Computer Goes Into BIOS Menu Automatically

Mar 5, 2016

I just bought a MSI GE62 Apache Pro. I have to install windows on FreeDos. When I look into BIOS menu, boot mode is shown as Legacy. In legacy mode, i can open the 'select boot device' menu but installation could not be done.

So as the user manual suggest, I selected the mode 'UEFI'. However, when i select it and restart my computer, 'select boot device' menu would not appear even if i press the hotkey, instead computer goes into bios menu automatically. I have a MSI CD which is called User Manual Utilities Driver and it has Windows in it.

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Computer Won't Boot (Even Into UEFI / BIOS)

Aug 24, 2015

I have had nothing but issues, since upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 8 (64). The installation within of itself was horrible. I got the continual flash on the screen, until I was able to get it into safe mode and recovered it. Then made sure drivers were updated. However, I did not upgrade my BIOs, from the information I had seen from MSFT. Didn't think twice, since they said if you were upgrading from 8 or 8.1 that should not be an issue. The system was running stable, after I did those fixes.

About 1 week ago, after a MSFT Windows automatic patch push, My monitor started not to respond during boot up. Ran some basic troubleshooting for the monitor (Ie: check plugs, check cables, check Video card). They all seemed to work fine and my system booted up normal.

The very next day, cold booted again and monitor did same thing, it was not getting any signal from the computer. Went through the checks, after a little bit of a delay the system finally booted. I checked my BIOs settings, which were all set up normally. I locked my computer after that and did not turn off the system, the next morning, my monitor was unresponsive.

I re-checked monitor, cables and even replaced the video card. Everything is good except no signal to my monitor. I disconnected all hardware except the video card and motherboard, to see if it was an issue with my power. I took out out the CMOS battery and also disconnected power to the motherboard for about 2 hours, to try and reset the BIOs to factory. No luck.

This leaves me with 2 things left:

a) Corrupted BIOs, not loading my drivers, or
b) motherboard went bad.

Going to try a bootable USB BIOs next.

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Computer Gets To BIOS Screen And Restarts

Feb 20, 2016

After Windows 10's failed attempt to reset, it asked me what I want to do next, try to reset again or return to Windows. I gave up and "returned to Windows" only to discover that Windows is gone and I can only get to BIOS (which I can enter). After the BIOS screen comes a black screen and it appears that the system tries to write something but can't, and only shows underlines, and restarts (but the power remains ON, it doesn't shut down completely).

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Can't Access BIOS Menu In First Try

Aug 21, 2015

I've this issue since I did clean install of Windows 10. It simply don't let me in BIOS menu on tapping the DEL key now and simply continue booting Windows 10. And I could only access BIOS menu when I restart it. And if I again turn it off and then start it then again it simply boot and start Windows 10.

And another weird thing is- if I start my PC when it is off than it boot up too fast, without any issue but if I restart it than it takes more time and the monitor turn off and then on again, you may read more about it here.

PS- Maybe you don't need to know this but I did clean install via pendrive which I made using Refus using the bootable ISO.

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Computer Will Not Go To Sleep Automatically

Jan 25, 2015

It is fitting that I should start this discussion on the new Win10 site. With the latest update to 9926, I finally got the sleep menu to show up (updating the graphics driver) but the computer will not automatically go to sleep at the appropriate time. The other versions worked. I doubt this will last as I expect more updates to fix this but so far, the usual suspects have been tried and it is non functioning.

The sleep button and the power button set to sleep work fine. So far, nothing has woken it up but I have a sneaky suspicion that Homegroup now wakes up the computer when another machine asks for its shared folders.

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Computer Won't Sleep Automatically

Aug 31, 2015

I set my computer to sleep after 25 minutes, and it worked until the day before yesterday. Since then it just doesn't go sleep automatically but I can put it into sleep mode manually. I guess I might installed something that doesn't let it sleep. But I only installed Origin in the last days, and it's not even running.

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BIOS Menu Is Missing Certain Options

Feb 6, 2016

I have an HP Laptop. I have the Insyde H20 bios. My bios menu does not have the option of overclocking CPU ( even though my CPU does to 3.9Ghz ( i7-3940XM Extreme Edition))

My bios menu does not have he option of increased video sharing (Video Memory).

My bios menu does not allow my ram to run at higher ram speeds.

My bios's version is HP's F3.A

Are there any UNLOCKED HP or ANY bios menus with that have these options for the insyde h20 bios?

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Performance :: Computer Goes Right To Automatic Repair After BIOS Screen?

Dec 8, 2015

I was trying to play a game the other day after not playing for a long time. I hadn't restarted the computer in days. The game wasn't loading properly so someone suggested restarting the computer. I decided to restart my PC. Waiting for it to restart i was met with a Windows failed to start or something like that. I clicked advanced options i first clicked System Restore and of course all the restore points i set every month were somehow gone. Because i waited and waited and waited and suddenly it told me there was no restore points found. I then tried opening up the command prompt and switching to the D: drive because for some reason my HDD becomes D in the automatic repair. But anyways i punched in chkdsk /f. I was surprised at how much it found. I then thought it might actually start now! I restart. It doesn't work. I turned off the computer last night and haven't touched it since.

P.S. I also tried Resetting. That failed too.

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Computer Won't Boot - Frozen Screen Of BIOS Options

Sep 14, 2015

Basically when i go to turn on the PC it turns on and gets stuck on the screen where it tells me to push DEL or f2 to go to the bios settings. The problem with that is it wont let me access the settings at all when i push either of those buttons. So then I turn my PC off and then on again and it boots fine. Then I check for updates to see if it's some bug and I'm up to date. So I restart to see if the problem has been fixed. And it gives me the same frozen screen of the BIOS options. Then i turn it off and it boots fine, wash and repeat.


CPU- i5 4790k
MOBO- Asus Z97
RAM- Corsair Vengeance 2X8 GB
PSU- Corsair 650 watt
Memory- Samsung SSD 120GB, Western Digital Black 2 TB

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Computer Automatically Wakes Up From Sleep

Sep 3, 2015

I've searched the board and found many similar problems to mine, but nothing exactly like it, and as such I haven't been able to fix it.

When put in sleep mode, my computer automatically wakes up at a set time.

I have disabled wake timers in the power menu, I have clicked of "allow [this device] to wake up the computer" on every applicable device (mouse, keyboard, HID-compliant device, NIC...)

Here's what the CMD-prompt says about armed devices:

As for the wake timers themselves:

since this a Windows process I can't just shut it down.I can't seem to find it in the Task scheduler though...

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Performance :: Computer Won't Go To Sleep Automatically

Oct 24, 2015

After I upgraded to Windows 10, my system won't go to sleep automatically. The display will turn off after the idle time I've set but the computer remains on. I've tested with setting it to sleep after being idle for 1 minute, and only the display turns off. If I manually go to Power -> Sleep in the Start Menu, it will go to sleep.

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Computer Automatically Restarts After Shutdown?

Aug 16, 2015

Windows 10 kept wanting to restart after it has been shutdown. The computer would have its power indicator turned off for maybe 2 seconds, then you hear the fan whirling and the BIOS screen appears followed by the usual boot process.

I don't know how this would work, but my problem was solved by turning off in my BIOS setup 'Legacy USB Support'. Now if I shutdown Windows 10, it would really shut itself down. No problem so far after maybe 10 or so instances.

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Computer Won't Go Into Sleep Mode Automatically

Dec 19, 2015

My computer won't go into sleep mode automatically. Even when I manually set it to sleep, it will be awake again within 10 minutes or so. I've gone into the advanced power options to make sure that nothing is interrupting it while sleeping and set it so nothing could wake it up. I've checked in the device manager to make sure none of my devices are waking it up.

After it wakes up I'll go into the command prompt and use the "powercfg -lastwake" to see what could be causing it and nothing shows up. There are even times when the computer will turn itself on from being completely turned off.

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Customization :: Wallpaper Changes Automatically After Computer Restarts?

Dec 25, 2015

I have a problem with Windows 10 , After turning on the computer Or Restart .

My Wallpaper Change Automatically. To Gray four-door image

I've installed the latest version of AMD driver 15.12 Whql And My version Windows 1151 (Build 10568.36)

look at the following image :

And Full Size Of Picture

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BSOD :: Computer Reboots Automatically With No Warning

Sep 29, 2015

Since I installed windows 10 sometimes my computer just automatically reboots, no warning, no notifications, after it reboots it goes back to working fine but I have checked everything I can think of and can not find out why it is doing this, and it is very aggravating if I am online playing games 

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Computer Automatically Shut Off When Left It On To Download

Aug 18, 2015

So, recently I left my computer on overnight to download something, I did this multiple times before with windows 7, and everything went smooth. This time I woke up and my computer was turned off, but I live alone, so nobody could have turned it off. I turned it on again to finish the download and went on doing something else. After that, my computer turned off again. I already went into the settings and sleep is not on, and the screen also doesn't turn off. I also went into advanced settings, and I still can't find anything to be causing it.

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Can't Enter BIOS Menu After System Image Restore

Mar 5, 2016

I have an Asus UEFI mobo on my custom-built desktop, a few months old.

B150M-K D3
It has American Megatrends firmware

Today I restored my system from a macrium reflect system image. I went back only 2-3 hours in time. After rebooting, windows started up fine. But the bios reverted to its default settings, although I had previously tweaked it a bit.

What's more, I can't get to the bios menu at all. I mash the delete key at startup, and I just see a blank screen. Even an hour later, just a blank screen.

This happened to me not so long ago, but that time, the bios screen did eventually appear, and with a little patience I was able to tweak the bios again. But this time it is more stubborn.

I also feel that the boot process is slow. I see the asus advert, and it coughs a couple times and drags on until I get to the windows boot menu where I choose if I want windows 10 or macrium reflect recovery environment.

I very often restore from a system image, and every time, it makes a new bios boot entry. I have dozens of boot entries by now in the bios boot menu. Maybe that's causing a problem?

The fan is unusually loud, although cpu usage is low, just 0-2 %

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Restart Computer Equals Black Screen NO BIOS Image / Text

Feb 3, 2016

Recently I've changed my Mobo, CPU and RAM. Installed Windows 8 Pro Retail and upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. Worked perfectly and no problems

But I've noticed that if I need to restart the system I will get the usual Blue screen saying "Restarting", this will then goto a Black screen.

Nothing happens after the black screen, I never see my BIOS image or any text whatsoever (Which I usually see on a normal boot). IF I then press and hold the power button to force shutdown the computer and then press it again it will perform a normal boot, I see the BIOS Image etc.

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Start Menu Appears Automatically

Aug 10, 2015

Whenever I switch on my laptop, the start menu appears automatically, I keep trying to close it but nothing works. I tried Esc key, Windows key and even clicking on the Windows key but it still wouldn't close.

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Stop Windows Update From Automatically Rebooting Computer

Mar 21, 2016

As you are aware, Windows 10 PCs have been programmed to automatically check for updates and install any updates they find. Windows 10  is also set to normally schedule reboots for when you are away from the computer. Is there a tool available to stop Windows Update from automatically rebooting your computer?

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Automatically Search Files In Start Menu

Jul 28, 2015

In Windows 7 I type xxxx.txt and it searches the file in the indexed files.

In Windows 10 I have to type Find in Documents. How do I make it searches in my files without clicking a second time ?

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BSOD :: Computer Automatically Restarts During Gaming / CPU Intensive Programs

Dec 9, 2015

Yesterday (12/7/15) I got on steam to play some games with a friend and about 5 seconds into starting CS:GO my computer screen turns black, and it restarts, with no error/crash message.

Earlier today I got fed up with this so I decided to wipe my computer and do a clean install of Win.10 but the problem still persists. I mean the computer runs really quickly now, but the second I play any game, or compress anything it crashes, and restarts.

How can I stop/fix this issue? 

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Windows Giving Error Unless Booting Directly From Boot Menu In BIOS

Feb 26, 2016

So, this is a really weird problem I've only JUST started to encounter. I went to go overclock my CPU, as I've been playing FF14 a lot these past few months and figured an overclock would work out with the events taking massive chunks out of my framerate whenever I go near a populated area.

So, the Overclock failed, and I had to restart my computer and go back into the BIOS to reset everything to factory. This is where it gets weird. Now, whenever I boot up my PC it'll go into Windows but give me a 0xc0000225 Error. But, when I go into BIOS and go into the boot menu and boot my SSD from there, it works flawlessly. It's not a /massive' inconvenience I suppose, but it's still baffling.

I've got an Asus Z97-A Motherboard.

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Apps :: Startup Programs Automatically And Broken Start Menu

Dec 25, 2015

I'm trying to run programs upon boot in W10 but it doesn't work.I have put them in Start folder and if I go to Task manager I can see the programs are there as well in Startup tab and enabled...but they will not start. I have to manually launch them anyway.I found out a thread where someone was able to get a fix in the same situation by going to taskbar and menu properties and selecting 'use the Start menu instead of start screen' but my menu has no such tab.

How to try to get them programs to launch upon boot. The machine was just freshly clean installed with W10 and it has but a couple of programs on it - exactly the programs I'd like to auto-start. Done all windows updates as well. Another machine of mine developed a weird glitch in that the start menu doesn't suddenly work at all.It just raises a red box in the middle of screen saying something like 'oops your start menu doesn't seem to work but don't worry, we'll fix it up for the next boot' and then it promptly reboots, but whatever I try it doesn't get fixed.

I have updated the machine several times without issues and it works fine, just can't use the start at all or it reboots...been using it for a month now as it is now, got the big updates and all...but it doesn't get fixed. Start menu would sometimes be rather convenient in a machine, no?

The latter machine I might just re-install clean anew. I have 7 windows boxes all now W10 and it appears every one needs to be freshly clean installed to W10 before they really start working well.

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How To Stop Start Menu Showing When Waking Up Computer

Oct 3, 2015

When I sleep or lock my computer and then wake it up the start menu is always open.

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Start Menu Pane Appear As Soon As Computer Boots Up Or Comes Out Of Hibernate

Jan 2, 2016

Is it normal for the Start Menu pane to appear as soon as the computer boots up or comes out of hibernate?  This happens on mine every time and I see nothing in Settings to change it.  As soon as Windows opens, I have to click to close the Start Menu pane.  It would be nice to not have that happen.  Is there a way to change this, or is it a normal thing now?

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