Set A 0 Value To Those Record That Have Sum(total) = 0

Sep 28, 2006

Anyone know how to set total = 0, when the sum of that record is 0? Because when sum(total) = 0, the record is not selected anymore.

Like a stat table

Name | Total
David | 0
John | 10
Sammy | 5
Micheal | 0
Joe | 3

When displaying those record using SELECT statement, only
John | 10
Sammy | 5
Joe | 3
will be display, and i have to do a checking if the record not here, then assign 0 to them.

I wonder SQL can help to SELECT the records, so no extra work will done on the checking part.
Expert please advice.

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Total Record Count - Pagination With Total Rows

Jul 26, 2013

My table contains 1000 records,

I need to know the total record count with the below paging query

SELECT EmpName,Place
FROM EmplyeeDetails ORDER BY Place

How to get?

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Rolling Total And Sorting Record

May 13, 2008

Dear All
I have the following table structure and following data
create table emp(empid char(4),empname char(10),empsal money,empsalPercent money,empsalRuningTot money)
empid empname empsal empsalpercente001   tom          20.00     8.69e002   ***         40.00     17.39e003   harry        15.00     6.52e004   masum     25.00    10.86e005   rana         30.00     13.04e006   dipak        60.00     26.08e007   rana         40.00     17.39
now would like to make the following
1) want to sort first emp table based on empsalPercent field on descending order physicallyProb : am only able to select the same thru descending order but am unable to make it physical shortingselect * from emp order by empsalPercent desc
2) after make descending order for empsalpercent I want to make RunningTotal for the EmpsalPercent column
pls helpsamir

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Join Invoice Total Record To Details?

Oct 1, 2012

If you will I am trying to join a master invoice table to its detail records. The problem is I can't quite get the records to match correctly. There is a master record that has the net total of the invoice that corresponds to however many detail records for that invoice. I am attempting to get the records to line up in a query. I am having trouble because the key fields match the total up with each detail record. So for example in this record set below the 3825.75 value appears for each detail record so when I total the invoice column the figure is way too high. The detail has a 4462.54 and a -636.79 for a net of 3825.75. I tried to line the example up for better illustration. I copied it off a pdf and I am trying to replicate it programmatically.

0712RW-IN 7/31/2012 8/30/2012 4,462.54 0.00 3,825.75 INV 7/31/2012 4,462.54
C/M 8/31/2012 636.79- Reference: 0712RW
[SRC] [varchar](3) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NOT NULL,
[ARDIVISIONNO] [varchar](2) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NOT NULL,
[CUSTOMERNO] [varchar](7) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NOT NULL,


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Trying To Return Total Record Count With Query

Feb 26, 2007

I'm trying to return the total records with my query, but I'm getting the following error:

"Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal."

Here's my query:

set rsFind = conn.Execute ("Select Count(Incident_ID) as TotalCount, Incident_ID, ProblemDescriptionTrunc, Action_Summary, RootCause, Problem_Solution002, " _
& " AssignedTechnician, DATEADD(s, dbo.TTS_Main.DateClosed, '1/1/1970') AS DateClosed, DATEADD(s, dbo.TTS_Main.Date_Opened, '1/1/1970') AS DateOpened, AssignedGroup From tts_main Where ProblemDescriptionTrunc LIKE '%" & prob & "%' And Last_Name LIKE '%" & l_name & "%' " _
& " AND AssignedTechnician LIKE '%" & assigned_tech & "%' And Incident_ID LIKE '%" & ticketnum & "%' AND assignedgroup LIKE '%" & assigned_group & "%' " _
& " Order By DateClosed DESC ")

<%response.write rsfind("TotalCount")%>

Thanks for any help!

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Total Page Writes/total Amount Of Data Change In A Set Period Of Time

Jun 9, 2004

Does anyone know how I can determine the number of page writes that have been performed during a set period of time? I need to figure out the data churn in that time period.


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Aggregated Subquery - Sum Total Trips And Total Values As Separate Columns By Day

Feb 26, 2014

Very new to SQL and trying to get this query to run. I need to sum the total trips and total values as separate columns by day to insert them into another table.....

My code is as follows;

Insert Into [dbo].[CombinedTripTotalsDaily]

[Code] .....

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Query By Year Group By Total Students Sort By Total For Each County

Jul 20, 2005

I haven't a clue how to accomplish this.All the data is in one table. The data is stored by registration dateand includes county and number of students brokne out by grade.Any help appreciated!Rob

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Reporting Services :: SSRS Group Total Expression - Add Total Disabled

Oct 26, 2015

For some reason my Add Total is grey out, when i tried to add grand total using some expression.

I have two row & two column groups?

Is there any alternative or how can i enable add total? using you can see in my Attached Image

I'm using iff condition in my expression.. 

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SQL Server 2008 :: Pulling Daily Total From Cumulative Total

Jun 28, 2015

I have a table that writes daily sales each night but it adds the day's sales to the cumulative total for the month. I need to pull the difference of todays cumulative total less yesterdays. So when my total for today is 30,000 and yesterday's is 28,800, my sales for today would be 1,200. I want to write this to a new field but I just can't seen to get the net sales for the day. Here is some sample data. For daily sales for 6-24 I want to see 2,000, for 6-25 3,000, 6-26 3,500, and 6-27 3,500. I'm thinking a case when but can't seem to get it right.

(date_created date,
sales decimal (19,2))
INSERT INTO sales (date_created, sales)
VALUES ('6-23-15', '20000.00'),
('6-24-15', '22000.00'),
('6-25-15', '25000.00'),
('6-26-15', '28500.00'),
('6-27-15', '32000.00')

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Adding Subreport Total To Main Report Total

Apr 28, 2006

Hi, can anyone help?

I have created a Report using Visual studio-the report displays a subreport within it.

On the Subjective Report I have 12 values for each month of the year.

For the first month the value is =sum(Fields! Month_1.Value), and I
have named this text box €™SubRepM1€™
The name of the subreport is €˜subreport1'.

On my Main Report, again I have 12 values for each month of the year.
For the first month the value is =sum(Fields! Month_1.Value)*-1, and I
have named this text box 'MainRepM1'
The name of the main report is 'GMSHA Budget Adjustment Differentials'

The report displays both of the subreport and main report values
but I now need to total these values together for each month in order to
produce a grand total.

I have tried using the following to add the totals for Month 1 together,
=subreport1.Report.SubRepM1 + MainRepM1
but this does not work and I get the following error message €˜The value expression for the text box 'textbox18'contains an error [BC30451] Name subreport1 is not declared'.

I feel that it should be a simple matter of adding the two sets of values together but I€™m having major problems trying to get these totals to work.

Can anyone help, thanks

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Total Spaceused And Total Allocated

Jul 20, 2005

Anyone has a "one sql statement" to get the total spaceused and totalspace allocated of an instance ? ie same as sum of relevance fieldsfrom sp_spaceused for each database in an instance, that works accrossversion of mssql from 6 onward.ThanksKD

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Calculating The Total Amount Of Drugs Prescribed, Total Amount

Aug 10, 2006

Hi all,

I have a table named Prescription that consists of attributes like PatientId, MedicineCode, MedicineName, Prices of different drugs, quantity of different drugs(e.g 1,2,3,10), date .

I would like to get a summary of the total number and amount of different drugs in a specific period, the total amount of each type of drug.

I kindly request for help.

Thanx in advance.


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Please Help =IIf(IsError([total]),,[total])

Feb 29, 2008


I am trying to create a report on some data. I have about 8 tables and 30+ queries attached to those 15 reports. In one of those reports I want to get the percentage based on the data in the tables and queries. Say I have the minimum hours for an employee as 176 hours and the employee works for 227 hours in a month. I want to see the result in percentage.

My report looks something like this :

ID Name Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March Total
001 alex 87.6% 104.1% 65.1% 50.2% 85.6%
002 Linda 87.4% 109.1% 68.1% 35.2% 90.8%
003 Jon 87.6% 104.1%
004 alex 87.6% 104.1% 65.1% 50.2% 85.6%
005 Linda 87.4% 109.1% 68.1% 35.2% 90.8%

For the 002 ID, though he has worked for Nov and Dec the total % is blank.

The formula that I used for all of these entries is :


and for the month it is : =IIf(IsError([Oct]),"",[oct]), nov and so on.

It works fine for all, but where ever there is blank in one field it doesn;t calculates for the others too..

Please help, how can I get the total for all.



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TOUGH INSERT: Copy Sale Record/Line Items For Duplicate Record

Jul 20, 2005

I have a client who needs to copy an existing sale. The problem isthe Sale is made up of three tables: Sale, SaleEquipment, SaleParts.Each sale can have multiple pieces of equipment with correspondingparts, or parts without equipment. My problem in copying is when I goto copy the parts, how do I get the NEW sale equipment ids updatedcorrectly on their corresponding parts?I can provide more information if necessary.Thank you!!Maria

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How To Create An Copy Of A Certain Record Except One Specific Column That Must Be Different &&amp; Insert The New Record In The Table

Sep 1, 2006

I have a table with a user column and other columns. User column id the primary key.

I want to create a copy of the record where the user="user1" and insert that copy in the same table in a new created record. But I want the new record to have a value of "user2" in the user column instead of "user1" since it's a primary key


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Ways To Make This Work: Several Selectable Related Record For One Main Record.

Apr 6, 2007

Hey all!

Sorry for the less then descriptive post title but I didn't find a better way to describe it. I'm developing an app in the express editions of VB and SQLserver. The application is a task/resource scheduler. The main form will have a datepicker or weekly overview and show all tasks scheduled per day. The problem is, I've got one or more people assigned to tasks and I wonder what's the best way to design this. Personally, I'd go for one Task table, a People table and a table that provides a link between them (several record per task, one for each person assigned linking TaskID and PplID). However, I don't see a nice way of showing this data to the end user, allowing him to edit/add etc on ONE screen.

To fix that the only way I see is just add columns to the Task table for every person with select boxes. This way everything can be done on one simple screen. This obviously does present some future issues.

On top of this, which people are available on a day varies and there should be an option to allow a user to set who is available on a specific day. Which would lead me to my first idea and add another table that would provide this. but then I'm having design issues again for the form.

I'm kinda stuck atm, can anyone shed some light on this. I'm sure there is an elegant way of doing this but I'm failing at finding it.

Thanks in advance,


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Query Timeouts When Updating A Record Retrieved Through A Websphere JDBC Datasource - Possible Record Locking Problem

Apr 7, 2008


We're running a Sage CRM install with a SQL Server 2000 database at the back end. We're using the Sage web services API for updating data and a JDBC connection to retrieve data as it's so much quicker.

If I retrieve a record using the JDBC connection and then try and update the same record through the web services, the query times out as if the record is locked for updates. Has anyone experienced anything similar or know what I'm doing wrong? If I just use DriverManager.getConnection() to establish the connection instead of the datasource, and then continue with the same code I don't get these record locking problems. Please find more details below.


The JDBC provider for the datasource is a WebSphere embedded ConnectJDBC for SQL Server DataSource, using an implementation type of 'connection pool datasource'. We are using a container managed J2C authentication alias for logging on.

This is running on a Websphere Application Server v6.1.

Code snippet - getting the record thru JDBC:

DataSource wsDataSource = serviceLocator.getDataSource("jdbc/dsSQLServer");
Connection wsCon = wsDataSource.getConnection();

// wsCon.setAutoCommit(false); //have tried with and without this flag - same results

Statements stmt = wsCon.createStatement();

String sql = "SELECT * FROM Person where personID = 12345";
ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery(sql);


if (rs != null){
if (stmt != null) {

if (wsCon != null) {


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SSIS: Multi-Record File Extract With 9 Record Types

Feb 26, 2008

I am attempting to create a multi-record file (as described in my last thread) and have found the following set of instructions very helpful:

I have been able to create a sample file with two of my record types.

I now need to build on this further, because I have 9 record types in total that need to be extracted to a single flat file.

does anyone have any ideas how I might extend the example above to include more record types or know of another means of achieving this?

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide.

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Add Date To Record In SQL Server Each Time Record Is Added

Mar 1, 2006

Can anyone advise me as to how I can add the date and time to 2 columns in the sql server database for each record that is added. I'd prefer not to use the webform. Can sql server add the date automatically to the row?

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Restrict Inserting Record If Record Already Exist In Table

Apr 17, 2014

Is that possible to restrict inserting the record if record already exist in the table.

Scenario: query should be

We are inserting a bulk information of data, it should not insert the row if it already exist in the table. excluding that it should insert the other rows.

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Delete Record Based On Existence Of Another Record In Same Table?

Jul 20, 2005

Hi All,I have a table in SQL Server 2000 that contains several million memberids. Some of these member ids are duplicated in the table, and eachrecord is tagged with a 1 or a 2 in [recsrc] to indicate where theycame from.I want to remove all member ids records from the table that have arecsrc of 1 where the same member id also exists in the table with arecsrc of 2.So, if the member id has a recsrc of 1, and no other record exists inthe table with the same member id and a recsrc of 2, I want it leftuntouched.So, in a theortetical dataset of member id and recsrc:0001, 10002, 20001, 20003, 10004, 2I am looking to only delete the first record, because it has a recsrcof 1 and there is another record in the table with the same member idand a recsrc of 2.I'd very much appreciate it if someone could help me achieve this!Much warmth,Murray

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Switch Record Background Color With Each Record In Report

Jan 14, 2008

Hi Everyone-

i have a matrix report
and i want to switch the record background color with each record in the value column in that matrix report
e.g 1st record background color is gray and next record background color is white
and then the next record background color is gray ... and so on

can anyone help?


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Total Sales By Customer Vs Total Sales

Nov 26, 2007

I have a report which totals sales by customer. Then table footer has a grand total of all customer sales. I would like to get a percent of each customer's sales against the total sales. How do I get the sum from the table footer to use in an individual customer row?


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Joining Record With The Most Recent Record On Second Table

Apr 23, 2008

Could anybody help me with the following scenario:

Table 1 Table2

ID,Date1 ID, Date2

I would like to link the two tables and receive all records from table2 joined on ID and the record from table1 that has the most recent date.


Table1 data Table2 Data

ID Date1 ID Date2
31 1/1/2008 31 1/5/2008
34 1/4/3008 31 4/1/2008
31 3/2/2008

The first record in table2 would only link to the first record in table1
The second record in table2 would only link to the third record in table1

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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How To Return First Record Child Record And Count

Jan 31, 2006

I've been looking for examples online to write a SPROC to get some data. Here are the tables.

AlbumCategoryID (PK, int, not null)
Caption (nvarchar(max), not null)
IsPublic (bit, not null)

AlbumID (PK, int, not null)
AlbumCategoryID (int, null)
Caption (nvarchar(max), not null)
IsPublic (bit, not null)

I need to return:
-[Albums].[Single AlubmID for each AlbumCategoryID]
-[Count of Albums in each AlbumCategory]

I hope I was fairly clear in what I'm trying to do. Any tips or help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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SQL Challenge - How To Return A Record Set Starting At A Particular Record?

Feb 25, 2007

I have a directory of user information. What I would like to do isallow someone to search for person X and then return not only theinformation for person X, but also the information for the next 15people following person X sorted alphabetically by lastname.So if someone searched for the lastname = "Samson", it would return:Samson, JohnSaxton, GregScott, HeatherSears, Rebecca.... (15 names following "Samson) ...How do you in SQL return a record set of X records starting atparticular record (e.g. lastname = "Smith)?Thanks in advance.

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Column Locked In Record Even Though No One Accessing Record

Mar 18, 2008

Hello. I have a database with a record that has two columns locked. descrip1 and descrip2. they are both nvarchar(max) columns. These are the only two columns of the record that remain locked. I am certain no user is accessing the record. I have even moved a backup of the database to my testing computer and the lock still exists. How do I remove the lock from these two columns on that particular record.

I can edit these two columns on other records. I have researched "Unlock" on MSDN but it doesn't seem to apply to t-sql. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. Gary.

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Update A Record Based Of A Record In The Same Table

Aug 16, 2006

I am trying to update a record in a table based off of criteria of another record in the table.

So suppose I have 2 records

ID owner type

1 5678 past due

2 5678 late

So, I want to update the type field to "collections" only if the previous record for the same record is "past due". Any ideas?

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Keep Track Of When And By Who A Record Was Created And Also When And By Who The Record Was Last Updated

May 26, 2008

I have not yet succeeded in getting an aswer to this in a previous post, so I'll try again and rephrase the question

I have 2 fields, 1 called 'Created' the other 'Updated'

I would like to create a function, user procedure ,whatever in SQL something along the lines of...

RETURN Date(Today)+Time(Now)+USERNAME

so that the value returned by the above pseudo code is something like '20080526T21:01:05.620SamL' where the date part is in yyyy0m0d format

I have got this working fine for the default 'Created' field but the calculated (and persisted) field comes up with something about being non-deterministic and refuses to play

Clearly something along these lines is a very straightforward requirement (I have it working fine in my 20+ year old database) , but have spent a week trying to get an answer (even from this forum) without success, so would be grateful for any help that you can provide me with to get round this barrier

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Lookup &&amp; Update Record &&amp; Insert Record

Mar 26, 2008

Hi All,

I am trying to create package something like that..

1- New Customer table as OleDB source component
2- Lookup component - checks customer id with Dimension_Customer table
3- And if same customer exist : I have to update couple fields on Dimension_Customer table
4- if it does not exist then I have insert those records to Dimension_Customer table

I am able to move error output from lookup to Dimension_Customer table using oledb destination
but How can I update the existing ones?
I have tried to use oledb command but somehow it didnt work
my sql was like this : update Dimension_Customer set per_X='Y', per_Y= &Opt(it should come from lookup)

I will be appreciated if you can help me...

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Multiple Record Insertion For Each Record From Source

Jan 10, 2008


How can we insert multiple records in a OLEDB destination table for each entry from the source table.
To be more clear, for every record from source we need to insert some 'n' number of records into the destination table. this 'n' changes depending on the record.
how is this achieved.


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Grabbing First Record Rather Than The Record I Am Trying To Find.

Mar 24, 2007

I tried checking to see if the point at which the reader was, that if it was the record I am looking for to go ahead and add the table data to a label. But for some reason it's only taking the first record in the database and not the one I  thought I was at.[CODE]     public void UpdateMaleHistLbl()    {        SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection("Server=localhost\SqlExpress;Database=MyFamTree;" + "Integrated Security=True");        SqlCommand comm = new SqlCommand("SELECT * FROM FatherHistTable, MotherHistTable, UsersTable WHERE UsersTable.UserName = @usrnmeLbl ", conn);        comm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@usrnmeLbl", usrnmeLbl.Text);        conn.Open();        SqlDataReader reader = comm.ExecuteReader();        while (reader.Read())        {            string usr = reader["username"].ToString();            usr = usr.TrimEnd();            string pss = reader["password"].ToString();            pss = pss.TrimEnd();            if (usrnmeLbl.Text == usr)            {                if (hiddenpassLbl.Text == pss)                {                    maleHistLbl.Text = reader["GG_Grandfather"] + " > ";                    maleHistLbl.Text += reader["G_Grandfather"] + " > ";                    maleHistLbl.Text += reader["Grandfather"] + " > ";                    maleHistLbl.Text += reader["Father"] + " > ";                    maleHistLbl.Text += reader["Son"] + " > ";                    maleHistLbl.Text += reader["Grandson"] + " > ";                    maleHistLbl.Text += reader["G_Grandson"] + " > ";                    maleHistLbl.Text += reader["GG_Grandson"] + "<br /><br />";                }            }            break; //exit out of the loop since user found        }        reader.Close();        conn.Close();     }}[/CODE]Thanks in advance

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