SQL Server 2008 :: Split Single Row Into Multiple Rows Based On Column Value (quantity)

Jan 30, 2015

Deciding whether or not to use a CTE or this simple faster approach utilizing system tables, hijacking them.

INNER JOIN master.dbo.spt_values t ON t.type='P'
AND t.number BETWEEN 1 AND s.QTY

Just wanted to know if its okay to use system tables in a production environment and if there are any pit falls of using them ?

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SQL Server 2008 :: Split Varchar Variable To Multiple Rows And Columns Based On Two Delimiter

Aug 5, 2015

declare @var varchar(8000)
set @var='Name1~50~20~50@Name2~25.5~50~63@Name3~30~80~43@Name4~60~80~23'


Create table #tmp(id int identity(1,1),Name varchar(20),Value1 float,Value2 float,Value3 float)
Insert into #tmp (Name,Value1,Value2,Value3)
Values ('Name1',50,20,50 ), ('Name2',25.5,50,63 ), ('Name3',30,80,43 ), ('Name4',60,80,23)

select * from #tmp

I want to convert to @var to same like #tmp table ..

"@" - delimiter goes to rows
"~" - delimiter goes to columns

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Split A Row Into Multiple Rows Based On Column

Sep 5, 2014

I need to split a row into multiple rows based on multiple column values.

time_id = 111
employee_id = 222
time_in = 10:00
time_out = 16:00
break1_in = 12:00
break1_out = 13:00
break2_in = 14:00
break2_out = 15:00

I would like to break this into multiple time_in/time_out based on if they have breaks. Breaks are not required and will come across blank if non are taken.

row 1
time_in 10:00
time_out 12:00

row 2
time_in 13:00
time_out 14:00

row 3
time_in 15:00
time_out 16:00

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SQL Server 2008 :: How To Split Time Column Values Into Rows

Jun 6, 2015

I have the table as

|start || end1 |

1/06/2015 1:00 || 1/06/2015 1:30
1/06/2015 2:00 || 1/06/2015 3:00
1/06/2015 3:20 || 1/06/2015 4:00
1/06/2015 4:00 || NULL

I want the output as : -

|start || end1 |

1/06/2015 1:00 || 1/06/2015 1:30
1/06/2015 1:30 || 1/06/2015 2:00
1/06/2015 2:00 || 1/06/2015 3:00
1/06/2015 3:00 || 1/06/2015 3:20
1/06/2015 3:20 || 1/06/2015 4:00
1/06/2015 4:00 || NULL

I am trying the below mentioned code but it is not giving me the desired output..

with cte as
,ROW_NUMBER() over (order by (select 1)) as rn

[Code] .....

I am getting wrong output as -

| start || end1 |

1/06/2015 1:00 || 1/06/2015 1:30
1/06/2015 1:30 || 1/06/2015 2:00
1/06/2015 2:00 || 1/06/2015 4:00
1/06/2015 4:00 || 1/06/2015 4:00

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SQL Server 2008 :: Joining Two Tables - Split Rows Into Column

Sep 29, 2015

I am trying to join two tables and looks like the data is messed up. I want to split the rows into columns as there is more than one value in the row. But somehow I don't see a pattern in here to split the rows.

This how the data is

Create Table #Sample (Numbers Varchar(MAX))
Insert INTO #Sample Values('1000')
Insert INTO #Sample Values ('1024 AND 1025')
Insert INTO #Sample Values ('109 ,110,111')
Insert INTO #Sample Values ('Old # 1033 replaced with new Invoice # 1544')
Insert INTO #Sample Values ('1355 Cancelled and Invoice 1922 added')
Select * from #Sample

This is what is expected...

Create Table #Result (Numbers Varchar(MAX))
Insert INTO #Result Values('1000')
Insert INTO #Result Values ('1024')
Insert INTO #Result Values ('1025')
Insert INTO #Result Values ('109')
Insert INTO #Result Values ('110')

[Code] ....

How I can implement this ? I believe if there are any numbers I need to split into two columns .

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Split Single Row To Multiple Rows

Feb 27, 2012

I have a table which looks like

Low High
cx01 cx04
sn05 sn08

I need output like


How to get this output using sql query?

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SQL Server 2008 :: Merge Multiple Rows Of Same ID Into Single Row

Feb 19, 2015

I need the requirements of merging multiple rows of same ID as single row.

My Table Data:


Required Output Should be,


How to achieve this output. Tried grouping but its not working also producing the same result.

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SQL Server 2008 :: Combine Multiple Rows To Single Row?

May 24, 2015

How to combine multiple rows to single rows for the below sql query.

SELECT dbo.AccessLog.RCDID, dbo.AccessLog.EMPLOYEEID, dbo.AccessLog.LOGDATE, LEFT(dbo.AccessLog.LOGTIME, 5) AS LOGTIME,
dbo.LogType ON dbo.AccessLog.INOUT = dbo.LogType.INOUT LEFT OUTER JOIN
dbo.viwEmployee ON dbo.AccessLog.EMPLOYEEID = dbo.viwEmployee.Employee_ID
WHERE dbo.AccessLog.EMPLOYEEID='10763' AND (dbo.AccessLog.LOGDATE BETWEEN '01/04/2015' AND '01/04/2015')

The reult for the above query is:

1 10763 01/04/2015 08:00 0
1 10763 01/04/2015 19:46 1

I need the result like the below

1 10763 01/04/2015 08:00 19:46

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Split One Row Into Multiple Rows Based On Time Elements

Feb 5, 2007

I'm dealing with a problem.

The record information example

DateTimeStart , DateTimeEnd , action , duration (seconds)
2007-02-02 10:30:22 , 2007-02-02 11:30:22 action1 , 600

what i want is for every half hour between start and end a record

10.30 action1
11.00 action1
11.30 action1

how can i create this, i'm a little stuck on this

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SQL Server 2008 :: Data Conversion - Merge Multiple Columns Into Single Column Separated By Semicolons

Oct 19, 2015

I'm working on a script to merge multiple columns(30) into a single column separated by a semicolons, but I'm getting the following error below. I tried to convert to the correct value. but I'm still getting an error.

Error: "Conversion failed when converting the varchar value ';' to data type tinyint".

t1.Code1TypeId + ';' +
t1.Code2TypeId + ';' +
t1.Code3TypeId + ';' +
t1.Code4TypeId as CodeCombined

from Sampling.dbo.account_test t1

where t1.Code1TypeId = 20
or t1.Code2TypeId = 20
or t1.Code3TypeId = 20
or t1.Code4TypeId = 20

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SQL 2012 :: Split Column Data Into Multiple Rows

Apr 1, 2015

How to split a column data into multiple rows, below is the requirement...

Create table #t3 (id int, country (varchar(max))

INSERT #t3 SELECT 1,' AU-Australia
NZ-New Zealand
PG-Papua New Guinea

Output should be like below

1 ,AU-Australia
1,NZ-New Zealand
1,PG-Paua New Guinea

Note: we are getting source data from sqlserver tables.

I googled and found below way but did't get the output as required

SELECT A.id, a.country,
Split.a.value('.', 'VARCHAR(500)') AS String
FROM (SELECT id, country ,
CAST ('<M>' + REPLACE(country, ' ', '</M><M>') + '</M>' AS XML) AS String
FROM #t3) AS A CROSS APPLY String.nodes ('/M') AS Split(a);

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How To Merge Multiple Rows One Column Data Into A Single Row With Multiple Columns

Mar 3, 2008

Please can anyone help me for the following?

I want to merge multiple rows (eg. 3rows) into a single row with multip columns.

for eg:

Date Shift Reading
01-MAR-08 1 879.880
01-MAR-08 2 854.858
01-MAR-08 3 833.836
02-MAR-08 1 809.810
02-MAR-08 2 785.784
02-MAR-08 3 761.760

i want output for the above as:

Date Shift1 Shift2 Shift3
01-MAR-08 879.880 854.858 833.836
02-MAR-08 809.810 785.784 761.760
Please help me.

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How To Combine Multiple Rows Data Into Single Record Or String Based On A Common Field.

Nov 18, 2007

Hellow Folks.
Here is the Original Data in my single SQL 2005 Table:
Department:                                            Sells:
1                                                              Meat
1                                                              Rice
1                                                              Orange
2                                                              Orange
2                                                              Apple
3                                                             Pears
The Data I would like read separated by Semi-colon:
Department:                                            Sells:
1                                                             Meat;Rice;Orange
2                                                             Orange;Apple
3                                                             Pears
I would like to read my data via SP or VStudio 2005 Page . Any help will be appreciated. Thanks..

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SQL Server 2008 :: Split Postal Code Range Into Single Row

Jul 8, 2015

I got a table with organisation codes with postcal code ranges, from-to.

Organisationcode, startpostalcode, endpostalcode
001 52005249

I would like to generate rows for this range like this:

001 5200
001 5201
001 5202
001 5249

The table looks like this:

SELECT OrganisationCode, PostcalCodeStart, PostalCodeEnd
FROM dbo.DimOrganisation

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Concatenate Column Value From Multiple Rows Into A Single Column

Feb 27, 2008


I need to concatenate a column from multiple rows into a single column in a new table.

How can I do this?


Need to have



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Combine Multiple Rows To Single Column

Jul 8, 2014

With the below query iam able to retrieve all the tables invloved in a stored proc. But, what I want to display the table names as comma separated list for each table.

;WITH stored_procedures AS (
SELECT o.id,
o.name AS proc_name, oo.name AS table_name,
ROW_NUMBER() OVER(partition by o.name,oo.name ORDER BY o.name,oo.name) AS row
FROM sysdepends d
INNER JOIN sysobjects o ON o.id=d.id
INNER JOIN sysobjects oo ON oo.id=d.depid
WHERE o.xtype = 'P')
SELECT id,proc_name, table_name FROM stored_procedures
WHERE row = 1
ORDER BY proc_name,table_name

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Multiple Rows Into A Single Row And Combining Column Values?

Apr 6, 2014

I joined these two tables and it pulled up the proper amount of records. If you check out the image you will see what the results are for this query.

Now all I need for this part would be to roll these up where I have one row per ProgramID and all the AttributeNames' together in a AttributeNames column for each id.

EXAMPLE: All in one row.

ProgramID | AttributeNames
887 | Studydesign, Control Groups, Primary Outcomes.

I have attached an image of the SQL VIEW that I need to modified so it does this.


SELECT TOP (100) PERCENT dbo.tblProgramAttributes.ProgramID, dbo.tblProgramAttributes.AttributeID AS PAattributeID, dbo.tblAttributes.AttributeID,
FROM dbo.tblProgramAttributes INNER JOIN
dbo.tblAttributes ON dbo.tblProgramAttributes.AttributeID = dbo.tblAttributes.AttributeID
WHERE (dbo.tblProgramAttributes.AttributeID NOT LIKE '%ProgramType%')
ORDER BY dbo.tblProgramAttributes.ProgramID DESC

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Convert Multiple Rows In Single Column

Sep 4, 2014

Scenario is like that single dept can have multiple LocationHeads, If Location heads are multiple then they should display in single column using *starting the name as mentioned bottom under required output.

Below is sample of data:

create table #Temp(depID int, Name varchar(50),LocationHead varchar(50))
insert into #temp values(1,'test','head1')
insert into #temp values(1,'test','head2')
insert into #temp values(1,'test','head3')
insert into #temp values(2,'test1','head1')
insert into #temp values(2,'test1','head2')

Required output

depID Name LocationHead
1test *head1,*head2,*head3
2test1 *head1,*head2

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Multiple Rows Combined Based On A Column

Sep 6, 2011

I have a table with two columns refid and name and it has the following values

1 tom
1 jim
2 bob
1 bob

I need a resultset that would have the following values

1 tom, jim, bob
2 bob

I have tried couple of things one being:

DECLARE @namelist VARCHAR(1000)
SELECT @namelist = COALESCE(@namelist +', ' ,'') + name FROM sales where refid = 1
SELECT @namelist

But I am looking for a resultset with a unique refid and all the names comma separated for that refid.

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SQL Server 2008 :: Split Values In The Column?

Oct 15, 2015

I've a table that has salescode(124!080) and salesamount(125.65!19.25) and I need to split the columns. Salesman(124) has commission(125.65). Here is the DDL:

USE tempdb;
, SalesCode NCHAR(80) NOT NULL
, Amount NCHAR(80) NOT NULL


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Transact SQL :: Get Multiple Rows Based On Comma-separated Ntext List In On Column?

Jun 2, 2015

I have a table that is used to build rules. The rules point to other columns in other tables and usually contain only one value (i.e. ABC). But one of the options is to add a comma-separated list of SSNs (i.e. 123123123,012012012,112231122).  I am trying to build a single query that allows me to leverage that list to get multiple rows from another table.

This obviously works:

SELECT * FROM vw_Person_Profile P (NOLOCK)
WHERE P.PrsnPIISSN_Chr IN ('123123123','012012012','112231122')

But this does not:

SELECT * FROM vw_Person_Profile P (NOLOCK)
SELECT '''' + REPLACE(CONVERT(VARCHAR(4000),txtFieldValue), ',', ''',''') + ''''
FROM MassProcessing_Rules PR
WHERE PR.intRuleID = 10

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SQL Server 2008 :: IPAddress - How To Split One Column Into Two Columns

Mar 6, 2015

I have a ipaddress column is there where i need to split the column into two columns because of

values like below,Fe80::7033:acba:a4bd:f874,Fe80::7033:acba:a4bd:f874,Fe80::7033:acba:a4bd:f874

I have written the below query but it will throw some error.

select SUBSTRING(IPAddress0, 1, CHARINDEX(',', IPAddress0) - 1) as IPAddress0


Msg 537, Level 16, State 2, Line 1
Invalid length parameter passed to the LEFT or SUBSTRING function.

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SQL Server 2008 :: Creating Rows Between Dates In Single Statement

Apr 21, 2015

I am trying to find an easy way to create multiple of just two date in a single sql statement.


A statement using the parameters

@StartDate = '2015-01-01'
@EndDate = '2015-01-05'

Ends up with rows:


What would be the best way to do this ?

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SQL View To Split Rows In Single Table...

May 24, 2007

I've been searching the forums and Google for some help splitting up rows in a table without any luck. I'm not quite sure what to even look for

I have a table is MSSQL 2000 that looks as follows:


id custnum b1_email b2_email b1_sub b2_sub
1 123456 b1@host1.com b2@host1.com 0 0
2 654321 b1@host2.com b2@host2.com 1 0
3 321654 b1@host3.com b2@host3.com 0 1

Now... I am hoping create a view that splits these rows up so that only a single email address is on each row. I'd like to split it up as follows:


custnum email sub
123456 b1@host1.com 0
123456 b2@host1.com 0
654321 b1@host2.com 1
654321 b2@host2.com 0
321654 b1@host3.com 0
321654 b2@host3.com 1

Any help would be great! I imagine some sort of join command can be constructed using a single table?

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Transact SQL :: Converting From Multiple Rows With Single Values To Single Rows With Multiple Values

May 10, 2015

Here is some data that will explain what I want to do:

Input Data:
Part ColorCode
A100 123
A100 456
A100 789
B100 456
C100 123
C100 456

Output Data:
Part ColorCode
A100 123;456;789
B100 456
C100 123;456

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SQL Server 2008 :: Query To Select Every 2 Rows Based On A Date?

Sep 6, 2015

I have a table like the following (with much more data, but the concept is the same) with Dates and Actions for People and a column called Action with beginning Dates and end dates.

(I attached a picture because I could not figure out how to Format it)

begin Date end Date Name

begin 2014-10-15 end 2014-10-31 phil
begin 2014-09-18 end 2014-09-30 phil
begin 2014-08-21 end 2014-08-23 John

I need the query to be like this. The idea is to have the query grab the next 'END' not all Ends, which my attempts have done i.e. I get not just the closest end to the begin date, but ALL Ends with the same Person.

I Need it to look like this:

begin Date end Date Name

begin 2014-10-15 end 2014-10-31 phil
begin 2014-09-18 end 2014-09-30 phil
begin 2014-08-21 end 2014-08-23 John

There can be different People so the query Needs to return the beginning and end rows for the Person in sequential order.I can't figure out how to select only the 'next' end. My query always gets 'end' values that have a 'begin'. I

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SQL Server 2008 :: Update Incoming Rows Based On Percentage Calculation

Mar 13, 2015

I have below records coming in from source files

ProdName Amount TranType
P1 100 A
P1 100 S
P2 200 A
P2 205 S

In case the ProdName is same, and Amount = or (within +/- 5%) of Amount, I have to update the TranType column as IN/OUT respectively as shown below in the tables.

I am okay with using 2 different tables if needed as in the records comes in one table and then i can reference that table to upload the values in another.

ProdName Amount TranType
P1 100 IN
P1 100 OUT
P2 200 IN
P2 205 OUT

The order of the records coming in can be different order, they need not be subsequent.

This is happening in SQl Server 2008.

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Split One Row In Multiple Row Based Upon Integer Value

Jun 24, 2014

My code looks like this for now:

And the result like this:

Quantity Total line price Grant
120 84000 0.0000
255 178500 0.0000
1 700 0.0000

The problem is that if a quantity is higher than 99 i got to split the row. And the others has to change also because the quantity would have change.The expected result will be like this:

Quantity Total line price Grant
99 69300 0
21 14700 0
99 69300 0
99 69300 0
57 39900 0
1 700 0

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SQL Server 2008 :: String Break Into First Rows And Then Columns Based On Special Characters?

Jul 1, 2015

Part 1: When there is ~ (tilde) and has any value after it then it goes into a new row and duplicating the other columns like the facility in the screenshot attached and new column having the sequence.

Part 2: When there is ^ (Caret) its a new column irrespective of a value present or not

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Equipment](
[Notes] [TEXT] NULL,
[Facility] [VARCHAR](50) NULL)
INSERT INTO [dbo].[Equipment] ([EQU] ,[Notes] ,[Facility])
SELECT '1001','BET I^BOBBETT,DAN^1.0^REGULAR^22.09^22.090~BET II^^^REGULAR^23.56^0~','USA' union
SELECT '998','BET I^JONES, ALANA^0.50^REGULAR^22.09^11.0450~BET II^^^REGULAR^23.56^0~','Canada' UNION
select '55','BET I^SLADE,ADAM F.^1.5^REGULAR^27.65^41.475~','USA'
SELECT * FROM dbo.Equipment

I created the table in excel and attached the screenshot for a clear picture as to what is required. I use text to Columns in excel to achieve this not sure if there is anything similar in sql.

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Transact SQL :: Split Rows Based On Time Difference More Than 1day

Aug 5, 2015

equipmentid downtimestartdate downtimeenddate  dowtime
a3er 2015-03-15 02:00 2015-03-17 23:00            69
b6e4 2015-03-18 13:00 2015-03-20 04:00            39

i have many rows(in our production table, thousands of rows are there) like above in a table and i want like below output(in output total 6rows only)

equipmentid downtimestartdate downtimeenddate dowtime
a3er          2015-03-15 02:00 2015-03-15 24:00            22 
a3er          2015-03-16 00:00 2015-03-15 24:00            24
a3er          2015-03-17 00:00 2015-03-15 23:00            23


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DTS - Split Single Source Record (text) To Multiple Target (sql)

Aug 31, 2000

I am using DTS and VBScript in DataPump tasks in order to transfer large amounts of data from text files to an SQL database.

As the database uses a normalized schema, there is often the case of inserting multiple records in a destination table from various fields of the same record of the source text file.

For example, if the source record contains information about goods sold like date, customer, item code, item name and total amount, and does so for a maximum of 3 goods per sale (row), therefore has the structure:

[date], [custid], [code1], [name1], [amount1], [code2], [name2], [amount2], [code3], [name3], [amount3]

trying to transfer that record to a [SALES] target table (in a normalized database), we would have to split each source record as follows:

[date], [custid], [code1], [name1], [amount1]
[date], [custid], [code2], [name2], [amount2]
[date], [custid], [code3], [name3], [amount3]

What is the best way to do this using DTS?

I have tried using a datapump task and VBScript, and I guess it has to do with the DTSTransformStat_**** constants, but none of those I used seems to work

Vasilis Siatravanis,
siatravanisv@interamerican.gr , vasilliss@hotmail.com

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SQL Server 2008 :: Creating Multiple Charts Based Off Of Main Chart

Jun 4, 2015

I have this main chart setup. It pulls data from a query based on the selected parameters.

I want to create multiple charts for every catagory in the result set.

On the main chart there is a catagory called "Missing".

I want a chart for this category to display when the main chart is loaded. So below the main chart it would show a chart for each of the categories on the main chart.

Basically this report returns information on a certain part number displaying its problem types. Then I want it to create other charts for each problem type displaying the problem sub-types.

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SQL Server 2012 :: Merge Multiple Rows From Single Table

Nov 17, 2014

I have resulting rows from a query similar to the following:

The data is coming from a single table that contains only one coverage code column and one coverage code date, but the end user wants the two coverage code types and dates combined into a single row. So the SELECT looks something like this:

[Employee ID] = emp.employee_id,
[Coverage Code 1] = enr.coverage_code,
[Coverage Date 1] = enr.coverage_date,
[Coverage Code 2] = case when enr.product_type = 'Accident.Accident'
then enr.coverage_code else NULL end,

[Code] ....

I basically want to merge the like Employee ID's together into a single row like the following:

I know I have done this before and it is probably pretty simple.

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