Access Text Data Type Options

Nov 14, 2004

Hi All,

I was doing a project for school where I had to make a text field that would only accept the options Client Type(RET - Retail, SER - Service, DIN - Dining)

I thought I did it right by having a line with the field name as "Client Type" and the input as "text" with a field size of "3". and the description I put was "Client Type(RET - Retail, SER - Service, DIN - Dining)". But it doesnt work. I saved and everything. It will let me enter anything I want as long as it doesnt exceed 3 chars. I want it to ONLY accept RET, SER, or DIN and I want it to format it so its in CAPS.

-- Steven

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Forms :: Changing Text Box To Allow Fixed Data Input Options - Access 2010

Jun 17, 2014

I have created a member data base form in Access2010.

That has been populated with 366 member records

I have two text box fields that are currently free type fields, Member Type & Member Status.

What is the best way I can change these to show only the relevant options:

i.e. Member Type ( Full, Family, Pensioner, Life. )
Member status ( Current, Lapsed, Deceased)

I have tried to right click the field but the "change to" option is greyed out & not available.

I have also tried to insert a combo box or list box to show these options. The "use control wizard" option has been highlighted but when I drag either a combo box or list box into the form. the wizard does not activate.

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Tables :: Converting Text Data Type To Number Data Type

Nov 3, 2012

I have a table with a field with names set to text data type and i want to change it to number data type but when i do it in design view the data get lost. I want to know if there is a way to convert the data in the field as number type and keep the data in the field.

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Tables :: Length Of Text Field - MS Access Can't Change Data Type

Aug 6, 2014

I have a table with about 300,000 records. About ten fairly small fields per record. I am trying to change the length of a text field from 25 to 40 characters, and I get the error message, 'MS Access can't change the data type. There isn't enough disk space or memory'.

I have never seen this message before. I have about 64 Gig of free disk space. What can I do?

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How To Have Text And Not Numbers In Text Data Type

Jan 13, 2006

I was wondering if there is a way of only allowing text in a text field - we need to do this for validation purposes when inporting a text file into a database. I have tried input mask but this only checks when entering new data - I have tried to use validation rule like"???????" however this means that there has to be 7 letters in each field and this is not the case. - the field is for town and a couple of the records in this field have numbers at the end which are incorrect that we want the database to reject :eek:

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Data Type For Percentages Or Text?

Jan 25, 2006

Is there a data type that I can use that will handle both text and numbers such as percentages? Or is there a way I can set the field type to text then convert the text to a percentage? I plan on using this field in a form so when the user inputs the info I will want to display it in the correct format. Any ideas or suggestions?


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Run Text Data Type Against Date

Jul 28, 2005

I need to run a query for a particular time frame. The only problem is that the CurrentDate field in the table has its data type set to Text.

I thought I could do something like this but it didn't work:
WHERE cdate(myTable.CurrentDate) >= #01/01/2004#

Isn't there a way to "convert" this field so that it behaves as a date field when the query runs?


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BETWEEN For Text Data Type Date Range

Jan 10, 2005

I am creating an ASP page that uses a database with a field labeled 'Date' of data type Text.

I would like the records within a date range.

I tried using the following query:

"SELECT * FROM Project WHERE Date BETWEEN ' " + strBeginDate + " ' AND ' " + strEndDate + " ' "

I was partially successful.

The database contains data from 1/1/03 to 12/31/04.

When the following range is entered: 04/10/03 - 04/21/03, the results returned are 04/10/03 - 04/21/03 AND 04/10/04 - 04/20/04.

Any suggestions on how to approach this problem?


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Tables :: Project Name To Be Text Data Type

Jul 23, 2013

In my database I have the following:

1)Projects table:
- Project ID - Number field (Primary Key)
- Project Name
- Location
- (other fields)

2)Working details: (this table has a form based on it and it's used to enter data by users)
- Project ID (this field has a lookup for the same field in the first table)
- Project Name (this field has a lookup for the same field in the first table)
- (other fields)

My problem is : in the second table, Project Name field has "Number" data type because the relationship between the table is on the Project ID which is number field. I want the Project Name to be "text" data type in the second table.

How can i do that??

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Automate Data Type Conversion At Text File Import

Jul 7, 2005

hello once again,
I need to import a text file into an existing table in Access. The text file has been imported once and is working well and everything. However, since I had to change some of the datatypes to be able to query the table correctly, I now cannot import the text file anymore unless I change the datatype of the table itself. Since someone other than I will be doing the imports from here on out, changing the datatypes everytime is out of the question. I was looking at the TransferText event, but I didn't seem to see anything about converting data types. I can think of two options, and neither are probably possible:
1. import using the wizard. Since I didn't see anything related to the types of data, I don't think this will work...
2.import using TransferText. This doesn't seem to give me any opportunity to change the datatypes either. Is there anyway to programmatically change datatypes, or is there possibly an easier way that I'm overlooking??
thanks in advance,

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Forms :: Input (Text) In A Field Where Data Type Is (Number)

Feb 24, 2014

I just started my project database on my subject ITM4. My Database is entitled PCExpress Inventory System. I would like to know how to input (Text) in a Field where the Data Type is (Number) just like the North Wind.

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Tables :: Change Client ID Data Type From Text To Number

Mar 27, 2014

I have two tables(see below). I want to set up a query, link these 2 tables together. I set a one-to-one relationship between Client ID in two table. But got error message :"Type mismatch in expression".

I tried to change Client ID data type from "Text" to "Number", then Access deleted some data under Client ID in Order table.How can I make this work, but not having to re-type in all data?

Client Table:

Client ID(Autonumber)
Client Name (Text)
Client Address (Text)

Order Table:

Order ID(Autonumber)
Client ID(Short Text)
Unit Order(Number)
Unit Price

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Tables :: Field Value Got Truncated - Data Type For Storing Long Text?

Mar 10, 2014

I have encountered an issue when I was inserting a string (with newlines about 176 characters) into access table. This field in access has the data type TEXT and it was truncated after the insertion. It is strange because I have three other fields with the same format and no truncation at all. May I know what could be the reason and how/what is the recommend data type for storing long text?

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Yes/No Data Type In Access Table

Jul 17, 2007

Is it possible to set the yes/no data type fields in an Access table to behave like radio buttons? In other words, if they click yes in one data field, it automatically prevents them from clicking yes in the next data field. If so, how?

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Microsoft Access Can't Change The Data Type

Jan 24, 2007

Hi! I have a problem to build Pivot table in Excel 2003.
I’m creating this table base on the “External Data” which is a MS Access 2003 table.
The table has 50 fields and about 500.000 records. (This is the reason, I can’t just export table to Excel and then do pivoting). One of the fields of this table has a “text” type but stored numbers. Excel does not allowed me do Sum or Max function with this field – it needs to have Number data type.
I receiving this table “from outside”, so I can’t get the right data type from the beginning. If I’m trying simply opening the table, before, using as a data source for Pivot Table, in Design mode and just change data type from text to number, I have an error: "Microsoft Access can't change the data type. There isn't enough disk space or memory."
Any advice, how to change Data type in existing table using queries or something else what can help me to solve this problem.

Thank you very much at advance.


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Database In Access Data Type Problem?!?

Jan 6, 2005

Hey all.. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help because I am really stuck with this..

Basically in an Access Database holding messages of online chat conversations I need to run a query to find out which is the longest message and which is the shortest message sent. In order to this the number of characters need to be counted and then the max and min selected however I'm having problems with the data type of the message

Based on the LEN function I first tried :

SELECT User.User, Message.Message
FROM Message INNERJOIN [User] ON Message.[Message ID] = User.[Message ID]

This selected the user and message fields and ordered them based on the length of the message.

In the original Message Table the message field is set to Memo as there are quite long messages the above SQL did incorporate the full messages and ordered them in the correct manner...

HOWEVER.. I need to be able to count the number of characters per message and retrieve the longest message and then retrieve the shortest message.

I tried..

SELECT Message.Message, LEN(Message) AS [No of characters]
FROM Message INNERJOIN [User] ON Message.[Message ID] = User.[Message ID]GROUP BY Message.Message;

This counted the number of characters for each message but it did not incorporate the full messages, the maximum number of characters for the longer messages came up as 255 whereas I know that they are longer than that.. and it only displayed those 255 characters and cut off the rest of the message.

Ultimately I need to select the 'User' from the user table, 'Message' from the message table, Count the number of characters per message and then display the highest but the function needs to be aware of the messages that have characters more than 255 hence the Memo data type setting in the Message Table..

... any ideas/developments on the above??

I have been trying a few different things but getting no-where at the moment.. Ive tried asking in loads of different places but seems I have baffled everyone else as well as myself.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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General :: Lookup Data Type In Access 2013 Web App?

Jan 2, 2014

I want to create a Web App in Access 2013 that contains a table of client names, addresses etc, and a second table that contains order details, including client name. It would be nice to ensure that as someone adds a new order they are give a drop down menu containing existing client names, and I can see how you can do this for a brand new table using the lookup data type. But I already have an Excel spread sheet containing client names. If I import this into my Access web app to create the client table, and import the existing orders to create the order table, I then try and change the data type of the client name (in the order table) from short text to lookup, it won't let me!! (If I create an empty client table from scratch, it lets me define the company name as a lookup data type - but I can't then import from Excel into this empty table)

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Tables :: Access Returns Number In Data Type

Jan 16, 2014

I created several tables that contain the look-up data I want to post to database which I will use as the repository for a SharePoint form.Users visiting SharePoint site will enter the data to be kept in an Access database so we can create reports (not seen by the user)

Problem: When I created the database I linked fields to tables to create the look-up lists using the wizard.

When I saved the database, the first field that I linked returned a value of "number" instead of whatever the default value should be for a look-up text field.

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Linked Excel Table In MS Access Date Data Type Problem

Aug 29, 2005

I'm using MS access and Excel 2000. I have an Excel spreadsheet that contained 8 columns, the first column has all cell format as Number, the rest of the column is set as custom date format of 'dd/mm/yyyy'. When I create a linked table in MS Access, the data types does not matched my excel spreadsheet columns, the 'Number' data type is a double and I want a Long Integer in Access, and the custom date format become text datatype but I wanted a DateTime datatype. Is there any work around this? Seems like it is a common problem.

Your prompt response is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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Tables :: Input Data From A Field To Another Field With Different Text Type

Nov 3, 2012

From a table I want a text field which has a path to a file to be copied automatically into a another field of the same table with a hyperlink text type...

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Narrowing Data Input Options

Apr 18, 2013

I am trying to create a database that will narrow the potential inputs you can have as you submit the data. For example; in field one I will have a column titled "Types of Food", in which the user will be able to select from "Fruits, Vegetables, and Meats". The next field will be "Raw Ingredients". I want to make it so that if the user inputs "Fruits" into the first fields the second field will only present the options "Apples, Oranges, and Pears", and so on.

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Forms :: Add Time Value To Time Data Type SQL Server Field In Access

May 6, 2015

how to be able to enter time in access form the same way as if would be an access table (1p = 1:00 PM; 1.25 = 1:25 AM etc)

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Data Analysis Options DCount - Crosstab Query

Dec 27, 2014

I have a table [Control Table] with the fields [Date signed] and [outcome] date signed is formatted as dd/mm/yyyy and the outcome field is a drop down with the options granted, not granted ect

I am looking for a way to present the data using specific date ranges.

I have found 2 possible avenues;

Dcount in a select query:

w/c 01/04/2014 GRANTED: DCount("[Date signed]","[control table]","[Date signed]>=#04/01/2014# And [Date signed] <=#04/06/2014# And [Outcome]='Granted'")

w/c 01/04/2014 Not GRANTED: DCount("[Date signed]","[control table]","[Date signed]>=#04/01/2014# And [Date signed] <=#04/06/2014# And [Outcome]='Not Granted' And [Reason not granted]='Assessed'")

w/c 01/04/2014 Discharged: DCount("[Date signed]","[control table]","[Date signed]>=#04/01/2014# And [Date signed] <=#04/06/2014# And [Reason not granted]='Discharged'")

But I would need to create the multiple queries 52 times each for the different count value per week

My 2nd option

I have looked at crosstab query, but I cant find a way for it to list the specific dates I need it to query e.g from

01/04/2014 - 06/04/2014
07/04/2014 - 13/04/2014
14/04/2014 - 20/04/2014

Any tips on Data analysis? I have been able to perform the task previously in excel using If statements but we are now moving to access.

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Combo Box - Populate List Options Based On Data Already Entered

Mar 6, 2008

Microsoft Access 2003

Novice and working on a project with deadline... please help.

I have a table w a field that I want to convert into a combo bo and use data in the field as the options:

FIELD: Student Status


How do I get the combo box to automatically pull the values from that field into the options in the field when u pull down the drop down box?

Am I being clear?

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I Cannot Type In My Text Box

Jan 11, 2006

I have two text boxes - on different forms. I can copy the text from one and paste it into the other one ok. However, if I cut (Ctrl-X) from the first text box the second one is not enabled and I cannot do anything in it. Hope you can help.:confused:

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Access 2007 Display Image Options

Jan 11, 2013

My end goal is to display an image for every row on a report and/or form.I reviewed the various options for that, and finally decided the best thing to do would be to put the images in a separate folder in my PC, and put the path for the image in a column in the main(primary) table.In my form or report, I put an Image Frame, and put the ImagePath column in the Control Source. All is well and good.

However, I realize the inherent problem with having the full path in every single row, since I could move the image folder and I'd be hosed.So, I created an Environment Variables table, and I have a column called ImageFolder. Then I changed the name of the column in the primary table to ImageName instead of ImagePath. My hope was to be able to concatenate ImagePath and ImageName as the Control Source on the form and report.

I couldn't figure out a way to do that, since they are in two different tables, with no direct relationship between the tables.For the report, I created a workaround by creating a query of all the fields, including a field which concatenated the path and the ImageName. But since I use the form/ sub form to update the records, that wouldn't work for the form. My next attempt was to try to add an ImagePath back again to the primary record, but to have it default to the value that's in the EnvironmentalVariables table.

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