Updates :: Reverted Back To 8.1 And Now Upgrade Keeps Auto Installing At Every Boot Up

Aug 19, 2015

I upgraded to Windows 10. I didn't like it. I reverted back to 8.1. Now, every time I turn my laptop on, the Windows Update screen pops up and starts installing Windows 10. I have changed auto update settings to ask me first, but to no avail. I even selected DO NOT check for updates, to no avail. How do I get this to stop?

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Installation :: Upgrade Path From Dual Boot Back To Single Boot

Sep 24, 2015

My laptop has dual boot - Windows 7 and Windows 10. My Win7 environment is my main working environment with lots of programs installed and important files. I installed the Win10 environment just to play around with 10 during the technical preview. Now, I would like to disable the 10 environment and upgrade the 7 to 10. Am I able to do this, or have I already "used up" my one upgrade on this computer's Windows license?

I notice that in Windows 7 I have not received the icon in the notification area that invites me to upgrade to 10. This makes me think I might have used up my chance to upgrade.

My end goal is to have a single Windows 10 environment. Note that the reason I want to upgrade my 7 environment to 10 is because I don't want to have to re-install all of my programs and files into the current 10 environment.

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Updates :: Auto Updates Breaking HP Network Printer Driver

Feb 10, 2016

Auto Updates have 'broken' my HP Network AIO Printer's driver. Repeatedly. On all four networked PCs/Laptops in my household. Requires uninstallation then re-installation of printer driver to regain network printer access/functionality. I and my family are just so impressed </sarcasm>Indeed so impressed that my daughter just bought a MacBook. It behaves perfectly.Seriously considering going over to the dark side as it appears that 'it just works' isn't just a marketing slogan.

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Installation :: Reverting Back After Installing

Jun 4, 2015

If i install the latest iso release of 10; is there still a way to revert back to my version of 7 until the final release of 10 comes out next month?

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Reboot And Select Proper Boot Device Or Insert Boot Media After Installing From USB?

Nov 10, 2015

After installing a 32 bit windows 10 from a USB by mistake I decided to upgrade to the 64 bit version. I have 3 hard drives, one of which is an ssd that I am trying to install the OS to. After downloading and setting up the media creation tool and creating a USB I restarted and boot form USB.

I followed the steps and deleted the existing windows 10 partitions on my dad and tried installing straight to the unallocated space. After the installation completed it restarted the installer, which is not what happened when I previously successfully install windows 10. I then changed the boit order to have my ssd first and rebooted, which gave me the Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media error.

Confused I loaded up the installed and there were correctly partitioned installs already on the ssd ( although one partition looked a little small). I tried reinstalling windows 10 with the same result over and over.

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Updates :: Possible To Postpone Installing Certain Updates

Feb 2, 2016

Last time I checked Win10 it was only possible to postpone installing certain Win updates that W10 found, nothing more. Is it EVER going to be possible on W10 to do as in W7 ... namely install only the Win updates that the user wishes to install?

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Apps :: Auto App Updates In Store

Dec 18, 2015

How do auto updates work in the store? I noticed when I went into it there were some updates showing for things like calculator and one note. The progress bar indicated they were fully downloaded but they didn't seem to be disappearing from the list or installing themselves. Is this normal behaviour? It's not an issue as I clicked the download arrow and this seemed to manually prompt their installation immediately. They all worked fine.

i guess what I am asking is would they of installed eventually on their own? I only had the computer on for about twenty minutes or so. It didn't have loads of time to do its thing perhaps. Maybe they download and install themselves after a certain period of idle time? Or on shutdown? How often does the store to app update checks - are they pushed or is there something like once in every 24 hours in place? do recall spotting this once before with some of the MS core apps.

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Possible To Disable Auto Reboots For Updates?

Aug 21, 2015

Wondering if this is possible on Windows 10, Not delay, to DISABLE AUTO reboots when a user is logged in ?

When I am done doing someone on my PC, I just kind of walk away, it goes to sleep, the monitor shuts off after about 25 min, so I just hit the space bar and I am back to where I was. This is always how I have used my computers at home and I need to continue to this way. I DONT want to hear, SAFE YOU FILES, CLOSE your Programs, etc, That is how YOU USE YOU computer, not mine.

So after installing Windows 10, it just takes it on it's own, no setting I have found to disable it, I am ok, with Windows yelling at me "reboot me !!!" ever few hours but, taking it on it's own to reboot over night is a problem.

2 times now I have lost something that was open, One was a game I had minimized that I forgot about before I went to bed and lost my progress.

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Updates :: How To REALLY Block Driver WU Auto-Installs

Sep 7, 2015

Obviously there are a lot of bad drivers for Windows 10.

Via PC/ Properties / Advanced /Hardware / Device Installation one should, in theory, be able to block. Does not work in Windows 10. Device drivers update anyway.

How do I block specific devices or all devices from auto-updating?

Alternatively, what procedure could I use for batching the sequence to "Rollback Driver" when wupdate updates/kills my device? For the sake of novice user I need to make this as painless as possible until MS fixes the issue.

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Can't Use Main Explorer UI And Auto Updates Are Turned Off?

Apr 7, 2015

A: Is there an issue with explorer.exe crashing and reopening on build 10041?
B: Is there a fix for this?
C: how can I get this update because I can't use the main windows explorer UI and Auto updates are turned off?

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Updates :: Big Update Auto Resume If Internet Drops?

Nov 18, 2015

I'm running Win10 Home on an i5 5th gen laptop. I'm trying to download the big new Win10 update but I live in India and my internet is unreliable. Does the Win10 download auto-resume? I can't tell. Does the download pick up from where it left off if the internet fails? So far I can't tell one way or the other.

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How To Shutdown Without Installing Updates

Dec 18, 2015

Is there a way to shutdown windows 10 without installing updates? I know previous versions of Windows had command line or registry tricks that worked with this. Note the version of Windows 10 I am using is the normal version you get with the free upgrade.

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Will Not Shut Down After Installing Updates

Aug 22, 2015

I did a fresh install of windows 10 and everything seemed to work fine. After installing updates (mostly windows 10 updates and two nvidia geforce 650 drivers - not sure why there were two of them) my PC does not shut down. Before the updates, I had two options: restart/shutdown; now I have three restart?shutdown/sleep. When I click on restart or shutdown, nothing happens.

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Drivers :: Driver / OS Updates Not Installing

Sep 30, 2015

I upgraded to windows 10 a day or so after it was released and now when I go to plug in my laptop to tv via hdmi or when I plug in an old xbox360 wired controller it keeps telling me that it found the updates for the drivers but encountered an error while attempting to install them. It doesn't give me an error code for this. Also when I check the updated center is says it could not install updates and gives me an error: Error 0x8000ffff.

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Can't Use Most Of Metro-apps After Installing Updates

Dec 16, 2015

When I open my metro apps on windows 10, app like Groove, mail, store, most apps don't start. Can't use most of my metro-apps again after installing updates.

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Outlook Auto-login When Boot PC

Aug 12, 2015

Win 10 (or Edge) is automatically  logging me in to my Outlook/Hotmail account when I boot the PC. I do NOT want to be auto-logged in… how can I change this behavior.

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Updates :: How To Stop Bugged Update From Installing

Sep 13, 2015

That's just it. This update is bugged and gives me an awful display experience. I installed windows several times to track it down, and I finally did. Now I need a way to not install it. And uninstalling it after it gets installed is not a solution. If it starts bugging my display it'll stay bugged after the install too.

So, how do I stop this update from installing ?

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How To Stop From Installing Updates / Restarting Computer

Dec 20, 2015

My computer is a Toshiba 64-bit laptop.

I had a job running last night, downloading stuff from the internet. I knew would take approximately 30 hours to run. It ran most of yesterday and I had hopes I would wake up this morning and it would be finished.

Windows 10, in its infinite wisdom, installed updates and restarted my computer during the night. My job was ended and I had to restart it this morning. I can't run anything else that accesses the internet while this is running because it slows this job down too much. So now I have another day or more of not being able to do anything else on the internet.

How can I stop the updating and restarting of my computer? It is my computer, I should have control over that. 

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Can't Downgrade After Auto-Upgrade

Mar 24, 2016

One night I left my computer on and Windows 10 downloaded and upgraded for literally no reason, and it is without a doubt the most unusable operating system I have ever had installed on my PC. After only a day everything has broken (I must go into task manager to start any app, can't open start menu, horrible FPS in games even with my GTX 970).

Anyway, I don't have a disk or anything for Windows 7 as it was preinstalled on my PC. The option to downgrade in "Recovery" just simply isn't there.

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Updates :: How To Stop Windows Update Installing Driver

Mar 5, 2016

Windows 10 keeps installing the ASUS Smart Gesture touchpad driver on my laptop. The driver is garbage and it runs three memory resident processes, which seems rather excessive for a touchpad driver. The default Windows touchpad driver works perfectly well, so I want to use that instead of the ASUS driver. However, if I uninstall the ASUS driver Windows Update quickly reinstalls it.

I disabled automatic driver installation when I installed Windows 10, as you can see here:

Despite that Windows update keeps installing the ASUS Smart Gesture driver.

how I can make it stop?

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Networking :: Windows Will Not Auto Reconnect To Known WiFi On Boot

Feb 10, 2016

Im pretty tech savy, but this one is boggling my mind.

Wifi dongle I'm using is this a DLink DWA-140
Router is using WPA2-PSK

Background info: I connect to the internet through my ISP's supplied router, i've set it up with my own SSID and my own password, it works perfectly fine with my android phone, my GF's iPhone, my tablet, my laptop, her laptop, her iPad.. but not with my PC running windows 10.The problem: When i boot, it doesn't always automatically reconnect to my wifi, despite having it checked as "connect automatically". My wifi dongle can see every other wifi network within 20 miles, EXCEPT my own wifi. Go figure?!

In order to get it to connect i have to hit "Connect to Hidden network", type in SSID, type in the password, which windows will prompt me is incorrect, hit cancel, wait a second, and BAM it connects to my wifi.

Things I've tried:
Open search, type "services.msc" open services.Scroll down to "wlan auto config" right click, stop the service.Navigate to "C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWlansvc delete everything in this folder leaving only a folder called "profiles" delete everything in the "profiles" folder except for a folder called "interfaces" delete everything in the "interfaces" folder)Restart "wlan auto config" connect to your wireless network, enter your passkey, (ensure the connect automaticly box is checked)Restart your computer job done, your computer will now connect to your wireless network automaticly on boot.>failed.

Hiding my SSID, and un-hiding it in router config, that worked for a couple of weeks, but now the problem is back. Have tried this solution again..failed.

Uninstalled the wifi dongle in device manager..failed.

Running the router as configured by my ISP.failed.

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Performance :: Email Program Auto-start At Boot-up?

Oct 23, 2015

As of late, I no longer have my email program auto-start at boot-up.

Also I have never been able to solve the problem of no left click function on the Task Bar and no right click function on the Start button.

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Updates :: How To Stop Windows Update From Re-installing The Touchpad Driver

Aug 21, 2015

Windows 10 Pro and I am having an issue with my Touchpad driver, it seems to want to mess up and not move to where I need it to go, so I uninstalled it from the Programs and Features menu, but my issue is it keeps popping back up in Windows Update and installing on its own, I don't want the driver for it as it doesn't function correctly with it installed it works great when its not installed so how can I hide it

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Drivers/Hardware :: Auto Activation After RAM Upgrade

Sep 30, 2015

I upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 on Dell XPS 15 L502x(Sandy Bridge). Later i did a fresh install and Windows 10 activated automatically as it should.

Now, i am replacing/upgrading RAM. i want to know if RAM has to do anything with Windows 10 auto activation after fresh install, in case if i need a fresh install again in future. or i should stick with my current RAM?

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All Saved Font Styles Were Reverted To Standard After Installation?

Aug 6, 2015

I am a CAD drafter. After install of Win. 10, All of my saved font styles were reverted to standard. I REALLY need a fix for this. I am currently working on about 6 projects and every page is incorrectly set up now.

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Start Menu Not Working Possibly Reverted To Windows 8?

Sep 1, 2015

Yesterday my start menu suddenly stopped working. In it's place I had a little white house icon on the task bar. I finally figured out that that was a Lenovo product called Pokki that was apparently designed to replace the missing start menu in Windows 8. I deleted it and rebooted but my start menu still doesn't work. Then I noticed that my C drive is now called "Windows 8_OS (C". Is it possible that somehow I've reverted to Windows 8 and that's why everything is messed up? I certainly did not do this deliberately. The only other thing is that I noticed that before all this started that the Comodo firewall I had been using was gone. I thought it maybe happened when I installed Windows 10 (which had been working fine for several months, BTW) - I reinstalled Comodo but then uninstalled again thinking that might be the problem. (It wasn't.)

My start menu did freeze up once before - I fixed it by deleting explorer.exe and then putting it in again as advised when I googled it. This time, I don't even have explorer.exe in my task manager.

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