Installation :: Can't Press F2 To Enter BIOS

Sep 5, 2015

After updating both of my Toshiba laptops when I first boot my laptops they show the Toshiba but I can't press F2 to enter BIOS.

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Installation :: Upgrade Stuck And Can't Enter BIOS

Mar 11, 2016

I've trying to update an Advent netbook to windows 10 from 7. It's been a hassle all the way with hangs on 'checking for updates'. However, I got through that but now it's stuck on 'Get going fast' screen.

I had selected 'use express settings' and now it's stuck on that screen. The mouse still works but nothing happens. I left it on all night. It's still on the 'get going fast' screen.

If I reboot (even remove battery) I get the initial advent boot screen but no bios info. Del, f12, f11, f2 etc do nothing. The blue 'win 10' logo appears briefly then back to the 'get going fast' screen.

I also tried the usb flash drive that had the old os on it but it won't boot from it despite that being the initial boot setting in the bios. Has win 10 bricked my netbook?

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Performance :: How To Not To Press Enter After Password When Booting In / Powering On

Feb 23, 2016

I just reinstalled Win10. Before doing so I could go directly to my password screen, without the previous window due to a tweak, and when I keyed in my password it would open automatically without having to press the "Enter" key. Now I must do so. My search has only found how to not have the first screen mentioned above but not the password part.

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Cannot Enter BIOS

Dec 23, 2015

I have entered BIOS many times but now I can not. Previously, tapping the delete key or F2 on start up would open BIOS. Now it will not I have tried many times. I have tried from restart as well as from shut down. I wish to change the boot order but am stymied.

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How To Enter BIOS When Fast Start Up Is Activated

Aug 20, 2015

when fast start up is activated, I cannot enter the BIOS by tapping a designated key .

If windows can be loaded, I may disable the fast start up, or simple click the Restart, then tap the designated key during next start up.

How do I enter the BIOS, when Windows cannot be loaded?

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Drivers/Hardware :: How To Enter BIOS Configuration

Dec 2, 2015

My System Specs: available

i cant find "UEFI FirmWare Settings"

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Keystroke (s) To Enter BIOS / Boot Manager

Jan 7, 2016

I have a Linx 8 tablet running Windows 10, and despite several hours of web/forum trawling I cannot access my BIOS settings to view my boot manager, either through the Settings/Restart method, or in Safe Mode. I can get to a screen that lets me choose between either UEFI Settings or Boot Manager (by holding the power and the volume up buttons together at start up). Selecting the UEFI option takes me to the expected prompt, but choosing Boot Manager just starts Windows as normal. I simply cannot access my Boot Manager; I have disabled Fast Boot.

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Enter BIOS In Case Windows Fails To Load

Aug 9, 2015

In case Windows fails to load, can you still enter BIOS in order to change boot device priority etc. Yes or no.

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Can't Enter BIOS Menu After System Image Restore

Mar 5, 2016

I have an Asus UEFI mobo on my custom-built desktop, a few months old.

B150M-K D3
It has American Megatrends firmware

Today I restored my system from a macrium reflect system image. I went back only 2-3 hours in time. After rebooting, windows started up fine. But the bios reverted to its default settings, although I had previously tweaked it a bit.

What's more, I can't get to the bios menu at all. I mash the delete key at startup, and I just see a blank screen. Even an hour later, just a blank screen.

This happened to me not so long ago, but that time, the bios screen did eventually appear, and with a little patience I was able to tweak the bios again. But this time it is more stubborn.

I also feel that the boot process is slow. I see the asus advert, and it coughs a couple times and drags on until I get to the windows boot menu where I choose if I want windows 10 or macrium reflect recovery environment.

I very often restore from a system image, and every time, it makes a new bios boot entry. I have dozens of boot entries by now in the bios boot menu. Maybe that's causing a problem?

The fan is unusually loud, although cpu usage is low, just 0-2 %

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Cannot Enter BIOS - Change Boot Device Message Popping Up

Apr 5, 2016

I just bought an ssd. i installed it then windows didn't detect it so i format it and everything now its working. So I decided to go into the bios to make my win10 boot off of the ssd then the hard drive as a secondary then i save and exit and turn my pc off to test the boot. i get a message saying change the boot device and when i kept restarting it it kept popping up. so i had to unplug the sata data on my ssd. not since its connected, win10 will boot off of the hdd. then i notice after i unplug it and turn it on it wont even give me an opportunity to enter the bios windows automatically starts up; there is no logo of my mobo brand with controls on how to enter the bios under it. i still press the button that would let me enter but nothing happens but win10 starts up. so after that i plug in the ssd and now its not detected and it wont let me format it as if its not even installed in my system! NOW I CANT ENTER THE BIOS AND A USELESS BRAND NEW 250GB SSD...

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Black Screen - No Keyboard Entry Or Mouse Cursor - Can't Enter BIOS

Aug 24, 2015

Installed Windows 10 on HP Pavillion p7-1262 about 2 weeks ago. Worked fine up until last Friday, screen went black, no keyboard entry, no mouse cursor. Can't enter BIOS. Whats wrong?

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How Do Enter Safe Mode Without Enter In Windows

Feb 3, 2016

how do enter in safe mode without enter in windows?

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Networking :: Cannot Enter Homegroup After Build 10565 Installation

Oct 15, 2015

after the installation of Build 10565, i cannot longer join the Homegroup.

Tried this:


no good at all.when i need to do the last step to give users full control, this does not happen. But i am administrator and own "MachineKeys". So i have full control.....

in my network i see 2 pc's, mine and one other. All 3 others computers do see 4 computers.

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Installation :: After Install Can't Enter Password To Get Past Welcome Screen

Aug 6, 2015

I (think) successfully updated to Win10. But, when I went to start up I can't get past the hi there screen. The password box will not populate when I key in my password. I do not see an arrow or any indication that my mouse is working. Tried rebooting with keyboard disconnected then reconnected and no go. 

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Can't Enter Regedit After Trying To Change Default Installation Path

Mar 31, 2016

I just bought a new laptop with an SSD and a 1TB harddrive - I wanted to change the default installation path from the SSD, to the harddrive and found this link to do it: [URL] .....

So I followed the instructions from the thread:
"Open regedit (Start > Run > "regedit"). Then find "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersion". Now look in the right pane. Change "ProgramFilesDir", "ProgramFilesPath", "ProgramW6432Dir" and "ProgramFilesDir (x86)". If your secondary drive letter is D:, then change them to "D:Program Files", "D:Program Files", "D:Program Files" and "D:Program Files (x86)", in that order that I just mentioned."

But now i can't install or uninstall programs, I can't open regedit to revert the changes, and the backup I made (also by following the thread) doesn't work! I can't even open up Task Manager... When i try using "run" and typing in "regedit", an error pops up saying: "Windows cannot find C:WINDOWS

egedit.exe. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again." I cannot use "run" as an administrator either. How can i reverse what i did?

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Installation :: Black Screen / No Cursor - Can't Enter Safe Mode

Jul 30, 2015

Okay, so I reserved my free copy of Windows 10 a few days ago, and tried to install this morning. It all seemed to be going smoothly... then everything disappeared, and I was left with a black screen for three hours. Finally in frustration I powered off and on again; The blue windows 10 logo appeared, and the loading wheel span for a few seconds, followed by the black screen again - no cursor or anything. I can't enter safe mode, either - it makes a really violent buzzing sound whenever I hit F8. I'm worried my laptop is irreparably damaged... I'm upgrading from Windows 7 on a Dell Inspiron laptop (or trying to).

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Installation :: UEFI BIOS Settings To Prepare For Installation

Aug 31, 2015

Is it advisable to set the UEFI BIOS (Asus ROG Hero Maximus VI motherboard) to a factory default settings before installing Windows 10? Or should I at least set the memory "XMP" profile?

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Installation :: Won't Allow BIOS Access

Apr 30, 2015

Just tried to install the latest W10 as a boot with W7 on SSD , installation failed and now will not complete installation. Will not reboot and reinstall, and prevents access to the BIOS to change boot to CD?Looking at disassembly to remove SSD data cable ( Lian Li Briefcase build complicates everything).

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Installation :: Can Boot Manager On Disk 1 Be Removed From BIOS?

Aug 25, 2015

Migrated OS 8.1 from HDD to SSD . Migration software installed command line in bios "Boot Manager on Disk 1". If I do a format of SSD will bios revert to original without the reference to disk 1. I intend on doing a clean install of Windows 10 retail version in UEFI mode....

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Installation :: BIOS Power On Function Disabled Since It Upgrade?

Aug 1, 2015

I have the BIOS setting to auto power on every day at a designated time. It has worked with a dual boot Win 7/8.1 system. However, since upgrading the Win 8.1 to Win 10 (dual boot Win 7/10) it no longer powers on at the designated time. Its still set up correctly in the BIOS.

This is apparently not the "fast boot" option that was in Win 8.1 as I can access the BIOS on power on (couldn't with the Win 8 fast boot).

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Installation :: BIOS Refuses To Boot From SSD Via Addin Card

Aug 28, 2015

I have an old Alienware area 51 which I have upgraded to win10. I have two 500gb sata drives in raid 0 connected via motherboard the raid is via the onboard raid controller. I have installed a new ssd via an add in card. I have installed a clean install of win 10 on the ssd but the bios refuses to boot from this drive it boots from the old drives instead. If the old drives are not connected it boots from the ssd. I can see the ssd as a drive when it boots from the old install. If I select ssd as first boot pirority it still boots from the old raid instead and when I go back into the bios the boot order will be switched around. Wanted to boot with the ssd and leisurely pick through the carcass of the old drives before wiping them eventually.

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Installation :: SSD Migrated System Not Booting Unless Selected In Bios

Aug 23, 2015

My wife purchased a Dell 8700 XPS with i7 4790 processor,16GB ram. and Nvidia GeForce GTX 745 4GB and a 2 terabyte hard drive. She also purchased a Kingston HyperX 120 GB SSD. I used a popular software to migrated Windows 8.1 Home to the SSD from the HDD. This seemed to work well but on booting up the system the HDD boots unless I go into the bios and select the SSD in SATA 2 under the DVD reader/burner and select a {boot manager on Disk 1{ which was installed by migration software. I had hoped to format the HDD and use as data disk afterwards.

I noted that some threads mention I should have disconnected HDD when booting from SSD first time which I did not do.It also appears that the OEM partition is still on the HDD. I believe a clean install is required. Will this also remove the > boot manager on disk 1> line in the bios.

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Installation :: Won't Detect Hard Drive - BIOS Settings

Oct 30, 2015

I have an HP G42-154CA that I'm trying to get Windows 10 Pro installed on.

I ran into an issue with the installation disc not detecting the hard drive (ie, no hard drive is listed when the screen appears to select the hard drive to install Windows on).

I've tried various drivers (latest from HP and Intel website, OEM OS installation discs etc) with no luck.. at the very least, the Windows 7 driver from HP's website for that laptop should work for installing Windows 7- same results, does not detect hard drive.

At this point I'm wondering if maybe it's a BIOS setting that's causing this? I don't recall changing anything in the BIOS when I last installed Windows (which was v8), but it was awhile ago, so can't be certain.


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Cursor Is Showing And Moving But Cannot Press Anything

Feb 10, 2016

I can't press any of the buttons in the lower line, cant navigate in Windows, or in the apps window. the cursor is showing and moving but i cant press anything. ive tried reinstalling Windows but it makes an error saying that some system file is missing.

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How To Press Two Button In On Screen Keyboard

Oct 1, 2015

How to press two button in on screen keyboard ? I mean shift+end or shift+home. Its a very useful feature of selecting a long line.

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Double Quotes Key Requires Second Key Press?

Aug 11, 2015

I have four systems, each with a regular+cyrillic keyboard and have been using them for years with Windows 7 & 8.1, switching between the two formats, without a problem. As an aside, a couple of the systems, having bought them in Bulgaria, have non-English messages but the few that occur, although annoying, I have tolerated.

Now, having updated one of the Win 7 systems to Win 10 and having tweaked language so, at least at the user level, I get everything in English, I have a strange situation where the " key will not produce the character until another key is pressed. It is the only key that reacts like that. I'm not sure if the tweaking or Windows 10 itself is the problem.

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