SQL Server 2008 :: SSMS - XML Resultset Not Opened In New TAB

May 7, 2015

If you write a query that outputs XML, you'll have a long string in the Results window/tab that is also a link. Clicking on this link opens a new tab in SSMS with the formatted XML string easier to read.

My issue is that clicking on the link opens the "formatted XML string" tab ON THE SAME tab as my code and no way to go back to my code after that ... I need to reload the query from disk, if saved, to erase the "formatted XML" window.

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SQL Server 2008 :: SELECT On Column Name From Querys Resultset In Same Query?

May 9, 2015

I have a column colC in a table myTable that has a value (e.g. '0X'). The position of a non-zero character in column colC refers to the ordinal position of another column in the table myTable (in the aforementioned example, colB).To get a column name (i.e., colA or colB) from table myTable, I can join ("ON cte.pos = cn.ORDINAL_POSITION") to INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS for that table catalog, schema and name. But I want to show the value of what is in that column (e.g., 'ABC'), not just the name. Hoping for:

----------- -----
colB 123
colA XYZ

I've tried dynamic SQL to no success, probably not executing the concept correctly..Below is what I have:

CREATE TABLE myTable (colA VARCHAR(3), colB VARCHAR(3), colC VARCHAR(3))
INSERT INTO myTable (colA, colB, colC) VALUES ('ABC', '123', '0X')
INSERT INTO myTable (colA, colB, colC) VALUES ('XYZ', '789', 'X0')

;WITH cte AS
SELECT CAST(PATINDEX('%[^0]%', colC) AS SMALLINT) pos, STUFF(colC, 1, PATINDEX('%[^0]%', colC), '') colC
FROM myTable


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SQL Server 2008 :: Set Up Log Shipping To 2 DR Servers Instead Of One Via SSMS GUI?

Sep 15, 2015

I have to set up log shipping from Prod server "A" to 2 different DR servers ("B" and "C")...What do i have to do differently (or additional) using the GUI (ie not using Tsql Scripts) to accomplish this, in addition to the steps that are done to log ship to just one DR server?

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Sql Server 2008 Express With VWD2008 And SSMS

Apr 22, 2008


On a windows 2003 server R2 x64, i had the Framework.net 3.5, Sql Server 2005 express (instance s423553 on NT SERVICENetwork) and Visual Web Developper 2008.

I installed Sql Server Express 2008 Express (install .SQLexpress with the local account sqlserv10). The first time (with the account NTSERVICENetwork), it failed. I uninstalled it and Sql Server Management Studio 2005. The second time, the install end properly. But, can't find SSMS. On a MsSql2008 microsoft page, i've found a link for SSMS 2005. So i installed it.

But, on this server, Sql Server Management Studio Express 2005 does not work with Sql Server 2008. I tried to use the 2008 Instance with Visual Web Developper 2008 but it didn't work (only compatible with sql server 2000, 2005....).

Could you help me please ?

Thank you.

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SQL Server 2008 :: SSMS Truncating PowerShell Output?

Jun 3, 2015

When I execute the following command, I get the output truncated to 79 characters, including three dots (as an ellipsis, I suppose).

EXEC master..xp_cmdshell 'powershell.exe "Get-ChildItem D:Databazepaleontologieprilohyverejneg -filter g417*.* -recurse | select Fullname | out-string -width 255"'When I execute the core command directly in Powershell, whether the text or ISE version, it works correctly, with or without the out-string -width command.

Get-ChildItem D:Databazepaleontologieprilohyverejneg -filter g417*.* -recurse | select Fullname | out-string -width 255What does it take to get SSMS to not truncate my output strings?

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SQL Server 2008 :: Track All DML Statements Executed From SSMS Into A Table

Apr 1, 2015

I have a specific requirement. I need to insert the DML statements executed from Management Studio into a SQL table. We have SQL Server 2008 R2 and 2012 instances.

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SQL Server 2008 :: How To See Table Variable Data In SSMS Debugger

Jul 28, 2015

is there a way to see the data of a table variable in the SSMS debugger? For example, if I set a breakpoint in SSMS and look at a populated table variable named @MyTable in the Locals tab at the bottom of the IDE, a value of "(table)" is displayed. There does not appear to be a way to expand or drill into this variable in the debugger to see the data. Do you know if there's a way to do this through the debugger or do you use an alternate approach when using the SSMS debugger?

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SQL Server 2008 :: SSMS Query Execution Messages History?

Sep 9, 2015

I would like to view the previous executed query error message in SSMS. Is there any way to view the query execution error messages history in SSMS?

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SQL Server 2008 :: Replication Works From A Command Prompt But Not From SSMS?

Sep 30, 2015

SQL Server 2012 Replication. The command prompt instance of the replication is being run as the same user as the SSMS "version" using the runas option. With SSMS the error is that the client is missing a privilege. There is no error when it runs from the command prompt. All runs well.

We have reinstalled the replication feature.We have gone through several MSDN articles that indicate exactly what privileges (both within the DB and in Windows) that service account should have. None have worked Incidentally, when I create a new publication and indicate that the SQL Server Agent be used , the publication runs.

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SQL Server 2008 :: Testing A Script In SSMS Supplied From SSRS

Oct 2, 2015

Because of a performance problem, somebody has given me a script which came from a SSRS report.

The code as supplied does not work when multivalued parameters are used.

Testing/tuning/building in SSMS is far superiour than in SSRS. So that's why I like to use SSRS for building the code/script/sql-statement.
Offcourse parameters have to be set correctly. (That is no problem).
Splitting of the multivalued parameter is not a problem either.

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SQL Server 2008 :: How To Add Locations To Open File Dialog Box In SSMS

Apr 20, 2010

When I go to open a file in SSMS, the Open File dialog box appears. In the left side of that box, there is a panel containing shortcuts to various locations: Desktop, My Projects, and My Computer. I would like to add some shortcuts to folder that I use in this area, but I haven't been able to figure out how. how to do this?

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SQL Server 2008 :: Tell Number Of Times People Use SSMS To Change Client Data?

Mar 21, 2015

I'm trying to quantify the number of times folks use SQL Server Management Studio to change client data in one of our production databases. Does SQL Server keep this statistic? How do I get to this data?

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Reporting Services :: SSRS Properties Greyed Out In SSMS On Windows 2008

Oct 17, 2008

Have installed SQL 2008 on Windows 2008 and have come across a strange issue.
When connecting to the Report Server cvia SSMS to enable "My Reports" (for example) the Report Server Properties are greyed out and we cannot alter them. This occurs when logged on both locally & remotely to the Win 2008 server.
Interestingly, we have another (XP Pro) box with SQL 2008 on it. If we connect to the Win 2008 SQL report server from the XP machine's SSMS, then we have full control and can access and change the report server properties on the Win 2008 server. 
The relevant domain accounts are in the Admin group on the Win 2008 server and the XP Server so we are confused as to why we cannot edit the Win 2008 report server properties locally.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS Report Does Not Display Resultset Through Dataset Returns Resultset

Oct 10, 2012

I am creating a simple SSRS table report through Report Builder. My dataset is looking for the stored procedure . When I execute the Stored procedure through SSMS I get resutset for certain parameters. I execute the dataset  (Store procedure) through query designer in dataset properties and I get results back. But when I try to run the report and see the preview, I do not get any results displayed. I been looking on the same issue form last 3-4 days and have not found any clue.

Following is the stored procedure I am using. Also I am passing multivalued parameter through report as well, and I am using spilt function to seperate the libraryid I am reading from parameter values. This works fine. I have similar kind of four other reports and with different stored procedure which exactly follow the same method , like multivalue parameters and other criteria are also very similar. All other reports works just fine.. This perticular report has issue for displying results, following is the stored procedure I am using 



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Sql Server Keep Connection Opened

Feb 2, 2007


I am working with SQL Server 2005 and Vb.NET, this program is connected to a serial port where it might start receiving lots of data and stores it in the SQL db, but also it could be without receiving anything for hours.

I have discovered that sometimes data arriving is faster than opening the connection to db and an exception is thrown, so I am thinking about leaving the connection opened forever since the program is the only client who connects to that database.

How could I leave the connection opened forever ? or if there's a better way to achieve it I would be eternally thankful.

I am using: SqlClient.SqlConnection

Thanks in advance.


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Integration Services :: Can't Import Excel 2013 Using SSMS Import Wizard (2008 R2)

Jul 29, 2015

I am trying to import an xlsx spreadsheet into a sql 2008 r2 database using the SSMS Import Wizard.  When pointed to the spreadsheet ("choose a data source")  the Import Wizard returns this error:

"The operation could not be completed" The Microsoft ACE.OLEDB.12.0 provider is not registered on the local machine (System.Data)

How can I address that issue? (e.g. Where is this provider and how do I install it?)

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Error 1429: A Server Cursor Cannot Be Opened...

Sep 12, 2006

Using SQL native client from VFP 9.0 to SQL Server 2005 64 bit SP1 (happened before SP1 too)..

We have a stored procedure that returns 6 result sets. This SP uses 2 cursors. It is rather lengthy - I'll post the code if needed.

This SP works fine when called from VFP 99 percent of the time. Normally takes 2 to 3 secunds to execute.

Once in a while we will get a return from SQL ..

"OLE IDispatch exception code 0 from Microsoft SQL Native Client: A server cursor cannot be opened on the given statement or statements. Use a default result set or client cursor..."

The OLE error code is 1429. An OLE Exception code 3604 is also returned.

When this happens the SP will return the same error when executed for the same parameters over and over when called from VFP. When called directly from SQL management console it will normally work for the same parameters, although once in a while it will just hang (and not timeout apparently). In that case it will also hang from SQLCMD command line utility as well.

Wait a few hours and the SP will run fine for the same parameters in VFP. This happens even in the middle of the night when there is no possibility that data is being changed.

Here's the really fun part...

Open the SP source for modification (ALTER PROCEDURE) in management console and execute it (no changes at all, just let it recompile). Immediately it will work fine when called with the same parameters called from VFP or anywhere else (even if it was one of the rare instances where it hung in management console). This works EVERY TIME.

Sooo... I edited and executed the SP with the WITH RECOMPILE option assuming that that should do the trick (same as alter procedure/executing from management console right?). NOPE. Same problems. In order to work around the problem when the error occurs, I HAVE TO alter procedure and execute the code from management console.


Bill Kuhn - MCSE

The Kuhn Group, Inc.


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Can SQL Express Db Be Opened With SQL Server 2005 Management Studio?

Apr 28, 2008

I'm trying to open a SQL Express database (MDF) with SQL Server 2005 management Studio.  Is that possible?  I'm getting the following error: 
 The specified file is either not a SQL Server Compact Edition file  or is corrupt.
It opens fine in Visual Studio 2005.
Also, is it possible to run a script in Visual Studio 2005?  If so, how?
Thanks, Alex

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SQL Server 2012 :: Calculate Failure Rates Of Systems Based On Cases Opened Through Support

Jun 5, 2014

I am trying to build a query which will be used in an automated report to calculate failure rates of systems based on cases opened through support. Here is where I am stuck. Some systems may have multiple cases opened within the same span of another cases however we would consider this one failure:

System ACase12013-07-11 13:17:09.0002013-07-15 12:05:03.000
System ACase22013-07-12 16:27:50.0002013-07-12 16:29:12.000
System ACase32013-07-12 17:30:32.0002013-07-12 17:40:11.000
System ACase42013-07-12 19:00:24.0002013-07-12 19:04:14.000
System ACase52013-10-01 18:02:23.0002013-10-01 18:11:26.000

Lets say System A generated those 5 cases however Case 2,3 and 4 all happened within the same period as Case 1 so those 4 cases should count as one failure so my end result should be

System ACase12013-07-11 13:17:09.0002013-07-15 12:05:03.000
System ACase52013-10-01 18:02:23.0002013-10-01 18:11:26.000

And that system should show me 2 failures. I was thinking of using a temp table but not sure if that is possible as I am stumped on how to compare the dates to be able to validate if they fall within the range of an older case and whether or not to include them into the new Temp Table.

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Return Top Row From A ResultSet - SQL Server (TOP)

Jul 7, 2006

Hi all,

I need to return only the top row of a ResultSet that is generated from my Query but can't seem to find anything in SQL Server 3.0 Mobile that allows me to do that. I know in SQL Server (Desktop) I could use the TOP keyword. The query I have is as follows, and just need the top row. Now the returned resultset will, in time, be massive, and there is just no way I can afford to return this amount of data in my application only to take to the top/first row. The query I have is as follows...

FROM tbl_NSP_AnswerSet
WHERE (DateCompleted IS NOT NULL)
ORDER BY DateCompleted DESC

(I want the last record that was inserted into the database)


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JDBC - How Robust? Loading ResultSet Into SQL SERVER Table

Apr 24, 2008

I have a program that I'm working on that utilizes a JDBC connection to a SQL 2005 server. A result set is generated from a legacy system. The data that is pulled into this result set is in the same layout as a table in SQL 2005 server.

My question is, once I have good data loaded into the ResultSet object can I pass it to the JDBC to load it into the table?

Or do I have to use the ResultSet.get(string) to pull out each value row by row, populate a string, and then use the string in an insert statement that I pass to JDBC?

Are there tricks or optimizations I can do for this type of JDBC transfer?


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Can't Retrieve Second Resultset With Jdbc Sql Server 2005 Driver

Dec 7, 2006

Hi All,

My java application executes one stored procedure that returns two resultsets and then deal with data. The code actually is very simple

Statement stmt = con.createStatement(); con is database connection

ResultSet rs = stmt.getResultSet();

//Do something


rs = stmt.getResultSet();

//Do something

Then I got the error: The result set is closed.

The code worked well with jdbc sql server 2000 driver.

Thanks for your help.


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The Database 'x.MDF' Cannot Be Opened Because It Is Version 611. This Server Supports Version 607 And Earlier??

Mar 11, 2006


I have tried to attatch a database ,created by SQL server Express within a C# application , in SQL server 2005 Enterprise edition, but the following error message appears:


TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

Attach database failed for Server 'MEDO'. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo)

For help, click: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink?ProdName=Microsoft SQL Server&ProdVer=9.00.1187.00&EvtSrc=Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.ExceptionTemplates.FailedOperationExceptionText&EvtID=Attach database+Server&LinkId=20476


An exception occurred while executing a Transact-SQL statement or batch. (Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo)


The database 'E:X.MDF' cannot be opened because it is version 611. This server supports version 607 and earlier. A downgrade path is not supported.
Could not open new database 'E:X.MDF'. CREATE DATABASE is aborted. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 948)


so , how can I solve this problem , I need to reed the data resides in the tables of 'X' database , how can I do it?? please help me.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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SQL Server 2012 :: Simple XML To Table Resultset From Stored Procedure

Oct 29, 2014

I got some xml that is essentially an html table that I need to turn into a standard table resultset from a stored proc. If you take this xml and save it as html that is the desired resultset I am looking for. I realize the <td> tags repeat so I would just prefer 'col' + positional index for the col name. Keep in mind that <td> could be is 1 to n.


[Code] .....

This is my attempt but I can't figure out how to get separate cols

declare @GridData xml = '<table><tr><td>cell1</td><td>cell2</td><td>cell3</td></tr><tr><td>cell4</td><td>cell5</td><td>cell6</td></tr><tr><td>cell7</td><td>cell8</td><td>cell8</td></tr></table>'
select T.C.value('.', 'nvarchar(max)')
from @GridData.nodes('//tr') T(C)

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SQL Server 2012 :: Dynamic Query To Print Out Resultset From A Table?

Sep 9, 2015

I wan to print out the dynamic query result so that i can use as a script for some tasks.This is the scenario wher i got stuck, i am not able to print out the result as it return only the last value because of OUTPUT param limitation

Is there any way to print all the 3 INSERT stmt.

IF OBJECT_ID ('tempdb.dbo.#temp') IS NOT NULL
CREATE TABLE #temp (Command varchar(8000))
SELECT 'INSERT INTO Test1(column1,column2)values(1,2)'
SELECT 'INSERT INTO Test2(column1,column2)values(1,2)'


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Use SSMS With SQL Server 7.0

Nov 1, 2006

Is there any way to use SQL Server Management Studio to manage a 7.0 database? I have a few old databases still in 7.0 and would really like to manage them through SMSS. Am I out of luck?


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Analysis :: How To Handle Empty Resultset From OpenQuery Call To Linked Server

Aug 17, 2015

As i have to handle the empty result set from and open query call to linked analysis server in dynamic SQL. If there is no data returning from the query then i just wanted to display message with no data.In current scenario it gives me below the error.

Msg 7357, Level 16, State 2, Line 13
Cannot process the object "MDX QUery".

The OLE DB provider "MSOLAP" for linked server "CO1BMXPSQL08" indicates that either the object has no columns or the current user does not have permissions on that object.

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Can I Run SQL Server 2008 - Reporting Services CTP Until Microsoft Sells SQL 2008

Mar 31, 2008

There are a few features in the new SQL Server - Reporting Services that I really need in production. I have tested everything and it works great. I am running the CTP version since Microsoft is saying they aren't releasing the release version until 3rd quarter 2008.

Since Microsoft won't sell SQL 2008 until 3rd quarter, can I run the CTP in production until the release and then purchase SQL 2008?


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Seeking Advice: SQL Server On Win 2008 Virtual Server Or Just Win 2008?

Apr 23, 2008

Hello - does anyone have experience w/SQL Server 2005 in a virtual environment? I'm considering this for a production environment but not sure if performance will suffer. Our databases will have a lot of writing but not too much reading. A SSRS solution is currently the only app. connecting to the SQL db. Max users to server at any given time will be very low (~10 users max). But the databases are pulling in data from other, outside multiple data sources on a daily basis.

Any pointers to documentation or any advice?


A Brown

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Saving The Full Resultset Of Execute Sql Task Directly Into Sql Server 2005 Table

May 8, 2007

Hi friends,

I couldn't find links for this issue.

1) How to write the contents of a dataset or a full resultset (from execute sql task) directly into a Sql Server 2005 table.

2) Since I have hundreds of Resulting columns, I want to create the Destination table based on the structure of the dataset.

How can we achieve this?


Subhash Subramanyam

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MDF Cannot Be Opened,How Can I Do?

Jan 23, 2006

The default web diretory works on my locathost,but when I upload to the free website, http://dehim.aspx.sk/  I'm getting the following error.
The database 'D:LOCALUSERDEHIMAPP_DATAWAPDATABASE.MDF' cannot be opened because it is version 611. This server supports version 603 and earlier. A downgrade path is not supported.Could not open new database 'D:LOCALUSERDEHIMAPP_DATAWAPDATABASE.MDF'. CREATE DATABASE is aborted.An attempt to attach an auto-named database for file D:LocalUserdehimApp_DataWapDatabase.mdf failed. A database with the same name exists, or specified file cannot be opened, or it is located on UNC share.
How do I  downgrade the database to match server?

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Problem With Windows Server 2008 And SQL 2008 Express

Feb 25, 2008

Recently, I set up server with Windows Web Server 2008 RC1, SQL 2008 Express beta, .NET 3.5, IIS 7.
I'm running ASP.NET web application with SQL database. Everything works fine until the first application state on the server expires. After that, any postback that starts a new application state on the server and connects to the database, results in the following error:
Failed to generate a user instance of SQL Server due to a failure in starting the process for the user instance. The connection will be closed.
Is this a bug that will be fixed in release of Windows / SQL or am I doing something wrong?
Many thanks for help,

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SQL Server 2012 :: Querying XML From SSMS?

May 5, 2014

I have an xml document that (for this example) I've simplified to look like this:

<xml xmlns:s='uuid:BDC6E3F0-6DA3-11d1-A2A3-00AA00C14882'
<s:Schema id='RowsetSchema'>


When I try querying the xml document in SQL, I get nothing back, unless I remove the schema information. I'm using this:

declare @x xml
select @x = P
from openrowset (bulk 'E:VehicleOption0514.xml', single_blob) as Products(P)
declare @hdoc int
exec sp_xml_preparedocument @hdoc output, @x

[Code] ....

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