Return All Matching Records

Aug 6, 2005

I have a database called LettersDatabase this databse holds all the letters that have been made including the path to the doc. I use SSN to ID the letters to customers on the Contacts Database.

Contacts database also uses the SSN to id the contacts

I have a form that creates new letters for customers in this form I have listbox that queries the LettersDatabase for all matching records based on the forms contact SSN to see how many letters have been made for that customer.

The problem is that my listbox only shows the first record matching that SSN but there are more records in that LettersDatabase with the same SSN that I need to have diplayed on the listbox as well.

I may be writing the query incorrectly.
Here what I have for the query on the listbox


I try adding (&"*") to the end of the query but that does not help.

If anyone out there has the solution to this problem it would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

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Forms :: Return All Records Matching A Set Criteria

Dec 3, 2014

I have a form that is bound to a query that returns all records matching a set criteria (namely, the field ApprovalDate is null); the idea is that the user clicks on a command button which gives information, and if the user chooses to continue (vbYes), then the field ApprovalDate has its value set as the current date, and the record is saved.

Next, I have put in DoCmd.Requery to requery the form and effectively go to the next record wanting approval - this appears to work fine, however I need to add something to the code that handles a null return from the requery - preferably a message box and then have the form close.

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Forms :: Return Number Of Matching Records

May 12, 2015

I have a datasheet form listing prospect information.

Each prospect is assigned a position, there can be more than one prospect with the same position.

I'm trying to get a text box to lookup the prospects position and search the remaining rows for matching positions and return the total number found.

This data does not need to be stored anywhere, just a reference value for users to look at.

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Matching Records

Dec 22, 2004

A very elementary question - but I'd be grateful for an answer.

I have two tables (or perhaps two queries) each with a key field. If all is well, there should be complete correspondence between the two sets of records. That is, if there's a record with key 12345 in one table, there should also be a record with key 12345 in the other table.

I'm looking for the simplest way of checking whether or not this is the case, and, if it's not, detecting which records in one table are unmatched by any record in the other.


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Delete Matching Records

Feb 27, 2006

Hi can anyone please help me out. How can I delete records from one table, where matching in a second table?

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Count Matching Records From A Subform. Please Help...

Mar 1, 2006

I need to have the sum of the "matching records" of a subform, exported to a variable of the main form, in order to use it in an if condition.

e.g. "IF a client has brought X? times the vehicle A for a service of type B, THEN do ..."
How do I get the X value in a variable within the main form which presents all activity for all clients (by means of a subform).

I hope this is clear.
Plaese help me, guys. You 've done it before, you're so great!

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Need Help With A Query For Finding Matching Records

Aug 5, 2005

I have two tables Table 1 and Table 2. Table 1 has 6 fields 175 records and Table 2 has 4 fields and 330 records. The first three fields in both the tables are the same. I need to find all records in the first table that have a matching record in the second table based on those first three fields. How can I accomplish this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Deleting Matching Records From Another Table

Dec 6, 2005


Apologies if there is a previous post that answers this - I've looked, but can't find anything that works.

I have two tables with identical structures. tblA contains a subset of the records on tblB, with identical values on all fields except ID. I need to remove from tblB all records appearing on tblA. I thought the following would work:

DELETE tblB.* from tblB
INNER JOIN tblA ON tblB.Field1 = tblA.Field1
AND tblB.Field2 = tblA.Field2
AND tblB.Field3 = tblA.Field3...

but I get "Could not delete from specified tables".

What am I doing wrong? Or is there an easier way?


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Counting Matching Related Records

Sep 30, 2007

Hello there,

I have tables like so (simplified):



What I would like to do is create a query which returns a list of all the holidays with a field showing how many bookings have been created for each holiday. This almost works:

SELECT Count(1) AS CountOfBookingID, Bookings.HolidayID
FROM Bookings
GROUP BY Bookings.HolidayID;

...but it does not display holidays where there are no bookings.

Is it possible to create one which will show all holidays even if there are no bookings?


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Show All Records That Have More Than One Matching In A Related Table

Dec 16, 2005

I've been trying to get this for ages now - both in the design view and in sql:

I have 2 tables - one called DrawingsRegister and a related one called DrawingRevisions. Each drawing has one or more drawing revisions. I want a query that will show each drawing (just once) that has more than one revision:

SELECT tblDrawingsRegister.DrawingNum, tblDrawingsRegister.DrawingName, tblDrawingRevisions.DrawingNum

FROM tblDrawingsRegister INNER JOIN tblDrawingRevisions ON tblDrawingsRegister.DrawingNum = tblDrawingRevisions.DrawingNum

WHERE ((Count([tblDrawingRevisions]![DrawingNum])>"0"));

Thanks for your time,

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Need Count Query To Output 0 (zero) When There Are No Matching Records

May 21, 2007

I have a form where a user reviews information input by another user, once they have done this they sign it off by selecting their name from a drop down list. On this form there is a scrolling message which tells the user how many un-signed entries there are. This works fine until there are 0 (zero) entries to be signed off.

The scrolling message is linked to a count query which basically counts any records that does not have a name entered in the required field. I have done this with ' Not Like "*" '

Like I say it works when there is one or more entries to count, but as soon as there are none the query does not output a zero it is just blank. This is the problem.

I need some sort of statement to say if there are no matching records please display a zero.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Forms :: Non Matching Records To Give Message Box?

Dec 11, 2013

I have two tables, categories and items. I have a form that is linked to the categories table and a subform that is linked to the items table. The user selects a category on the main form then an item to add to the category on the subform. (all of this is functioning correctly - but you need to understand for my question.)

Both the form and the subform have a text box that displays a record from their respective table, for the example we will call this color.

What I need to do is create code that checks the color text box from the category (main form) against the text box for the item (subform) and if they are not a match I need to display a message box - from where I can then add the necessary actions.

EDIT: note this is not a query on an entire table or 2 it is just comparing the two text boxes on the form and subform

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Queries :: Query That Returns No-matching Records

Jul 15, 2013

Suppose I have two tables with fields as follows:

Assigned Courses (Courses that employees should do)Employee number
Assigned Course Name

Fulfilled Course (Courses that employees have done)Employee number
Fulfilled Course

Now I need to do a query that tells me which employees haven't done. Is there anyway to do that that is not an exclude query?

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Queries :: Create A Query For Non-matching Records

Jul 24, 2014

I am trying to create a query in Access 2010 for records that don't match based on the following criteria. I have two tables with identical ID's and I need to do a comparison on the amount field between both tables and only return the records from one table displaying all fields plus the amount fields that do not equal. I tried this in the wizard unsuccessfully.

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Find - Not Finding All Matching Records, But Filter By Selection Does.

Jul 9, 2007

Hi All,

I have a strange problem that has me beaten.
I open an Access 2003 table, sort on field "Job Number", click the Find button and enter a job number.
I expect to find 30 records, but Find only hits 8 of them.
If I over-type the Job Number (with the same numerics), Find is then able to return this record.
If I place my cursor in ANY of the 30 records and click Filter by Selection, all 30 records are included.
I thought there may be a non-printable character or a space hidden at the end of the field, but I expect both Filter and Find would return the same records.
Even more strangely, when my client zips the MDB file and emails it to me, this behaviour does not occur on my PC.
Has anyone else comes across this behaviour? If so, can you please point me in the direction that will help me find a solution.
Mark Chimes

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Create An Entry In A Table Based On Records Matching

May 23, 2006

Where a many to many relationships is resolved with a linking table...Is it possible to create an entry in the linking table where the two linked tables have the same value e.g. create a entry in the linking table where client table has same value as a job profile table i.e. both are in insurance. Therefore want to create an entry in the middle table with foreign keys from either link automatically


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Queries :: Show All Fields With No Matching Records - One Table

Aug 14, 2013

How to get the following results using 1 table:

Field1 ID is an auto record ID, field2 ID is actually field1 ID assigned that record, in other words record 1 has a roommate (record 5) assigned to it, record 2 has a roommate (record 4) assigned to it

Table A

Field1 ID Field2 ID
1 5
2 4
3 6
4 2
5 1
6 8

Results records I'm looking to display for would be:
1 5
2 4
3 6
6 8

I only want to display all fields for records, but I don't want to show their matching record, so I want to display record1, but not record 5 because record 1 has record 5 as a roommate, want to display record 2 but not record 4.

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Forms :: Possible To Use A Command Button To Update Matching Records In A Form

Jul 7, 2014

Is it possible to use a command button (update) to update matching records in a form (Test)? I have a file (april.xlsx) in which the first column Cytogenetics ID (14-xxxx) is a unique identifier that matches a record in the database. The next column Result (NL-F, NL-M, F-VUS, M-VUS, A-M, A-F) and the date column next to it are what need to be updated in that record. In the database there is a field called Result that needs to be updated with
the text from column 2:

NL-F and NL-M = Normal
VUS-F and VUS-M = Variant of Unknown Sig.
A-M and A-F = Abnormal

There is also a Final TAT Date field in the database that needs to be updated with column 3 in the spreadsheet (Final TAT Date).So basically when there is a match with column 1 in april.txt to a record in the database, the Result field in the database is updated with column 2 of april.txt and the Final TAT Date field in the database is updated with column 3 of april.txt.

Cytogenetics ID Result Final TAT Date
14-0390 Normal 4/11/2014
14-0396 Variant of Unknown Sig 4/18/2014

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Modules & VBA :: Training Matrix - Matching Listbox Selections To Table Records

May 6, 2015

I have a training matrix that lists employee names and certifications on various operations. The objective is to choose an operation and run a query to display everyone who is certified on that op. There are additional variables.

John Doe 526261 C C C
Bob Doe 555622 C C C
Sheila Doe 066600 C C C

Okay that looks about right for the data itself. The listbox has all the ops, you choose an op and hit a button and it goes and finds everyone who has a 'C' in that op column and pulls their record.

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Modules & VBA :: Completing Fields On A Form With Matching Data From Previous Records

Jun 4, 2015

I'm trying to make it a little further with my new call answering database at work.

Basically it consists of a main form that has a button leading to a call answering form for each business that we represent. it also has a text box that displays the number of the caller when the telephone picks up, the correct call answering screen is also popped by the telephone software and a macro whenever the phone is answered.

I've got code in place that automatically puts the date and time in the correct field and also copy the incoming telephone number from the main form into the caller number field on the call answering form.

I'd like to take this automation a little further now and get the form to autopopulate the caller details if that caller has called before (we get a lot of calls from the same people) so i'd like to make the form search the table it's linked to for the incoming phone number and to fill in the name, email, company etc... for the caller according to the previous record.

The code for the 2 forms i've currently got setup (the switchboard and one call answering screen) are as follows


Option Compare Database
Dim WithEvents MaxxCom As Metro_MaxxCom_CTI_COM_API.CTI
Private Sub cmd_onnet_Click()
DoCmd.OpenForm FormName:="On_Net_Communications"
End Sub

[Code] .....

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Modules & VBA :: Database With Thousands Of Records - Open Image Matching A Field

May 6, 2015

I have to create a database with more than ten thousand records. There is a field on which image by clicking the image to be displayed with the default program based on the image on which you clicked.


Private Sub Campo1_Click()
Dim L As Long
L = ShellExecute(0, "Open", """" & "C:UsersNickDesktopDocumentiPicturesDioDiego.jpg" & """", vbNullString, vbNullString, 1)
End Sub

When onClick event happens on the image is displayed the same image regardless of the record on which you clicked. How do I change the code to open the image of the field that was clicked?

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Forms :: Search Field - Subform Does Not Change To Show Matching Records

May 6, 2013

All. using 2010. I have a form and a subform. my master and child links are set but when I scroll thru my form; my subform does not change to show the matching records. I do have an unbound search field for the same field as the master and child links. When I type in the search field for a record; the subform does change to that particular record. Do you think that has anything to do with it?

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Forms :: Search Multiple Fields In Table And Open Matching Records For Editing

Dec 10, 2014

Create form to search multiple fields in table

Return records that match search

Open the record that you want in Form View for editing

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Queries That Return No Records

Jan 31, 2006

Hi All,

I am wandering if it possible to check programatically whether a query returns a NULL result?

I am writing a program(VB) that involves an IFF statement where if there are records in the query it does a specific calculation & if there are no records returned in the query it does something else. Is this possible to achieve?

Thanks in advance:D



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Only Return Current And Following Records

Oct 1, 2007


I have a query with the following sort of information:-

10/2007 55

As today being the 1st October, I would like the query to return the values for Oct and Nov.
The same values would be returned on the 31st Oct, but then the following day, only the Nov value would be, basically, it only returns the values of the current month and following months..

I am assuming I put something in the criteria of the query under the month? I have tried a number of things, with none working!!!

Thanks for reading....


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Query That Return No. Of Records In Run Time

Sep 20, 2005

Hi all,

May I know some to construct any functions or query string that can track the no. of records that mean certain criteria in the run time.

Basically I want to track the records in a subform (in datasheet view). Should the no. of records is 0, then I can disallow user from saving it onto the table for better record keeping.

Thanks !!

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