Several Applications Opened And Want To Switch To Another One

Feb 10, 2016

I have Windows 10. Recently I noticed that If I have several applications open and want to switch to another one, it opens BEHIND the existing window. How do I bring whatever application I click to the forefront? I have sought long and hard for the answer, but to no avail.

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Browser/Email :: Switch To New Tab When Opened In Edge

Dec 21, 2015

How do you make Edge display the contents of a new tab that you have downloaded by right clicking link?

The tab is there after the right click but do I have to click on the tab, or can I set it to open automatically, if so How?

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How To Close Only 1 Tab When Several Opened

Feb 8, 2016

How can I close only 1 tab when I have more than one tab open. It brings up a screen that ask if I want to close all tabs or cancel? I only want to close the one. When I do it will close all and take me back to the home screen then I have to open it up again. 

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Apps Minimizing When Opened

Oct 26, 2015

Friday morning I upgraded my Surface Pro 3 to MS Windows 10. Everything went great, so I thought. I open Edge, it minimizes, I open Netflix, it minimizes. Nothing except the home screen will stay up for any length of time.

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Settings Menu Closes As Soon As Opened?

Jul 29, 2015

I just recently downloaded Windows Ten today 7/29/2015 and I wanted to personalize my computer. I opened the start window and clicked settings. The window flashed up but then disappeared. It isn't showing up in my taskbar or in task manager. I tried accessing it from the tile itself and the little button on the side of the window. I also asked Cortana. All of the results were the same?

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Restore Opened Windows Via Shortcut

Jan 23, 2016

Is it a way to restore the opened windows like they were before via a shortcut after windows restart?

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Chrome And Defender Cannot Be Opened After Update

Dec 19, 2015

I updated my win 7 to 10 when it released & it was working fine until the latest big update of win 10 ,

I installed the update now I can't open chrome & windows defender .

Defender is responding as "This app has been turned off & isn't monitoring your computer" When I try to turn it on .. it's turning off again ..

& chrome isn't even open .. when I try to open it , nothing happens not even a error msg .

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Maps Crashing When Opened And Closed?

Feb 19, 2016

I am using windows 10 on my lenovo think centre and maps is crushing each time i open it

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Apps :: Photo App Crashes After Few Seconds When Opened

Sep 26, 2015

After installing and enjoying Windows 10 for a few weeks, I am having problems with the Photo app. I was able to open it up with no problems and it showed me all my pictures but I few days ago, I opened it up and it quit after a few seconds. I kept open it with the same results: it opens , acts as if it is loading some pictures but it quits by itself after about 5-7 seconds.

I am providing with an error report from Windows 10.

Faulting Application Path:C:WindowsSystem32backgroundTaskHost.exe
Problem signature
Problem Event Name:MoAppCrash
Package Full Name:Microsoft.Windows.Photos_15.827.16340.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe
Application Name:praid:App

[Code[ ....

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Settings Can't Be Opened Using Built-in Administrator Account

Jun 17, 2015

I installed Windows 10 from Windows 7, and now I can't open Settings using my account (which is an administrator account). I apparently have to use a different account, but I don't have one, and with no access to Settings, I can't make another account. I tried booting into Safe Mode, but I couldn't create an account there, either -- I clicked "create new user in PC settings" (or something along those lines), but nothing happened.

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Groove Music - Flashes On Briefly Then Goes Off When Opened

Nov 19, 2015

When opening groove music it flashes on briefly then goes off. 

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Restore Opened Windows After Restart Via Shortcut

Jan 23, 2016

Is it a way to restore the opened windows like they were before via a shortcut after windows restart?

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Opened Small Frontal Window 1 Disappears Behind Other Ones?

Oct 26, 2015

I mostly work with many programs simultaneously . For Ex. 9 programs1-9. I clicked on the program icon1 (at the task-bar) and wanted to reach its opened (smaller) window1, but before my mouse reach it, it just disappeared behind other (bigger) opened windows2-9.

Ok, if I minimize windows 2-9 and just let only window1 on the desktop, I always can reach it, for sure. The problem: it is just annoying, time consuming & distracting to have to minimize the other 8 windows2-9, just to be able to access the window1 I'm needing. The click on the program icon1 only shows up its window, but doesn't command it to STAY IN FRONT TILL I SWITCH to other programs.

I'm speaking from working hierarchy/ efficiency, I simultaneously need other programs 2-9 too, but depending on the workflow, I instantly only want to reach the program1 at first.

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Apps :: Mail Can't Be Opened Using Built-in Administration Account

Dec 4, 2015

I can't use any of the panes (calendar, weather, store, etc.) on Windows 10. I receive a message "this app can't open. Mail can't be opened using the built in administration account.

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Change Default Size Of Newly Opened Windows?

Feb 10, 2016

I was wondering if theres a way to change how and where new apps open? Say i open a new window of My Computer, it automatically opens in a small box in the left side of my screen. I would prefer it automatically open taking up half of the display. Is this possible?

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Recently Opened Items Not Appearing In Jump Lists

Feb 10, 2016

The recently-opened items are not appearing in start menu jump lists despite the correct setting (see sceenshot).

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How To Browse Next And Previous Files In Same Folder Of File Opened

Feb 9, 2016

I use "Photos" app as default viewer when i manually open a picture file from explorer. I don't really like it, except for its touch feature but i give it a try..

One missing feature is that once i opened a file in it from explorer, i can't browse others files in same folders from application. Is there a way to enable this ability ?

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Internet Security Settings Prevented One Or More Files From Being Opened

Sep 22, 2015

"Your internet security settings prevented one or more files from being opened".

First Disk Management doesn't work, now this?

My Windows 10 Experience is being top notch.

Been searching around and people say to reset IE, but Windows 10 doesn't have IE, I deleted some files from AppData like someone said to be able to reset Edge.

Same thing happens, I'm getting quite annoyed at this.

I can't use disk management as well:

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Icon Is Missing That Show What Programs Opened In Background

Aug 22, 2015

The little "table and chairs" icon on the task bar that would take me to a window that showed what programs were open "behind the scenes" is missing. How can I get it back?

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Customization :: How To Make Icons Full Width When Opened In Start Bar

Aug 8, 2015

I'm loving Win10 so far! Real improvement on Win7 (and most certainly on Win8, which I hated so much I went back!)

One thing I have noticed, that I can't seem to change... is how you set it so that icons in the start bar, go full sized once you open them? I liked that feature in Win7, as it was quicker to view what was open (without having to "read" the icons to work out what was what)

(I've attached a pic of what I mean)

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Folder Opened In Windows Explorer Scroll Back Up Automatically

Sep 5, 2015

Whenever I open a folder in Windows explorer and scroll down, it automatically will scroll back up. I am using Windows 10.

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Why Can't Move Opened Program Window - Snaps Back To Original Spot

Aug 4, 2015

When i open any sort of program, i notice that the loading circle next to the cursor blinks in and out of existence constantly, and when i try to move it, it snaps back to the original spot unless i quickly move it a little bit and let go of the button.

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Some Applications Only Run As Administrator

Aug 11, 2015

I got this issue yesterday that some applications in my win 10 pc v10240 wont run until I run them as administrator. I thought I did something wrong because I was messing up with registry entries so I tried googling it but didn't find anything. Then today I decided to reinstall windows and after the clean install now the issue is happening again. I dont know what to do because the apps were working fine a few days ago but as from yesterday they wont even after the clean installation of windows. I have checked for viruses and such but nothing on my end.

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Cannot Set Default Applications

Oct 8, 2015

Cannot set default application. Even video files does not open in double click. I use open with option and select 'Choose another app" and it does not response.

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Applications Won't Load

Sep 10, 2015

So I was coming from Windows 7, got my upgrade by using the usb method. Downloaded the tool from microsoft and installed W10 over W7. Everything was great, until I noticed every time I loaded Steam, it would show the process how ever many times in my processes, but never actually open. No matter how many times I would reinstall the Steam App or clean my reg and system, reboot, nothing. A friend suggested I do a clean wipe and install so I did.

Formatted my primary SSD drive and left my other 2 hard drives alone. Rebooted W10 and same problem after loading Steam. I tried all the above again, multiple installs of Steam, cleaning the system, reboots, whatever I could think of and can not get it to run. The Steam app will install then start to update and never update and stays running in my processes.

I was wondering if the problem is I am running 3 hard drives, my primary SSD with W10 only, and a bunch of steam apps and files games etc all still on my other 2 Hard Drives. Do I need to wipe my other 2 drives completely, fresh wipe my SSD and install w10 again? Not sure what the problem is. All my other friends with W10 have their steam working. I need to have this app run, as it is the portal into all my games I have purchased to play online. I have reverted to W7 until I can figure out what to do.

Oh and when I go back to W7, the Steam app loads right away and works. So this is a W10 issue.

My system:

Windows 7 Home Premium
Gigabyte Mother Board G1 Sniper H6
Bios Date 06/24/14 Ver:04.06.05
Intel Core i5-4690K CPU @3.50 GHz
Memory 16GB
Directx 11
Nvidia GTX970
Razer Deathstalker Keyboard
Razer Death Adder mouse
Samsung HD50HJ Hard Drive
Samsung SSD 850 EVO 120gb ATA Hard Drive
WDC WD10EZEX-00ZFA0 ATA Hard Drive

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Installation :: What To Do About Existing Applications

Feb 10, 2016

I'm planning on moving from Win 7 to Win 10 via a new install (although it seems I should upgrade first - I'll read about that). My questions have to do with my Win 7 applications...

#1) Is there a list someplace of applications that need to be "de-registered" so they can be registered on the new Win 10 clean install? For example, I'm pretty sure the Adobe suite has to be deregistered - maybe MS Office too?

#2) Is there a way to move an application? By that I mean I either don't have the original install files anymore or in some cases I've found some useful software from [URL] .... where you download the install file but it has to be installed and registered that day. If you wait a day, you can't register it. Any way to "move" these programs? I realize generally you can't just move applications and then the added complication of going from Win 7 to Win 10.

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