-up and then if I leave a browser open for a while without activity, the browser becomes unresponsive and although the mouse cursor works, it is not able to do anything.

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All WiFi Connections Suddenly Lost

Oct 25, 2015

I upgraded to Windows 10 from 7 a few months ago, but unlike other users with this problem, my wifi started working perfectly fine. This was still the case this morning, but after I came out the shower, suddenly all my wifi connections were lost. It's a similar situation to that described here: [URL] ...., except obviously it didn't occur right after the upgrade. It's annoying that I missed exactly what happened, but oh well.
I have tried seemingly everything, including endless restarts and resetting the router, and I know it's definitely not a problem with the wifi since I'm typing this on another device on exactly the same network. One of the solutions I found was to go to the Power Management tab in configurations of the wireless device, and uncheck "allow the computer to turn this off to save power" - I found it was checked, so I unchecked it, but it still hasn't made any difference.
Initially, the wifi icon changed to an unplugged symbol with a yellow exclamation mark, but after uninstalling Hamachi, it's changed to the usual icon you get when wifi connections are available (wifi symbol with asterisk). However, the problem's been exactly the same. I have a Dell Studio 1555, which admittedly is quite an old machine, but it was fine until now. 

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Networking :: Internet Connection Suddenly Broken

Dec 30, 2015

Win10, diagnostic message is:"one or more protocols is missing".Running diagnostic as Administrator message is:" connection between access point, router or cable modem and Internet is broken".Have tried winsock reset, clean reboot neither solved the problem.What does ISO stand for. P

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Performance :: PC Suddenly Lagging Even After Clean Install

Jan 27, 2016

This PC has been working for about 3 years or so and suddenly today it started lagging really badly. I have done a fresh install of Windows 10 (wiping the previous partitions) and it's lagging even before I install any drivers. The extraction speed on zip file was around 100-200 kB/s and periodically went to 0. Is this a hard drive failing?

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Networking :: Suddenly Stopped Seeing Other Computers On Network

Nov 17, 2015

I have two desktops and a NAS drive on my network. Both PC's are Win10. One Pro, the other Home. Everything was working beautifully then out of nowhere the Home machine just stopped accessing the public folder on the Pro machine saying it didn't have permission. I thought the Public folder didn't need permissions if it's shared with Everybody. But it will access and read the other non-public shares on the Pro machine. Weird The Pro machine, however, doesn't even see the Home machine on the network any more, although I can ping it. Again, weird. I had a mapped drive to the Home machine which is now broken. Both PC's can see and access the NAS drive. No settings were changed, nothing was touched, it just worked one minute and stopped the next. The Pro machine was just updated to Build 10586.3 on 11/13/15. But I don't think that caused it because everything worked until the 17th. All the network settings were correct and they have not been changed. I can't find anything about it on the internet except the typical "Make sure Network Discovery is on and file sharing is enabled." Yes, Network Discovery is on and file and printer sharing is enabled on both machines. Still no go.

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Networking :: Computers Suddenly Missing On Network?

Jan 22, 2016

Our home network has a desktop and 3 laptops. The 3 laptops all print through the network to the printer attached to the desktop.

For some reason only 1 of the laptops now shows in the desktop network folder. The other 2 have vanished and cannot see the desktop either so no printing. I have tried running both Homegroups and using names & passwords but no difference. I also have a server on the network and that has vanished.

I have checked the credentials and all passwords and names are correct.

I have removed Avast anti-virus and have Windows firewall set to default settings running with Defender.

Windows 10 is the latest version 1511 on all the PCs.

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Performance :: Computer Suddenly Stopped Booting Up

Jan 20, 2016

Recently, my computer has been very strange... I have been having unwitnessed BSODs (showing up in the reliability monitor), lots of hardware errors in the reliability monitor and multiple programs stopping working. The troubleshooting steps I took to try to solve these issues were: updating all drivers, testing ram with memtest86+ (8 passes OK), testing the hard drive with Sea Tools (all ok) and refreshing windows 10.

A couple of days ago, I experienced my start menu, Cortana all "apps" etc. not working. So, I logged off, only to find a black screen with a cursor! The only way to turn off was to do a hard shut down. After turning back on again, I got the usual windows start up screen and normal "AVG watchdog starting up" text (see attachment). However, my computer freezes at this stage. AVG stops at finished and the computer freezes!

After trying to boot into safe mode, I simply get the black screen and cursor again.

Luckily, I have all files backed up and other computers to use, but I am really concerned about the root cause of my problems as I have had similar errors in previous installs of windows.

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