Customization :: How To Make Icons Full Width When Opened In Start Bar

Aug 8, 2015

I'm loving Win10 so far! Real improvement on Win7 (and most certainly on Win8, which I hated so much I went back!)

One thing I have noticed, that I can't seem to change... is how you set it so that icons in the start bar, go full sized once you open them? I liked that feature in Win7, as it was quicker to view what was open (without having to "read" the icons to work out what was what)

(I've attached a pic of what I mean)

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Customization :: Start Menu Width Adjustment For All Apps

Aug 28, 2015

I have read everywhere on how to change the start menu width, however what I am asking for does not seem to be covered anywhere. When I open the "All Apps" section of the start menu to get to my installed programs I am unable to distinguish between some of them due to their width. (See attached screenshot)

What I want is to extend the width of the list of apps, NOT the width of the live tiles area. Seems everywhere covers how to change the width of the start menu but it only affects the live tiles area, not the app list.

I have searched through the registry and can't find anything there. Maybe I missed something?

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Customization :: Changed Recycle Bin Icons But Empty / Full Doesn't Work

Feb 10, 2016

I liked the recycle bin icons used in Windows 8 better than Windows 10, so I changed them successfully to the Win 8 version. But, the new icons do not change to reflect full / empty even though both have been changed. The standard Win 10 recycle bin icons do work okay when I returned to defaults. Why the new ones don't change as they should?

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Customization :: How To Change Folder Color In Full Screen Start Menu

Aug 2, 2015

Is there a way to customize folder color in full screen start menu? I don't wanna change all of them. I wanna color any folder too any color.

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Customization :: Cannot Change Border Width In Latest Version

Dec 4, 2015

Have Windows 10 Pro 1511 10586.17 installed but want to make the windows borders bit wider as I do not like the ultra narrow ones.
I have changed borderwidth setting in registry and have also done so with the paddedborderwidth setting but regardless of what I do to that setting, after reboot the border stays the same.

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Customization :: Reducing Taskbar Button Icon Width?

Aug 22, 2015

I found in seven forum a solution about this

HTML Code: [URL] ...

How can I reduce the taskbar button icon width?

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Start Menu Column Width

May 23, 2015

I have Window 10 Preview installed on two PCs, my SP3 and my desktop box (an Alienware system). I have two Microsoft accounts (home and work), and both accounts have logins on both PCs. With one login, my work account on my desktop PC, the start menu column width is 6, meaning I can have 6 small icons per row (or 3 medium icons, or 1 medium and 1 wide). The other three logins all have a start menu column width of 8 (or 4 medium icons, or 2 wide). I greatly prefer the 8.

I find it extra odd that if I log in to my SP3 with my work account I have a start menu with a width of 8 but if I log on to my desktop with that same account I have a width of 6. This is even with all of the sync settings turned on (doesn't seem like they are syncing all the much stuff yet). Maybe there's a registry setting for it somewhere, and the desktop account was created after the point when the default changed from 8 to 6.

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Customization :: Start Menu - Large Icons

Sep 8, 2015

I have show folders enabled for the start menu documents photos videos ect, I would like to change them to large icons

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Customization :: Start Menu Custom Icons?

Jul 29, 2015

Is it possible to swap out the default icon with custom one? I use to use a app called OblyTile within Windows 8 and would swap out my icons with custom ones. Is there anyway to do this in W10?

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Customization :: Start Menu Icons Seem To Be Cut In Half

Aug 3, 2015

Im having this weird issue when i make icons small on start screen. They seem to be cut in half.

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Customization :: Location Of Icons Located In Start Menu?

Oct 18, 2015

I'm trying to find the location of the icons located on the start menu (as seen in the image I uploaded). I am specifically looking for the folder explorer one as I am trying to set the taskbar explorer to that icon. I am using the program IconsExtract to scan my computer for icons but to no avail...

I figure since I'm not finding it as an icon, they must not technically be icons. As we are able to change their color via our color settings, they must be some sort of svg or something of the sort.

They are located in the Segoe MDL2 Assets Font. I was looking at this site and then realized that front-end uses fonts for icons as well. Then boom. win.

Now to figure out how to use it in xaml files and where the start menu is calling it.

More information on Symbol enumeration:

Unicode for the start menu icons
Documents: E160, E7C3
Download: E118
Music: EC4F
Pictures: EB9F
Video: E116
Homegroup: EC26
Network: EC27
Personal Folder: EC25
Folder Explorer: EC50
Settings: E115, E713
Power: E7E8
All Apps: E179

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Desktop Icons Will Not Open Full Size?

Dec 12, 2015

My desktop icons will not open full size. Each time I open one I have to maximize it to full size.

This has only happened recently, I presume since the last auto update.

How do I reset to open full size automatically.

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How To Make All Folders Large Icons

Nov 20, 2015

I can't believe I can't find this solution online. I've seen like 8 tutorials and none of them have worked. I have my Surface Pro 2 and 4, and basically, I want to make it more touch friendly. For the last 2 years I have been going into a folder and making it "large" or "medium" icons; but I did it for the same folders every time. Now, I just got my Surface Pro 4 and I just want ALL the folders to be like that by default and change the ones I don't want when I need it.

How can I do it!? Most places on the net say "right click folder, customize, optimize for pictures" and apply to all subfolders, but it doesn't work on my desktop, my surface pro 2 nor my surface pro 4. So... how can I achieve this?

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How To Make Taskbar Icons Monochrome

Jul 31, 2015

I like the monochrome look of the taskbar shortcuts (like the Start button, Cortana, Task View, etc.). I swore that when I first installed Windows 10, the Store app icon and the Xbox app icon were both pinned there in black and white. But now they've adopted those generic color backgrounds (blue for Store and green for Xbox). How do I get them back to monochrome? I'd also like to do this for Edge's icon too.

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How To Make Taskbar Hidden Icons Visible

Jan 15, 2016

How do  make the hidden startup icons visible? At present I have to click on the little arrow to show them, but I would like to have all these icons showing all the time? Can't find a setting to change this .....

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Customization :: All Apps Full Screen As On Win 8.1?

Dec 8, 2015

is there any trick to do that?! it was more confortable to use...

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Customization :: Hot Key To Take Full Screen Shot

Dec 29, 2015

Is there a hot key to take a full screen shot of whatever is on the screen and put it into the photos section? I don't want it to go to the clip board. 

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Installation :: Shortcut Icons - How To Make Them Normal Size

Jan 6, 2016

The shortcut icons on my Windows 10 desktop are enormous! How can I make them a normal size? 

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Make Larger Taskbar Icons And Limit Aero Snap

Aug 13, 2015

Just got Windows 10 upgraded (won't go into the insanity that involved). So far it works, nothing to write home about but it runs......

I've largely figured out how to get adequate colors for pieces of windows and such, but:

I'm on large monitors and the icons in the taskbar are miniscule. And YES, they are NOT set to use SMALL icons... I'm looking for a way to get LARGER icons WITHOUT reducing resolution or doing anything else to the displays...

Aero snap is marginally useful, but NOT when you're using multiple monitors. HOW do I make aero snap limit itself to ONE monitor? I DON'T want it to pull windows that are on monitor two onto monitor 1 when I snap a window. I JUST want it to work with the windows on the monitor I snap a window on.

So, how do I customize these couple basic things so Windows 10 is a bit more productive?

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Use Full Screen Start When In Desktop?

May 25, 2015

I note in the screenshots that there is an option in W10 marked 'Use full screen start when in the desktop'. This seems puzzling to me, as I will want to use the full screen start when on the start screen (of course) but obviously I won't want a full screen start when running the Desktop app. Is it possible to use the start menu when running the Desktop app and still have the full start screen presented when I close it/switch away from it? Much like Win8 (only with the new and improved start menu of course) where I right click on the Windows logo icon to get the start menu and left click it to return to the start screen?

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How To Start In Full Screen Mode

Aug 15, 2015

I do not mean when I chose tablet mode but with keyboard attached

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Auto Start App Not Full Screen

Oct 18, 2015

I have inserted shortcut into startup listing but can't find the way to make it open full screen (app is XBMC/KODI). It opens after boot automatically but still has the task bar at the bottom and title bar at the top - not a good way to watch a movie.

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Fast Start Prevents Full Shutdown

Jan 27, 2016

Having problem with a computer that will not shut down completely after Windows 10 update? I have one and discovered that if I turn off the fast start option it will shut down all the way.

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No Desktop - Full Screen Start Menu

Sep 12, 2015

I do not seem to have a desktop all of a sudden. All I have is this full screen start menu. How to turn this off, or how I turned it on. How to get this back to a traditional desktop?

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No Longer Able To View Desktop - Only Full Start Screen

Jan 11, 2016

My computer has a mind of its own apparently. I can no longer view my regular desktop. All I get is the full start screen with all the stupid tiles on it. I have tried changing my settings, restarting, shutting down and rebooting, nothing is working. When I click the windows logo all I get is that same full start screen. Am I missing something? All I want is for it to show me my regular, normal desktop. Not these tiles!

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Start Bar Is Always Full Screen / Microsoft Edge / Settings

Mar 26, 2016

I was trying to fix this problem on my grandparents computer. They have windows 10 and everything launched is fullscreen. The start bar is always fullscreen, microsoft edge, settings. I have to hover over the top right corner of the screen for the x to pop up. They both really want the start screen to not be fullscreen I've already turned it off in the settings yet it is still fullscreen and I tried restarting the computer after changing the setting and still fullscreen.

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