Queries :: Append Query In Different Levels Of Tables

Dec 17, 2013

I receive the data from engineering team lets name it as MAster database( in DB2 database - Read only ) and then i want to assign the data to each member and staus will be updated by them.So my Idea is upload the data from Engineering team (MAster database) to my (Local database), i think of using Append query if there is any changes in engineeiring data after i append the data then i can use the Update query to modify the data.

But once i assign the job to every member from my Localdatabase, i want it to stored in a data base with their name because it is a huge volume data and it will go for years.The bottleneck is If i use the Append query here, the changes from Masterdatabase to Locadatabase will not reflect in Team members database? is any solution for this or i have to use the Update query in Localdatabase and also in Team memers database?

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Queries :: Update Query For Stock Levels

May 12, 2015

I have a form which has a list of stock we have available to sell. I can then create an invoice and put in the relevant details. I then can select a product and it will add it to the invoice (which is in the form of a subform). Then the user confirms the quantity of each product. This is where the problems start....

I want an update query which will subtract the quantity from the overall stock level and give me the new stock level. This is easy to do if the invoice is for only 1 product. But I it doesn't work if there is more than one product in the invoice. If the first product has a quantity of 2 being bought, it will subtract 2 for every product.

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Queries :: Append Query - Automatically Update Tables Depending On Value Of Yes / No Field

Feb 25, 2014

I am giving two tables and I need to create a macro that automatically updates these tables depending on the value of a Yes/No field. If it's No, it's in the 1st table TableOne, if it's Yes it automatically updates to TableTwo.

So, the best way I saw to go about is to set up an append query and then create a macro that runs it

So my tables have the values FirstName, LastName and isValid (more but keeping it short)

So for my append query, I put TableTwo in the pop up I get. Then, where it asks for the field I put it

Criteria:[TableOne].[isValid] = 1

I do this for all (it was autocompleted except the Criteria field). I tried to keep Criteria with data only for isValid but that didn't work. I wrote it for all the field names, still didn't work. Whenever I click run it says it'll append 0 rows.

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Queries :: SQL Crosstab Query With Multiple Grouping Levels - Transform Statement?

Mar 24, 2015

I'm trying to construct an SQL crosstab query that will output data like the picture I've attached in the .zip file.

The four variables from the data table would be [Client Accounting].[Marketer] (the left vertical column), [Client Accounting].[Closing Date] (the higher level horizontal column grouped by month), [Client Accounting].[Write Off] and [Client Accounting].[Refund] (the lower level horizontal columns as sums)

The totals column at the bottom and the two vertical columns at the right would be made in the report and wouldn't need to be in the query.

This is what I have so far but I don't know how to add a second TRANSFORM statement to be included and grouped by month!

TRANSFORM Sum([Client Accounting].[Refund]) AS SumOfRefund
SELECT [Client Accounting].[Marketer]
FROM [Client Accounting]
GROUP BY [Client Accounting].[Marketer]
PIVOT Format([Closing Date],"mmm") In ("Jan","Feb","Mar","Apr","May","Jun","Jul","Aug","Sep","Oct","Nov","Dec");

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Queries :: Get Data From SQL Database And Append It To Certain Tables?

Oct 10, 2013

So I am pulling data from a SQL data base into access and appending it to certain tables. To do this I have 15ish append queries. Is there a way to have them run in a certain order with one command?

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Queries :: Check For Expiry Date And Stock Levels

Apr 23, 2013

What I am trying to do is create a stock database and iv imported a blank version of the northwind template and filled it in with my own products which is fine up to a point.

What i also have though is i get weekly reports of the stock of each product with their batch numbers, expiry date and quantity remaining for that individual lot sent to me from another company. (So i might have several lines with the same batch number and expiry date but diffeent quantities) So what i want to ask is:

Is there any way for me to combine the data in the weekly reports with the stock level data in the northwind template?

What i want to be able to have is where somehow i can see the total quantity of eac product with the same batch number and expiry date and then it tells me when that batch has expired and it also automatically deducts the stock from my total stock when it gets to within e.g 9 months of the expiry date as we will not likely sell those.

I need to do this as at the moment all i can get from my database is how much stock has been ordered, sold and what we have in total on hand but if the stock is close to expiring then i wouldnt know and i need to be able to see when to order stock in advance as i want a minimum of 6 months cover and ideally 9 months cover as orders for stock dont come in straight away.

Also, how i can import the data from the weekly reports into excel/access easily as they come as word files presented as a table but the data is put in frames i think and iv tried removing them but then it all looks messed up.

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2 Tables - Query - Append Table

Oct 24, 2005

I have two tables [A and B]. I combine these tables with a query. I create a new table [C] with data from the query with append...So far this works..

My problem: I change data in the first two tables [A and B].. How can I auto update the data in the new table [C]

Please a solution!

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Tables :: Using Temp Table And Append Query?

Oct 23, 2014

I'd like to copy data from an excel spreadsheet and paste it into a temp table in Access and then hit a button which will run an append query and append all the data in the temp table to a permenant table.ow to create a temp table?

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Append Query - Appending Multiple Tables Quickly

Aug 12, 2005

Hi Guys and Girls.

I have about 100 or so tables that I need to append back into one table :eek:

However all of these 100 tables all begin with the number 100 at the beggining. I know that you can append tables - but as far as I know you can only do one at a time. Is there any easy way to do this - for example writing a small SQL statement - saying select all tables that begin with 100* and then append into a master table :confused:

Alternatively are there any programs on the net that can do this (I just wrote a massive macro to import them from a text file in to access- not realising this problem would happen!) :(

Unfortunately each of the tables has the first row as the column heading too?

Any help would be much appreciated!!

Cuurently using Access 97 though.

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Append Query (select * From SomeTable, Then List All Tables..) ?

Oct 4, 2005


is it possible, for any reason, to append another sql query after one sql query?
for example, the first one is "select name from bla bla where name=something" and we just add another query at the end of the query to make something like
"select name from bla bla where name=something and
then show table from this database"

btw i'm using asp to call all these queries..

any help is greatly appreciated..thanks :)

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Tables :: Append Query Not Working / Null Values?

Sep 24, 2014

I have an append query created to add files to a table from an imported excel file. The table to which I am appending (SubTBL) has a field names Observation. This field is not required. There is a relationship to another table (ObservationTBL) which has 3 records. The information I am trying to append includes 7000 records, about 4000 have observations assigned and they match the information in the ObservationTBL. The remaining 3000 have blank records for observation. When I run the append query, only those with observations are appended. The rest are not added because of "key violations". I removed the relationship between the ObservationTBL and the SubTBL and the append query runs. Then when I try to re-do the relationship it fails "Violates referential integrity rules".To be clear:

1. The records without an observation are blank. (There are other fields in this append that have blank fields also and they are not causing any problems)
2. The field observation is NOT set to required.

Is it not allowing Null records?

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Queries :: Opening Design View Of Append Query Without Timing Out Source Query

Mar 4, 2015

In some cases I create pass-through queries and use these in an Append or Make-table query to bring data locally.

All is well and fine until source data changes and the pass-through query runs too long and times out.

If needed, I can extend the timeout value in the Parameters of the pass-through query no problem, but when I try to open the Append or Make-table query in Design view to do the same, the pass-through query is first triggered and then throws the timeout, and I cannot access the Design view of the Append or Make-table

Is there a way to open an Append or Make-table query in Design view without invoking the source query?

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Queries :: Key Violations With Append Query

Feb 14, 2014

I am having fun with key violations and cant seem to find out why?

I basically am deleting a Job but when i delete it i want to archive it hence the 'Archive' query and the History Tables.

It seems to be pasting everything in fine apart from the 'EmpJobHistory' Table?

I am getting the usual message "Key violations"?

I think i need the intermediate 'EmpJobHistory' Table because there will be Employees that are related to many Jobs and vice versa.

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Queries :: Append Query Where A Condition Has To Be Met

Feb 26, 2014

I am trying to copy notes from one table to another table where a condition has to be met and I can't figure out how to do that in an APPEND query.

Each record has a unique number that comes into my Initial Table in my Access database from a construction program I download. In this particular table both the [DNJTNo] and [DNVersionNmbr] fields can have duplicate numbers. However, when I run the query I want it to add a record to the second table only after the query checks that the [DNJTNo] in combination with the [DNVersionNmbr], is not already in the table. If it is, I do NOT want it appended to the second table. (I have attached a picture of the query in APPEND design stage).

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Queries :: Append Query - Only New Records

Aug 15, 2013

How can I modify the below code so that it only adds new records to AttributesTBL from ProductInformation-Consumer?

INSERT INTO AttributesTBL ( Material )
SELECT [ProductInformation-Consumer].Material
FROM AttributesTBL INNER JOIN [ProductInformation-Consumer] ON AttributesTBL.Material = [ProductInformation-Consumer].Material;

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Queries :: Run Append Query N Times

Jun 10, 2014

I have a table with 3 fields:

numberFROM, numberTO, Quantity

10, 15, 6

I would execute an append query that will store in another table:


How could I mange it?

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Queries :: Append Query Error

Apr 27, 2014

I am having problems adding details from StudentForm to student table. When I click on the add student button it throws back an error Microsoft Access cant append all the records in the append query.I have attached the error as a pdf and the database for info.

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Queries :: Using Append Query But Not Adding Duplicates?

Jul 30, 2013

I would like to use an append query that appends data from a union query into a table, but doesn't add duplicates based on a certain field.

I have been trying to use this code, but it doesnt seem to work.

INSERT INTO [Cotton13/14]
SELECT DISTINCT [Contracted Farmers].*
FROM [Contracted Farmers]
WHERE NOT (SELECT * FROM [Cotton13/14] FROM [Cotton13/14] AS [Cotton13/14] WHERE [Cotton13/14].[OF Codec] = [Contracted Farmers].[OF Codec])

Cotton13/14 is the table I want to append to and Contracted Farmers is the union query. However the code is giving me an error.

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Queries :: Append Query For Recurring Invoices?

Jul 7, 2014

I am looking to make an invoicing database.

I create 30 invoices a month. each client gets billed the same amount each month (for example Customer A gets billed $100 every month, Customer B gets charged $200 each month). Only two things get changed on the invoice-'Description' (for example the description would be 'services rendered for July 2014' for July invoice) and 'Invoice Date'.

Now please see the image attached, I have an append query that combines information and creates invoices for all 30 clients.

The problem is, the 'Invoice No' field in the invoice table stays empty, because I do not know how to start numbering at a specific point (for example invoice numbering should start at 14150001) and I want it to add the number (+1) automatically when this append query adds data to the invoice table.

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Queries :: How To Create A Query To Append Values

Nov 6, 2014

I am trying to create a query to append new records from my NEW database into my old excel database.....

The old DB has 4-5 extra tabs that the NEW database does not have so when I append, in those extra columns the new database will just have blank records since the column doesn't exist.

Usually I do a append query in design view. but sometimes it gets funny because it creates duplicates...

How would I go about it, so its quicker and persistent like creating a macro excel.

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Queries :: Append Query One Record Several Times

Feb 13, 2014

I have a table with rooms each room have a number of gust. I want to append each room many times equal to the number of gusts.

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Queries :: Create A Form To Run Append Query

Jul 19, 2013

I am creating a database for users that no nothing about access nor do they want to learn. So the database needs to be as simple as possible.

This being the case I would like to avoid users from creating/editing querys.

I would like to have a form that would run the append query. The query would have a date column and a status column that the query would filter.

The query would have a criteria for status that would equal to "BACKED OUT" and the date would need to link to the two text fields on the form. My problem is writing the VBA code to make the query append in the background.

For sake of argument:
Query = qryappend
Form = frmappend
Table = tblappend

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Queries :: Append Query Returning Too Many Rows

Nov 14, 2013

I want an append query to create a new record in a table and populate that record with fields from a form. Some of these fields are free text, others are from combo boxes.The append query adds vastly too many records (albeit all populated with precisely the same information) - and the number it adds seems to depend on which combo box options I choose.

I have a similar append query which pulls information from earlier records in the table, and combines that with free text and combo boxes on a near-identical form, which works fine and always just adds one row.

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Queries :: Append Query For Temp Table

Mar 24, 2015

I am trying to create a table from a form. The form has several fields but I need to take the value from 4 separate combo boxes ([cr] +[br] +[tr] and add them, then add the value from one more combo box [inc] to be my beginning value in a table.

I then need to add the last value [inc] to the total and that become the next line in the table. I would the like to add this value [inc] an infinite number of times until it reaches a max number.

The scenario would be something like this
cr=3 br=2 tr=3 inc=1.5

So the first total would be 9.5. Then every row after that would be plus 1.5
and so on.

This would be a temp table that I would run a query on to let an operator know lengths they can choose from in a combo box. I don't know if this is even possible.

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Queries :: Append Query With Unique Duplicates

Sep 11, 2013

I'm attempting to create an append query that will add new records only if there isn't an equivalent record already existing. Typically I would add the existing table to the query, and only add new records if the same do not exist. In this case, the table is maintaining records over time (start date and end date).

I have 4 tables:





I'm checking if [t_temp_employees].[effective_date] <> [t_city_assignment].[start_date]. However, if the employee has historical entries it will still add a record (in fact, it'll add multiple records).

How can I append a new record only if one for the same time period does not exist?

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Queries :: Crosstab Query Which Can Append To Table

Jan 8, 2015

I have a crosstab query which i would like to append to my table..can't change it to a append query...it changes the structure.

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