Drivers/Hardware :: Wireless Mouse Does Not Work

Jul 30, 2015

I recently upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10. My mouse worked fine in windows 7, but it does not work in windows 10. Without my mouse to work with, I am lost on the computer.

Information from the Control Panel (System) is as follows:

HP pavilion dv5 notebooselectk PC , windows 10 Home , 64-bit operating system .

The mouse that I have is a Rocketfish Nano Laptop Optical Mouse.

Information from the Control Panel (Harware and Sound) (Devises and Printers) shows an icon

of the RF Nano Laptop Optical Mouse.

When I select the icon , there is information at the bottom of the page that reads:

RF Nano Laptop Optical Mouse Status: Driver error

Model: Rf Nano Laptop Optic...

Category: Mouse

Status: Needs troubleshooting

More info from the Control Panel (Hardware and Sound) (Devises and Printers) is taken from the Mouse link.

The (Hardware tab) in the Mouse link shows two different types of mouse.

One is a Pluralinput Mouse and the other is a Synaptics P/S2 Port Touch Pad.

The Pluralinput information reads:

Manufacturer : Pluralinput

Location : on RF Nano Laptop Optical Mouse

Devise status : This devise cannot start (Code 10)

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Drivers/Hardware :: USB 3.0 Interference With Wireless Mouse?

Aug 30, 2015

I've had a Logitech M510 mouse for about a month and time is running out on a return. My problem is jerky and intermittent movement problems. These may have a workaround my using a USB extension cable since moving the receiver away from USB 3.0 ports may eliminate the interference.

I'm thinking of returning the mouse tomorrow before the return term expires. Are there mice that do not exhibit the 3.0 interference or is this simply a technology impediment to using wireless mouce?

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Drivers/Hardware :: MS Wireless Mouse Pointer Stutters And Jerks

Aug 30, 2015

MS wireless keyboard 800 and mouse 1000 combo. Latest MS drivers and clean install of windows 10 home. The mouse pointer frequently jerks and jumps and then after a few seconds releases and runs smoothly again. New batteries make no difference. I have moved the little receiver into various USB slots, type 2and3, to no effect.

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Drivers/Hardware :: No Wireless Mouse Charge In Sleep Mode

Jan 6, 2016

I have a MadCatz Rat9 wireless mouse and in windows 10 when I go to sleep mode the wireless mouse does not charge. I had windows 7 ul before and the mouse charged fine in sleep mode. In device manager I checked the mouse drivers and in power management allow the computer to turn off this device to save power is greyed out. Allow this device to wake the computer has a checkmark. why windows 7 charged ok in sleep mode and windows 10 will not.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Bluetooth Mouse Does Not Work On Desktop

Feb 10, 2016

Recently, I acquired a Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse (3600). It works perfectly well, both on my Android tablet and on my old but efficient Netbook (still running valiantly under XP SP3). Never a problem in pairing the mouse on these two machines (and no problem either with the Logitech Bluetooth portable keyboard (K480), which is a real marvel in its own right).On the Android Lollipop tablet, Bluetooth is built in, while the built-in Bluetooth feature on the Netbook gave up some time ago, but was replaced by a dongle, which does its job without a hiccup.

So far, so good.On my desktop, running on Windows 10, which has no built-in Bluetooth capability (but the Bluetooth "service" coming with Windows), I use the same dongle as on the Netbook. With the Logitech keyboard mentioned above, no problem whatsoever: Bluetooth "sees" it immediately and pairs it in seconds - so there is certainly nothing wrong either with the dongle or with pairing a device, or the Bluetooth drivers and softwares, which came with the dongle, or with the Windows Bluetooth properties, which are correctly started and functioning.)

It's the Microsoft Mouse that presents an apparently intractable problem on that same desktop.

When activating the Mouse so that it can be detected when one wants to add a device, it is "seen" almost immediately. It is when wanting to pair the device to the machine that the problem arises. The pairing as such takes a far longer time than it normally does and when that operation concludes, I get error messages saying either that the mouse did not send the correct pairing code OR that it did not send a pairing reaction at all.

So, this is quite mysterious. Having a device that functions perfectly well with other machines, and not at all on my powerful desktop (while it can be detected, and while other devices function normally).I guess that the problem resides with that "code". However, Windows does not ask for it and Microsoft says that the mouse does not need one - which makes things even more strange, since it mentions a code when the pairing misfires.They are in Dutch (language of my Win OS) but the images speak for themselves. The error message on the 3rd screenshot says: "Communication with Bluetooth device has failed / No pairing reaction received". Sometimes (after bootup) the error message says failure but "Bluetooth device sends wrong code".

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Networking :: Wireless And Ethernet Show Yellow Triangle Over Icon BUT Both Work

Dec 20, 2015

I have several computers, one laptop recently has a new problem. The internet network connection in the corner has a tiny yellow triangle and says the connection is limited and says it is NOT connected to the internet - even though it IS connected to the internet. It does this for both the wireless icon and the ethernet icon, so it can't be a driver issue.

I have rolled back the drivers, gone to the HP support site to get their drivers, updated to the latest drivers, and nothing gets rid of those triangles.

It's also not a router issue, because I have another computer on the same router with no problem on either the wifi or ethernet. I've done sfc /scannow in both safe mode and normal mode. I've looked for any errors and there are none. It is very annoying.

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Can't Get Any USB Mouse To Work

Aug 10, 2015

USB flash drive works fine, printer works fine, just any mouse. The laptop is a Compaq C500. Tried updating driver in Device Manager but I get an error: windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device. Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. The driver installation file for this driver is missing a necessary entry. This may be because the inf was written for windows 95 or later. I went to the Intel(R) N10/ICH7 Family USB Universal Host Controller - 27Ca and downloaded the most recent driver but when it tries to install it just says error encounter setup will cancel.

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Mouse Won't Work

Aug 26, 2015

So I had Windows 8 and upgraded to Windows 10 now my mouse won't move . I can't click on any options I can only bring up task manager. One tech support guy told me I'd have to bring my computer in to reinstall Windows 8 because it doesn't show up as an option when I tried to reset it. But ive noticed a lot of people had this problem should I take It in or do any of you have something that works so I don't have to pay.

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Now Keyboard And Mouse Won't Work

Aug 11, 2015

I have a Dell XPS 17 laptop. Worked great under Windows 7. Tried Windows 10 but was unable to get the wireless LAN driver to work, so I went back to Win 7 via the official "Go Back to Windows 7" option in Windows 10 - now the keyboard and mouse won't respond after start up. They work fine in the bios, but are completely unresponsive on the login screen - even when I boot in safe mode. No USB ports work, so I can't try another keyboard/mouse. Was going to reinstall but I'll lose the existing data. Now I'm going to have to pull the drive and copy over manually, then reinstall. Last thing I was going to try was disabling EVERYTHING in the BIOS just in case there was some kind of weird IRQ conflict, etc.

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USB Mouse Won't Work Even Cursor Isn't Visible

Aug 2, 2015

I've just installed windows ten and my usb mouse wont work, even the cursor isn't visible, nor is there any lights on my usb keyboard. I've tried the other usb ports on my pc, the results are the same, nothing. So now I am stuck with the start page, I can't move on , why this has happened.

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Mouse And Keyboard Don't Work - No Cursor

Jan 12, 2016

turned my computer on yesterday and it loaded up fine, apart from there was no cursor and my keyboard wouldn't work. I have a R.A.T. 5 mouse and a Coolermaster QuickFire keyboard. I know that they're on and working because their LED's are on. I decided to plug in my old ps2 keyboard and restart my PC to enter BIOS. I checked and it recognises that the keyboard and the mouse are connected into the USB hub and says they're working. Another thing, even my ps2 keyboard doesn't work when my computer gets past the start screen!

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Mouse And Keyboard No Longer Work

Dec 5, 2015

I just went from Windows 7 to 10 and now my USB keyboard and mouse are unresponsive.

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Drivers :: Wireless Card Drops Out

Aug 11, 2015

On installing Win !0 there was no wireless function, but win 10 initialised the card however when the laptop sleeps the card drops out and it has to be reset every time the card is Intel(R) Pro/Wireless 3945ABG. If the laptop is kept awake there is no problem 

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Got To Password Screen And Mouse And Keyboard Won't Work

Aug 31, 2015

I recently tried windows 10... didnt like it. Did the recall back to windows 7 option. Let it do its thing. Came back and my computer was trying to rapair itself... said could not reboot windows is checking for a solution.. I let it go.. it said no solution found. And just turned off..So I restarted spammed f8. Tried to start in safemode.

Got to password screen and mouse and keyboard won't work...So I restart, spam f8 again. I select repair windows this time, cancel the repair process then clicm.advanced options. Try to look at restore points... and it says none exist... that is bs. I did restore points twice a week. when. I try to start normally it loads her goes to a blue screen with tons of writing and letters and errorrs but no time to read any...

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Mouse And Keyboard Don't Work After Rolled Back

Aug 15, 2015

I'm guessing it doesn't recognize the 10 drvers. And without the keyboard I can't log in because I have a password. Keyboard does work in bios though but not in safe mode.I really don't want reinstall and lose all my data

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Mouse And Keyboard Doesn't Work After Reset

Aug 21, 2015

My mouse and keyboard (both are USB) don't work, but they are lit up. I tried replugging them, but that doesn't work. I tried using F8, but that doesn't work. I also don't have a PS/2 port, as I am running BootCamp on a Mac. I even tried using the Apple Keyboard.

Before this problem, I had issues with BAD_POOL_HEADER (BSoD) on Windows 10 after updating drivers. Checking if I had any system restores, it didn't have any that I made before the update. So, I reset my computer, with all files intact. Then my problem arises; keyboard and mouse do not work, and I'm pretty much stuck on the login screen.

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Stuck At Welcome Screen / Mouse And Keyboard Does Not Seem To Work

Oct 21, 2015

i just formatted my pc. I got the following screen; URL... My mouse and keyboard are not working eventhough there is a light burning in my mouse

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Mouse Won't Work But Is Recognized In Device Manager

Apr 26, 2015

So when I installed windows 10 my mouse stopped working but its been recognized in device manager and I don't know whats wrong. Mouse is ps/2 ....

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Drivers/Hardware :: Wireless Or Usb And Bluetooth Not Working

Dec 22, 2015

I got onto my computer this morning and noticed that it had rebooted. Figured out it updated the latest patch. However, from that point on, I haven't been able to get anything from my computer. Wireless won't work, can connect to any bluetooth device, and none of my USB thumb drives will show up. I have tried logging back out, as well as rebooting. Nothing seems to be working. Since I can't connect to anything, I can't update any drivers (writing this on my mac... )

I tried uninstalling the patch, and it won't. Just spins. Tried to do a system restore, but it won't open up the dialog to allow me to choose. Tried to do diagnostics on the wireless driver and it just hangs. I have to shut it down.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Wireless Printing Fails

Nov 19, 2015

I recently bought an HP 2540 wireless printer that is Windows 8 and 10 compatible. I setup the computer, used disk for the Win8 and downloaded the Win10 driver and installed on the second laptop. Both Asus laptops printed and then quit.I have reinstalled printer, run every diagnostic I can find and still cannot get either to print.

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Drivers :: Intel Wireless - AP Mode Gone After Upgrade

Oct 3, 2015

I have a laptop with an intel AC 7265 wireless adapter built in. With the normal Windows 10 driver, AP mode works - which I need to run Connectify.

I upgraded to the latest Intel driver as I was having other issues (Wireless would just disconnect and give me a 1609 address) but the new driver apparently doesn't support AP mode (hosted network support = no).

How I can get AP mode supported again?

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Mouse Scrolling Does Not Work For Long Context Menu

Sep 2, 2015

For some instances, I do have a long right click context menu which causes it to require clicking the 'up and 'down' buttons respectively to see the hidden options. However, a mouse scroll is more convenient. I have tried various makes of mouse but none of them seem to be able to enable me to wheel scroll in a right click context menu.

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After Upgrade From 8.1 On Laptop Mouse Slider Doesn't Work?

Aug 14, 2015

After the upgrade from 8.1 on my laptop the mouse slider doesn't work.

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Login Prompt Will Not Show - Keyboard And Mouse Will Not Work

Aug 15, 2015

I'm stick on the below screen. My keyboard and mouse will not respond. I don't get a login prompt. The time is correct and the little icon in the bottom right indicates if my Ethernet cable is connected.

I had Window 7. I used the microsoft provided upgrade to install windows 10. The process seemed to have completed successfully. I was able to get a login prompt once and successfully logged in. I opted to not send any information to microsoft at the initial propts. I got to my desktop, everything seemed to be working ok. I thought there were a few startup apps I didn't need in my tray. So I turned off auto startup on login for OneDrive, Skype, and my logitech camera. I restarted and now I get stuck at this screen.

The time updates correctly over time, its not frozen. I can plugin/unplug the Ethernet cable and the little icon in the bottom right will change to indicate if it has internet. I can press the power button on my computer and it correctly interprets that as a shutdown command and it gracefully shuts down.

My mouse/keyboard wont work. They used to work fine. I am able to use the mouse/keyboard in my BIOS with out a problem. However the moment the system starts to load, the lights on my keyboard and mouse go out and they become unresponsive. I tried various combinations of pluging the USB keyboard/mouse into different ports. I tried using different mouses and keyboards. I tried disabling legacy USB support in the BIOS. Nothing works.

I tried getting into safe mode but can't. Most solutions to get into safe mode require your system to already be working correctly. Holding F8 or F8+Shift don't work.

I'm currently installing windows 10 on my lap top so I can try to create a restore disk. Which should then allow me to go into safe mode and try to repair what ever has gone wrong.

My computer is sporting an i7 with 16 gigs of memory. I use a 128gb SSD for my system and have 3 other hard drives for various data storage. No other OS installed. The computer has been functioning fine for the last two years.

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No Start Menu - Left Button On Mouse Does Not Work

Aug 30, 2015

Two weeks after the installation of Windows 10, the left button stopped working on one of the two accounts on my laptop. I can't get my start button, Start menu, icons on my desktop. Have tried sfc/scanow, DISM.exe/online/cleanup-image/scanhealth & many of the remediesfrom the net with no luck. Surprisingly the second profile on the computer is working fine. I am at a point of returning to windows 8.1 

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Drivers/Hardware :: Have To Reinstall Wireless Printers Everyday

Feb 10, 2016

I have had to reinstall my wireless printers everyday for the last couple of weeks. I upgraded to Windows 10 in December of 2015. I'll get the message that no driver is installed and that they are not connected to the network. One is an HP Officejet 8600 all-in-one & the other is an HP Envy 100 D410. I have had these printer a fairly long time with no problems. Now I have to go to the HP site & reinstall the drivers every day & then run the installation process again. I use their IP addresses when installing them.

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