How To To Develope A New PlugIN Algorithm

Oct 18, 2006

I have a code for Nearest neighbour algorithm, I want to build a datamining algorithm using that code..

I have the following link that includes the source code for a sample plug-in algorithm written in C#.

(managed plug-in framework that's available for download here: )

But i am confused on where to insert my algorithm logic?

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Any Other Plugin Algorithm Developed??

Sep 19, 2006


as we know we get clustering algorithm with managed plugin algorithm API

does anyone have developed any other plugin algorithm as i want to check what are the things that needs to be modified. i am not data mining algorithm developer but i just want to check where we have to make changes. i would be better if i get source code for algorithm other than clustering


thanks in advanced

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Develope Pending &> Activate

Apr 2, 2007

Hi,I have an application ( + c#).There is a SQL table called 'Status' it is used to store pending and activated events.There is a field called 'Complete'.So when user register I want to add recored to 'Complete' field as 'Pending'But I cant understand how to do this. Plese help me  

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Which Is Advantage To Develope A Report.

May 14, 2008

hi all,
i need to create a report in reporting services, in reporting services there are two ways to develope a report by using "Report Server Project" and "Report Model Project". i need to know the purpose of each thing and which one will be advantage.

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How To Get Strings From Inside A Plugin ?

Mar 13, 2007

Good morning everybody,

I'm here once again asking for help. Here's my problem:

I have a table that I use in my text mining clustering third-party algorithm. The table is as follows:

ID: primary key (int)

ID_DOC: an ID I use to know from what document a term came from (int)

ID_TERMO: the term ID (int)

TERMO: the term itself (varchar(max))

FREQ: the term frequency, usually TFxIDF (real)

Alright... I need the term itself to do some visualization. What I want to do is to get each case's term and store'em on a vector<char*>. So I did some changes on the ProcessCase method. In this method the data (each variable of the case) can be accessed rolling over the case using a DM_STATE_VALUE* as follows:


for(unsigned int i=0;i<_cAttribute;i++) { // _cAttribute is the number of variables

double aux = xpto.r8;

//Do some calculation using aux


Alright... It works quite well when I only have real and int data types on the database. But how the get the term collumn (varchar(max)) ?

How to modify the DM_STATE_VALUE union to accept strings as well ?

Any clues are wellcome.

Thanks a lot once more,


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Custom Plugin And AdomdConnection

Jan 1, 2008


I want to create a Data Mining Plugin-Algorithmn that uses existing mining models in the current DB. Is there a way to get a AdomdConnection from within an (Managed) Plugin-Algorithmn? This Connection should point to the current SSAS-Database.


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Managed Plugin-Algorithmn

Dec 30, 2007


I spent the last days programming a managed datamining plugin-algorithmn for SSAS 2005 and have troubles with the Prediction-Method.

Die Prediction-Methode of the "Shell-Algorithm" leads to an error-message on execution of the prediction-query (Internal Error: Unexprected Error ... dmxpredict.cpp Row 205 ...).

Can anyone provide me with a very simple implementation of this Method which just says that for every output-attribute the first (discrete) state should be predicted with a probability of, let's say, 90 % ?

Best Whishes

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Error Registering Plugin

Nov 13, 2007

Good evening everyone,

I'm following the steps of the tutorial on how to construct a managed data mining plugin in C#.

Once created the Metadata, Algorithm and Navigator classes I tried to register it on Analisys Service by running the XMLA template written on the tutorial but I got the following error:

Unable to retrieve a list of supported data mining algorithms. Make
sure you are connected to the correct Analysis Services server
instance and the Analysis Services server named localhost is running
and configured properly. You can continue with a default list of data
mining algorithms

The GUID in the XMLA is correct as so the service name. The SQL Server engine runs fine.

I noticed that when I run this XMLA, the file msmdsrv.ini is modified, so in DataMining/Algorithms session a new entry is correctly created, enabled and the GUID is also set correct.

I also tried to ignore the XMLA setting up msmdsrv.ini manually but it also didn't work.

The build process is fine, both DMPluginWrapper and the Shell are registered by gacutil and I restarted (also try to stop and start) the server.

Any ideas will be very appreciated.



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How To Port A Plugin To Another Computer ?

Jul 10, 2007

Good afternoon,

I've developed a clustering plugin for SQL Server 2005 but now I want to port the .dll so my algorithm can run on another machine. Both machines have SQL Server 2005 installed, but different versions of Windows.

What are the steps I need to follow to port the plugin ?

Any help will be very appreciated.

Thanks a lot once more,


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Analysis Services Plugin Debug

Mar 20, 2007


I am working on an AS Algorithm Plugin . I want to debug it in the AS Server, but I cant figure out how it works. Now I every time install and deploy the plugin, but if I catch an exception, it just shows me the message, not the stack trace. Anyone, something friendlier method?

Sorry for my poor English!


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Data Mining Plugin And Lift Chart

Jan 1, 2008


I tried to create a lift chart with my custom plugin-algorithmn. The chart seems to be correct, but before it is drawn, an error occours:

Function ... Row 1 ... Column 43 ... cannot be used in this context.
(I've translated the key facts of this error message from german)

What did I do wrong?

Best wishes,

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Some General Questions About The Managed Plugin-Algorithmn Wrapper

Dec 31, 2007


After I've written my first Plugin-Algorithmn, I have some general questions about the Managed Plugin-Algorithmn wrapper.

What does the Property "support" express in view of predictions? Is it the overall number of cases the found rule works for?

What's the difference between AdjustedProbability and Probability ?

There is a probability for a specific StateStatistic and one for the whole AttributeStatistic.
What does the latter one express? Perhaps the overall probability that the discovered rules will lead to correct results for this attribute ? Let's say I have two rules for an attribute. Rule A has a probability of 0.5 and Rule B has a probability of 0.66. What would be AdjustedProbability.Probability in the case? The mean of 0.5 and 0.66 ?

Best whishes,

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Msmdsrv.ini (Split Post): Error Registering Plugin

Jan 23, 2008

hello,everyone,I also met a problem.
I stoped the SQL Server Analysis Services first, and registered the GAC successfully,
then modified the msmdsrv.ini manually.In fact,I found the format of my msmdsrv.ini is diffirent from the one mentioned in the tutorial,it just like below:


when i restarted the the AS,
some error information displayed in event viewer,
" can't load MyCompany_Mamaged_Plugin_Algorithm data mining Algorithm provider(ProgID,
can't create Algorithm Provider program for MyCompany_Managed_Plugin_Algorithm,
ProgID does not exist in the server configuration file"

I am confused by it and have not any idea to solve it.
some one can give tips?

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Visual Studio Team System And SSMS - Anyone Got The Plugin To Work?

May 30, 2006

We have a large number of SPs in our databases and decided it was time to get some source control. I have VSTS team explorer installed and working in visual studio, but I cannot get the plugin for SSMS to work - it just says none in the current source control plug-in dialogue box - nothing when I drop it down either.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

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Error On Custom Data Mining Plugin: Content Type Mismatch

Jan 11, 2007

Good afternoon,

I'm doing a custom clustering plugin for text to pre-process ("clean" the texts), calculate weights, estimate the number of clusters (using the PBM index) and finally, do the actual clustering.

So... I've made each of these modules on C++ and I'm putting them all togheter on the plugin.

My database (MDB file) has only one table, with only two fields within: a key (auto-incremental) and a small text. What I intend to do is to get the text in each test case, store them togheter somewhere and call my classes to cluster these texts.

I'm trying to log the texts in a file (just a test) on the ProcessCase method, in the CaseProcessor class. I've did it with no problems with numerical data.

But when I load the MDB file on the Mining Structures Wizard, it says the content type of the field holding the texts is "Continous" and the data type is "Text". Actually, when I saw it I didn't really mind.

But when I run the mining model it gives me the following error: "Error 1 Error (Data mining): The data type of the Table1.Texto mining structure column must be numeric since it has a continuous content type (Content is set to Continuous or Key Time or Key Sequence). 0 0 "

So... How do I change this content type ? (the content type combobox on the Mining Structures Wizard couldn't the changed)

Can anyone help me on this, please ?

Thanks a lot.

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Custom Plugin Error: How To Pass Information To Mining Model Viewer?

Jan 17, 2007

Good morning,

Well... As I said in other topics, I'm doing a clustering plugin for text mining. I'm facing many problems and, with your help, solving them one by one.

First of all, thanks a lot again.

Well... I've made a clustering function that is actually working very well. But I'm exporting its results to a log file I use as an algorithm trace for debugging.

My clustering method returns a vector containing information of what cluster each register belongs. For instance:

vector[0] = 1 -> The register of index 0 belongs to cluster 1.

vector[1] = 9 -> The register of index 1 belongs to cluster 9.

vector[2] = 2 -> The register of index 2 belongs to cluster 2.


And so on.

But... I know that none of the Navigation methods receives a structure like this one discribed above. I only use it to log the results to debug the algorithm.

But how to pass this information (what register (or test case) belongs to what cluster) to the Navigation ?

Thanks a lot again, and any help will be very appreciated.


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How To Access The Data From A Custom Data Mining Plugin ?

Dec 20, 2006

I'm stucked in a problem and I thought if you would be so kind as to helping me to resolve it.

I'm implementing a clustering algorithm plugin for text mining. I've already read the tutorials and sample codes provided by the MSDN Library.

Well... My problem is: I can't go through the data when the Predict method is called. I've read that this method implements the "core" of the custom algorithms. Here is a small snippet of my code for you to understand my doubt:

STDMETHODIMP ALGORITHM::Predict(/* [in] */ IDMContextServices* in_pContext,/* [in] */ DM_PREDICTION_FLAGS in_Flags,/* [in] */ IDMAttributeGroup* in_pPredAttGroup,/* [in] */ DM_CaseID in_CaseID, /* [in] */ ULONG in_ulCaseValues,/* [in] */ DM_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE* in_rgValues,/* [in] */ ULONG in_ulMaxPredictions,/* [in] */ ULONG in_ulMaxStates, /* [out] */ DM_ATTRIBUTE_STAT** io_prgPredictions,/* [out] */ ULONG* out_pulPredictions) {

for(UINT i=0;i<in_ulCaseValues;i++) {
DM_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE& dmattributevalue = in_rgValues;
ULONG iAttribute = dmattributevalue.Attribute;
if (iAttribute == DM_UNSPECIFIED)
double dblValue = ::DblContinuous(dmattributevalue.Value);
char buffer[129];
sprintf(buffer,"%f ",dblValue);
return S_OK;

As you can see, I'm going through in_rgValues to get its values, but i'm only obtaining the first register of the table on the database. I need to roll over a kind of resultset so I could access all the registers I need. Is there any way to do so ?

I expected Predict() received a matrix containing all my data, but the only thing I noticed that could represent the data is that in_rgValues vector. So I can go through this vector, but it holds only the first register of the table in the database (that's what's being saved on my log). I need all of the registers in order to pre-process the data and implement my clustering algorithm.

Well... That's it... I would be very pleased if you could help me.

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May 22, 2002

Does any have a algorithm that can divide A into B without using the divide
sign (/) or the multiplication sign ( * ).

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What Is The Best Algorithm To Use?

Nov 24, 2006

I am new to DM and I am not sure which algorithm would be best to use.

I am trying to build a custom comparitor application that companies can use to compare themselves against other companies based on certain pieces of information. I need to group a company with 11 other companies based on 6 attributes. I need the ability to apply weightings to each of the 6 attributes and have those taken into consideration when determining which 10 other companies each company is grouped with. Each group must contain 11 members, the company for the user logged in and 10 other companies that it will be compared against.

At first I thought that clustering would be a good fit for this but I can not see a way to mandate that each cluster contain exactly 11 members, I cannot see a way to weight the inputs, and I think each company can only be in one cluster at a time which do not meet my requirements.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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Jun 8, 2006

Well, i have read in claude seidman book about data mining that some algorithm inside in microsoft decision tree are CART, CHAID and C45 algorithm. could anyone explain to me about the tree algorithm and please explain to me how the tree algorithm used together in one case?

thank you so much

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Luhn Algorithm

Dec 11, 2006

Use this to check if Luhn has valid check digitCREATE FUNCTIONdbo.fnIsLuhnValid
@Luhn VARCHAR(8000)

IF @Luhn LIKE '%[^0-9]%'

@Multiplier TINYINT,
@Sum INT,

SELECT@Index = LEN(@Luhn),
@Multiplier = 1,
@Sum = 0

WHILE @Index >= 1
SELECT@Plus = @Multiplier * CAST(SUBSTRING(@Luhn, @Index, 1) AS TINYINT),
@Multiplier = 3 - @Multiplier,
@Sum = @Sum + @Plus / 10 + @Plus % 10,
@Index = @Index - 1

Peter Larsson
Helsingborg, Sweden

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Jul 23, 2005

Hello,Do you know if the algorithm for the BINARY_CHECKSUM function in documentedsomewhere?I would like to use it to avoid returning some string fields from theserver.By returning only the checksum I could lookup the string in a hashtable andI think this could make the code more efficient on slow connections.Thanks in advanced and kind regards,Orly Junior

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Algorithm Of The MAX Command In T-SQL

Dec 7, 2007

What kind of algorithm does the MAX command uses? I have a table that I need to get the last value of the Transaction ID and increment it by 1, so I can use it as the next TransID everytime I insert a new record into the table. I use the MAX command to obtain the last TransID in the table in this process. However, someone suggested that there is a problem with this, since if there are multiple users trying to insert a record into the same table, and processing is slow, they might essentially come up with the same next TransID. He came up with the idea of having a separate table that contains only the TransID and using this table to determine the next TransID. Will this really make a difference as far as processing speed is concerned or using a MAX command on the same table to come up with the next TransID enough? Do you have a better suggestion?


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Neural Net Algorithm

Sep 15, 2006


Would anyone be able to provide a reference paper on the neural net algorithm implemented in SQL Server 2005 to better understand how it works?

Thanxs for any info.

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Clustering Algorithm

Oct 29, 2007

Hi All!

I have few questions regarding Clustering algorithm.

If I process the clustering model with Ks (K is number of clusters) from 2 to n how to find a measure of variation and loss of information in each model (any kind of measure)? (Purpose would be decision which K to take.)

Which clustering method is better to use when segmenting data K-means or EM?

Thanks in advance!

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C# Algorithm/ Libraries

Jan 10, 2006


Does anyone know of or where I can find implementation of these C#  algorithm /class libraries:

a) RLS - Recursive Least Square algorithm?

b) MWAR - Multi-resolution Wavelet Auto-regresive algorithm?

c) AR - Autoregresive moving awerage algorithm?

d) EWMA - Exponentially Weighted Moving Average

The .NET framework System.Math class do not seem to have these libraries. 



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Which Algorithm Is Best For Perdiction

Jul 12, 2006


I want to predict which product can be sold together , Pl help me out which algorithm is best either association, cluster or decision and pl let me know how to use case table and nested table my table structure is


Rajesh Ladda

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Problem With AES_256 Algorithm

Feb 14, 2008

i am using sqlserver2005 as back end for my project.
actually we developing an stand alone web application for client, so we need to host this application in his server. he is not willing to install sql server 2005 edition in his sever so we r going by placing .mdf file in data directory of project.

but before i developed in server2005 i used aes_256 algorithm to encrypt n decrypt the pwd column by using symmetric is working fine.

but when i took the .mdf file of project n add into my project it is throwing error at creation of symmetric key that
"Either no algorithm has been specified or the bitlength and the algorithm specified for the key are not available in this installation of Windows."

please suggest me a solution

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Developing A New Plug-in Algorithm

Feb 7, 2008


i'm making my master thesis about a new plug-in algorithm, with the LVQ Algorithm.
I make the tutorial with the pair_wise_linear_regression algorithm and i have some doubts. i was searching for the code of the algorithm in the files of the tutorial and i didn't saw it. I have my new algorithm programmed in C++ ready to attach him, but i don't know where to put him, in which file i have to put him to start to define the COM interfaces? And in which file is the code of the pair_wise_linear_regression algorithm in the SRC paste of the tutorial?


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Algorithm : Data Mining

Feb 26, 2007

Hello friends,

Can u give some idea about the Algorithm in Data Mining for Clustering..

Please reply...


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Time Series Algorithm

Aug 17, 2006

I am trying to predict Revenue gererated by each Person.
My Input like this:

Month Person Revenue

20050101 Person1 $1000
20050101 Person1 $2000
20050201 Person1 $1000
20050101 Person2 $5000
20050201 Person2 $2000
20050201 Person2 $3000

Obviosly for Person1 and 200501 I expect to see on MS Time Series Viewer $3000, correct?
Instead I see REVENUE(actual) - 200501 VALUE =XXX,
Where XXX is absolutly different number.

Also there are negative numbers in forecast area which is not correct form business point
Person1 who is tough guy tryed to shoot me.
What I am doing wrong. Could you please give me an idea how to extract correct
historical and predict information?

Thnak you,

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Which Algorithm To Be Used With Symmetric Keys

Mar 28, 2006


I want to create a symmetric key that will be encrypted by certificate key. Can u guide me which algorithm is best out of the following:

DES, TRIPLE_DES, RC2, RC4, RC4_128, DESX, AES_128, AES_192, AES_256.

I tried using AES_128, AES_192, AES_256 but it says 'the algorithm specified for the key are not available in this installation of Windows.'

Pls tell me which else algorithm is best to use and pls specify why.



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Which Algorithm Is Better For Customer Retention

Jul 25, 2006


Pl any one tell me which algorithm is better for Customer retention Using SQL server 2005 analysis services

It will be great if some one can give the same with example of data model with key column , and rest

Thanks in Advance

Rajesh Ladda

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