Filter Button In Form

Aug 14, 2005

I have a form and I have placed a "Filter by form" button in it. Now I would like to create a second button that applies the filter (same funtions as the funnel icon on the toolbar. I tried using a macro with a command but when I click the first button and the form is ready to accept my criteria for the filter both button are greyed out. The only way I could apply the filter is through the toolbar. Any way of doing this second button?

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How To Create Filter Button On Form And Filter Records

Nov 26, 2012

How can I create a "Filter Button" on a form and filter my records? I create a textbox on a form and a filter button on the right. Then I click the filter futton, the filter function will search/match the content in the box through the datasheet. And then the results of the filtering will be pop up on the split form datasheet.

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Forms :: Filter Button On Form As Filter

Aug 1, 2013

I have placed a filter button on a form as a filter and written the following on-click event procedure:

DoCmd.SetWarnings False
DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdApplyFilterSort
Me.FilterOn = True

When I click the filter button I get a blank message box titled 'Microsoft Access" and an OK button, when closed the filter works perfectly.I have checked this procedure in other forms and it works without showing the blank message box.The only difference with this form is that its control source is a union query.

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Filter By Selection Button On Form

Aug 8, 2005

Hi, I am trying to find code that will let me put a command button on a search form. When it is clicked I want the command filter by selection to filter the records. Basically copying the command when you click the button on the toolbar :rolleyes:

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Filter Command Button On A Form

Dec 12, 2005

I have a basic question.

I am trying to put a button on a form I have created so that I can use Filter by Form feature on it. I used the toolbox commnad button wizard and chose the Form Operations -> Apply Form Filter option for the button.

Unfortunately, this button does not work for this choice. In the Form view, if I click on this button nothing happens. Other choices in the wizard such as Edit Form Filter etc works.

Does anyone know what could be the problem? Is this an Access bug (i am using Access 2003).

If it is a bug, can anyone suggest what little modifications one might have to do to the VBA code underlying OnClick event for the button to make this command button work?

thanks a lot for the help

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Possible To Filter By Form Using A Command Button?

Mar 6, 2006

Hi, I'm an Access newbie. I've designed a fairly simple database to replace an old spreadsheet that was becoming unwieldy -- it was never really used so much for calculation as for data storage, so Access seems more appropriate anyway.

One of the functions I used in Excel was the autofilter, which I found very useful for zeroing in on specific portions of the data. I was wondering how I would do the same thing in Access, and then I discovered the "Filter by Form", which works just fine -- even better actually, since it has the whole and/or functionality.

I was wondering though if it would be possible to invoke "Filter by Form" using a command button. That would make it even easier, especially for some of my users who would almost certainly not know about "Filter by Form" otherwise.

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Filter Button On Split Form?

Feb 11, 2015

I have this code set to a button on a split form. It filters out all the blank records for the "Status" column.

Private Sub cmdFilterPendingStatus_Click()
Me.Filter = "[Status]"
Me.FilterOn = True
End Sub

I would like to do the exact opposite and filter out everything except for the blank records in the "Status" column.

How can I change the code to do this? I guess I should also mention that the "Status" field is a long text/memo box but I can easily change this to short text if I really have to. I realize that short text can do the blank filtering within the split form itself by clicking on that tiny arrow in the column header but I am trying to make it really user friendly where the user can just click a button to do this. The long text box has some options to filter but not for blank fields in a record which makes me think that this may not be possible to do if the Status field remains a long text box. Some examples for the filtering options that are available in the split form for a long text box are: Begins with, contains, ends with, etc... however, when I type "" to try and filter out everything except the records that have null in the Status field, it says that "" is not valid.

What can I do to get the results I need?

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Apply Filter To Control Button On A Form

Oct 11, 2004

I am trying to create a form with control buttons on the form for all the letters of the alphabet.
When a user clicks on the button for A, I would like them to only see records that starts with an "A".
I assume that I should apply an event to the button's OnClick-property, with a filter, but I can't seem to
get it right...any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

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Forms :: Filter Form Only By Clicking Button

Jul 22, 2013

Every Page has its on data source based on query, and they aren't related to Parent form or to each other. I want to set few buttons on every Page which would filter records in predefined way.Ex: one page has calculated field named [Za platiti]. It has numeric values form 0 up. I want to set one button to filter only records where field [Za platiti] is greater then 0, and other butt to filter only records where [Za platiti] is = 0. Other filters based on combo box I use regularly.

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Can A Refresh Button On A Form Remove The Current Filter.

Mar 5, 2006

hi, i have a search form, and when you double click on the record, it opens that record in my main form (which opens filtered)

this is fine because it displays the record that i want to see

however, when i try to perform other tasks on my main form, such as choosing the id from a combo box and finding that record, it wont work because the form is still filtered, one way to get around this is to open and close the form, but is there a way that i can implement something into my refresh button that removes a form filter.

Private Sub Refresh_Page_Click()
On Error GoTo Err_Refresh_Page_Click

DoCmd.DoMenuItem acFormBar, acRecordsMenu, 5, , acMenuVer70

Exit Sub

MsgBox Err.Description
Resume Exit_Refresh_Page_Click

End Sub

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Modules & VBA :: Option Button To Filter Query On Form

May 14, 2014

how i would filter a form using an option button. E.g i want to be able to click an option button that is called Filter user and it will filter the query based on who is logged in? and a Filter all option that will clear the filter and show all records?

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Filtered Form - Remove Toggle Filter Button?

May 16, 2012

I have a form that opens with a filter on depending on what the user is supposed to see. When I deploy this, I don't want them to see the "toggle filter" button at the top. I tried making a custom ribbon like this:

<customUI xmlns="
<ribbon startFromScratch="true">
<tab idMso="TabHome" visible="false" />

[Code] ....

But it didn't seem to have any effect. When I applied it, it didn't even create "A Custom Tab". That might be because I have disabled everything that I could disable on the "Current database" options, I'm not sure.

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Forms :: Filter Form With Two Text Boxes / Command Button?

Mar 22, 2013

I am trying to filter a form by using two unbound text boxes that a user can enter in their criteria and then clicking a command button to filter the form using the criteria entered into the text boxes. My fields are as follows:

Bound Field: MondayD1
Unbound text box: txtMonday
Bound Field: SundayD7
Unbound text box: txtSunday
Command Button: cmdSelect
MondayD1 = txtMonday
SundayD7 = txtSunday

I have looked up several options using vb for the on click event of the command button but I either get an error message or the form shows up blank.

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Reports :: Using Command Button In A Form To Filter And Open A Report?

Jun 26, 2014

I'm trying to use a command button in a form to filter and open a report. I am able to get it to open the report, but I cannot get it to filter the report based on a combobox in the form. I've tried every combination of code I could think of and find. Here is what I currently have:

Private Sub FilterReport_Click()
DoCmd.OpenReport "Report", acViewReport, "First Name='" & Me.FName & "'"
End Sub

Option Compare Database
Private Sub Report_Open(Cancel As Integer)
Me.RecordSource = Me.FName
End Sub

"FilterReport" = Form Button
"Report" = Report
"First Name" = Report Field
"FName" = Form Combo Box

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Forms :: Command Button - Set A Default Filter And Filter On Load

Aug 13, 2014

I have a continuous form based on table "INCOMES" that shows all the payments received, which mediums can be (field "PMNT_MEDIUM"):

- check
- transfer
- taxes
- cash

Table "INCOMES" is filled using another form, but in this particular form I just want to show "check", "transfer" and "cash" (not "taxes") so that I can track all the cash incomes.

Note: taxes are loaded because they appear in my invoices and I need them there to reach the invoice total amount.So my form has a search bar which allows me to search by PMNT_MEDIUM listing all "checks", all "cash" or all "transfer". I can also search by payment number (meaning: check number). To that end I have a "search" button that applies the filter. And I have another button that "cleans" the filtering by "putting a "" in the search-bar and then calling the "on click" of the search button".

What I need is, no matter if I click over the "search" or "clean" button, it NEVER shows me the "taxes".Search button, on click code:

If IsNumeric(Me.busq_chq_med) Then
Me.Filter = "[PMNT_MEDIUM] like'" & Me.SEARCH_BAR & "*'"
Me.Filter = "[PMNT_MEDIUM] like'" & Me.SEARCH_BAR & "*' or [INVOICE] like'" & Me.SEARCH_BAR & "*'"
End If
Me.FilterOn = True

Clean filter button, on click code:

Call [Search button]_click
Me.Filter = "[PMNT_MEDIUM] like'" & Me.SEARCH_BAR & "*'"
Me.FilterOn = True

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Creating A Filter Button

Nov 7, 2005

I have a combo box with different department names in it
I have a button in a form called cmdShowDept the caption "Show only one Department"

When I open the form I have the combo box set to not be visible
When the Show only one Department command button is pressed I want the following to happen;
The Department combo box should appear
The button's text should change to "Show all Departments" in red
If the button is clicked when the text is red then:
the original button text should return in Black
the department combo should disappear

After clicking on the button and you click one of the specific departments ie accounting I want it to show only the accounting records in the form.

I'm still learning about access, so thanks for any help anyone can give me pleeeese!!

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Filter Records From A Button

Nov 17, 2006

Delete Reference: Trying combinations I found one that works!!!

The second line should read: Me.Filter = "AdminDateCompleted Is Null"

I want to filter records from a form with a button to isolate all incompleted tasks.

Incomplete tasks are identified with an empty field [AdminDateCompleted] which is formatted as a 'Medium Date'.

I am having trouble with the following code (created after several hours searching this forum and experimenting).

First click returns all the records allegedly filtered, 2nd click turns the filter off and the third click returns 1 (Filtered) blank form.

If Form.FilterOn = False Then
Me.Filter = IsNull(Me.AdminDateCompleted)
Me.FilterOn = True
cmdFilterActive.Caption = "Remove filter"
Me.FilterOn = False
cmdFilterActive.Caption = "Filter"
End If

I would appreciate any advice please.


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Help Using A Combo Box And Button To Filter Data

Oct 11, 2006

Hi there!

I am pretty new at this so please bear with me :confused: (like that isn't said a thousand times!). I am creating a small database to track task data (manpower tracking basically) where I have the following fields:

Functional Group
Task Status
Task Name
Task Description
WO #
Funded Hours

I would like to create a combo box where the user can select the customer (I have 124 records in total, 15 unique customer names) and all tasks relating to that customer are filtered directly in the Form by clicking a single button to do the filter.

I don't want to create dozens of tables and forms to flip through and such (users need it as simple as possible). I have created queries but the only way I have successfully filtered each customer is via buttons...but 15 buttons to filter each individual customer is a pain in the butt, so any help would be REALLY appreciated.

Please let me know if I haven't explained this clearly enough! :)


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Remove Filter Command Button

Nov 14, 2006

I have searched the forms and I see codes to apply filters to a button, but can someone tell me what is the code to remove all filters on the current form? I know I can always hit the filter on/off button at the top but im trying to keep users from having to leave the current database form. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

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Create A Filter In Onclick Event Of A Button

Jul 14, 2015

I have two fields [InReview] and [TestReviewed].I'm trying to create a filter in the Onclick event of a button like so:

Me.Filter = "InReview Is Not Null" & "TestReviewed Is Not Null"
Me.FilterOn = true

This is not working for some reason. What is the correct way to concatenate a filter in VBA?

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Accessing Filter Menu With Command Button

Dec 26, 2013

How could I activate filter menu with a command button. The filter menu I am referring to is the one on the home tab.

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Toggle Button Stuck (New Record Rather Than Specified Filter)

Feb 23, 2012

Access 2010 64bit

I have an issue with the Access "Toggle Filter Button" being ticked whenever I open a form from a listbox (dbl click)...

[tblOrders] - (Key) [ID] - [Date] - [Consignee] (Text) - [OrderComplete] (Yes/No)
[tblPurchaseOrders] - (Key) [ID] - (Key) [AssignedID] - [ProductName] - [Weight]

This is just an example and it is not exactly what my database looks like however it allows me to explain easier.

tblOrders and tblPurchaseOrders are related One-to-Many ( tblOrders.[ID]->tblPurchaseOrders.[AssignedID]).

Anyways, I have a listbox on my primary form that lists tblOrders by ID, Date, Consignee and OrderComplete. When I first built the form and I bound the listbox to column 0 ([ID]) and created the event on double-click which the code looked like this:

Private Sub listOrders_DblClick(Cancel As Integer)
Dim stDocName As String
Dim stLinkCriteria As String
Dim intLinkID As String
intLinkID = Me.tblOrders.Value
stLinkCriteria = "[ID] = " & intLinkID
Debug.Print stLinkCriteria
stDocName = "frmManageOrders"
DoCmd.OpenForm stDocName, , , stLinkCriteria

Exit Sub
End Sub

Now, for whatever reason - either something I've changed or a bug somewhere... when I double-click the list item, it opens as a new record rather than the corresponding record. I noticed that the "Toggle Filter" button on the access ribbon was ticked so I unchecked it and it immediately switched to the proper record. Why does this happen and what (if common) changes can make this appear or work this way? I am a novice with Access and I am still learning VBA. I struggle with not knowing parameters by heart, although the syntax seems to be similar to other languages I've worked with.

I had somehow enabled "Data Entry" which is located on the Property Sheet of a Form under the "Data" tab. Apparently this mode removes your ability to actually filter values properly and is intended for what you'd assume it means - Data Entry.

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Forms :: Button Import Database And Filter By Variable

Nov 19, 2014

I wanna create a button in form which can allow me to import database and when i select my file , i can select just the variable that i need .

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Forms :: Apply Filter To List Box - Toggle Button

Dec 18, 2014

I have a form with data fields and a list box, data is coming from a query. When I add a toggle button to apply a filter to the data on the form, the data in the fields are filtered, but the list box still shows all the data items. How do I use a toggle button or something on the form that when activated it filters the data in the list box and the list box only shows the filtered content.

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Reports :: Option Button To Filter Report With Dates In Access 2010

Jun 9, 2014

I have a retort that I want to use an option button to filter the report is a specific date is 48 hours before the current time. I'm not having any luck. Below is the code I have been playing with, but no go.

Private Sub NoMove_Click()
Select Case Me.NoMove.VALUE
Case 1
Me.Filter = "CLM = 'Now() - 48'"
Me.FilterOn = True
End Select
If Me.Filter = "" Then
MsgBox "The filter returned Null"
End If
End Sub

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Forms :: Display Row Names And Blank Table Until Filter Button Is Pressed

Jan 7, 2015

So what I've basically got here is a form with 4 combo boxes and a button that when clicked will filter the results of a table (which is a subform/subreport) based on the values inside the combo boxes. So the problem I have is that when I open up the form it displays a fully filled table but I just want to display the row names and a blank table until the filter button is pressed.

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