SQL 2012 :: Access To Central Backup Location

Dec 11, 2014

SQL Server service accounts; the default (and recommended) service account is NT ServiceMSSQLServer virtual service account - which is shown as MSSQLSERVER locally - if you want to assign permissions to a local location. Fine, that's OK, works.

For network resources, as far as I understand it (or think I do, anyway), a virtual service on a box is made visible to the network using the <Domain><Computer>$ credential. Eg for box Bimble on Domain Wimble - if I want to give access to a directory on backupServer1, I simply assign rights to WimbleBimble$ and SQL Server should get those rights.

This, or so I thought, should allow SQL Server access to that location. The thing is, when trying to access that location, it's throwing an access denied error. But it works fine with LocalSystem.

Do I need to do some additional configuration to allow the Virtual Service account to be shown via <Domain><Computer>$ ?

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Replication Of Several Satellites Into One Central Db: Adding Location Key ?

Dec 6, 2005

Dear group,i have the following setting:satellite databases in different locations with the same structure (andsometimes identical data) need to be replicated into one centraldatabase. The databases hold information on machine results andmachines are numbered from 1 to n.Results for machine 1 in location 1 should be entered in the centraldatabase whereas results for machine 1 in location 2 should also beentered.Thus i would need a copy of the tables in the satellite database whichadds one column for "location id" (or something like that).Is there an easy way to accomplish this ? Seems to me that thereplication scenarios in the "replication wizard" for SQL-Server missout this case.Some hint at documentation or websites would be extremely helpful.Thanks + Greetings from ViennaUli

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Replication :: Replicate All Data From Remote Locations To Central Location

Aug 29, 2015

there are several remote locations where sql is running, my company has asked me to find a way to collect all the data from the remote locations to a central location automatically,for example day to day data should be synced at night time from 2am to 7 am and it should be compressed automatically before data transfers to the central location. NOTE there is no domain only standalone workstations

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SQL Server 2008 :: Count Number Of Backup Files Deleted From A Default Backup Location

Mar 13, 2015

I've written a custom script to delete backup files from location. But unable to modify now to count the number of files are deleted. How to modify the script...

/* Script to delete older than N days backup from a specific directory */

USE [db_admin]
IF OBJECT_ID('usp_DeleteBackup', 'P') IS NOT NULL
DROP PROC usp_DeleteBackup

[Code] .....

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SQL 2012 :: Retrieve Job History For All The Jobs Using Central Management Server?

Apr 2, 2015

Is there anyway we could retrieve the job history for all the jobs in all the sql server using Central Management Server?

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Sql BackUp Location

Oct 19, 2006

 It is very intersting to find out that when we are backuping a database we are not able to specify a shared folder .Why?Is it because security concern or it is idenfied as bug or is there any work around.Only thing we are able to specify is that it points to the local drive of the particular server. Help would be more appericated. 

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Backup Location

Jul 30, 2005

Hi again,I am able to schedule a backup and default it to the server. However, isthere an option or a way to locate the backup somewhere else on the network?regards,gilbert

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Backup File Location & Name

Jul 11, 2002

Is the name of the most recent backup file for each database stored anywhere in SQL2K? I want execute a SQA job periodically that takes the BAK from database A and restores it over database B (using the T-SQL RESTORE DATABASE procedure), but I need to know the exact name of the .BAK file; i.e. I need to know the yyyymmddhhmm value at the end of that file.



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Backup Over 50 Databases To Another Location

Nov 26, 2004

I need to back up about 50 databases that are currently sitting on MARS. Every saturday they will be backuped so that they can be moved to HOMER

Pls help as I don't know where to start

BTW..I have also set up the SQL Maintenance wizared Backup procedure which copies to the local server but I want to be able to move the database files to HOMER (another server) so eventually they are backed up by TAPE

Any ideas

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Viewing Backup In A Different Location

Jun 21, 2007

i have a copy of a SQL Server 2000 database on an external hardrive.I have SQL Enterprise Manager 2005 on my laptop and was wondering ifit is possible to view the backup on my laptop when external harddrive is plugged in.What other software/tools/procedures do i need to do to make thebackup "viewable"RegardsSteve F

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Default Backup Location

Aug 18, 2006


I am almost ashamed to ask but I cannot find the setting

Is there a way to set the default backup location in sql 2005? I dont want to change the folder every time I specify a new media.



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Default Backup File Location

Dec 28, 2004


I want to change the default backup location of MSSQL. I know we can configure it while installing. But I want to change the default backup location of a particular database, running on a database server.

The default location is like.
Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMssqlBackup

Thanks in advance,

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Different Backup Location For Individual Users

Nov 6, 2007


My customers are having problems to restore their own db.

They use SQL Server Management Studio and when they try to restore their db from a device and add the backup file an error message comes up stating that the user does not have permission to C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQLBackup.

How can I set a different backup location for each user?

Kindest regards,

Tito Duarte

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Select Backup Location -- Cannot Verify The Existence

Sep 15, 2007

When attempting to backup a database using Management Studio, I receive a ""Cannot verify the esistence of the backup file location. Do you want to use the backup file location anyway?" yes/no messsage afer entering a file directory which exists. When entering a new directory, when I select "yes," a file locaiton will not be created, however, the backup operation continues to success. Originally, I had configured the sql services to execute under a user account with domain admin and administrative privledges, and I vverified the folder's security config permited write access. I reinstalled and now al SQL services are executing as "Local System" (or "Network Service") with same problem.

Any recommendations as to how to correct what I am doing wrong? (Thanks).



SQL Server Enterprise 2005 running w/all patches on Windows Server 2003 Server.

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Recovery :: Move 2012 VM To Different Location

May 4, 2015

i have Two SQL 2012EE Node , it is installed in VCE Vblook 100 , now i want to move it to another hardware my question is " How i can i achive this task by move Windows 2012 R2 Cluster and SQL 2012 EE Cluster to another hardware".

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SQL Enterprise Manager Hangs When Choosing A Location On Disk For A Backup Or Restore

Sep 15, 2004

When I select All Actions>Backup Database and then click the ... button to choose a location on the hard drive, SQL Enterprise Manager Hangs and I have to kill it from Task Manager.

All other areas of EM browse the disk drive without a problem. (DTS, File Groups, etc.)

Anyone ever run into a similair problem?


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SQL 2012 :: Bulk Insert From Remote Folder Location

Jan 20, 2015

SQL Server 2012 running under a domain Managed Service Account. (Server A)
File located on a Windows 2012 server in a directory which has been shared to user A. (Server B).
User A is a domain account and is using his laptop, (laptop C) which is using SSMS to run a bulk insert command.

User A (Bulk Insert from laptop SSMS Client) --- > SQL Server (server A) --- > File Server (Server B)

The command fails and is returning Access denied to the file/folder share on Server B.

Running the same command on the SQL Server (Server A), the command works fine, so this is a double hop kerberos issue.

If I use a SQL Login from Laptop C, then the command works fine as the SQL Server will use the SQL's Managed service account to connect to the file share, which is set up for delegation and impersonation.

I am struggling to work out why a domain user cannot bulk insert a file from a remote location. I have checked that the user is connected with Kerberos authentication and they are. All articles seem to talk about setting up SPN's for the SQL Server so that SQL Login authentication can work over remote bulk insert, and just say to set up the file share properties properly if using a domain account.

What I am missing to allow domain accounts to bulk insert remotely, from a remote file share?

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SQL 2012 :: SSIS To Load Files From Two SFTP Location

May 18, 2015

How to load files with similar format , from two different locations into same database with same ssis.

Lets say
Location 1: C:LoadFilesCust1APP_123445.txt
Location 2: D:LoadFilescust2VDD_543121.txt

Currently we have one ssis which loads and process files from C:LoadFilesCust1 only. we have to modify the existing package it to load files from Location 2 (D:LoadFilescust2) as well. Also while loading, the ssis should assign a value to existing column CustID depending upon the file name. File names always start with APP_ in first location. VDD_ in second location

Assign CUSTID as 100 if file name starts with APP_
Assign CUSTID as 200if file name starts with VDD_

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Can't Save And Access Images In External Folder From Remote Location

Jun 9, 2014

I have developed on winodws based application using C# in .NET. I am connecting from my database using internet, means my database kept on remote location. I have to save images in DB because I can't save and access images in external folder from remote location. In this situation my DB is growing very fast. Is there any other alternative to work on this requirement or compress image in any format so that I can reduce DB size.

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SQL 2012 :: Specify Server Installation Location When Adding Second Node To Cluster

Jun 6, 2014

When adding a node to a SQL Server 2012 Standard edition cluster, how I do I identify the location for SQL server shared components and the rest of the SQL Server installation binaries?

When adding a node to a SQL Server 2012 Standard edition cluster all the binaries went to the C: drive default location. We put those files on a different drive when installing the first node. What needs to be done so both nodes have the binaries on the same drives and folders?

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SQL 2012 :: Log Shipping - Secondary Database Path Showing Wrong Location?

Mar 17, 2014

I've configured log shipping to use for DR purposes. I'm concerned that the physical location of the secondary is mis-reported by SQL Server Management Studio.

Viewing the secondary location (with Studio DB_name Properties Files) shows the path of the primary DB (I expected it to show the path of the secondary).

This SQL command shows the correct/actual paths of both primary and secondary DB's when run on their host servers.

SELECT name, physical_name AS CurrentLocation, state_desc FROM sys.master_files

Is this just cosmetic?

Here is an Example of how the Studio shows the incorrect path for the secondary.


(Primary) servername=prodSrv, DBname=aquaDB, Actual_Path=G:aquaDB, SQL-studio-Properties-Path=G:AquaDB, sys.master_files Path=G:AquaDB,

Log shipped to

(Secondary / Read Only) servername=DRSrv, DBname=aquaDB, Actual Path=F:aquaDR, SQL-studio-Properties-Path=G:AquaDB(WRONG), sys.master_files Path=F:aquaDR

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SQL Tools :: Change SSMS 2012 Default Query Save Location?

Dec 2, 2013

is there a way to change SSMS 2012 default query save location?


1. Open SSMS
2. Create new query
3. Click Save

I see "DocumentsSQL Server Management Studio" folder, but I want to change it to be "d:". How do I do this?
I tried:

1. [URL]- in folder "DocumentsSQL Server Management StudioSettingsSQL Server Management Studio" there is a file NewSettings.vssettings, setting it to "d:" or "d:" didn't work.

2. Changing HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftMicrosoft SQL Server100ToolsShell VisualStudioProjectsLocation didn't work too. There is no "Shell" under "110Tools"

Did I do something wrong, or is there another way?

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Problem In Executing Child Packages In SSIS (Invalid Access To Memory Location. . )

Oct 18, 2006

I have installed Office 2007 Beta 2 and SQL Server 2005 at my system.

I made 2 packages (C:Package.dtsx, C:Package1.dtsx). I am executing Package1 inside Package.dtsx using Executing Package Task.

In package1.dtsx there is some configuration that is coming at runtime(For each loop container having some file connections) , so I have put DelayValidation property of this package to True, but that did not work when I called this package from Package1.dtsx, then I found one workaround, I changed the ExecuteOutOfProcess of ExecutePacakge task to True,

Now the problem is that before installing Office 2007 the both were executing fine (it was taking some time in starting the second package because of OutOfProcess execution).

After installing Office 2007 I get the following error while executing the second package from first package.

Error: Error 0x800703E6 while loading package file "C:Package1.dtsx". Invalid access to memory location. .

This problem comes whenever the I execute the package having OutOfProcess property to true.

Is there any workaround for this, or I am wrong somewhere.

Thanks in advance.


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SQL 2012 :: Error (backup Failed To Complete The Command BACKUP LOG) In Event Viewer

Aug 23, 2013

On the SQL Server the Event Viewer shows the same messages and errors every evening between 22:05:00 and 22:08:00. The following information messages are shown for every database:

"I/O is frozen on database <database name>. No user action is required. However, if I/O is not resumed promptly, you could cancel the backup."

"I/O was resumed on database <database name>. No user action is required."

"Database backed up. Database: <database name>, creation date(time): 2003/04/08(09:13:36), pages dumped: 306, first LSN: 44:148:37, last LSN: 44:165:1, number of dump devices: 1, device information: (FILE=1, TYPE=VIRTUAL_DEVICE: {'{A79410F7-4AC5-47CE-9E9B-F91660F1072B}4'}). This is an informational message only. No user action is required."

After the 3 messages the following error message is shown for every database:

"BACKUP failed to complete the command BACKUP LOG <database name>. Check the backup application log for detailed messages."

I have added a Maintenance Plan but these jobs run after 02:00:00 at night.

Where can I find the command or setup which will backup all databases and log files at 22:00:00 in the evening?

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SQL 2012 :: Backup Cleanup Of Differential And Log Backups Based On Full Backup?

Feb 19, 2015

Using Ola Hallengren's scripts I do a full backup of a database on a Sunday. Then differential backups every 6 hours and log backups every hour. I would like to keep a full week of backups based off the full backup done on Sunday. Is there a way for me to clear out the diff and log folders after the successful full backup on Sunday nights?

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Bcp_sendrow Causing Unhandled Exception (0xC0000005: Access Violation Reading Location 0x00000123)

Jun 24, 2007



This could be a simple C++ issue as I am not that familiar with the language. I am trying to prototype a small program to test the performance of inserting data using the BCP interface. I want to BCP data that my program generates and passes via program variables.

I have narrowed the issue down to a sprintf call. Following are two variations of the code - one that works and one that does not. The error happens when I try to execute the bcp_sendrow() call.

What is the appropriate way to create / send string data to the BCP interface. Any good examples available? I have created the following from the BulkCopyFromVariables example on the Microsoft SQL Server downloads site.

Thanks in advance, Kerry

---- Works ----

Code Snippet

for(idx=1; idx<=5; idx++){
//sprintf(k1, "%d", idx); //does not work...
sprintf(k1, "oo"); //works....

if ( (SendRet = bcp_sendrow(hdbc1) ) != SUCCEED ) {
printf("bcp_sendrow(hdbc1) Failed");

--- Causes Access Violation ----

Code Snippet

for(idx=1; idx<=5; idx++){
sprintf(k1, "%d", idx); //does not work...
//sprintf(k1, "oo"); //works....

if ( (SendRet = bcp_sendrow(hdbc1) ) != SUCCEED ) {
printf("bcp_sendrow(hdbc1) Failed");

--- Additional information ---

Target Table Definition

Code SnippetCREATE TABLE PtTest(
[ID] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
[PtID] [int] NOT NULL,
[ParamID] [nchar](10) NULL DEFAULT ((200)), --Above example trying to insert data here via k1 variable...
[ParamValue] [nchar](10) NULL DEFAULT ((200)),
[InsDate] [datetime] NULL DEFAULT (getdate()),


Bind statements

Code Snippet

int idx;
char k1[5];
char *terminator = "";

retcode = bcp_bind(hdbc1, (BYTE *)&idx, 0, sizeof(DBINT), NULL, 0, SQLINT4, 2);
if ( (retcode != SUCCEED) ) {
printf("bcp_bind(hdbc1) Failed");

retcode = bcp_bind(hdbc1, (BYTE *)&k1, 0, SQL_VARLEN_DATA, (UCHAR*)terminator, 1, SQLCHARACTER, 3);
if ( (retcode != SUCCEED) ) {
printf("bcp_bind(hdbc1) Failed");

Note: there are other bind statements...

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SQL 2012 :: Schedule Backup / Copy Backup And Rename To Other Folder

Dec 29, 2014

I'm looking to schedule a maintenance plan for my databases which I have done.I'd like this database to be copied to another folder and the name altered to include the file name and the current date time stamp.Is this possible in the scheduled maintenance plan?

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SQL 2012 :: Missing Other Backup Files Backup

Nov 3, 2014

I scheduled automatic backup process but its only showing backup of the only one .sql file in the backup folder. Other created .sql files are not backed up. Why is it so?

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Central Database

Nov 1, 2007

Hi I would like to use SQL Express as a central database in a project but I have few things in my mind needs to be answered.

I need to create a parts table and when a user opens a part in the client application no other user should be able to modify that part info. Is this taken care by database or should I use a flag in the parts table which indicates particular part is opened and in use?

If a row (a part) in part table is read by a client how this effects the other related tables? For instance if I open part1 info in my client application and also accessed to part1 properties in another table, how can I prevent other clients to make modification in related tables related rows?

What is the best way for submiting an image for a part in part table? I dont want to store images in the database. Do I need some file transfer code which takes care of transferring image and returns the path to the database?


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[SQL] Central European Encoding

Mar 5, 2008

Hello,I faced a problem while reading some strings from the database (SQL 2005). Some letters are encoded with html codes making the sorting really difficult. I tried to use IComparer objects with different CultureInfo information, but it doesn't do any good.I am quite new to the web development, so I don't really have any clue if there is a recommended and clean way of solving this problem. It could be that it's something really simple, but I only came up with an idea of search and replace in all strings. If possible, I would like to omit this. :) If not, please let me know.Thanks in advance. 

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SSIS Central Server?

Sep 20, 2007

We have about 150 SQL servers and basically we're considering the pros and cons of installing SSIS on a central SSIS server - that is responsible for all DTS jobs - as opposed to installing SSIS on the local SQL instance.

On the plus side so far:

1./ Central administration, alerting, change management etc

2./ Possible performance gain on the local instance not having SSIS installed?

On the negative side:

1./ Central point of failure

2./ Possibility that it would need to be a clustered...

3./ Compatibility issues may mean having to make the central SSIS server 32-bit?

4./ Possible performance cost of remote SSIS?

5./ With multiple DTS packages running at different times, when would we take the server down for maintenace...?

Would appreciate your thoughts.

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Multiple Database And Central Libraries

Jan 5, 2005

I have a question about MS sql 2000 and hope someone can give me a hand though this may not be the most suitable place to post.

I have created multiple databases storing multi-country data. Tables and store proc in each db are exactly the same except they are placed and run in different dbs in runtime.

My question is:
Is it possible to centralize all the store proc and function into a central db (or a dummy db) for easy maintenance but it allows us to point to the desired database environment in runtime even I run the store proc in central database.

I find the "Use database" command but it does allow us to use it in store proc. Any advice or suggestions???

Thanks in advance

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Central Store Of SQL Server Registration

Nov 7, 2000

I am attempting to centrally register all of my sql server so I can go to any workstation and open enterprise manager and select to read the sql server registration from the remote server.

I followed all of the steps in books on line about going to the central server, turning off the store/user independent option, registering all of the servers and then going to a workstation and selecting the option to read from the central server.

I get error messages like registry read error: 5 and registry read error: 2

This is getting frustrating because we have a lot of servers in our environment and re-registering them everytime is getting to be quite a pain. If the central store will not work, is there a way to write a script to register all servers in an enterprise.



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