Installation :: Upgrade Stuck And Can't Enter BIOS

Mar 11, 2016

I've trying to update an Advent netbook to windows 10 from 7. It's been a hassle all the way with hangs on 'checking for updates'. However, I got through that but now it's stuck on 'Get going fast' screen.

I had selected 'use express settings' and now it's stuck on that screen. The mouse still works but nothing happens. I left it on all night. It's still on the 'get going fast' screen.

If I reboot (even remove battery) I get the initial advent boot screen but no bios info. Del, f12, f11, f2 etc do nothing. The blue 'win 10' logo appears briefly then back to the 'get going fast' screen.

I also tried the usb flash drive that had the old os on it but it won't boot from it despite that being the initial boot setting in the bios. Has win 10 bricked my netbook?

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Installation :: Can't Press F2 To Enter BIOS

Sep 5, 2015

After updating both of my Toshiba laptops when I first boot my laptops they show the Toshiba but I can't press F2 to enter BIOS.

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Cannot Enter BIOS

Dec 23, 2015

I have entered BIOS many times but now I can not. Previously, tapping the delete key or F2 on start up would open BIOS. Now it will not I have tried many times. I have tried from restart as well as from shut down. I wish to change the boot order but am stymied.

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How To Enter BIOS When Fast Start Up Is Activated

Aug 20, 2015

when fast start up is activated, I cannot enter the BIOS by tapping a designated key .

If windows can be loaded, I may disable the fast start up, or simple click the Restart, then tap the designated key during next start up.

How do I enter the BIOS, when Windows cannot be loaded?

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Drivers/Hardware :: How To Enter BIOS Configuration

Dec 2, 2015

My System Specs: available

i cant find "UEFI FirmWare Settings"

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Keystroke (s) To Enter BIOS / Boot Manager

Jan 7, 2016

I have a Linx 8 tablet running Windows 10, and despite several hours of web/forum trawling I cannot access my BIOS settings to view my boot manager, either through the Settings/Restart method, or in Safe Mode. I can get to a screen that lets me choose between either UEFI Settings or Boot Manager (by holding the power and the volume up buttons together at start up). Selecting the UEFI option takes me to the expected prompt, but choosing Boot Manager just starts Windows as normal. I simply cannot access my Boot Manager; I have disabled Fast Boot.

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Enter BIOS In Case Windows Fails To Load

Aug 9, 2015

In case Windows fails to load, can you still enter BIOS in order to change boot device priority etc. Yes or no.

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Can't Enter BIOS Menu After System Image Restore

Mar 5, 2016

I have an Asus UEFI mobo on my custom-built desktop, a few months old.

B150M-K D3
It has American Megatrends firmware

Today I restored my system from a macrium reflect system image. I went back only 2-3 hours in time. After rebooting, windows started up fine. But the bios reverted to its default settings, although I had previously tweaked it a bit.

What's more, I can't get to the bios menu at all. I mash the delete key at startup, and I just see a blank screen. Even an hour later, just a blank screen.

This happened to me not so long ago, but that time, the bios screen did eventually appear, and with a little patience I was able to tweak the bios again. But this time it is more stubborn.

I also feel that the boot process is slow. I see the asus advert, and it coughs a couple times and drags on until I get to the windows boot menu where I choose if I want windows 10 or macrium reflect recovery environment.

I very often restore from a system image, and every time, it makes a new bios boot entry. I have dozens of boot entries by now in the bios boot menu. Maybe that's causing a problem?

The fan is unusually loud, although cpu usage is low, just 0-2 %

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Cannot Enter BIOS - Change Boot Device Message Popping Up

Apr 5, 2016

I just bought an ssd. i installed it then windows didn't detect it so i format it and everything now its working. So I decided to go into the bios to make my win10 boot off of the ssd then the hard drive as a secondary then i save and exit and turn my pc off to test the boot. i get a message saying change the boot device and when i kept restarting it it kept popping up. so i had to unplug the sata data on my ssd. not since its connected, win10 will boot off of the hdd. then i notice after i unplug it and turn it on it wont even give me an opportunity to enter the bios windows automatically starts up; there is no logo of my mobo brand with controls on how to enter the bios under it. i still press the button that would let me enter but nothing happens but win10 starts up. so after that i plug in the ssd and now its not detected and it wont let me format it as if its not even installed in my system! NOW I CANT ENTER THE BIOS AND A USELESS BRAND NEW 250GB SSD...

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Black Screen - No Keyboard Entry Or Mouse Cursor - Can't Enter BIOS

Aug 24, 2015

Installed Windows 10 on HP Pavillion p7-1262 about 2 weeks ago. Worked fine up until last Friday, screen went black, no keyboard entry, no mouse cursor. Can't enter BIOS. Whats wrong?

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Installation :: BIOS Power On Function Disabled Since It Upgrade?

Aug 1, 2015

I have the BIOS setting to auto power on every day at a designated time. It has worked with a dual boot Win 7/8.1 system. However, since upgrading the Win 8.1 to Win 10 (dual boot Win 7/10) it no longer powers on at the designated time. Its still set up correctly in the BIOS.

This is apparently not the "fast boot" option that was in Win 8.1 as I can access the BIOS on power on (couldn't with the Win 8 fast boot).

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Installation :: Windows Upgrade Stuck At 32%?

Jul 30, 2015

I have done the update once, waited around 2/3 hours. i then reset my PC. i then did the update again, waited at least 5 hours. still stuck at 32% if there is a fix for this, i will do anything. i have a brother who did this update. My laptop is a pavilion 15 8gb ram radeon hd 7600g win 8.1

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Installation :: Upgrade Stuck On Welcome Screen?

Aug 2, 2015

I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 at the first opportunity on July 30 after registering with Microsoft. The upgrade appeared to progress smoothly and I was able to boot the computer to see the new desktop screen. However, very soon after this first boot, the computer asked me to restart to finish the upgrade. This I did and my computer has since been rendered unusable. Every time I boot, the computer gets stuck on the welcome screen. It displays the generic circular user icon, with my name written underneath and the word "Welcome" written underneath this. The animated "computer working" icon (the little dots which rotate again and again) is displayed next to this. However, it never goes away. I left the computer for 12 hours and nothing changed (the little dots kept on rotating all the while). The computer otherwise appears fine (ie. the multimedia buttons at the top of the keyboard work fine) but the OS cannot get past this screen, no matter what I do.

I have unplugged all USB devices. I have tried booting with the power cable in and out. I have gone into the Advanced tab of the setup menu and disabled (and re-enabled) things like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi top test if this makes a difference. Nothing does. As things currently stand, I am completely unable to use my computer and all my files are stranded. Several of them are desperately needed.

I have tried pressing F8 to boot the computer in safe mode, but this doesn't seem to work (it results in a back lit but otherwise black screen).

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Installation :: Downloaded ISO Now Upgrade Stuck At 34 %

Nov 28, 2015

Downloaded the iso and all seemed good , the compatible report said all was good . But now on the upgrade it has been stuck at 34 % for around 1 hr . I do have the circle with the little circles spinning ?

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Installation :: Upgrade Stuck At Key Request

Jan 23, 2016

I have three computers in family that were given upgrades on the win7 family plan. One was just informed it was eligible for win10 upgrade. I think I made the mistake of custom install (for a clean install) instead of an upgrade and, related to other problems with windows update, I might have lost my activation on win7. Long story short, when I got to the point where win10 was installed and asking for a key I knew I had done a no no as, if I had done it correctly, I should not have been asked for a key. Of course I have no key but the win7 key and the install just sits there with no options but to input the key, which I don't have.

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Installation :: Upgrade Stuck At Personalized Settings

Jul 30, 2015

When I got the windows ten upgrade notification this morning the while thing went pretty fast, but now for the past 7 hours, it has been stuck on a black screen with nothing but a white box I. The top left corner saying - Personalized Settings- setting up personalized settings for : Web platform customizations.

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Installation :: Reset PC Stuck After Upgrade / Won't Activate

Mar 2, 2016

Last night I finally decided to backup all of my files on my Windows 7 desktop machine and wanted to do a clean install of Windows 10 (I had been wanting to reformat for a while, this seemed like a good time to do it). I noticed after starting the free activation of Windows 10 (through Windows Update) that it would only update to Windows 10, so I let it proceed.Once 10 finished and booted up, everything was great. At this point, I went into settings and chose to Reset this PC, and made sure to select only to remove files - not fully clean the drive.

After being stuck at only 2% for 4 hours, I decided to give up on the reset completing. I turned off my desktop, and then downloaded the Windows program that creates the installation on a USB drive from my laptop. Once completed I inserted the USB drive into my desktop and installed Windows 10 as a clean install without any issues.After all of this, I cannot activate my Windows 10. Is my only option to use my old Windows 7 installation/key to do another clean install, then go through the Windows 10 update again?

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Installation :: Upgrade Stuck - Can't Recover Or Start Again

Nov 18, 2015

I downloaded Update to Windows 10 (from windows 7) and everything appeared to go well. Got the "Welcome" screen and chose my "Settings" preferences. Then the screen started flashing and all it shows is a banner across the bottom that shows a blank Microsoft logo in bottom left, next to it a box that says "Search the Web and Windows", a small icon that looks like a printer( midway across the banner, and a small icon that looks like a Menu icon in the bottom right. Then under the cursor is the dreaded "spinning blue wheel" thing. This whole banner and the icons just keep flashing. Been doing this for hours now.

If I do an "Alt+Ctrl+Delete", it pulls up the usual options but when I ask for a "Restart" or "Shut Down" and follow it with a reboot, it just goes through the start up/welcome process and then stalls at exactly the same place.

How do I get my computer back? I can't get online or do anything at all with it. Can't go back to 7 or to history or anything. It's just stuck at this useless screen. 

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Installation :: Even After Upgrade Computer Often Stuck In Restart Loop

Aug 6, 2015

My windows 7 PC was hard to start and restart and I needed to try 10 times or more before it worked (then I didn't restart it for days).

I managed to upgrade it to Windows 10 hoping that it will cure the problem BUT still it is a problem to start.

I checked everything and used every tool possible on windows 7 and windows 10 but nothing worked. (ccleaner and others failed)

So now I have a windows 10 PC that doesn't want to start easily.

After upgrade to windows 10 I GUESS that all driver files have been changed ?what else could it be ?

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Installation :: Upgrade Install Stuck On (Checking For Updates)

Feb 10, 2016

I've decided to upgrade my Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10 with the free upgrade. Unfortunately, it has been stuck "Checking for Updates" for the last 30-45 minutes. Is this normal? I've updated two laptops, one Windows 7 Home and one Windows 8 and it didn't take nearly this long. I'm afraid I'm stuck in some kind of loop.

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Installation :: Surface Pro2 - Stuck With Locked Disk After Upgrade

Sep 20, 2015

Current situation: MS SP2 that does not boot, and the ssd is not formattable because it seems locked (same lock as when you hibernate the pc)

I tried to upgrade from W8.1 to W10 with the upgrade tool in Win8 on a MS Surface Pro 2.

The computer hangs on 56% so I reboot. It tells me "the installation is failed, so go back to win 8". I accepted.

From there it showing infinitly "Restoring previous windows version".(It shown in dutch, so maybe it a bit different in English.

It is in this state for a month now and I tried everything listed below.

I tried creating a Win 10 disk, and do a fresh install from there. Result: Cant get the drive to boot

Tried creating a Win 8 disk. It boots, but it won't let me format my C-drive. It seems to be locked because it failed the recovery to the old Win8 install. I can remove all the partitions, but it gives an error when I try to install on a newly created partition. After a reboot, all partitions are back.

I tried booting to command prompt with windows 8 usb disk and remove the partitions with diskpart. It failes the format command. "attri disk" does not show read only

I tried an ubuntu live disk. It does not show my NTFS partitions

So the problem is: I can not access my data, but I accepted it is lost (and I copied some things via command prompt)I cannot get into windows. It wont let me install windowsI cannot format my harddrive. I can not remove the harddrive because I cant open the tablet without breaking it.

One of the things I thought is to make a USB with win10 running on it, but most of my flash drives are to slow and booting from a Sandisk extreme 32gb seems impossible.

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Installation :: Upgrade Stuck - Black Screen / Blue Logo And Spinning Dots

Jan 21, 2016

System: i7 950 X58A-UD3R Rev 2.0 16gb Ram GTX760. Pretty sure it's a Samsung 250gb SSD.

So I upgraded W7 to W10 via iso. Install made it all the way.

On reboot it's now suck on the black background, windows logo and spinning dots.

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Stuck On Logo After BIOS Screen

Jan 9, 2016

When i boot my pc up, it can successfully go into bios, but once it reaches the windows logo where there is usually a loading indicator underneath it, it freezes. the loading indicator is not there, it seems that my usb ports quit working (my keyboard and mouse stop lighting up).

I've been having this problem for quite a while now ever since i upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10 however i was able to successfully do a usb boot and wipe my hard drive and install windows over again, and I've been completely fine for about a month now, but the same thing is happening again.

I am guessing it is a corrupt windows file but i find it odd that its recurring even after i did a total wipe. Also I ordered a new ssd (500gb samsung 850 evo) to replace my current hdd, maybe that will fix this problem? I am also planning on upgrading my cpu, mobo, ram, and gpu soon. i will leave my current pc specs below.

cpu- AMD Phenom II x4 955
mobo- Biostar TA790 GX 128m
gpu - Zotac GTX 560 1gb 256 bit DDR5
ram - 2x2gb DDR2

I have not found any problems similar to this online. to make things clearer, i cannot get my pc to do a complete boot at all. it always freezes on the same screen, the only way i can get out of it is to do a force shutdown. I am starting to think that perhaps the problem may be my video card? also i do not have any spare parts or other computers to switch parts and test unfortunately.

After doing multiple things to find a fix (swapping ram slots, unplugging hdd and gpu and plugging back in, etc.) while on the frozen windows logo screen i unplugged my mouse and keyboard, plugged them back in, hit the restart button on my pc, and.. it started up? now i have noticed lag-like performances with my mouse (razer deathadder chroma) its as if it loses connection for a split second and the lights on it will simultaneously flash. the mouse is only a month or two old and i do not remember if i had problems with my old mouse.

I have just plugged it into a usb port that is on the side of my pc instead of plugging it into one of the back ones. I will update with if needed for the "lag" however i am still concerned with why exactly it froze like that during boot up. im not going to shut down my computer until i know what the problem was and how to fix it. ill just keep it in a low power setting when i am not using it.

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Current BIOS Stuck On Screen

Mar 15, 2016

After using powershell to run a system scan and having it hang, I restarted my computer to sort it out and now I'm left with this info stuck on my screen.

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Stuck In Endless Loop - USB Won't Boot From BIOS

Jan 6, 2016

I was given an error message on reboot and followed a guide to editing the registry to restart the download. The download did not restart however, and my windows 10 is stuck in an endless loop of rebooting. I have downloaded a copy of windows 10 and put it onto a USB, but when I try to boot from USB it takes me back to the BIOS. The BIOS are 'Aptio Setup Utility 2011', and don't seem to allow me to change from UEFI boot to LEGACY boot, although the option is apparently there. Why the USB boot is not working correctly and how to make it do so, I am more than happy to reformat the computer but at this moment in time it's useless. The computer is an Alienware x51 from 2011. As previously mentioned the operating system the PC is trying to boot (or install) is windows 10.

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How Do Enter Safe Mode Without Enter In Windows

Feb 3, 2016

how do enter in safe mode without enter in windows?

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