Modules & VBA :: If Check Box Yes Type Name Of Field In Another Text Box

Jun 9, 2014

i have multpile yes/no check box i want if i check on one the name of this check box is written on another one.
so i neeed a code for loop of check boxes and i need a code i.e loop all check boxes if any is true then put name field in {new field}

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Modules & VBA :: Check If A Field With Number Data Type Is Blank

Feb 26, 2015

The DolphinBatchNo has number data type but the following sql statement doesn't capture the ight records. it doesn't check id dolphinBatchNo is blank.

strsql="select * from `MasterTBL` where PolicyNumber>=" & TxtFPolNo & " and PolicyNumber<=" & TxtLPolNo & " and PolicyStatus='Live' and DolphinBatchNo is null order by PolicyNumber"

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Tables :: Input Data From A Field To Another Field With Different Text Type

Nov 3, 2012

From a table I want a text field which has a path to a file to be copied automatically into a another field of the same table with a hyperlink text type...

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Type Text Field Size

Oct 2, 2006


I have searched on this and it says: it doesn't matter as long as it's of type text. It matter if it's long integer..etc. I am not quite sure.

I wonder if default size '50 of fields' of type text occupies that size in memory even though the data in the field is not 50 chars.


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Trying To Type BALLANCE Into Text Field

Jan 30, 2007

Have an odd problem that eludes me at the moment I have table with a text field for surnames and if I type the surname Ballance into the table it automatically reverts to Balance can see no logical explanation for this at the moment funnily it does exactly the same in excel

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Can't Type In Unbound Text Field

May 27, 2005

happy friday to all! I may just be missing something simple here but not sure what. I have a form with an option group of radio buttons, an unbound label, and an unbound text field.
If radio button A is selected, the the label and the text field become visible. no problem with this.

when they become visible, I want to be able to enter a string into the unbound text box, and use that data to populate a query from. I know how to do this also.

No the problem: when the textbox becomes visible I can't type into it?

Any thoughts?


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Change Field To Alphanumeric (text) From Number Type?

Nov 13, 2014

I have an existing form where users type in information and it generates a couple of reports. In one of the fields, Customer PO Number, the user enters a number from a customer. Up until yesterday all of the customers we have been dealing with have used numbers only for their PO numbers. However, we have a new customer that requires alphanumeric PO's. Is there a simple way to change this field from a number to alphanumeric without having to redo each form, report and/or query. I am using MS Access 2010.

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Modules & VBA :: Fields In Text And Number Format - Type Mismatch In Expression

Oct 29, 2013

I have two tables in a query joined by a ID field. The problem is in the one table the ID fiels is a text format and in the other table its a number format so the query builder doesnt like that and gives me the Type mismatch in expression error.

There's no way around it though; i need it to be those formats in its respective tables for reasons i wont go into here for simplicity.

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Modules & VBA :: How To Check Positioning Of Text

Nov 24, 2014

I am required to write a code to check the positioning of a text in a string.


"~[Admin]~xxxxxxxxx~ACK~" = Acknowledged
"~xxxxxxxxx~[Admin]~ACK~" = Not Acknowledged
"~xxxxxxxxx~ACK~[Admin]~" = Not Acknowledged

As you can see, as long as the string starts with "~[Admin]~", it is counted as acknowledged. If the "~[Admin]~" appears anywhere else except the start, it is counted as not acknowledged.

I know I'll have to use If-else statements and EOF to cycle through my entire column, but how do I check the positioning of "~[Admin]~"?

Are there wildcard statements that Access VBA can use similar to SQL's "*"?

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Forms :: Input (Text) In A Field Where Data Type Is (Number)

Feb 24, 2014

I just started my project database on my subject ITM4. My Database is entitled PCExpress Inventory System. I would like to know how to input (Text) in a Field where the Data Type is (Number) just like the North Wind.

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Tables :: Length Of Text Field - MS Access Can't Change Data Type

Aug 6, 2014

I have a table with about 300,000 records. About ten fairly small fields per record. I am trying to change the length of a text field from 25 to 40 characters, and I get the error message, 'MS Access can't change the data type. There isn't enough disk space or memory'.

I have never seen this message before. I have about 64 Gig of free disk space. What can I do?

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Tables :: Field Value Got Truncated - Data Type For Storing Long Text?

Mar 10, 2014

I have encountered an issue when I was inserting a string (with newlines about 176 characters) into access table. This field in access has the data type TEXT and it was truncated after the insertion. It is strange because I have three other fields with the same format and no truncation at all. May I know what could be the reason and how/what is the recommend data type for storing long text?

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Modules & VBA :: Code To Check Contents Of A Field In A Table Where Another Field

Sep 11, 2013

I am trying create some code that checks if the contents of the status field in a table is "Authorised" where the ID = something specific for multiple records. If all records witht the specific ID are "Authorised" Then generate a new record in another table. Where to start, perhaps a Dlookup?

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Modules & VBA :: Creating New Field In A Table With New Date - Result Type Is NULL Error

Sep 23, 2014

I'm new to programming with Access but am attempting to create a new field in a table with an new date based on existing fields in the table.

The current fields are [Frequency], integer, [Risk], text, [Last Audit Date], date/time, and the new field is [Next Audit Date]. [Frequency] is a calculated field based only on [Risk] and is equal to "5" if [Risk] is "Low" and is "3" is [Risk] is "Medium" or "High", and [Frequency] is blank if [Risk] is (thus far it has never been empty).

What I need the new calculated field to do is return "N/A" (or blank, or anything easily separated really) if [Frequency] is blank, or if [Risk] is "Low" or "Medium". If [Risk] is "High", [Next Audit Date] should be equal to [Last Audit Date] plus 3 years. When I try to save the code, I get this message: "The expression could not be saved because its result type, such as binary or NULL, is not supported by the server."

This is my code now:
IIf(IsNull([Frequency]),"",IIf([Risk]="Low","N/A",IIf([Risk]="Medium","N/A",IIf([Last Audit Date]="N/A","N/A",[Last Audit Date]+Year(3)))))

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Modules & VBA :: Find First Criteria - Check Field?

Feb 6, 2014

What is wrong with this criteria...

RecSet.FindFirst ("[SomeField] = '" & mMESTO & "'") and ([CheckField] = True)

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Modules & VBA :: Check Length Of A Field Value In The Table

Jul 29, 2015

I have a table that stores ID,PolicyNumber,NewPolNo fields.It has millions of records. The field NewPolNo is empty. I need vba code that will check the following for each record:

1. If the length of the PolicyNumber is over 14 characters long then store that PolicyNumber value in NewPolNo field.

2. If the length of the PolicyNumber is less than 14 characters long thenagain store that PolicyNumber value in NewPolNo field.

3. But if the length of the policyNumber equals to 14 digits long then check the following:

a) If the last 7 digits are 0's of that PolicyNumber. If yes then store first 7 digits in NewPolNo field.
b) If the last 7 digits are not 0's then store the whole PolicyNumber value in NewPolNo field.

We need to check these conditions for each record of the table.

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Modules & VBA :: How To Check If Field Value Exists Using Open Recordset

Nov 25, 2014

I am storing values of pictures and the location of them in a table, this works fine!... using OpenRecordset. The problem is that when the function is called to store the information, it just keeps adding the same values of each file in the folder over and over again in a word "Duplicating" the information.

I have tried various methods using the OpenRecordset, but cannot seem to find the correct manor of applying the code.

Below is the function I have for storing the data...

Public Sub GetFilesNamesFromFolder(strFolderPath As String)
On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
Dim objFSO As Scripting.FileSystemObject
Dim objFolder As Scripting.folder
Dim objFile As Scripting.File

[Code] .....

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Modules & VBA :: Check Whether First Line Of A Memo Field Is Empty

Feb 10, 2015

Our quotation tool, which is built in access 2003, has a memo field, which is extracted in a .txt file, to be uploaded by another system.

When the user starts the memo field with a blank line, by hitting the enter key, the upload file writes the memo field as a new line, separating it from the line indicator and thus giving errors.

My question would be : How would I determine in VBA, whether the first line of the memo field is blank.

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Modules & VBA :: Check If Active Field With Yes / No Datatype Is Ticked Or Not

Jan 29, 2015

I am writing the following code to check if 'Active' field in table TypeTable2 is ticked or not for records. If I write the following statement to select the records from Access table where Active is not ticked then it gives "data Type mismatch in criteria expression".

strsql = "SELECT distinct EnvelopeType FROM TypeTable2 where Active='Yes'

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Modules & VBA :: Check Datatype And Field Size In Code

Feb 6, 2015

I have created code to import and excel file and create a table from that info. Now I need to confirm that the import has the correct Datatype of Number and Fieldsize of Double for one of the columns.

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Modules & VBA :: Moving Rich Text From Access Memo Field To A Word Text Box

Jul 24, 2015

We need to move rich text from an Access memo field to a Word text box. So far the best Ive been able to come up with is in the code below. In this code pprs!What is a record set field of a table memo field that is bound to a text box enabled for rich text. The rich text seems to be stored as html as so I can get word to convert it by enclosing it in html tags.

Dim What As Word.Shape
Set What = doc.Shapes.AddTextbox(msoTextOrientationHorizontal , doc.PageSetup.LeftMargin, 225, 534, 0)
Dim sPath As String
sPath = "G:Temp.html"
Open sPath For Output As 1
Print #1, "<HTML>" & pprs!What & " </HTML>"
Close #1
What.TextFrame.TextRange.InsertFile (sPath)

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Modules & VBA :: Check If Column D Value Is Present In Access Table Ref Field

Oct 14, 2014

I am designing a project in which there is a form and on that form there is a textbox and Browse button. With browse button you can select a file from the dialog box and that file path will appear in the textbox. This part has been done as below:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
End Sub
Sub ChooseFile()

Dim fd As FileDialog
Set fd = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFilePicker)

[Code] ....

Now the next Part i.e Part2 in which we have to see the references present in Column D of the "Summary" worksheet of the workbook whose path is present in textbox1 and check if they match with any of the references in field "Ref" of the Access table named tblLiterature.

If value in column D matches with Ref field of the Access table then change the status field of the Access table to the corresponding columns A,B,C named as "Withdrawn","Obsolete","Updated". that means if the column A of the corresponding Reference is Y then change the status field to "Withdrawn". If column B is Y then change the status to "Obsolete" and if column C is Y then change the status to "Updated".

Please see attached the workbook as this kind of workbook will be searched against Access table .

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Tables :: Converting Text Data Type To Number Data Type

Nov 3, 2012

I have a table with a field with names set to text data type and i want to change it to number data type but when i do it in design view the data get lost. I want to know if there is a way to convert the data in the field as number type and keep the data in the field.

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Modules & VBA :: Store Entire Query (single Field) In Array And Check Its Values

Mar 12, 2014

Basically, what's the best practice or how do we store a query's value into an array then checking what the max or min value is and how to check if let's say "4" is in the array?

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How To Have Text And Not Numbers In Text Data Type

Jan 13, 2006

I was wondering if there is a way of only allowing text in a text field - we need to do this for validation purposes when inporting a text file into a database. I have tried input mask but this only checks when entering new data - I have tried to use validation rule like"???????" however this means that there has to be 7 letters in each field and this is not the case. - the field is for town and a couple of the records in this field have numbers at the end which are incorrect that we want the database to reject :eek:

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I Cannot Type In My Text Box

Jan 11, 2006

I have two text boxes - on different forms. I can copy the text from one and paste it into the other one ok. However, if I cut (Ctrl-X) from the first text box the second one is not enabled and I cannot do anything in it. Hope you can help.:confused:

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