Edit Reports While Others Are In Database

Sep 15, 2011

I am used to old Access 97 where I could edit a report while others are in it. I created an Access 2007 db and it does not let me edit unless I have exclusive rights to the file. Is there a way to turn that functionality on?(editing reports/queries/ while others are in the database. ?

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General :: Securing A Database / Can't Edit Forms / Reports / Queries

Jan 21, 2014

I'm trying to secure my database so users can't edit tables, forms, reports, queries, etc.I'm splitting the database, making an ACCDE for users:

1. I inserted code to disable the bypass key.
2. I inserted code to hide the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) in the On_Load sub of the form that opens with the DB.
3. Deselect Navigation Pane, Allow Full Menus and Allow Default Shortcut Menus are deselected
4. Then, I use the immediate window to show the QAT, I then create an ACCDE.

How do I link this ACCDE with the original ACCDB? Am I supposed to delete tables from the front end and link the forms/reports to the back end DB?

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Edit Database From Web Browser

Feb 8, 2006

I would like to edit a MS Database structure from a Web Browser using ASP. What I mean is I would like to be able to add more columns to a database table or delete or rename...Not the data that is already in the columns... Is this possible? If so can some one please point me in the right direction. I've searched these forums and have not been able to find the answer.

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Reports :: Edit Current Report That Lists Production In Week Number Order?

Feb 26, 2015

I've been asked to edit a current report that lists our production in week number order. I need to look at way we can 'flag up' orders that are within a 4 week period from the current date.

For example,

10 Orders in total in our database. 5 of which are due the drawings back within 4 weeks from today (26/02/15). I'm looking for a way for the report to show the 5 orders as priority, either by formatting the orders in bold, a different colour or under their own heading/group.

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When Opening A Database I Can Only View & Edit The Form...

Jul 9, 2007


When I attempt to open any of my Access databases I am presented only with the form that has been selected as the 'startup' option. Furthermore, it seems to be impossible to switch to 'design' view and my only options on the toolbar are File, Edit, Insert, Records, Windows, Help. As far as I can tell, none of these enable me to select the options required to give me my entire database back.

I am something of an Access novice, so if the above problem seems familiar to anyone i'd be grateful for the solution! The help option within MS Access hasn't been particularly useful.

Many thanks,


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Add, Edit, Delete Fields In Access Database Via ASP

Apr 13, 2007

I have recently gotten a handle on ASP and found it to be a very powerful tool.

I am wondering if there is a way to design a page where I can list my database tables, and by using a command, I can use asp to do the following.

1. Add or delete table
2. Add, delete, or update fields within the tables

for instance: rename a field 'PersonName' to 'MyName' without change the original values in the field 'PersonName'

I have searched all over the net and could not find information on this subject.

Thanks in advance.

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Modules & VBA :: Edit Recent Files Of Access Database

Mar 18, 2014

Is it possible to edit the recent files of a access database?

We have a main database (version control database) from where you can open a database which is located on a network drive.

By selecting the datbase you need from a dropdown menu, access will check which version you have locally. If there is an updated version available on the network it will download this updated version, overwriting the old one. The 'main' database is then closed and the local version of the database you needed is opened.

The problem is that this local database is mentioned in the recent files history so people are able to bypass using the main database.

In Excel you can clear the recent files with application. Recent Files setting the maximum to 0 and back to original again. In Access you do not have this option.

Where I would be able to find this option. Ideally I'd like to only take out a specific databasename from the recent files, rather then resetting the full list.

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How To Get Full Permission:Add, Delete, Update, Edit In The SQL Server Database

Jul 26, 2007

I wrote the following statements to update a SQL server database:

Dim MyDb As Database
Dim MyRs As Recordset

Set MyDb = DBEngine.Workspaces(0).OpenDatabase("AMD", dbDriverPrompt, False, "ODBC;DATABASE=AMD;DSN=Remote")

Set MyRs = MyDb.OpenRecordset("SELECT AllAttendanceEvents.* FROM AllAttendanceEvents ORDER BY AllAttendanceEvents.EntryTime DESC")


While Not MyRs.EOF
MyVal = MyRs!EntryTime
Debug.Print MyVal
MyRs!Ix = 50099

When it execute the red line statement, it generates the error:Cannot update. Database or object is read-only.

This error is generated isnpite that I already checked the boxes: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE in the Permissions page of the tables?

Please advise.

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General :: Split Database - Cannot Edit Table Design Despite Snapshot Usage

May 27, 2014

I have a split database made in Access 2007. Each user gets their own copy of the frontend from a script. I wanted to be able to edit the design view of the backend tables even if people were using the database so I made all the forms use snapshot source and only allowed data updates through VBA macro update queries. Having any form open locks the backend source table from being edited. In fact, I've found that just having a normal snapshot query open causes the message "Either an object bound to table 'whatever' is open or another user has the table open. Do you want to open the table as read-only?"

Is there some way to have a table be the source for a form or query, but still have it designable under most circumstances?

Attempted to late-bind a recordset on form load; result was the same:

Set rs = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("Select redacted as ft from tblRedacted ", dbOpenSnapshot, dbReadOnly)
Set Me.Recordset = rs
Set rs = Nothing

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Split Access Database Doesn't Load Records In Form To Edit

Aug 23, 2011

I have an Access 2010 database that I have split. In the database I have a couple tables, forms and two reports. I have entered some data into one of the tables, but when I go to edit the data in the form the next time, there is no data (though I have verified that there is data in the table). Also, there are two reports that can pull the data without any problem.

Why the data wouldn't show up in the form.

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Accessing Reports In Another Database

May 5, 2005

From an Access Project database would like to run reports setup in another database, which contains some custom reports. I would like to go directly to the report preview not just open the second database. Can someone help me with how I would be able to accomplish this? I have tried using a macro but have not been successful.

Thank you,


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Specific Reports From One Database

Jan 24, 2006

A specific report (not all fields in database) where all records have the same field (subset of database)? How?

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Help Explaining How XML And Possible A Database Are Used In Crystal Reports

Apr 6, 2008

Hi, I am Cesar Gonzalez, I am preparing a exam and I am struggle to get the right information for this topic.
There are several questions that I would like help with, if possible.

This is the list of Questions that I need to prepare.

a. Explanation of Crystal Reports (what Crystal Reports is trying to do? and how does it do it?)
b. Explanation of the role played by XML (and optionally any language written in XML)
c. A possible role for a database in the application.
d. why is XML used in Crystal Reports.
e. How does XML simplify storage on Crystal Reports?
f. How does XML simplify sharing on Crystal Reports?
g. What does XML replace?
h. What does the XML represent in the chosen application?
i. How is the XML processed?
j. Are there any disadvantages of using XML?
When a database is used alongside XML:
k. How are they related?
l. Is the XML stored and if so how is it stored?
m. How is the XML queried?

I Have this exam for the next 10-Apr-2008, So I would need this help before 9-Apr-2008 (Next Wednesday).

Any link/s to a website that could answer some or all the questions would be appreciate.

I would really appreciate if any of you could give a hand, althoug I know it is quite long question.

Thanks in advance,either you can answer or not.

PS: I dont know if you can send it to my email, but if so please fell free to send the answer to my email.

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Reports :: One Chart For Each Team In Database

Nov 11, 2013

What I'm doing wrong with the chart in the attached DB? I need just one chart for each team but I'm getting 5 times as many charts as I want.

I'm using Access 2010 on Windows 7 & Vista

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General :: Database For Tracking Due Reports

Jul 9, 2014

Our office needs a way to track reports that are due to us, so I'm trying to build an Access database to do that. What happens is this...

We put out a weekly tasking document (called an AFCTO) every Friday that tasks our outside agencies (units) to do various things. Each task in the AFCTO directs a single unit to do a specific thing. Units may be tasked multiple times in the AFCTO (one-to-many relationship), but each task only applies to one unit.

Some tasks require the units to send us reports on the status of that task, while other tasks don't. The reports that are due can occur at different frequencies. For instance, some tasks require our units to send us reports weekly on Thursdays; other tasks may require reports to be sent to us monthly on the 1st; other tasks may require daily reporting.

Now, with all that said, we need a way to see what's due to us each day. What I would like is a report that displays what's due for this week, similar to this:

So far I have a very rough mockup of what the form should look like (fmAFCTOTasks in the attached db):

The user can type in the AFCTO Task Number of the task, the start and end datetime group, the unit assigned to that task, the task desc, what type of report is due, what triggers the report, and the frequency at which the report is due. Reports can have one of two triggers...

1) event driven (something happens that requires a report to be due), or
2) date driven (report is due on certain date or day(s)).

Obviously if a report is event-driven, then there will be no frequency or date/day associated with it. How to structure the tables and the form.

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Reports :: Adding Another Expression To Database

Jul 21, 2013

in my daily roll call report i have 2 groups..."on program" and "graduates" these 2 groups are creating in the query...as u see in the 2nd pic... the expression as followed

Expr1: IIf([Date Graduated]<Date(),Date(),[Date Graduated])

next you can see in my 3rd pic the report and the expression that gives the 2 groups there names...it is as followed

=IIf(IsNull([Date Out]),IIf(IsNull([Date Graduated]),"On Program","Graduates"),"Recent Departures")

i will clarify that i took out the names in the roll call but both groups are sorted by the date they came in going down the list..now i need to add another group "Staff Members" to my roll call.every way i have tried altering the query expression or the report expression result in a blank roll call.

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Reports :: How To Create A Report Using Data From MS SQL Database

Dec 28, 2013

I have a database in MS SQL. The users connect to database via MS ACCES ADP applications.

Some tables (like a TV Station or Names of employees) in the database have fields that serve as the flags. If the flag has a value of one, then such a record is used in the query to create a report.

Because there are multiple users of the database, frequently happens that flags overlap. One user sets the flag to one, and second sets the flag to zero. Therefore, it often happens that the received report incorrect.

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Queries :: Reports Database By Date And Criteria?

Jun 24, 2014

I have a report database that provides my company with clients that took our training modules and notify us of which clients completed our trainings.The clients can complete training in 3 States and "Passed" means they are good to go.

I download an excel report daily and import it to Access on a daily basis. Problem is the Report is over 8,000 rows long and basically I just need the clients that completed training within past 48 hours. The excel report provides a date of completion.

code that only pulls those clients that "Passed" within the last 48 Hours. Here is my SQL Statement I use on the RecordSource.

SELECT report.SPS, report.FirstName, report.region, report.id, report.AZ_Cert, report.AZStatus, report.CA_CERT, report.CAStatus, report.OR_CERT, report.ORStatus, report.Completed FROM report WHERE (((report.Completed)=False));

The completed checkbox removes the record from the cert queue. How can I do this more efficiently? I think I have it right.

Private Sub Completed_Click()
Const cstrPrompt As String = _
"Are you sure you want to complete this record? Yes/No"
If MsgBox(cstrPrompt, vbQuestion + vbYesNo) = vbYes Then
If Me.Dirty Then
Me.Dirty = False ' save the record
End If
End If
End Sub

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Reports :: Show Currently Logged In User Into Database?

Jan 23, 2015

How do I run a report that will show me who is currently logged into my database that is saved on the server.

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Reports :: How To Print Images Saved In Database Records

Apr 14, 2014

I have created a database which has 2 images for record embedded, the method I have use for this is to link the address were the image is in order to avoid that the database gets slow, the images are displayed on the form but I cant find the way how to embed such images in a report neither how to print them with a button used for such purpose.

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Reports :: Cmd Code For Close Form Or MA Access Database?

May 29, 2015

I am using a database name as school. having a form name as form01.with cmd button close which close the form. I want to close form with ms Access database. So when user click close button application database will be closed.

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Reports :: Database For Managing Time Related Contracts

Jan 24, 2014

I have a database for managing time related contracts.

I need to be able to run parameter queries but if I query the data by start date then and contracts which are current but started before the first date entered in the query (this is the same for end dates) are not shown.

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Reports :: Booking Database - Summarizing By Date Calculated Fields

May 31, 2014

I have created a simple booking DB, i am try to summarize the booking by centre and date so that when a user checks if there is availability the will be able to see how many have booked an activity and how many spaces are left, i have created a new field that calculates the spare places

Spaces: IIf([Totalbookings]=[MaxPeople]"Full"[MaxPeople]-[TotalBookings])

I have also added a link to the main file - [URL] .....

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Reports :: Members Database - Show Payments Of Yearly Subscriptions

Jun 27, 2013

I have a members DB that apart from full details also show payments of yearly subscriptions. I am trying to print a report that shows a list of all the lapsed members. sounds like a simple simple report, BUT...I have a table that includes male and female members on one club number, idealy man and wife, but if for some reason the part company one may not pay the others subs those making the other a lapsed member. is there anyway i can print one part without the other?

E.g. this is haw it prints now

Male Name Paid Female Name Paid
J Smith No M Smith Yes

and this is what i am after

Male Name Paid Female Name Paid
M Smith Yes

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How To Save Access Database So It Hide All Tables / Forms And Reports

Mar 8, 2012

I have created a small database, and created a Main Menu (form), the main menu starts as soon as someone start my database, i have linked up all my forms & reports into this main menu. now i want to hide left panel bar that shows all the table, quires, forms & reports files (so nobody can access tables, quires, etc from that panel).

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Reports :: Training Database - Group Report By Field List Row Source

Oct 30, 2014

I am in the process of creating a training database that includes levels of proficiency with certain tasks for employees.

In one of my reports I would like to appropriately display with tasks the employee "Cannot Perform";"Can Perform with Assistance";"Can Perform Alone";"Trainer" (straight from the field list of the task). But I can't seem to get the hierarchy correct. Tried it in a PivotTable too as I thought similar to PTs in Excel you could get some kind of "count" of values. Couldn't make that happen either.

Each employee has a proficiency rating on about 20 different tasks. Proficiency input is controlled by a field list. I would like to structure this part of the report like so:

--Cannot Perform Task
--Can Perform With Assistance

etc. etc. So in this case the Field itself would become the value being grouped. I know there has to be some logic either in a query or SQL.

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